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Established 2007, Punjabi managed. Jul 2019 reported to have turned fully vegetarian. Nearest MTR - Tsim Sha Tsui exit H. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-11:00pm.

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First Review by Stevie


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11 Jan 2024


Delicious Indian food. I can recommend the chana bhatura.

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff

Cons: Pricey



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19 Nov 2023

Sarvana, Hong Kong

TL:DR; they offer and serve inside Saravana from a full meat menu, in addition to the vegetarian menu.

A friend told me that while in there, a diner at another table asked for and was served a meat dish. I was told that the smell of this was disgusting.

I thus went in myself and asked for meat. They have a meat based restaurant just along the corridor. They had a menu for the meat place onsite in their supposedly 'vegetarian' restaurant. If I wanted to, I could order a meat dish that would be brought from their meat restaurant to be served at Saravana.

Updated from previous review on 2017-01-05

Cons: They offer and sell from a separate meat menu


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29 Jul 2021

Authentic Indian food

No-frills South Indian restaurant, with a variety options and good prices. To find them enter Chungking mansion, head up the stairs on front of you, turn left and at the end turn left again. The curries were a bit salty and not spicy enough, but the flavour was fantastic. They understand what vegan means. Dosas and thalis are their specialty. Recommend for a quick meal for a reasonable price.

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-28


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24 Oct 2019

Yummy food 😋

Loved the food and the service was great . There were many vegan options . The veggie biryani was delicious, and so was the dal fry . Thanks. We will be back soon .

Pros: Tons of vegan options

Cons: Cheap


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19 Apr 2019

Good Indian food

Very close to homemade Indian food. All vegetarian and fairly priced.


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04 Dec 2017

Authentic Chungking Mansions experience

If you want to get a feel for the busy multi-cultural world of Chungking Mansions, this is a great place! There’s a huge vegetarian menu to choose from. The Aloo Mutter was delicious, and the price was fair.


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19 Mar 2017

Authentic Indian food

This is one of my favourite places to eat in Hong Kong and I normally visit every time I cross the border for the weekend.

The food is authentic and tastes wonderful, much like what I ate when I visited India a few years ago. I had Thali on my last visit which cost $80 and gives you a few different things to eat and is enough to fill you up. Eating out in HK isn't cheap, so $60-100 for a meal is about average, but as with most Indian places though they provide free water which is good if you're on a budget (I do recommend trying a mango lassi if you can though)

The directions have gone from the description... from the main entrance to Chungking keep straight and after 50m you should see some stairs (If you see the lift for block B you've gone past them). Walk up, turn left and it should be behind the place facing you.

As far as I could notice they only served veg food, maybe I always just pick up the veg menu, but I certainly haven't seen any meat options.

Cons: They don't seem to have naan bread


17 Sep 2018

Hi Jack,

I hope you are well. In reply to your review; next time you visit this venue, ask for the meat menu & see what happens.


08 Oct 2018

Not sure what the menu police is on about. I asked for the meat menu and they said if you want to eat meat, you can go to their sister restaurant. Not sure of the name but it’s in the corner and it has better decor. My wife and I went with another couple who wanted meat so we dined in the other restaurant. My wife and I still wanted our vegetarian food and they brought the dosas, dal and paneer dishes from Saravana. They were very clear about the different kitchens cooking the different foods.


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23 Sep 2016

Very tasty!

Of course the decor and restaurant ambiance is very basic & minimal (or some people may call it shoddy) but there is aircon, fans, comfortable seating etc.

We ordered two masala chaas (buttermilk), 2 paneer dishes (chilli paneer and kadhai paneer), 1 dahi rice (yoghurt rice), 1 tandoori roti (vegan), 1 chappati (vegan) and 2 (gulab jamun). the food was plentiful and my husband and I couldnt finish. the bill amounted to HK$ 356.

I would rate the food 5/5. everything was perfect, paneer was so fresh! was surprised at the quantity of paneer cubes in the dishes (it was in fact less than the gravy which is very rare and surprising).

Next time will surely try their thaalis and other Indian desserts.

Pros: Tasty food, not cheap but definitely reasonable, Lots of vegan options, staff friendly

Cons: I hate chung king mansion.. i hate that building


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30 May 2016

tasty and cheap

Hard place to find as it's tucked away inside a huge building with no directions visible to. But food is cheap with lots of taste and they have vegan naan which isn't a every day treat. Interior is less then nice and no windows. But if it's good indian veggitarian/vegan food you're after this place will not disappoint.


23 Sep 2016

Hi, the waiter or manager (I'm not sure) informed me that the naan contains egg...


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19 Mar 2016

They understand vegetarians

I have been coming here for over a year and I have always enjoyed the food. Large portions, cheap and always good food.

I am always amazed at the type of people that visit here as it is so diverse. Sometimes there are whole families that take up 2-3 tables (so funny when a conversation goes between 2-3 tables), sometimes there is a young Indian couple on a date, lots of travelling Indian businessmen (I was talking to one individual who was on a very specific vegan diet and he always makes time to visit Saravana when in town. #loyalty) and a myriad number of European, North American and Australian accents. And of course, there are the locals that you almost might mistake for being part of the establishment.

My favourites: Masala Dosa (so yummy), Northern Tali and Chana Bhattura (so unhealthy but so good!). And they have cold beer on very hot days!

What I don't like: It's not necessarily a bad thing but when I walk into the Mansion, I don't appreciate people trying to get me to come to their restaurants. Almost forcing me. I have even had touts, as I am mere steps from Saravana's entrance and they know I am headed directly there, will still try to get me to go to another restaurant. Why?

Citizen Wren

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Mostly Veg
13 Feb 2016

good Indian food

first time in HK so walking into Chung King mansion almost scared me off this place, there were like 20 dudes in your face trying to sell you something as soon as you walk up, we almost couldn't get through the door! but once upstairs we found this little family joint, they cooked us loads of spicy food for cheap ($250 total for two, with lassi drinks, and it was more than we could eat) so it's worth seeking out if you want no frills veg Indian food.

Pros: cheap, good

Cons: atmosphere


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22 Feb 2015

Sarvana, HK

Food and service was amazing. I ordered dahi puri, north thali and ragada patties was the best out of all. Price is very reasonable and definitely worth the pay. Had loads of fun eating good quality food. It also provides WiFi which is a plus always. Definitely recommended this place if you are looking for good quality food at a good price. I personally would definitely come back to eat there again.

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