Raw and vegan eatery offering bowls, appetizers, and pasta. Relocated from 1389 Jefferson St, Unit 611. Open Mon 9:00am-6:30pm, Tue-Thu 9:00am-8:00pm, Fri 10:00am-8:00pm, Sat 11:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by aner1kind17


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10 Nov 2023


Had burritos and banana nut muffins. The folks working there were really nice and when my husband asked whether the muffins were any good, the dude was like of course! I wouldn’t sell it unless it tasted good! Overall a lovely place and can’t wait to return soon. Can’t believe how great the veg options are in downtown Oakland generally either



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05 Nov 2023

Rude AF

Don’t order near closing time . Google, yelp, and HappyCow all had different closing times . Ordered my meal at 6 pm on the website and got there at 6:20. Dude in the front was pissed and told me to leave . I had to stand there a few minutes in the very safe downtown Oakland til he finally opened the door . Told him the situation he said “ too bad”

Pros: Rude , Hours never correct , Website will take your money with no order


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05 Oct 2023

Solid AF

I’ll be honest with y’all. That was some solid Mac. And some v solid fries. Burrito? Solid.


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22 Sep 2023


They have amazing food and drinks. Their raw vegan options are great but my favorite was the empanada and chocolate chip cookie.

Pros: Delicious, Affordable


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09 Sep 2023

Yummy & filling!

Their portions were very large and filling. Overall it was very tasty. I'm knocking off a star bc their machine was down and only accepted cash, they were out of most drinks, and didn't have ice. The empanada was excellent!


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29 Aug 2023

Delicious, hearty breakfasts

I got the vegan chorizo with yucca fries. The chorizo and fried egg were absolutely delicious. I wasn’t a fan of the yucca fries, though, since they felt too dry. They were also quite a large portion compared to the rest of the meal.

Pros: All vegan


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07 Apr 2023


Good selection of entrees. We had an orange teriyaki bowl, mac and cheese, and empanadas. All good. We'll be back to try the breakfast.


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Mostly Veg
28 Jan 2023

Delicious breakfast

Stopped in for breakfast, was a little slow but so incredibly worth the wait!


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21 Jan 2023

Friendly staff and great food!

I’d seen this place while in the area a few months ago and was finally able to stop by yesterday. I enjoyed their Fiesta Taco bowl w/ chorizo (beyond sausage I believe). Great flavor and super filling, especially with the half quinoa/half rice base!

I will make an effort to return soon!

Pros: Great flavor, Good portions, Friendly staff


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10 Jan 2023

Could eat every meal here

Roasted and Raw is a bit more like having a vegan personal chef as opposed to a restaurant, because it’s healthy, balanced food that you really want to eat because of the delicious sauces and the care taken to prepare each ingredient to best showcase it. I don’t really like radish, but a handful of extra-thin slices with yummy dressing in the Caesar salad? Absolutely. I normally pick over big useless chunks of summer squash, but roasted to a perfect char and mixed with other textures and orange sauce? Delicious.

I regularly order ahead for takeout or get delivery, and they have an indoor/outdoor dining space shared with a smoothie place. It’s one amazing guy doing all the cooking so it’s not usually fast, definitely recommend ordering ahead if you can or going without a rush.

Pros: Healthy, Delicious


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06 Nov 2022

Roasted N’ Rad

Their breakfast burrito was delicious, especially the fried yucca chips! The menu said it had scrambled tofu inside but it was clearly JUST Egg instead (not complaining though!). Highly recommended.


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15 Sep 2022

Generous portions, all vegan

Roasted and Raw offers casual dining with a variety of vegan, bowl, and pasta options. We ordered burritos and burgers to go.

Although the store was fairly empty, the wait was long. I could see the staff was working hard in the open kitchen, so I was surprised by the delay. (I realize they also do deliveries, which might have been a factor.)

I had one of the burritos and was disappointed to find that it was about 90% rice. Nothing wrong with rice per se, but I did expect a little more of my chosen protein and beans to complement it. None of us loved the food.

Given the glowing reviews, maybe it was just an off day?

R&R shares space with a juice/smoothie bar. The juices and smoothies were five stars!


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13 Sep 2022

New Oakland favorite, please try this place!

After trying this place it immediately went to the top of my list and I want to come back again tomorrow! I got a quinoa bowl with sweet orange sauce and BBQ carnitas, it came with the most delicious fresh veggies and felt so light & healthy. You'd think that one flavor would overpower the other since sweet orange and BBQ are both fairly intense flavors, but here it was perfect and went together nicely. Portion was large, I saved some for later. Another great menu item is their burger, it's fantastic and even comes with yuca fries which were a nice surprise. Empanadas are great too, and there are cookies and muffins for dessert. Another big benefit to eating here is that they have a smoothie place connected to them called "Powered by Pure" (you need to be rang up separately, but literally just two registers next to one another). I'm not a drink/smoothie person but gave the Peach Cobbler shake a shot and was blown away. I was expecting it to be too heavy or too sweet, but again it was very light and fresh. Everything far exceeded my expectations. Staff is very friendly too!

Pros: Also a smoothie/juice place, Fully vegan fresh, healthy, and tasty, Offers desserts!

Cons: No cons at all


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02 Sep 2022


I thought we would need to travel to LA again for a phenomenal vegan meal like Jackfruit Cafe. However, Roasted and Raw proved us wrong. The fries were seasoned, and the empanadas were out of this world.


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26 Jun 2022

Delicious and Diverse

This was our second time there and we loved all we tried so far. The menu has a diverse offering of raw and cooked vegan meals. The staff is friendly and the place is clean. We will definitely become regulars.


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24 Jun 2022

Wholesome, rich & flavorful

Lots of creative menus. I really liked Cashew Alfredo with Zucchini noodles, parmesan, and cashew cream (raw dish).

Pros: Great food. Both healthy and delish!, Professional & friendly staff, Chill atmosphere


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07 May 2022

Best Vegan Food in Oakland

This place was not only professional, clean, and friendly but the food was hands down some of the best I’ve had among everywhere I’ve eaten.

Alfredo penne was delicious, added some hot sauce to peak the heat and it had me considering 2nds.

The kale salad took the prize though with the dressing and house made chickin combo! Omg.

Pros: Cleanliness , Seating , THE FOOD

Cons: Nothing, they are perfect.


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03 May 2022


I have had several of the bowls and they are well seasoned, creative and delicious. High recommendation


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27 Apr 2022


This place is amazing! Had the Pad Thai which was raw and so good! Just opened in its new location on 14th Street and is one of my new faves!

Updated: came back to try lasagna and chorizo empanadas! Both were a big hit!

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-20

Pros: Vegan place, Lots of space, Kind owner and great service

Cons: None I can think of


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13 Mar 2022

New store front!

I stumbled on their IG account yesterday that they were opening today 3/12/2022. Just so happens I was planning a walk in the Oakland hills.
When I came inside I was greeted by I’m thinking the Chef’s / owners mom. Lots of friendly people here today.
So many great looking items to pick from. I did go with a bowl, 1/2 greens, 1/2 quinoa, Greek Freek Crispy Falafel and chorizo as meat choice. Still drives my crazy when I get asked “ What protein “ do you want. Wether it’s a plant based place or regular. Plants have protein…………. Why not just ask what kind of plant based or fake meat to you want with that.

Anyway, the bowl was very tasty, I especially liked the quinoa, nice amount of seasoning in it.

The acoustics are not good and I can only imagine if the place was busy it would be hard to hear your dining companion.

Left a Happy Cow window sticker too.


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24 Oct 2021


This young man can make Soul food

Pros: Very filling


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28 Sep 2021

Nice food, friendly service

The orange teriyaki wok with chick'n was great. The veggies were cooked really well and had a nice grilled taste. The empanada and the smoky black bean burger were both good.


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09 May 2021

Well seasoned/ Flavorful

The place is still kind of a pop up (take out) but they do have 3 small tables you can sit and eat your food outside on. Everything is seasoned to perfection. Took a friend for her birthday and we tried the Mac and cheese the walnut based empanadas one of the bowls and the mushroom stroganoff. Everything was seasoned so good. I was hoping they were opened on Sunday so I could get food to go for my family the next day but unfortunately they are closed only opened Thursday- Saturday. Will definitely be back. Need to try the breakfast. Please go support keep them business. Staff is friendly also.

Pros: All vegan , Very flavorful

Cons: Closed sun-wed , Limited seating


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06 Mar 2021

Fresh, delicious and friendly service

This is my new favorite vegan spot. Food is delicious, fresh, made from scratch and flavorful. The owner is super friendly too.


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14 Feb 2021

So good

The food was so good and filling and the owner Imani was really delightful

Pros: All vegan , Filling portions


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23 Jan 2021


We ordered the chickpea ragout, mushroom stroganoff, and orange teriyaki with fried vegan chicken and it was so so delicious! Very filling. The only downside is we had to wait in the cold for 30 minutes but they are new and hopefully will improve on that. The food was worth the wait!

Pros: Great chicken , Very filling

Cons: Long wait , Little pricey

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