Serves meat, vegan options available. Long time operating breakfast and brunch place. Has a veggie American breakfast that consists of white gravy with biscuits, soysausage patties, tempeh on biscuits with veggie gravy, and spinach. Also has tofu scramble, country fried tempeh, and tempeh reuben. Indoor as well covered patio seating. Open Thu-Sun 9:00am-3:00pm. Closed Mon-Wed.

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First Review by Lettuce Muncher


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08 Jul 2023

Should be 5 stars

Best diner experience I've had since going vegan. Got the Bionic breakfast and a side of spicy tofu. Everything was delicious and super satisfying. Coffee was also great and the service was top notch. A must visit in Atlanta.

Pros: Several vegan options., Large portions, Good coffee



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09 Apr 2023

Great vegan options

Their vegan options are so yummy! I also loved their outdoor seating. They have a beautiful mural on the wall.


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03 Feb 2023

Vegan & GF options

Their menu had vegan and GF options. Loved their potatoes and lattes!

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-03

Pros: A couple vegan options , Great coffee

Cons: Wish it was less oily


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08 Jan 2023

3.5 stars

I'm not sure what I ordered is available anymore which would be a shame because there isn't much to choose from but I did really enjoy the meal that I had.


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29 May 2022

4/5 stars!

I’m not a fan that Happy Cow won’t let us rate out of 5 if they’re not vegan, so pretend this is 4/5.

Stopped in here randomly on a Sunday morning after going to the farmers market and was able to get a spot on the patio after a 5-10 min wait.

They have a few vegan options, and even more options if you’re vegetarian. I got the bionic something (blanking on the name 😂) with a side of the spicy tofu cubes. Y’all, those tofu cubes are SO GOOD! My husband, who isn’t vegan, raved about how more people need to make tofu like that so people don’t give it such a bad rep. The rest of the meal was also tasty, and very filling, as I ended up taking half of it home.

Heads up, I checked with our server about the “soysage” and it has egg in it—so vegetarians, y’all are good, but vegans, get those spicy tofu cubes if you’re wanting a protein side!

Def would recommend and is a great spot to come with an omni crowd.


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Mostly Veg
25 May 2022

Not great

I would count this is one of those places where you’re going out to brunch with a bunch of people who eat meat but you need to be somewhere where there’s at least one option for you


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14 Jan 2022

3.5 stars

I haven't found a lot of places in Atlanta where I can get a vegan breakfast burrito. Saw that Ria's had one so stopped by. Burrito was not bad, Black beans, Tofu and I think hashbrowns. Worth trying if you like burritos. They have other options for breakfast as well as lunch for vegans. The matcha latte with oat milk was what will bring me back for sure.

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-14


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30 Oct 2021

Pleasantly surprised

I ordered the Bionic Breakfast (sliced potatoes, peppers, corn, and mushrooms covered in a yummy sauce) and it was way more food than I expected! It was really tasty and filling. The orange juice is really good, too. It’d be cool if they used more environmentally-friendly take-out containers.

Pros: Friendly service

Cons: Needs more vegan options, Plastic cup and take-out container


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14 Oct 2021

This place is really good.

I've been to this place multiple times and it's been great every time.


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08 Sep 2021

Decent Options for Vegans

The wait is long but the vegan options are decent. I’m just happy to have a place I can go to with my non-vegan friends.


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23 Jul 2021

I’d go back

Tofu scramble was exceptional. Also the lavender lemonade was amazing and I wish I got one to go!


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26 Jan 2020

Super yummy brunch!

Brunch here was super yummy. They have a couple vegan options. I had the bionic breakfast, will definitely be back for more. Only four stars because the wait took a while.

Pros: Really yummy vegan choice.

Cons: Long wait on a Sunday (~45 mins)


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31 Dec 2019

amazing and filling!

went to Ria’s for sunday brunch. expect a wait time but it’s worth it!! i had the black bean tofu bowl with hashbrowns. it was super rich in flavor and beautifully designed. i also loved that it was filling towards the end. highly recommend for vegan/veg ppl eating with a non-veg crowd.

Pros: Delicious vegan options, Beautiful interior under tent

Cons: Not all vegan


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30 Oct 2019

Pretty solid diner options

Breakfast: there are 3 menu items that are either vegan or can be made vegan (by subbing tofu for eggs). Given that most diners only have potatoes as a vegan breakfast option, I’m grateful that they’ve got tofu on the menu.

For lunch, the tempeh Reuben and cauliflower banh mi are really good!

Pros: Cool atmosphere, Vegan breakfast and lunch options


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Mostly Veg
19 Oct 2019

5 starts

Should be able to leave 5 stars! So good.

Pros: Amazing vegan options

Cons: Non


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06 Sep 2019

Great vegetarian options

One of of the best vegetarian brunch spots I’ve seen in downtown! Right across the street from Oakland Cemetery and down the street from grant park!

Pros: Great tempeh!! , AMAZING gravy!!

Cons: Long lines, More vegetarian than vegan options


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05 Oct 2018

Scramble Bowl of Awesomeness

The tofu scramble bowl is so good. The beans are spiced and phenomenal. The tofu isn't scrambled, but rather spiced and cubed; also delicious. They add some other things that complement the flavors so well, overall it's a great breakfast to start your day with.

They also have soy milk if you like milk in your tea or coffee.

Pros: Delicious, Friendly, Trendy

Cons: Busy, Loud


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17 Apr 2018

Yummy brunch

Not too many vegan options, but I've been several times and always enjoy what I get. Their tofu is great.

Pros: Nice patio seating, has some counter seating (love eating at the count, the few vegan choices are delicious

Cons: 4 stars because their soysage has egg in it. Wish


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04 Mar 2018

Not much for vegans

If you get creative, you can cobble a meal together, but they aren’t very accommodating. Staff is rude, the wait is usually long and the food isn’t worth the rudeness or wait.


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Mostly Veg
04 Sep 2017

Ria's brunch

This place has been turning out amazing food for many years. Great for brunch or breakfast with tons of vegetarian and vegan options.

Pros: Excellent food

Cons: Location not near everyone


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18 Aug 2017

delicious home style vegan breakfast

Cute place with large portions . Spiced tofu is amazing . Fresh veggies served with the vegan options . Soysage is not vegan .

Pros: atmosphere

Cons: soysage not vegan


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26 Jun 2017

Nice to have an option

This place is definitely a hardcore meat lovers paradise but they do offer some vegan options that are decent.

In atlanta, there is not very many places for a vegan to sit down and enjoy a nice meal. This is one.

Its usually busy on the weekends so prepare to wait or make a reservation.

Theres only a couple of items on the menu and I've had them all.

I usually order the Bionic Breakfast and Tofu Scramble. Both are good but not the greatest thing I've ever had.

I just appreciate a weekend breakfast spot to cruise to when I dont feel like cooking.

Pros: They offer vegan , Its pretty good

Cons: Crowded, not much variety, lots of meat on the menu


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18 Feb 2017

Not My First Choice

There are a few things that can be made vegan. The tempeh ruben was pretty good.

This place is good if you are going out with people who do not want to eat at a 100% vegan place- otherwise there are much better places in town that have more vegan dishes.

Could have just been my server, but I found the staff to be unaccommodating and not the friendliest.

Pros: Non-vegan options for friends

Cons: Limited vegan options, Staff that is unfriendly when it's busy


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05 Dec 2016

Not the best for vegan brunch

Options are limited for Atlanta, and honestly, there's nothing special offered here. Eh. Other reviewers already mentioned the offerings, so I don't need to.

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Super busy at brunch, Limited options, Parking


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29 Jul 2016

A Regular's Perspective

Let me preface this by saying I've loved Ria's since before I became vegan and I know the wait is around 45 minutes on average and that parking is atrocious. The wait and parking are basically fine if you go around lunch on weekdays--it's the weekend rush that's long. I find it peaceful and relaxing to enjoy sitting with a cup of coffee or water chatting with a friend, admiring the view of the historic Oakland Cemetery on a day when the weather is nice, so for me the wait is just a nice part of the experience.

That said, it's still my favorite place in Atlanta. The menu rotates, but the current vegan options are:
- Veganize the bluebird burrito, comes with a side such as most of their sides including the soups occasionally.
- The amazing tofu frittata which is admittedly not the most massive in portions.
- The bionic breakfast (sort of a breakfast potato scramble).
- Early bird special with spicy tofu cubes (I love their tofu cubes but this is probably not the delivery mechanism I would choose?)
- Tofu banh mi.
- Possibly the tempeh reuben (if it's veganized)? I haven't been interested enough to find out honestly.
- You can veganize the entree salads by removing the cheese but I don't think the experience is worth it.
** The soysage is Morning Star and therefore not vegan. I was told they're working on a vegan soysage recipe.

So in short, they have a couple of very nice savory vegan options, and several more vegetarian options (such as the pancakes and the soups and salads), but if you are a vegan with a sweet tooth you will probably want to go somewhere else (maybe pick up Revolution Doughnuts in Decatur).

Pros: several vegan options, excellent coffee, excellent food

Cons: long wait on weekends, no vegan sweets


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Mostly Veg
27 Apr 2015


We tried for Sunday brunch. The wait was over an hour, everyone there waiting was incredibly rude and pushy, and there is hardly anything vegan. We opted to walk three blocks down the street to Stone Soup Kitchen and it was AMAZING. we got right in and enjoyed some vegan blueberry pancakes with great service. Take note!

Cons: long wait, no parking, limited vegan options


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19 Jan 2015

Better Brunches Elsewhere

My friend and I loved the vibe at Ria's Bluebird, and the staff were very welcoming and friendly. He only got coffee, and he said that the coffee was excellent. I, however, am vegan, and I was not particularly impressed with the selections I was offered after asking the waitress what she recommended for vegans. The food was good, but there are some amazing places to have brunch in Atlanta, and I would recommend Soul Vegetarian or Cafe Sunflower instead.

Pros: Nice Ambiance, Friendly Staff, Good Coffee

Cons: Few Vegan Selections, Very Long Wait Time (1hr. or more), Little Parking

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