Cafe, dessert and coffee shop offering breakfasts, hot sandwiches, pancakes, raw vegan cakes, cake pops, bars and more. Relocated from 58 Maryhill Rd. Reported closed January 2023.

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First Review by JudithBerchtel


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04 Nov 2022

Delicious food

Went for breakfast to Rawnchy and was not disappointed. The food was great but looked a bit messy. And the portions vary a lot. Overall it was delicious and we had a great time.

Pros: Delicious food

Cons: Portions vary a lot



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30 Oct 2022

Lovely wee neighbourhood cafe

Food and service good, excellent choice of cakes. Chilli properly hot.

Pros: The cakes, Inventive menu


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14 Sep 2022

The cake was amazing

Sometimes with raw cakes, I find the flavours aren’t strong enough, but this was incredible. I ordered the chocolate and espresso cake and a rose latte. Both had lovely flavours and were presented beautifully. The cafe was nice and the service was nice.


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13 Sep 2022

Fully vegan and creative

So friendly and delicious. I had ‘lobster roll’. Panko coated bread, jackfruit, white sauce, asparagus. Delicious and quite light. He had French toast. Delicious bacon, strong flavours. Lemon ‘cheese’ cake was very good. Nice and lemony. Raw vegan cheesecakes are sometimes a bit bland or nutty for me but this was fabulous.


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03 Sep 2022

Fully vegan cafe

The menu looked so good it was hard to pick! Will have to try the pancakes next time. Great selection of drinks too.

I ordered a lobster roll and it tasted nothing like lobster or even fishy at all. More like seasoned jackfruit and Hollandaise sauce. But it was tasty!

Pros: Lots of choice

Cons: Lobster roll not fishy at all


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31 Aug 2022

Very nice!

Nice place. Great food and coffees are great too!

Pros: A nice selection , Great choice of cakes , Daily specials.

Cons: Not city centre


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16 Jul 2022

So cute!

The decor is so cute and the food is delicious. First time I’ve been and would definitely go again to try their other stuff. I believe all the food is vegan but they do have dairy milk available which I found strange. It’s an extra 20p for plant milk which isn’t the best especially as it’s marketed as vegan gluten free raw etc. I think it should be the opposite - extra for dairy milk imo

Pros: All food is vegan (I believe), Cosy and welcoming, Good food with nice selection to choose from

Cons: Extra charge for plant milk


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14 Jun 2022

Loved it

I’ve met poppy before at an event and love the fact she is always smiling.
The cakes have always need great and was delighted to try a savoury dish. Toasted bread, pastrami, melted cheese, sales and a fantastic taste. Loved it.
June 22, great breakfast today (at lunch). Tofu 🥓

Updated from previous review on 2020-09-24

Pros: 100%, People , Location


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13 Mar 2022

Great cafe on the outskirts of Glasgow city centre

The garlic mushrooms on the breakfast were some of the best I have ever had!
Partner had the pancakes and they looked incredible.
Would recommend to people near by

Pros: All vegan cafe, Cool specials board, Decent prices


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09 Aug 2021

Loved it!

I went a while ago and loved the Bao Buns they offer. I 100% recommend it :)

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-09

Pros: Amazing food


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02 Jul 2021

Select body sizes only

A recent experience left myself and partner with an icky feeling.

The layout and furniture choices do not cater to a wide range of body sizes and shapes.

In particular the choice of table legs which leave very little room for actual real-life sized thighs to fit under the table. Similarly for some bucket seats which will house only a modest bum. The tables are also crammed in with little space between for comfortable movement.

For a proudly female founded business, I find these all disappointing oversights.

Practical can be pretty but it seems here instead, social media and photographs are the top priority.

On the food front, there is a select menu and the food is good although pricey for the east end.

Pros: Sandwiches , Cake, Drink options

Cons: Tables and chairs, Layout, Music


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22 Mar 2021

Divine cake!

My omni friend is addicted to their fare. I got huge birthday cake from them. It was divine seriously tasty, rich and you feel like you had proper cake there. Had to freeze one tier cos we could not finish it. I defrosted it recently after months...it was still just as lovely!! So It not only tastes great but keeps well in the freezer too. In case you order too big a cake..

I ll be ordering more cake for next bday occasion 😁

Pros: Tasty cake, great coffee

Cons: Might be tad pricey for some folk.


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18 Oct 2020

Varied menu

If I'm I'm honest, I don't get that excited about raw cakes (they can be delicious but I don't normally seek them out) so their change in menu to add savoury options is what drew me in. The toppings on my toast were delicious and I loved the black Halloween pancakes (gluten free but you wouldn't know). I would recommend booking as they get very busy.


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10 Feb 2020

Raw gem in east end

Delilah cakes. Interesting hot drinks. Cute decor. Dog friendly. Helpful charming staff.

Pros: Dog friendly , Cute decor , Charming staff


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10 Nov 2019

Makes cake feel healthy

Cute and cosy coffee stop with plenty flavours to try. My personal favourite is the Salted Caramel which I think is a must try if you go.


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26 Feb 2019

Amazing vegan cakes & beautiful drinks served by the happiest person in Scotland

Pop in to this wee place and you'll be instantly transported to a haven of incredible raw vegan delights and delicious drinks. Inside has been tastefully decorated, creating a cozy hideaway from the outside world. The owner is enthusiastically welcoming and very passionate about sharing her creations to customers. You'll walk out with a smile on your face & delicious cake that makes the world a better place. :-)

Pros: Amazing raw cakes, Beautiful drinks, Lovely owner

Cons: I live in Edinburgh!


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16 Feb 2019

Good cakes

My husband bought me cakes from here for the vegan episode of bake off last year and they were beautiful and tasty!


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05 Feb 2019


Rawnchy offers cakes (free from everything) which look photoshopped to the point that it is absolutely unclear to me whether the succulents on sale are edible as well or actual plants. Writing this, it comes to my mind they might be both.

Ranwchy is pleased to pamper patrons in a pastel-coloured, peaceful aura. Pink plates, gold-plated cutlery and turquoise alltherest. A comfort zone cast into a coffee house.

Pros: Given their make-up, I was honestly surprised that the cakes taste nice


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24 Oct 2018


Wonderful lovely pace with so nice people and the best cake in tpwn

Pros: best raw cakes in town, lovely people


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16 Oct 2018

Awesome Surprise

We actually fancied a cake at the close by vegan Cafe but they did not have any cakes anymore. I was not so keen on a RAW cake cause I wanted a „real“ one.
Oh my god!!! This was heaven. We tried the Sneakers Bar, the blueberry cake and the Truffel balls. Even the flat white was from the finest.

Pros: Use ecological take away cutlery


17 Oct 2018

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