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Plant-based cafe serving cold pressed juices, smoothie bowls, acai bowls, porridge, soups, coffee, and more. Call +31 20 775 35 22 or order online via Deliveroo. Open Mon-Fri 09:00-15:00, Sat-Sun 09:00-16:00.

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First Review by DavBar


Points +39

31 Dec 2023

No Bowl, more like sorbet

Our bowl was ice cold. It was basically fruit soup with cold fruit on top. We searched for some granola but only found a few crumbs.

Updated from previous review on 2023-12-31

Pros: Nice interior and tiling, The drinks were good



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10 Nov 2023

Nice bowls

Nice wee cafe. Friendly staff but busy


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03 Nov 2023

Delicious, but few seatings

The food was delicious, and the menu was supercute. The place is very small and there are very few seats. Took a while before we could sit, but it took a while for all the smoothies to come as well, so it was okay.

Pros: Very good looking food, Everything is vegan, Delicious

Cons: Few seatings, The bathroom is supertiny


Points +253

27 Oct 2023

Imo, not worth the money

All the bowls cost the same (12.5 euros), which I think is too much for the size of it. Don't get fooled by the pictures, it is small. The presentation is beautifull, the taste is nice, but I left still feeling hungry.
The coffee was not the best...

Pros: Beautiful bowl, Taste

Cons: Small size, Expensive for what it offers, Coffe was not good


Points +105

20 Jun 2023

Lack of service

Lack of greeting and costumer awareness. Three employees was standing there with no interaction, there was three tables that needed to be taken care off for me to seated, but that didn't look like a priority to do either.

Finally got the bowls and was missing my coffee that I paid for.

The bowls were very good, so no complaint there. But service is lacking. 👋


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20 Jun 2023

Refreshing Break from Summer Heat

Nice lunch on a hot summer day in Amsterdam. Great to have a gluten free option available as the bowls are plant based and natural. Very aesthetic smoothie bowls which are a tad pricey. The location is cute and would be a good place for a catch up.

Pros: Great option for a hot day, Cute cafe interior , Offers takeaways

Cons: Tad pricey


Points +126

16 Jun 2023


Really beautifully presented bowls that taste great. They should add more granola though as it’s not really filling. Coffee served in thin glasses may look nice, but it doesn’t do the coffee any favours.

Pros: Beautiful bowls, Relaxed atmosphere , Friendly staff

Cons: Small portions/not enough topping , Coffee not in a suitable container


Points +57

22 May 2023


The Rainbowls Amsterdam is awesome. Not only do the Rainbowls look beautiful, they are super delicious. An eye-catcher that keeps you full for a long time. As a base "milk" you can choose between oat, almond soy and coconut - a dream for vegans. Our drinks were equally phenomenal (matcha latte, cacao protein smoothie).

In fact, we liked it so much that we visited it twice during our four-day vacation.

The staff is also super friendly.

Pros: Delicious, Stunning looking, Vegan


Points +937

15 May 2023

Beautiful, overpriced in my opinion

Ok, so other reviews talked about this place being tiny. It wasn’t my definition of tiny, but I’m sure it does get busy at weekends (we went on a Monday. I had the yellow bowl and my husband the purple. They were fine, what I’d expect from a smoothie bowl, made to look pretty but overpriced in my opinion (€12.50 each). Service was ok, not the friendliest.


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13 May 2023

Beautifully presented food

Food that looks and tastes stunning


Points +169

Mostly Veg
07 May 2023


Beautiful place, beautiful Bowls. I really loved

Pros: Beautiful and taste food, Nice service, Beautiful Place


Points +112

27 Apr 2023

Super cute

A lovely breakfast location with a great variety of bowls and drinks to choose from. I had the blue smoothie bowl and it was delicious!


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24 Apr 2023

I'm not a bowl man

But I was hungover and my flatmate had her insufferable friends over so I thought why not, and honestly it did hit the spot. They have seven menu items, named after the colours of the rainbow, which is cute, so I chose the orange option, which has mango and something else, and what I believe to be a sharon fruit or persimmon. The carrotcake is lovely. Bit cosy but what can you do.

Pros: In a vibrant neighbourhood


Points +38

24 Apr 2023

Delicious breakfast bowls

Very good but not enough granola! Lemon cake was way too sweet!.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-24


Points +699

21 Apr 2023

Is this what eating a rainbow tastes like?

So delicious and beautiful. This is an awesome, healthy breakfast/brunch stop. I think I had the violet bowl.
I highly recommend stopping here to get some delicious fibre! There are also some great cakes - my partner enjoyed the chocolate one.

You pay before you eat and order from a counter, but they drop it off at your table.
The cafe is small, limited seating so may not be great for groups.

Pros: Delicious, Vibrant, Healthy


Points +239

21 Apr 2023

Best açaí bowls in town

If you like tasty smoothie bowls this is your place. It’s a bit tiny so bear in mind that the weekend might not be a great time to visit. You might wait long

Pros: Tasty bowls , Natural ingredients, Healthy

Cons: It’s small place, impossible In the weekends


Points +17054

20 Apr 2023

Lovely spot

Good bowl, but not the best I have had. Was here for a smoothie bowl, but like the others it’s not a lot of options without bananas. The optic was 10/10 - taste was good, but not the best (can’t compete with Bali or Sydney.)
Friendly service
Is more like a take out spot though

Pros: Vegan options , Tropical options , Beautiful

Cons: Bananas nearly everywhere , Expensive


Points +2079

07 Mar 2023

Small menu, cosy café

This is a small café with a good selection of hot drinks and smoothie bowls. There isn’t much beyond this - the menu is quite small and simple. There isn’t much seating so you may have trouble finding a spot. I was impressed with my bowl, but would have liked food offerings that are a bit more substantial. Dog friendly.


Points +641

01 Mar 2023

Très déçue

Au vu du nom et de l'univers coloré, je m'attendais à un endroit fun et chaleureux... En fait, c'est un endroit épuré et relativement froid. Je voulais y manger à midi mais en regardant les prix des bowls, j'ai halluciné. Cher pour ce que c'est. (cela dit, on peut blâmer beaucoup d'établissements. Amsterdam est horriblement cher), les gâteaux sont minuscules (je n'ose pas imaginer à quel prix ils sont)
J'ai donc seulement pris un café latte qui était censé représenter un arc-en-ciel, déjà il n'y avait que 3 couleurs.
La serveuse m'avait cité tous les goûts et au final, on ne ressentait que le goût du matcha, que je n'aime pas du tout. Je n'ai même pas bu la moitié tellement ce n'était pas bon.
Puis, quand on a une éthique, on essaye de faire le maximum pour tout. Proposer des serviettes recyclées c'est bien mais il y a du plastique PARTOUT. C'est une catastrophe. Ça m'a fait mal de jeter mon gobelet et la paille, ainsi que le contenu et surtout mes 4,50€ à la poubelle. Désolé, les serveuses étaient accueillantes mais pour le reste, non.

Updated from previous review on 2018-06-27

Pros: Le quartier

Cons: Trop cher, Mauvais latte , Trop de plastique !


Points +106

19 Feb 2023

Beautiful and tasty

I loved the place, it felt very cozy and warm. The bowls were beautiful and delicious. I recommand!


Points +335

06 Feb 2023

You have to love banana

Almost every bowl etc is with banana and they only make it with banana. So better love them when you want to ear there.

Pros: Fast service, Good chai match latte

Cons: Almost every dish with banana , Not very flexible changing the bowls


Points +237

18 Jan 2023


So yummy, great staff, healthy and vegan ♥️

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-07

Cons: Bit expensive


Points +759

14 Jan 2023

Great presentation, tasty

These bowls are so beautiful! Very tasty.


Points +126

20 Nov 2022

good breakfast

we had the purple açai bowl and the chia pudding and we loved it!!! nice staff and good music

Pros: all vegan , good matcha latte :)), good music


Points +495

08 Nov 2022

Beautiful smoothie bowls

The bowls itself are so pretty that it already gives a reason to visit the place! They also tasted really good and fresh. They have nice selection of different colored bowls to choose from

Pros: Fully vegan, Beautiful bowls, Fresh & healthy food


Points +66

28 Oct 2022

Gorgeous 😍

The food was so filling and amazing! The shop was so nice and all the bowls looked so good.


Points +101

15 Sep 2022

Very tasty Smoothiebowls

Tasty smoothie bowls and a nice range of different tastes and beverages. The staff was friendly and the menu is available in English.

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