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千葉養生素食, at 鹽埕區大義街131號, offers buffet which includes a small salad bar and a few varieties of sushi/seaweed, noodles, vegetables, stews, dumplings, and bean curd dishes. Choice of white or brown rice. Cashier looks at your selection and calculates a price. Simple set up with seating on the 2nd floor. Look for a sign in English "Vegetarian Rice Dumplings." Open Mon-Sat 7:00am-8:30pm.

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First Review by junya


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05 Nov 2023

Huge range to choose from

One of the biggest buffets I've been to with so much to choose from. It cost me $250 for 2 take away boxes with rice. Ask which dishes have egg.



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20 Sep 2023

Great value with lots of variety

Tasty veggie buffet with lots of variety. Paid NTD200 for two fully loaded dishes with rice.

Pros: Lots of variety , Tasty , Good value


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17 Sep 2023

Great buffet style

I've eaten here a few times, and it is consistently tasty! I love their sushi especially. The owner is also very lovely.


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17 Aug 2023

Great Value Buffet

Best price I’ve gotten for a fully loaded plate. A little lackluster in the evenings IMO but still plenty of good options and a nice second floor to eat at. Go for lunch or early supper.


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08 Jul 2023


lots of vegan dishes to choose from! the lady told me 3 dishes contained eggs the rest is all vegan!


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29 Jun 2023

Buffet styled veg place

Decent food and kind service. Many items were cold when I got there for dinner, around 6pm. They could benefit from maybe turning up their heat lamps if that’s possible. Also, there was a lot of egg tofu, but just one vegan tofu dish (the mapo tofu 🌶️). More tofu options please! Enjoyed, but left still wanting more food.
Dishes are cheap! Only 60nt including rice.


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15 Mar 2023

Delicious food!

The place might not look like it at first glance but it is a great little buffet with tasty food! The day I went almost all the food was vegan. The dishes aren‘t labeled but the staff were able to explain to me that only one dish contained dairy and everything else was vegan. I assume this might change depending on the day so it’s always best to ask.
The food tasted fresh and my big colorful plate was only 120 TWD. Would definitely go again!

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-15

Pros: Almost all vegan, Good value for money, Delicious food

Cons: Vegan options not labeled


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08 Mar 2020

My favorite place for vegan food.

A great buffet with many vegan dishes. The staff is one of the most friendly I have ever met. Strongly recommend!

Pros: The soup has many veggies, tofu, etc.


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24 Feb 2020

Best veggie buffet!!

I’ve been to many veggie buffets in Taiwan, and this one is the best!! They have so many options! Everything is fresh and tasty! They even have chickpeas Incase you aren’t into soy meats. The lady who works there speaks English, so if you aren’t sure which options are vegan, you can ask. Don’t be like me, I used my eyes and ended up eating whipped egg whites (it looked like soft tofu)since I didn’t realize she speaks English.


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05 Dec 2019

Amazing buffet!

The best buffet we went to in the city! Sooo many vegan choices, tasty food. Be careful at 5:30 pm it was already overcrowded

Pros: Many vegan options, Tasty food

Cons: Overcrowded


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18 Nov 2019

Nice informal restaurant

After a long day exploring Kaohsiung it was great to find this place and recharge our batteries their big buffet. There were at least 25 options, nearly half vegan and maybe half with eggs or dairy. It might be a bit challenging to differ which dishes are really vegan as there are no labels and the staff don’t really speak English, so if you have the chance of going there with someone who speaks Chinese (or if you speak Chinese yourself, of course) it’s better. The food was pretty good and not spicy, and there was free cold black tea. We paid NT$ 270 for two pretty full plates of food, a fair price in my opinion.

Pros: Fair price, Several options, Good food

Cons: No labels on food, Nobody could speak any English


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12 Nov 2019

what a selection.....

in the self-serve "pay-what-you-eat" model, there is a choice of rice, noodles, soups, pickles, veg, egg, tofu, mock meat... fried, deep-fried, braised, steamed, boiled...

so you really should be able to find *something* appropriate, unless you have a peculiar combination (vegan keto?). the veg selection isn't so great, but the seaweed and turnip (daikon) was good as the healthy option. there are also quite a few tofu options, in different textures/flavours.

i only ate here once, so i don't know if they change the selections often. my only gripe is that they don't have food warmers, so it's lukewarm. i didn't feel like the food was unclean, but i just would've liked it to be warmed xD

but it was good anyway, tastes clean.

the only thing i didn't like was the baked taro--been sitting out so the texture was not great~


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27 Apr 2019

Okay buffet

Not so many vegetables as I would've liked! Been to a lot of veggie buffets in Taiwan and this one has a decent selection but felt quite unhealthy compared to the others.

Pros: Cheap!

Cons: Not so healthy


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11 Mar 2019


Large and tasty buffé. Fresh and very affordable. I’ll come back!


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04 Jun 2018

So yummy and so much choice

Cheap food and very delicious! you can choose from a variety of food and you will be full for about 3€

Pros: very nice owner


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06 Feb 2018

simple and fantastic

Super tasty buffé in a simple setting. The cashier was very friendly. I just arrived in Kaohsiung and had a big bag with me and she helped me with the elevator and also explained things in English. I will come back!

Updated from previous review on 2018-02-06

Pros: excellent food, many options , friendly cashier


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Mostly Veg
24 Jan 2018

great prices - excellent variety

Load up your plate . My favourite was the tea egg flavoured tofu and pseudo chicken .

Pros: price, selection, English speaking


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01 Jul 2017

Delicious food for great value

I've been having lunch here almost every day during my stay in Kaohsiung. There's a wide variety of vegan dishes, some fresh veggies and sprouts as well, and a delicious selection of different tofu dishes and mock-meat. My non-vegetarian friends also enjoy eating here because of the wide variety.

It's very inexpensive, even a big plateful will cost under 100 TWD and soup and sweet tea is included,

The staff is super friendly and there is a relaxed, cafeteria-like atmosphere. I highly recommend!

Pros: Great food, Large selection, low-cost

Cons: Can't think of anything, not fine-dining?


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26 Mar 2017

huge selection

This restaurant is easy to find. The very friendly cashier spoke English and was able to explain which of the dishes contain egg (only around three of them). There's a huge selection, so you got the chance to try out a lot. That day they offered salad, a lot of Tofu and mock meat dishes, pumpkin and Edamame ... and so much more! The cashier calculates what's on your plate.

Pros: many vegan options


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25 Jul 2010

Home never tasted so good!

Food here is marked by both its delicious home-cooked taste and its variety (the raw greens, sprouts, fruit, and brown rice offered me a way to offset the fat and sodium of other tasty little devils that now must be limited in my diet). The Chinese/English menu of buns, dumplings, and soups offered even more choices to explore (mushroom-filled bun was heavenly!). Warm, friendly service (yes - service in a self-serve shop!) matched the food's homey flavor. One staff member (who speaks English with native fluency) even maintains an informal information counter on events in Kaohsiung. Other busy, yet patient, staff angelically supported my feeble attempts to speak Chinese. The atmosphere is simple and relaxed: the spacious dining area (cooled by both fan and AC!) occasionally doubled as a hangout for students - and my own place to dream away a rainy day. Or, when the outdoors beckon, you can pack your meal and just walk 2 minutes to picnic at Love River.

There's no lack of choice of vegetarian eateries in Kaohsiung, yet the food, service, and atmosphere always lured me back to this eatery.

Pros: raw greens and fruit, savory dishes, friendly staff

Cons: not open 24/7

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