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Very large, finer dining restaurant behind Hock Lee Centre. Many vegan options including faux meats. Caters for functions. No MSG used. Previously located on SL 105, Section 50, Jln Abell. Open Mon-Wed 9:00am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-8:30pm, Fri-Sun 9:00am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-8:30pm.

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First Review by lavanya


Points +38

13 Nov 2023

Amazing food and lovely host

Seriously delicious vegan food, I went here many times in my 2 months in Kuching and took many different people who loved the food. The beancurd skin rolls were my favourite, the assam curry delicious and the sizzling “beef” out of this world.
So many vegan options, the owner will help you with finding them.

The highlight was doing karaoke and playing the drums with Chris, the owner! Such a unique and fun night! A lovely person who helped us rescue a cat from a roof and was willing to help in any way we needed as tourists.

EAT HERE! It’s worth the extra trip, trust me.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-13

Pros: Foooooooood, More food, Great atmosphere



Points +168

16 Aug 2023

Fantastic and friendly

What a wonderful place! My friends and I have been there twice already. The man asked us first thing 'vegetarian or vegan?" and instantly told us about what our options were (almost everything is vegan). The food was excellent both visits and we appreciated his kindness and helpfulness. Highly recommended.

Pros: The delicious food, particularly tofu skin rolls, The friendly proprietor , Again, the food ...


Points +13

11 Jun 2023

Terrible Experiencce

My family and I went here on a Sunday evening on our first night in Kuching. We were there by 7:35/7:40. When I entered the owner said something in malay to me and I said I did not speak Malay and he asked me in English how many and I said 4 and he asked us to be seated.
As soon as I started looking at the menu he "highly recommended" two dishes to me (the Midin and the Durian flower). I started ordering and asked for the durian flower (which he sold heavily to me as a delicacy available only once in the year) and when I ordered another dish (mixed vegetables) again he said I should not order that as they are imported and instead take the midin. I agreed and placed my order. The dishes came out in 5 minutes! The durian flower dish was barely warm and the Midin was from the fridge, which he failed to mention to us. He also got one order completely wrong even though I described it in detail. I asked for fried tofu puffs with salt on it and I got fried tofu skin swimming in oil with honey on the side.
We ate pretty fast and as my children were still hungry we were about to order more rice and he proceeded to inform us that the kitchen was closed! He had not informed us about this earlier.

We ordered 4 dishes. One was very small - just a few pieces of oily tofu skins, tofu skin rolls + midin + durain flower. None of these come with rice. You have to order rice separately. We asked for hot water and were charged for it. The total came to MYR86 and all of us were still hungry as the portions were also not large. From his restaurant we went straight to another place to finish our dinner!
Based on my experiece, I believe he was going to close his restaurant and when he saw the four of us he saw an opportunity to sell us his old food and make some money. The food was not fresh, not cooked to order and not tasty. The service was terrible as he should have informed us of the kitchen closing. The food is overpriced, greasy, unappetising and highly disappointing.
Owning/running a restaurant is more than putting food out on the table and for these prices the owner needs to start paying more attention to the experience.

Pros: One dish was mildly tasty, There was a drum kit

Cons: Service


Points +31

08 May 2023

Delicious food, great service

Karaoke background music (no one singing) was a bonus. The prices were a bit high (~$25 for two eating too much) but worth it. We took the owner’s recommendations - the local greens, pepper “beef” and a curry - and ate it all. (He first asked us if we were vegan or vegetarian, and then explained that the place is jay i.e. no garlic or onion.)


Points +503

16 Sep 2019

Nice Vegetarian Restaurant

The menu is HUGE and not all but many dishes are vegan. Great place to come and share a bunch of different dishes. The sweet and sour mock chicken was our favorite dish.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Huge menu, Fast service

Cons: Not the best atmosphere, Not the best location, Some dishes have egg ask if unsure


Points +177

18 Feb 2018

massive veggie menu

Went in here several times, staff are friendly and helpful, menu is massive with lots of chef specials. Bit more pricey than most places.

Pros: big menu

Cons: prcey


Points +169

23 May 2017

Good Restaurant

Quite a lot of vegan options, including faux meat. Menu does not label which items are vegan but the owner is very friendly and happy to assist.
I recommend their fresh juices.
Prices are towards the higher end compared to other Chinese places, but quality is pretty good.
Small downfall was that each time i have been we were the only customers, and staff have a habit of playing on their phones with annoying in-game music playing at full volume. Not so fitting for this higher-end restaurant.
But i would recommend a visit

Pros: Friendly Staff, Lots of vegan options, Fresh Juices

Cons: Not super cheap, Vegan options not labelled so have to ask , Location is not walking distance from centre


Points +38

20 Nov 2016


I visit this restaurant frequently and find it a great place to take friends and new volunteers both vegan and non vegan.
The menu is vast and offers a delicious range of food including many with faux meats.
The staff are very friendly as is the owner.
Great vegan friendly dining at mid range prices.

Pros: Vegan friendly , Extensive menu, Mid price range

Cons: A bit difficult to find


Points +32

21 Sep 2016

Relatively pricey, but good food

big menu, a little pricier than many other veg Chinese places in town, but good was decent. oyster mushrooms had a great texture and servings were large.


Points +698

26 Jun 2016

Good things (sometimes) do come to those who wait

NOTE: The review below describes the old location in 2011. I visited the new location a few times in 2015 and found food quality and atmosphere had gone down considerably. Generally ok, but not particularly special. New rating is 3 stars, not 4.

I never got speedy Hong Kong service in Kuching restaurants. But the meal here was definitely worth the long wait, as the quality matched the best I've had in Hong Kong. Had one of the recommended dishes (called Shanghai mixed vegetables), which exemplified the finest traits of Chinese cuisine: diversity in color, taste, and textures. Besides the standard veges, it included lotus roots, lotus seeds, and almond slivers - all delicately cooked, remaining crunchy though not raw. Also had a silky steamed tofu, served in a beautifully carved wooden platter (while waiting, saw a huge dim sum platter served on a model of a longboat!). It was such a feast that I almost felt obliged to contrive a justification. Yet it was not rich (i.e., high-fat), but light.

Not a budget eatery (two dishes, steamed rice, and drink came to RM32), nonetheless highly recommended.

- According to sign on door, hours were 9:30-2, 5:30-9:30, closed only Thursday. No reservation was required.

- On menu items, note the small symbols that indicate egg dishes, spicy dishes, and recommended dishes.

Pros: excellent food, low fat, light dishes, excellent dish presentation

Cons: not fast food, not orderly service


26 Jun 2016

This review describes a visit to the old location. I've subsequently visited the new location three times and found the food quality and atmosphere has gone down quite a bit. My rating for new place is 3 stars, not 4.


Points +25

25 Jan 2013

Very good restaurant

My favourite restaurant. Boss here is generous.


Points +305

14 Sep 2012

Typical Chinese food, but overpriced.

Hidden behind the 360 hotel (not 360 express). A staff member speaks English.

Pros: air con


Points +80

13 Apr 2011

Nice food!

The best Japanese Bento that I ever had after being vegetarian. Mexico Sizzling place is also highly recommended.

Love their Teh C. which is basically tea with milk and ice. A bit high price (RM3) compared to normal shop, but very nice.

Good value, friendly owner and clean.

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