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Planeta Vegetariano

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All-day buffet spread features salad bar, hot foods, some raw food, and daily soup. Also has fresh juices. Room is decorated in bright colors and artworks. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-11:30am, Mon-Sun 12:00pm-10:00pm.

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Reviews (31)

First Review by nirvana2013

So good! - Edit

We went to the lunch buffet - the curry was amazing, as were the "beef" skewers. A piece of delicious cake topped it off, along with "oat drink", a really yummy beverage. Just off of the Malecon. Highly recommended!

Pros: Friendly staff, Beautifully decorated.

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perfecto! - Edit

I live in NYC so I have high standards for vegetarian food, and this place did not disappoint! Great price, great food, and great people. Even though it's a buffet, they offered me dessert to-go because I was too full to eat it in the restaurant.
I was visiting a local friend and was getting tired of quesadillas champiñones, so I found this place near where we were staying. It was a little bit tricky to find, but such a beautiful spot! The friend I was with had NEVER had a proper vegetarian meal, and was a bit skeptical, but he enjoyed it so much that he requested we go back the next day!
I will definitely eat here again the next time I'm in PV

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no longer great - Edit

I've been visiting Puerto Vallarta for 22 years, and started going to Planeta as soon as they opened. In spite of four other vegetarian restaurants opening in Puerto Vallerta, this one remained the best. However, after an absence of almost a year, I came back to Planeta today. There was one wheat gluten main dish, two lacto main dishes, and very little else for a Vegan to eat. My meal comprised of two soups with over-cooked vegetables and hardly any taste, followed by tortilla flats, refried beans, and some potato-rice tacos (mostly high glycemic). I have never been so surprised to see a restaurant go downhill this fast. To add insult to injury, the cook/waiter proceeded to tell me how I could create a great meal - like I was his little boy.

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Loved the Planet Vegetariano - Edit

Great variety of cold and hot vegan entrees on an all you can eat buffet - and as of Oct 1, 2016 only $5 for lunch or dinner all inclusive!

Pros: Great all you ca eat buffet.

Cons: none

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Love it! - Edit

Planeta Vegetariano is in a great location and the restaurant itself is so cute. The walls are painted really creatively and are fun to look at while you eat. As for the food, it is a good price for all you can eat. Most dishes are vegan which is really great, and it is all really good, though it might at times not be totally hot. The price includes dessert, but sadly, the dessert isn't usually vegan :(

Pros: Variety, Location

Cons: No vegan dessert

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Great Buffet - Edit

Huge buffet with ten to fifteen creative salads, one soup, a few hot entrees, beans and rice, and drinks (coffee, tea, water, agua de jamaica, and another cold drink). 90% vegan, 10% with some dairy. Nice and warm staff. Excellent flavors, we'll seasoned. We ate here everyday. With vegetarian cooking this good, I can be lazy and not cook myself. A great deal also for the massive variety -- even lots of soy dishes.

Pros: incredible number of options, delicious use of lot

Cons: none

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All you care to eat goodness - Edit

We came here on our first night in PV. The staff was very knowledgable and helpful. The food was great and most dishes vegan. Drinks and desserts were included. Hope to try breakfast soon!

Pros: Friendly staff, Many options

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Great Food And Location - Edit

Things I love about Planeta Vegetariano:

- Thursdays: pozole, chicharrón with delicious green sauce, fried tacos and mole.
-Tuesdays: pumpkin seed meatball soup!
- Vegan dessert everyday! (And great coffe)
- Agua fresca

Pros: Mostly Vegan Dishes

Cons: No AC in the summer

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Just amazing. - Edit

We landed in PV last night and walked here after checking into our B&B. We've never been dissapointed by this place, but somehow they have upped their game! Regardless of price, this place offered incredible varieties of cold & warm selections, blurring the lines between salad, appetiser, dinner into just a delightful dining experience. Fancy chefs everywhere: stop here to find out why you don't need meat, fowl or dairy to make incredible meals.
Updated from previous review on Thursday February 05, 2015:
We are questioning if we should keep giving this place glowing reviews because it appears to be getting busier and we used to consider this place, well, ours. The staff changes, but the chef remembers us and we enjoy her constantly experimenting with items. The fact is, it has become even better with wider options and more interesting drinks.The prices, however, are ridiculously low.

Pros: Too many selections

Cons: Too small a stomach

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Stairs next to the cathedral - Edit

Went here for lunch, wasn't amazing but it was great to have a wide variety of options. Was mostly vegan the day we went aside from some of the salads. 105 pesos for lunch, so not a super cheap option, but you can eat as much as you want! includes drinks and dessert, but couldn't eat the dessert as it contained milk.

Pros: Variety

Cons: A little pricey , Staff don't speak english

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Great spot! - Edit

Very hard to find! We had to take 3 cabs, but were determined to find it. Glad we did! It is very close to a restaurant called "La Posta" - taxi drivers may know where this is. Great buffet all day - and different each day! Very nice ladies that work here! More than half the stuff was vegan :)

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So grateful Planeta is there! - Edit

We had a little trouble to find this place as we took the Google map from Happy cow's site for granted. The taxi dropped us off 1/2 hour walk away from the restaurant. Good to know that this restaurant is in the old town, accessible from the beautiful Melacon boardwalk. ITurbide is a pedestrian "stairway" street. So we were very happy to find it, and we were delighted by the warm welcome we got from the loveable staff. The room is small, only 11 tables, nicely decorated with bright colors on the walls, paintings, tablecloths and chairs. Very "mexican" like joie de vivre. The buffet is modest with one soup, four choices for warm entrees, plus rice as side, but lots of different salads. It was past 8:00 PM when we ate and most of everything "warm" was not very warm at all. I had a sample of almost all the salads, (two out of about 10 were not vegan) and the only one that stood out for both my hubby and I was the mushroom's. For the warm entrees, together we had chickpea patties with tomato sauce, (good but not warm enough, reminiscent of a non spicy samosa), the refried beans, average good, the brown rice with shredded carrots, sadly tasting of nothing, and by far the tastiest dish of the buffet, a soy TVP sautéed with vegetables, a spicy mixture that really pleased our taste buds this time.The soup, a cream of vegetables, was lukewarm and had nothing to be remembered of. So to sum it up, we were extremely pleased to find an almost all vegan restaurant; believe me Mexico is NOT vegan friendly at all, but the food disappointed us somewhat. I guess the raving reviews had prepared us to experience something different. Nevertheless we would go back to give it another try as it was maybe an "off" night and it is so important to encourage vegan restaurants all over the world.

Pros: Very friendly staff, Charming decor, Almost all vegan

Cons: Difficult to locate with Google map, Food did not make up to the other review

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So good! Best vegetarian restaurant ever! - Edit

I love this place. Every time I've been there the food has been excellent. Very friendly staff. Cheap and delicious. Pretty vegan friendly too. Even my meat loving boyfriend likes it and wants to go back. So good!

Pros: Good value, Different choices daily, Affordable

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LOVE it. - Edit

I ate there for about 5 times during our vacation in PV. Food was excellent, different menu every day, great drinks, friendly people. Even my teenage son who is not vegetarian, gave high marks and loved the food there.
The food is high quality, very fresh, and tasty. For non Spanish speakers, the signs are in English, clear and easy to read. Best food I had I during our vacation. I wish we stayed closer to downtown so we could eat there more often.
Great location, easy to find, only one block from the main church. Quiet and very pleasant ambiance.

Pros: Good value, Friendly staff, Lots of choices

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Great choices for a Vegan - Edit

Planeta Vegetariano was a great experience. First off, I'm a real fan of buffets, and I always love "all you can eat". If you don't speak or read any Spanish this place can be a bit confusing at first, but it's a pretty basic set up with a great choice of some delicious food. The 90 peso price includes all you can eat choices from the Hot Food and Salad Bars, as well as beverage. The salad bar had jicama which sold me, love this stuff, so refreshing, plus a choice of another 15 or so veggies, seeds and nuts. Hot food bar was about 3/4 vegan, in fact - this place seems to make an effort to cook a lot of easy vegetarian dishes as vegan. A nice change from many veg places. My fave choices available were Soy/Gluten Steak, Potato stuffed Chili's, and Soy Enchilada. But, since this is all you can eat buffet style, you get a chance to try everything. Plus, they say the choices change daily, a fact I'll definitely put to the test next time I'm back in the area.
Highly recommended. In fact, if this place was closer to home, it would be on my standard go to list.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday July 15, 2014

Pros: Great Price and Amount, Good Vegan Choices, Nice Down Home Atmosphere

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Great option in PV - Edit

Most of the buffet entrees are really tasty and get switched up on a regular basis. There is also an abundance of beverages and salad bar items that are included in your buffet. Many items are vegan and/or gluten free, and are mostly labeled in English. The staff are very nice though they don't speak much English, but if you know some Spanish, they'll be glad to talk to you. Definitely recommend.

Pros: buffet items labeled, some different items every day, central location, cheap

Cons: not much English spoken, some buffet items get repeated a lot

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Still very good - Edit

I enjoyed Planeta Vegetariano four years ago and again last week (December 2012). It's an all-you-can-eat buffet with a broad selection of all-vegan items, from beverages to soups to main courses to salads, in a pleasant and cheerful dining room. Some of the food is ordinary but some selections are outstanding, interesting and unusual. A delicious vegan chocolate cake was a welcome surprise from the kitchen at the end of our meal. I'm skeptical about the previous reviewer's implication that it was Planeta's food that made her friends sick. Cruise ships bring in noroviruses nearly every week that cause gastrointestinal distress among Vallarta turistas. Planeta is clean and the staff is friendly and conscientious. To blame illness on a business without any evidence beyond the circumstantial borders on libel.

Pros: Good selection, All you can eat, Friendly staff

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first night in Puerto Vallarta - Edit

I recently visited Puerto Vallarta and had read up about this place on HappyCow. On my first night there I found my way there. There was lasagna, rice, beans, lentil soup, soy chucks with bell peppers. In the salad section there were a few mixed options.

Pros: Non-Smoker, Easy to Find

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Huge selection - Edit

I have been going here for years, it is always great. Many choices for all tastes. My daughter has loved it from 5 to 12 years of age. My Argentinian meat loving friend enjoyed it as well! My favorite restaurant in the world.

Pros: Selection, Fresh, Great juices

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buffet and drinks - Edit

I have since been back to Planeta Vegetariano and I have to say that my second experience was much better than the first. I found the food and drinks available to be of good quality. It is quite inexpensive too. I am upgrading it to a four star from my previous two.

Pros: Nice wall art., Quality of food

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Planeta Vegetariano -- Great Food, Great Variety - Edit

My boyfriend and I had our anniversary vacation in Puerto Vallarta and we're both vegetarian. We actually loved this place. The food was delicious and anything but bland. There was a great deal of variety, including fresh fruits and vegetables, breads, soup, beverages, and sides and main dishes as well. I wish there were a restaurant like that around here. See full review: http://factoidz.com/vegetarian-buffet-comparisons-in-puerto-vallarta-mexico-mary-vegetariano-and-planeta-vegetariano/

Pros: Open late, Great variety, Fresh delicious food!

Cons: A little pricier than other veg.restaura

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Wonderful Wonderful - Edit

If you are a vegetarian, this place is an absolute MUST (and even if you are not). Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every meal had a soup (or oatmeal at breakfast), different mains and salads (fruit and veg) at the open buffet. Hot and cold drinks. Everything was delicious. The manager is very happy to explain what some of the unfamiliar dishes are. When you look like you are done, she comes by and offers the dessert of the day. No one is rushed. Even the restroom is clean. All this for a VERY reasonable cost. GO!

Pros: Daily variety, Delicious food, Location and value

Cons: They don't have one in NYC

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The Friendliest Restaurant - Edit

This restaurant was amazing. The first time I walk in, I am greeted by a very friendly man and lets me know that "I would be happy there." He and other staff answered all of my questions. The majority of the food is vegan, if not, it will be labeled.

Over the many days that I went to the restaurant, I found many new vegan items to eat at the buffet: pancakes, shish kabobs, dumpling, fritters, faux meats, and many vegetables (I just can't remember all of them). It is indeed a small place, but there is plenty to choose from. They also have a fruit/salad bar.

Pros: Very friendly staff, Excellent food, Generous portions

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Good Food - Relatively Easy to Find - Edit

Since ther're not big on addresses in Puerto Vallarta, it's good that this place is right next door to the main cathedral in town. The staff was welcoming and the food was good. My husband and my sister, the vegetarians in our group, were very relieved to find something other than guacamole, that they could eat. We couldn't find any tofu at the grocery stores in area.

Would go back again!

Pros: Close to landmark, Bright, Cheerful

Cons: Construction on Street

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Downtown PV - Edit

The restaurant was located downtown PV and easy to find. CASH ONLY. I found five choices for entrees. The night I was there it included tomato and zucchini, brown rice/fried rice, refried beans, lasagna, and tvp and peppers. There was a small cold salad bar.

Pros: veg, non smoking, reasonable cost

Cons: random food picks

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Sister-In-Law and I Enjoyed husbands to Fish Rest. - Edit

My sister-in-law and I, recently visited Planeta Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, MX. It's near the old church and just up the hill street. Many selections on the buffet, all were good and tasty. The price was very reasonable, not near what our husbands went and spent eating lobster at Casuoe's (brother to Happy Lobster owner)-ask any taxi driver for price first then ride should be 50 pesos or less to arrive/return from romantic hotel zone to either restaurant.

Pros: Vegetarian Food, All food delicious, Didn't get sick

Cons: Up hill street to restaurant

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Fantastic! - Edit

My husband and I ate here for lunch in June of 2008 and it was delicious--one of the best vegetarian meals ever. They serve a buffet lunch for less than $6 USD. It changes every day and everything is made with filtered water. Most items are vegan, but those that aren't are marked. The buffet had about 15 items to choose from and they were constantly replacing and freshening the buffet while we were there. Our buffet consisted of chile rellanos, roasted vegetables with tofu skins, rice and beans, a corn soup, soy protein ceviche, carrot and pea salad, baked tortillas with salsas, and a number of other salads. It was fantastic and I highly recommend it. It's located about a few blocks away from the cathedral. You should go!

Pros: excellent food, good value, healthy and clean

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We wound up in Puerto Vallarta by accident and this place made me glad we did! Delicious buffet style with plenty of vegan options. Their refried bean are the best I have ever had. So good we went out of our way to go back!

Pros: Great food!, Vegan options, Friendly staff

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It's the best! - Edit

We ate here a few times when we were in town and each time the food was wonderful. Nice salad bar, and anything that's not vegan was marked clearly (with cheese or cream). Everything was fresh and tasty - and we loved the fresh juices too!

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Excellent - Edit

This is the best vegetarian restaurant I have eaten at in all South America and Mexico (including Mexico City). There are many vegan choices and an extremely tasty salad bar.

Pros: All-you-can-eat, Hot and cold buffet, Extremely tasty

Cons: None

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