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Serves meat, vegan options available. High-end Naples style pizza place. Has three vegan options on the menu with different kinds of vegan cheese and vegan meat. Cashless. Please note that many businesses in Sweden are cashless. Open Mon-Sun 10:00-22:00.

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12 Reviews

First Review by virre


Points +74

07 Dec 2022

Nice vegan pizzas

Love the vegan pizzas. The crust is so nice!

Pros: Tasty pizzas, Nice crust, Order online (uber eats)

Cons: Not so manny options but works anyway



Points +290

04 Sep 2022

Top quality vegan pizza

Eight different vegan pizzas on the menu. I tried the Vegan Verde which was absolutely delicious - would definitely come back for more.

Pros: Great vegan options, Fresh ingredients and great base, Perfectly baked pizza


Points +394

23 Aug 2022

A strong recommendation

Went in for lunch and was quite pleased with the food. The pizzas were fluffy, the outside perfectly crisp. There was not too much cheese on the pizzas and the toppings were evenly distributed as well balanced in their flavour profile. The staff was also friendly and the outdoor seating area had couches. One of the nicer pizzerias I’ve visited.

Update: me and my partner have officially become a regulars. The staff is very nice and even brought us a different menu with even more vegan options. We are steadily making our way though the vegan selection and so far I’ve only had good, amazing even, pizzas.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-28

Pros: Lots of vegan choices , Vegan cheese


Points +107

12 Jun 2022

Great pizzas, better than most in the Stockholm area.

Vegan cheese. Good quality pizza. Wine and beer available.


Points +554

06 Aug 2021

Amazing vegan pizza!

Tastes like real pizza and authentically Italian!

Pros: Very authentic Neapolitan pizza - in vegan , Nice outdoor seating , Clearly labeled vegan options

Cons: Only a few vegan options


Points +108

27 Jun 2021

Mainly expensive bread and (vegan)cheese

They had very little vegetables on the pizzas. The vegetables are mainly there to decorate the cheese.
I actually feel a bit shocked by their pizzas. There was nothing wrong with the taste anyway.

Pros: Taste was OK

Cons: Nearly no vegetables on the pizzas (Ortolana)


Points +473

23 May 2021

Vegan cheese on pizza

Both the vegan and vegetarian pizzas are great. The vegan pizzas have all vegan cheese on them as well.
Only done take away orders

Pros: Vegan options , Vegan cheese


Points +56

11 Mar 2021

Magiskt god RIKTIG pizza

Pizzan var helt fantastisk, magiskt tom. Äkta pizza, tunn fin botten, fint grillad och inte blöt!
Älskar du som jag en riktigt god äkta italiensk pizza så är det värt en trip hit!

Pros: Flera olika veganska pizzor, Vegansk parmesan, Magiskt gott

Cons: Dyrt, Finns bara i Solna men borde finnas överallt!


Points +3631

19 Oct 2020

Not worth the hassle

I initially found this place after a long search (I don't use a GPS), but didn't give it a shot. As some reviewer already mentioned, it wasn't easy to tell by the sign that you were actually at the right place. Their current logo is clearer, so I thought Pixel might be getting better and better. Regrettably, I didn't enjoy my experience. While the pizza came out quickly, it was a little burnt on the sides. Not only that, it tasted overly salty which, to be fair, could be the result of a generous Parmesan sprinkle. I'm not particularly into cheese, so for me it's more of a letdown than a perk. Oh, and as a cash-refusing place, I guess I was lucky that they reluctantly accepted my even amount of official currency (we're not talking euro or pounds here).. but considering this freedom is essential to me, the steep price and the location not being in my vicinity, I find it very unlikely that I'll ever make it to Pixel again.


Points +182

16 Jul 2020

Top notch

Very good pizza, especially for that price range.


Points +20

04 Apr 2020

Great vegan pizzas!

A hug in shape of pizza. Well served high quality ingredients. Fast delivery.

Pros: 4 vegan options, Stone oven , Great dough

Cons: A little expensive, Just delivery in Solna, Unnecessary tiny olive oil bottle was included


Points +417

05 Mar 2020

Great bread

First off this is a card-only place so if you are going to be upset about that save everyones time.

This place started to get mentioned on facebook so I decided to take my time to visit.

First off this is a bit out of the beaten track, though situated close to the station before the blue subway line forks so easy to get to for us on the blue line. It is not super easy to find.

I entered here on a Sunday evening, and the first thing I noticed was how confused the serving personal (just when I entered some other guests had to ask for parts of their order).

I had checked the menu in advance and was not overwhelmed by the four vegan options (they recently added a vegan scampi option), I ended up going with the first option, the Vegan nduja pizza and sat down (I think this place really does table-service but unsure) to await my Cola ( checking the drinks menu now, there non-alcoholic offers are better than just soft-drinks but not super good even if they have Clausthaler non-alcoholic beer) and pizza. The drink was quickly there as it should, had to wait a bit for the pizza and then it come.

Served on a wooden plate with no cutlery (In Sweden we tend to eat pizza with cutlery or at least cut it with cutlery in restaurants) I thought at first, but I missed that it came with a slicer. I thought it looked a bit smallish when I looked at it, though beautiful.

Taking a bite into the pizza, the main taste was that of the magnificent bread that was so good. Sadly it took over from the toppings and there was some balance issue between the toppings and the dough.

Also this pizza turned out to be surprisingly filling (and I am not a lightweight, rather the unhealthy sitting down to much vegan).

So why only a three star ratings, well the only vegan things is the four pizzas and the topping issues is there. If this place had at least a starter and a desert (I really would have wanted vegan Affogato after that pizza) and some other toppings it would be top ratings. (In fact I clearly am comparing this with Feca, and I would have liked my favourite Patate con Verdura pizza but with this bread, thats what I really am missing)

For where it is geographicaly, the prices are high. Also should make clear, the logo above the door is totally unreadable.

Pros: Excellent tasting bread, Better non-alcoholic options then usually, Side of town that is not oversaturated

Cons: Expernsive, Few fillings, Need other things than pizza

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