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Vegetarian restaurant in a shopping center next to a school since the 2000s. Serves Chinese food that's vegan and without onion or garlic. Menu is extensive and includes the use of mock meats. Offers weekday lunch vegan buffet. Brightly lit interior with plenty of tables. Reported a few dressings might contain egg or dairy, so ask. Open Mon-Sun 10:30am-9:00pm.

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First Review by Amazingrobie


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27 Dec 2023

Amazing food!

The staff was great and the food was amazing! Wide variety of fresh, delicious vegetarian and vegan options with incredible flavor. If I lived closer, this would be my go-to for dining out.

Pros: Variety of flavor, Great staff, Very clean



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26 Dec 2023

Nice staff and incredible vegan buffet

Another review called this place a “hidden gem” and I couldn’t agree more!
The man working there was so nice and accommodating to us. He offered friendly conversation, explained to us about certain food items, and ensured that more food was being made. He even came by our table with samples of food that were brought out from the kitchen.
There were many options and I became very full trying to taste them all. There’s nothing lacking with the different options of tofus, sushi, rice, veggies, etc.
Fair price for the buffet with $38.94 for two of us.

Pros: Friendly staff, Options are plentiful , Fair price


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28 Aug 2023


The owner was incredibly friendly. He asked me if I knew about this app 😂 anyway, I loved the buns and some of the other dishes in the buffet. Some of the items were completely cold unfortunately


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13 Aug 2023

Reliable vegan buffet.

Lots of options! One of our must-go places to eat whenever we are in Houston for more than a day. Or two. It’s rather far west, on Bellaire in Chinatown, but well worth the trip. The different proteins are fun, including seitan and rare tofu skin in various concoctions. Nice sesame balls too, with the sweet black bean paste inside. We can’t figure out how the chef makes everything taste so good without any allium (garlic, onion, chives, shallots, leeks, etc.) - he says it’s bad for your chi. Not mine! But still, the food is good.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-13

Pros: Excellent flavors!, Plenty of buffet choices. , They’ve got a cooler/freezer with


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01 May 2023

Mixed feelings

I’ve been vegan for nearly seven years and this is the first time I’ve been able to find a vegan Chinese buffet - my absolute favorite growing up. They had a ton of dishes available, lots of variety. Even a small selection of sushi. Some were meh, some were really good. Some not so good. However, literally everything was cold. Some of it would have been amazing fresh or even just under a heat lamp. They brought out a tray of fresh spring rolls and some greens while we were eating. Both were fantastic. The service was friendly. It was nearly $50 for two people and a soda each. Honestly.. I would go again, but only right at opening time.


Points +1013

24 Nov 2022

Amazing Asian Vegan food

Delicious vegan buffet with many choices for great price! Absolutely worth a visit if in Houston, Chinatown! ⭐️

Pros: Many choices, Good price


Points +16

23 Apr 2022

Need to become a regular here

Lots of options to choose from, taste is mid, but everything is yummy

Pros: Lot of vegan options, Includes dessert, Good vibes

Cons: Nothing stands out , Quantity over quality


Points +136

04 Apr 2022

Great food. Many options.

Many fresh veggs to choose from plus several mock meat dishes.

Pros: Lots of options

Cons: None


Points +392

31 Mar 2022

veganbuffet w/ NO MSG

4 $15/p dis place iz outstanding: flavorful, healthy, n a huge variety of vegan chinese dishes.

dey got an organic kale salad. would love 2 c dem have more organic / raw options 🤙🏽


Points +308

05 Mar 2022

Best Chinese I've Had

I traveled half way across the world for this Chinese, and it was worth every penny, so flavoursome and so many options to choose from.
I need this buffet back in England 🤤🌱💚

Pros: So many options, Reasonably Priced, So Flavourful


Points +149

11 Oct 2021

Hours not as listed here!

I didn't get to even eat there - they are NOT open Mondays after 4, and I just drive an hour to get here ... at 6!

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-11


Points +36

22 Oct 2019

Vegan Buffet!

Great selections of Veggie and Vegan food. Very nice staff.

Pros: Lots of Vegan Options. , Buffet style, Cheap only $11.85 for lunch

Cons: None


Points +107

12 Jan 2019

Amazing food, great price

Really enjoyed this place! Lots of options and great price.


Points +34

02 Dec 2018

Everything I tried from the buffet was fabulous! Esp the mock bbq chicken-yum!

Great experience!

Pros: Vegan!

Cons: Na


Points +361

02 Nov 2018

Pretty good

Friendly people. Not too excited about the atmosphere. Some items have milk in them. Watch out if you have an allergy. Buffet items can be sketchy some times.

Pros: Variety

Cons: Dairy


Points +13

21 Sep 2018

Out Eating at Pine Forest Garden

Basically, the food was okay. I enjoyed the soup on the menu with the peas and the steamed rice with the pea juice I put on it.

My mom enjoyed everything. Ate every vegetable and some Spring rolls. She said they were delicious. She liked their sushi, too.

My dad liked the vegan chicken which he said is like real chicken. He ate a lot of the food at the restaurant.

The staff was professional and friendly and there was a nice ambience.


Points +75

09 Sep 2018

Cold food. Bad tasting. No service. Stay away!

Maybe ordering from the menu would have been better. Buffet items were cold.

Cons: Bad to terrible service, Some of the food had a rancid flavor, Dishes that should have been warm were all cold


Points +21

02 Aug 2018

It’s all vegan btw. It’s pretty awesome. Culturally authentic.

Use to have some vegetarian items apparently. Last two years I’ve been going it’s vegan. Some people have issues with the language barrier trying to question them about specific ingredients, just know it’s authentic. Anytime you go there is likely a monk or group of them around. Be at peace and eat cruelty free:)

Pros: All vegan , Buffet , Menu with options not on buffet


Points +132

16 May 2018


Not many places have a vegan/vegetarian buffet. This place is great for giving you an assortment of new items to try. Very cozy. Fresh.

Cons: don't arrive too late, it's better at peak times.


Points +249

27 Apr 2018

abundant variety of vegan yum

Hadn’t been here in some time and pleased they went 100% vegan a while back. They have things in their buffet you just don’t see at other vegan locations. Loved the veggie balls, daikon cake, eggplant, spicy cucumber, and vegan beef. Filled my place twice and with all different items on each plate. So go there hungry!


Points +102

02 Jan 2018

Great Value

I was very impressed with the plethora of vegan options available. I remember specifically asking Miss Amy if the Kung Pao shrimp and chicken was vegan and she assured me that the restaurant is fully vegan! As a vegan, this is refreshing.

The Kung Pao chicken and shrimp was amazing! The peanuts were an excellent touch, but I must admit, more sauce would have been nice, considering the abundance of rice that I received.

I finished the whole plate of food, rice included, and I felt satisfied. I will definitely return when I'm craving some shrimp again, that's for sure.

Pros: Price is right Tasty food Great service Buffet


Points +1615

27 Dec 2017

Great variety, excellent flavors

Pro tip: skip the buffet and order off the menu, especially if you have a big party. The portions are huge, so you’re likely to get just as much food as you would from the buffet; you get to choose your favorite dishes; and the food will be fresher and more unique that the buffet offerings.

There are so many things that I like about Pine Forest Garden, but one of the things that impresses me most is the sheer variety. They have a huge number of menu options, but it’s not like they’re just selling the same sauce with different proteins. Every dish had its own unique set of flavors and textures, making for a delightfully diverse meal.

This week, we come as a party of six and enjoyed a great dinner. We ordered a large combination soup, bean curd skins with mustard greens, sweet and sour veggie fish, Buddha’s delight, and a special mock duck dish with greens. Everything was fantastic.

I’m always a huge fan of veggie fish. Their Buddha’s delight was also awesome, and much more exceptional than your run-of-the-mill Buddha’s delight at most Chinese places. This one featured special mushrooms and ginkgo nuts. But the star of the meal was the duck dish. It was very savory and had a great mixture of textures and flavors. The mock duck even had two different layers—one with standard meaty texture and another translucent layer common in fatty duck—that gave it an uncanny resemblance to the real thing. My five non-veg companions all raved about it.

The folks who work here are also very nice. They walk around frequently to check on the patrons, and they always strike up a conversation with us. We learned that they make a number of their mock meats themselves, which is really impressive.

Overall, fantastic restaurant with a wide range of restaurants. I highly recommend giving it a try if you’re in Houston.

Pros: Variety, Flavors, Generous portions


Points +18

08 Dec 2017

Buffet with lots of choices.

Many vegan dishes to choose from.


Points +13

13 Oct 2017

New items on buffet menu

About 4 new, tasty items added to the buffet menu. Worth making the trip to Chinatown Houston, to try them out, and the great customer service. Best Chinese vegan buffet in Houston!

Updated from previous review on 2017-10-13

Pros: good value, great variety, good service

Cons: None that I can think of


Points +16

11 Oct 2017

fantastic food options & great service

Food is always good here. I took my coworkers for lunch and they enjoyed it very much.
The vegan sushi is incredible.
The restaurant is totally vegan, I’m not certain where another reviewer got her information claiming differently.


Points +19

09 Oct 2016

Great Cooked Veggie Buffett

I really like this place. It was clean, traditional with a lot of cooked veggie dishes to choose from. Everything tastes great. Also has some fruit and dessert choices as well.


Points +2082

13 Aug 2016

I go elsewhere in Chinatown for vegan food

I tried Pine Forest Garden once, and would not go back. My friend and I ordered at the same time, I got my meal, but the kitchen obviously forgot my friend's. It came out well after I finished eating, so we got it to go. My meal had vegetables that tasted (and looked) like they were from a frozen mixed vegetable bag (not fresh and not flavorful). All the tables around ours had not been bussed, with dirty dishes remaining there for the duration of our dining experience (over half an hour). I'm disappointed at this experience, and will go elsewhere for vegan in Bellaire.

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