Bakery making treats using better-for-you ingredients such as nut butters, coconut flour, and dates. Provides for those with allergies or intolerances, and accept catering and custom orders. Offers vegan options like berry cheesecakes, mini cupcakes, and gluten-free lemon poppy cookies. Serves locally roasted coffee. Est. 2019. Open Tue-Sun 09:30-17:00. Closed Mon.

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08 Feb 2024

Yummy gluten free vegan

The day we went everything on offer was vegan, which was great! We had the cinnamon swirl and mocca cake. Both were very good, although expensive! Also, the coffee was not hot but a bit cold, but I think it was the first day/week of the girl that was working that day.



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20 Jan 2024

A little disappointing

I came here because of its high ratings, so I was excited to eat some nice cake.
The vegan options were limited and the food that was vegan wasn’t pie, as I thought it’d be, but rather more cookie like.

The coffee is very good though and the staff is super friendly.

Pros: Friendly staff, Good coffee

Cons: There wasn’t any vegan cake…


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02 Sep 2023

Great Bakery

Very good sweet pastry, the berry cake was gret


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04 Jul 2023

More than half of their offering is vegan

I first tried their pastries in 2020, which was a mixed experience. Their Berry swirl (back then with almond chips on it) was quite nice. The Banana heaven and PB lover were on the heavy side, probably because of the coconut oil and peanut creme.

Now I tried the Berry swirl and Banana heaven again and they changed their recipe. They were both firm, which explains the high price for the small pastries: you’re not paying for air.
I liked the Berry swirl because of the nice berry taste and the buttery dough. The Banana heaven was too firm and seemed to contain too much coconut oil. It didn’t have a lot of flavour.


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21 May 2023

Very tasty pastries and coffee!

The pastries were really good, especially the blueberry one and one of the tarts they have. I can’t remember the Dutch name for it but something with Wander and loos I believe.

I don’t really drink coffee but my girlfriend said it was really good and the other 2 in our group said the same.

The pastries are a bit on the pricey side but the quality is there so what can you say.


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07 Mar 2023

Mostly vegan

Mostly but not entirely vegan. Lots of cakes and sweets, but prices are quite high - especially considering that these aren’t fine pastries. My brownie slice was €4, some tarts were up to €8. There is no indoor seating. I visited on a day when the coffee machine was broken and only matcha was available.


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08 Oct 2022


Nice latte, a big virally of sweets. Most of them vegan, a few also gluten free

Pros: Mostly vegan


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07 Sep 2022


Small selection of vegan cakes (others include dairy) and some are also gluten-free. Serves coffee too. Cake was really good. There’s no seating, but you can stand at a bar by the window if you want to eat in


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Non Veg
01 Jul 2022

Cute and good

They had lots of lovely vegan options. We tried some delicious peanut butter and chocolate cakes, they were really nice. The place is cute and very minimalistic. They didn’t have any seats inside, just a bench outside. The service was friendly and fast.

Pros: Nice options for vegans

Cons: No seating inside


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20 Feb 2022

Good vegan pastries

I noticed the place a few times when I passed by on my bike. Pretty logo, love the interior with natural sunlight coming in, cute cakes on pretty plates on marble. I had the fudge almond blondie and the vanilla coconut heart (perfect for Valentine’s Day💕)

🧁Vanilla coconut heart (vegan):

The cake was nice and fluffy, not too oily, not dry. I like that the cream didn’t have a strong coconut flavour and the neutral taste went perfectly with the sweeter cake. I LOVE edible flower decorations. This vanilla heart reminded me of the vanilla cake I always had when I was younger. I liked the double layering it’s super cute

🍫Fudge almond blondie (vegan, gf):

This is what you call fudge. It has a nice intense fudgy chocolaty flavour. This one is sweeter than the Vanilla Heart, but not too sweet (many cakes can be too sweet, which I don’t like). The chocolate nibs didn’t add anything for me; there was already enough chocolate in there in my opinion the almonds on top already gave it more texture and add aesthetics

Both options were delicious👌

Vegan/vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free options are listed on the cards in front of the pastries. #Veganuary

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-20

Cons: Non-biodegradable/plastic packaging


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10 Mar 2020


Had the most delicious Cardamon cake and chia latte. They have oat milk as an option and the staff are more then happy to point out what’s vegan. Lots of options!


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11 Feb 2020

cozy café with good selection of vegan cakes

very sweet café with lots of vegan cakes and good music. friendly owner that is happy to help, oat milk available


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02 Feb 2020


Delicious vegan desserts! I had a great oat latte and berry pastry. Both were delicious and they were very friendly.


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19 Jan 2020

Nice vegan pasteries

Vegan chocolate coconut mousse tarte and cardemon cake were great!! Staff was super friendly


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15 Sep 2019

Delicious vegan sweets!

Great place for vegans to find some upscale treats. Simply tastes awesome:)


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10 Sep 2019

Flavorful and real chocolate

I really loved my 2 experiences there.. I tried the crumble, the apple cake, the truffes, mini-cupcakes vanilla and chocolate, cake like a bread with chocolate... I loved everything! The truffe and the crumble were of my top ! I love sweet things but I don’t like when it’s too much sugar inside .. here no, it’s exactly what I love, we have the real taste of the chocolate and ingredients.. i definitely and highly recommend !

Pros: Not too sweet, Nice persons, Flavorful

Cons: Expensive but worth it for the ingredients


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01 Sep 2019

Luxury bakery

Vegan chocolate mouse and more

Pros: Some vegan options , Cute, Nice coffee

Cons: Expensive, No toilet

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