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Serves meat, vegan options available. Hipster-urban barn decor pizzeria with several outlets across states. Offers vegan pizza menu items with ingredients like house-made vegan sausage, cashew ricotta cheese, tomatoes, nutritional yeast. Pizzas are baked inside a Neapolitan-style wood-burning brick oven. Open Mon-Thu 12:00pm-4:00pm, 6:00pm-12:00am, Fri 11:30am-11:00pm, Sat 12:00pm-2:00am, Sun 12:00pm-12:00am.

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22 Reviews

First Review by jenniw


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13 Feb 2024

Pretty good pizza

Not my favorite vegan pizza ever but still quite good. Also nice there were several options for vegans.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-22



Points +786

22 Dec 2023

Vegan Freddy Prince is the best!

Often get slices here when we're in Greenpoint, it never disappoints, every slice I've tried is yummy but hands down favorite is the Vegan Freddy Prince which is a Sicilian slice with Numu vegan mozzarella, Be-Hive vegan sausage, tomato sauce, Follow Your Heart vegan Parm, and a crunchy sesame seed bottom crust. One slice is filling but if I'm really hungry I always want 2 slices! The shop is typically busy, but the guys that work there are fast and friendly, even with a long line it never takes too long to get your order.

Updated from previous review on 2023-12-22

Pros: Clearly marked vegan items, Yummy vegan pizza, Fast, friendly service


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17 Nov 2023

Pizza just like you love and remember, but vegan

All the vibes of an old school slice joint, but with delicious vegan options (and not just one, several)! The “hipster urban barn decor” mentioned in the overview above refers to the sit-down Paulie Gee’s on Greenpoint Ave, which is the original location—this is more of a grab’n’go situation even though there is a good amount of seating in the back. Crusts are perfectly crispy, toppings create layered flavor, prices are fair, and they keep things moving so you can be in and out pretty quickly if that’s your goal. Highly recommended!


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11 Oct 2023

Finally, a large pizza

The best thing about this pizza is that it was very large. The pizza itself was good, but I wouldn't say that this was the best pizza I've ever had.

Pros: Large portions


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11 Sep 2023

Provided the NYC pizza experience!

I tried the special vegan pizza slice which had a form of vegan mince meat/ sausage meat on it with sauerkraut. However the star was the “deep” (?) pizza with the same vegan meats, but more tomato sauce on a thicker dough. Even my non-vegan BF preferred it over his pepperoni pizza.

Pros: Pizza was yum, Friendly staff


Points +1636

08 Sep 2023

By the slice!

It’s not the fanciest pizza I’ve ever had, but it’s got a great vibe and man it’s awesome to be able to grab just a slice. You will not be disappointed by this cute little joint!


Points +226

15 Feb 2023

Best vegan slice in the city

Always delicious and the special pie with the sesame seeds on the bottom is my favorite


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18 Dec 2022

Good slices

There were 3 vegan options. They only had one left. It was damn good. And they included a surprise complimentary slice. A bonus for sure.


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17 Mar 2022

Not as Good as I Remember

Stop there for the first time in a couple of years. Got a slice and I was actually a little underwhelmed. My memories tasted better than the pizza did. Got a slice of pregame to going to their OG place.
Got a vegan Freddy Prinze and it was dry and way too little cheese.


Points +68

06 Oct 2021

Great vegan slice in Greenpoint

I’ve been going to Paulie Gee’s since they first opened. For a relaxing sit down dining experience check out the restaurant on Greenpoint Ave but for a delicious vegan slice on the go the Slice Shop is a great choice although you can also hang there and sample one of the many delicious craft beers on tap or in a can/bottle. I’ve tried all the vegan slices and they are among the best in the city but I think my favorite is the Vegan Vidalia Square which features tomato sauce, Follow Your Heart vegan parm, and caramelized Vidalia onions.


Points +721

22 Aug 2021

Love the vegan slices here

Highly worth a trip if you don't live in the area! Very thoughtfully done, in my opinion.,


Points +770

05 Jun 2021

some of the best vegan pizza in nyc

Wow- just wow. This crust is sooo good, sauce is incredibly flavorful, and they use the best vegan cheese- NUMU! This is a must stop spot in nyc for pizza.


Points +34

18 Apr 2021

Best Vegan Pizza in NYC

Found this place by accident and so glad I did! They have so many vegan options that it’s hard to choose from. It’s the closest thing I’ve found to real pizza. The vegan slices are so good it satisfies any craving I have for regular pizza. I highly recommend the square vegan onion slice!

Pros: Lots of vegan options


Points +16

09 Feb 2020

Vegan pizza

Great option for vegan pizza. They also have regular pizza for non vegan people in your party.


Points +837

10 Nov 2019

Best vegan pizza!

I've lived in NYC for over ten years and I never tried Paulie Gee's until this month. Seriously, what was I thinking? This is the BEST vegan pizza I've ever tasted. They have multiple flavors and everything about it is perfection! Definitely a must for any vegan craving pizza in NYC! Four stars only because they are not fully vegan.


Points +390

13 Oct 2019

Good slice. Vegan slice options might be limited

I have eaten at the Paulie Gee's restaurant in Brooklyn before. Amazing pizza. We stopped by, but the wait was going to be over an hour, so we went to the slice shop instead. They serve a more traditional NY style slice here (think Screamer's) as opposed to the wood-fired Neapolitan at the restaurant. They have a few vegan items on offer. But be aware that they might not have much to eat when you want it. When we went through the line, only one of their vegan pies had any slices left. I told them I didn't mind waiting for them to make more, but they really only seemed interested in pumping out more (dairy) cheese pizzas and (actual animal flesh) pepperoni. Luckily, they said they had a special in the queue. The special had mozzarella, Beyond Sausage, tomato sauce, and jalapenos. It was amazing. I also got a square slice with sauce and vidalia onions. Also really good. So depending what type of pizza you like, you may want to visit only one or both Paulie Gee locations (they are close enough together that you can walk between them if the restaurant is too busy). And if you want vegan slices, you may have to order an entire pie.

Pros: Great NYC slices, A few vegan options

Cons: Vegan slices might be old or they might be out


Points +436

11 Oct 2019

Very good vegan options!

There’s always a king line, that said, New Yorkers know what’s up, this place is very good, non pretentious and tasty, it’s in Greenpoint bordering Williamsburg, the staff is super nice and vegan savy, they even have Beyond Meat sausage toppings! The vegan cheese is gooey and delicious. They have 4 different vegan slices and sometimes they can be a bit dry but it’s very good for the most part.

Pros: Vegan options , Knowledgeable staff, Affordable

Cons: If you come by closing time, slices can be dry


Points +126

26 Jul 2019

A perfect slice

Paulie Gee’s slice shop offers the pizza you thought you lost by going vegan. It’s a great place to go with omni’s as you all have options. They offer 4 varieties of vegan pizzas- the Sicilian style with sesame on the bottom of the crust is my absolute favorite! The plain cheeze pizza can be skipped. This place is a much more casual version of the nice restaurant down the road. I waited 30 minutes in line, but it was worth it

Pros: Variety of vegan options, Ideal pizza, Value for money

Cons: Wait time


Points +354

09 Mar 2019

Good slice pizza!

They had at least 3-4 vegan pizza's to pick a slice or two. Traditional thin crust as well as deep dish. Tasty, and fun atmosphere but honestly pretty expensive even for NY. At $4+ for a slice, especially thin crust, don't be too hungry when you arrive.

Pros: Tasty pizza slices, Fun diner type atmosphere

Cons: Kind of expensive for a thin slice of pizza


Points +52

03 Mar 2019


Classic slice shop setting with a lot of vegan options. They have the best plain vegan slice I’ve ever tried. My husband and I are a huge fan of all that Paulie Gee’s does!


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23 Oct 2018

Great vegan slices in a traditional style slice shop

Great new slice shop with lots of vegan options! This is the pizzeria outpost of Paulie Gee's restaurant, which is known for its vegan options. It is actually called "Paulie Gee's Slice Shop" which is what you'll find in Google Maps if you're looking for it on there.

They always have a few vegan slices on offer, or you can order a whole pie from their vegan menu. We tried the classic cheese slice and the vegan supreme - definitely go for the supreme. The cheese slice was a bit skimpy on the cheese. The supreme had a couple kinds of vegan meats, peppers, and cheese. So good!

The interior is decorated like a classic, nostalgic slice shop and they have a bar in the back selling canned beers.

tbh, if I'm in the area I'd much rather go to Screamer's, NYC's fully vegan pizzeria, because it's simply amazing and you have much more choice. But if you're with omnivores or don't wanna walk 10 more minutes to Screamer's, Paulie Gee's will definitely scratch that pizza itch! If it was in any other neighborhood it'd knock all the vegan pizza game out of the water, but its competing with some of the best vegan pizza ever just a few blocks away.

Pros: vegan pizza, Good prices, awesome interior

Cons: plain cheese slice doesn't have a lot of cheese, amazing pizza nearby at Screamer's


Points +29

09 Oct 2018

Excellent Vegan options

This is an essential pizza visit for vegans

Pros: Great vegan options, Delicious

Cons: Expensive , Long waiting time to get in

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