Casual hip cafe serving vegan cakes and comfort food like jackfruit pulled pork sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, Caesar salad, lasagna rollatini. Note that the 2nd location (previously in Cocoa) has closed. Open Mon 12:00pm-8:00pm, Wed-Sun 12:00pm-8:00pm. Closed Tues.

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First Review by maltinej


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05 Sep 2023

Hit this place twice in 24 hours

Brunch was amazing on Sunday! Really liked the crab cakes and deviled potatoes.
French dip the following day was also very good.

Pros: Food, Service, Prices



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31 Jul 2023

Solid Spot

The tomato sauce on the chicken parm was great. The key lime coconut donut was phenomenal.


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08 Jul 2023

World class comfort food

One of the best comfort vegan food joints I’ve been too hands down. Crispy, warm, juicy, and creamy. About all a person wants in a meal. And there donuts are to die for. If you know you know, I love local places like this!

Pros: Comfort food , Vegan , Tasty


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24 Jun 2023

Super delicious comfort food!

Super fresh and tasty! Vegan comfort food at its finest and great service too! Offers gluten-free options on some dishes which is always a plus. Their max n’cheese, trash fries and chickpea of the sea sandwich are out of this world good!


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18 Jun 2023


literally drove from orlando for this restaurant and i plan to do it again. the deviled potatoes tasted just like eggs and the waffles were the best. i could eat so many of them. and the mac- UGH. it’s very quaint and tiny inside but the food is to dieeeee for!!!!


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02 Apr 2023


Super friendly staff and customers. Nice little eating space. Diverse menu with lots of vegan options.

Pros: Homemade goodness , Excellent food, Very affordable


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13 Mar 2023


Called ahead to ask what types of milks they like to use for their sauces since a lot of vegan places use cashew for cheeses. Got the response of them chuckling while saying “We don’t use milk, we’re vegan.” Well no [censored]. Went in the next day since we were in Melbourne and it had high ratings. Inside was kinda depressing and felt cluttered with the table placements and chairs. Server was super nice and amazing, honestly the highlight of the meal. Ordered Cheesy Bacon Ranch fries that were decent but it’s hard to mess up fries. Got the Mac n cheese and a lasagna thing. Both were ok. Not good, not bad, definitely needed more. Got some doughnuts that were better than the one other vegan doughnut I’ve tried. All in all, I’ve had worse but I’ve had better.

Pros: Fries are good. , Good doughnuts. , Staff is friendly in person.

Cons: Condescending phone call , No good, not bad. Meh.


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26 Feb 2023

Wonderful experience!

Such a nice place with a great atmosphere. The service was great and the food was bomb. We loved the nachos and fried green tomatoes. Also the French dip was probably the best thing I've ever had.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-08

Pros: So many options, Very affordable, Awesome service


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19 Feb 2023

Great food, good value

Arrive just before opening. They opened immediately upon seeing us. Very friendly service and timed well!

Pros: All vegan and great tasting, Easy parking, Pretty good value

Cons: Did not find anything to criticize


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18 Feb 2023

"Chicken" Parmigiano was good.

I had the chicken parm and enjoyed it. The sauce was especially good. I think the seitan chicken itself though could have a better flavor.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-18

Pros: A lot of options for appetizers and entrees! , Friendly service. , Feel at home in a veganny-vibe kinda place.

Cons: Not bad, but not great seitan.


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04 Jan 2023

Yummmmy !!!

Omg I met a friend there to try it out and it was awesome - had the Brussels & trash fries - yummmy - then did the chick’n & waffles and the falafel waffle salad yummmmy
A must go - the staff was very kind and awesome 😎

Pros: All vegan

Cons: N/A


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24 Dec 2022


So many choices! It was hard to pick what I wanted, but my sandwich was delicious and filling. I ended up taking the Mac and cheese home. Which was still good the next day cold from the fridge.

Pros: Lots of options , Prices were reasonable

Cons: None for us


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Mostly Veg
17 Dec 2022

Incredible, homemade food

Adding this place to my list of favorites. The French dip sandwich is incredible, the bread they make it on is wonderful. Growing up this roast beef sandwich was my favorite and now as a I am trying to be vegan/vegetarian as much as I can, to have this available as a vegan option is just heaven. The service was fabulous and I cannot wait to go back.


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28 Nov 2022

Super delicious

This place is a small, cute place that’s kind of hidden. Great food, drinks and donuts!! Went with my non-vegan friends and they loved it as well

Pros: Good prices, Great food


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25 Nov 2022

Excellent dining choice

We found this place to stop for dinner on our trip to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea for our vacation. We left I95 for a short scenic drive to get there. The experience was well worth the excursion. The dining room has tables that are well spaced apart. It is clean and simple, with some interesting art decorating the walls. The food is delicious. My complements to the chef. The salad greens were fresh and crisp. The house made dressings are great. I had the balsamic vinaigrette. The fried green tomatoes are crispy and unbelievably tasty (best I've ever had, and I've had plenty in my years) and the house made remoulade dipping sauce was the perfect accompaniment. The maple Sriracha Brussel sprouts were tender, sweet, and spicy, perfectly done. The lasagna rollatini, Yummmmmm. That was too good to describe. Words will fall short of relaying the joy my taste buds experienced. The creamy mushroom, spinach fettuccini Alfredo was awesome with crispy fried seitan sliced into strips on top. We also tried their lavender lemonade, and strawberry lemonade. I recommend both. The lavender lemonade has a more subtle flavoring, while the strawberry lemonade is bursting with flavor, and both are refreshing and delightful. At the conclusion of our meal the server brought us a hand written list of occasionally available homemade yeast donuts. We were fortunate enough to be here on the day they were freshly made. We selected 1 each of four different flavors of the six available. Wow! They are really good, doughy, sweet, treats. You should be so lucky. The staff was attentive, friendly, and kind. The place exudes good Karma. We'll stop here, again, on our way home, and when we return, next year.

Update: We dined here, again on our way North. Again, the food was good. The lasagna rollatini was a tad dry. We asked for some extra tomato sauce. That was all it took to remedy the dryness. I tried the buffalo rice bowl. The buffalo sauce was good and spicy. The rice/quinoa mix was a tad bland. We had the (appetizer, served chilled) deviled potatoes, which I liked, although I believe they would be better served warm. I really liked the (appetizer) buffalo cauliflower, and the (appetizer) fried green tomatoes are the bomb! We were fortunate enough to have fresh donuts, again, too! Mike was running the kitchen and serving the guests, and he handled his double jobs well. The food was quickly prepared and served without delay. Mike provided wax paper to line the Styrofoam to go containers.

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-06

Pros: Excellent Food, Good Karma, Friendly staff

Cons: Styrofoam to go containers


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27 Oct 2022

Not sustainable, but some tasty dishes

They use styrofoam and plastic bags, and a lot of it. This is my #1 biggest issue with this place. I have been here several times and brought my own containers to use, which they won't take to the back, but they will plate the food on ceramic if you order in person "for here" and you can pack it up yourself. However, this last time, I ordered on the phone and said I will be right there with my own containers to pack it all up myself, but when I got there they were packaging it all up in styrofoam and plastic bags and said from there, I can transfer it to my own containers and they'll recycle the foam (most facilities do not recycle styrofoam). This was deeply upsetting to me, as they added that they didn't want to plate my larger order for 2 people because of limited space in the back and not wanting to do the dishes at the end of the night, so they did the one thing I didn't want them to do. So I highly suggest only eating here if you will eat at the restaurant, and avoid ordering anything to go. Plus, the fried takeout food ended up super soggy and unappetizing only an hour after picking it up, and half of it spilled and leaked out the containers. Some dishes here are really delicious here – my favorites being the sides of deviled potatoes and BBQ cauliflower wings (when eating fresh off the fryer at the restaurant) – but plenty are quite unremarkable and mediocre, as well as even taste old, like the donuts and avocado slaw. I know styrofoam is the cheapest material, but if your top priority is the animals, then the environment needs to go hand in hand with it. Using unsustainable packaging for vegan food is not the way to support a better future.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-27

Pros: Some tasty side dishes

Cons: Excessive styrofoam and plastic bag use


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25 Oct 2022

Great vegan food served with care

Very impressed with this place, and particularly impressed with the service. Visited 15 October 2022

The portions were large, so we didnt really need the sides of rices and beans and mac 'n' cheese". We probably didn't need the donuts either, but they were delicious. Not gourmet food, but really hit the spot.

Great value, great service. Worth going out of the way for!

Pros: Good food, Good portions, Great Service - our server was so helpful

Cons: None


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09 Oct 2022

all vegan and huge selection

We stopped in while traveling down from Jacksonville to Miami. Wasn’t too far from I-95 about 5 to 10 minutes. Decided to stop because of the great reviews. We were not disappointed. They had a great selection with a variety of foods from appetizers to dessert. I had chicken parmigiana and my with chicken sandwich.

Pros: fresh lemonade , big portions, Tasty


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25 Sep 2022

Amazing food and options!

Was driving thru Melbourne on a whim and decided to look on HappyCow for options near I-95. Came across Paisley with amazing reviews.... and the awesome reviews were all spot on! I was blown away by options and the food (taste, flavor, and texture). We ended up there on one of the days they offer donuts/dessert (Mon, Thur, Sat). I may make the 1:20 hr trip back to Melbourne just for this place!

Pros: All vegan food, Extremely delicious , Amazing variety

Cons: None


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16 Sep 2022

Vegan comfort food

First time here and I enjoyed it very much. There was an older crowd in there today. A few tables were a little confused on what “vegan” was, but the server was so sweet and pleasant answering their questions. I got the vegan chicken sandwich with fries. I wanted to do mac and cheese but they were out of the cheese! She offered mac with a parmesan-type cheese but I went for the fries instead. I will say, I wish I got a different side. The fries that come with the sandwich were good but nothing too special.

Pros: tons of yummy sounding options, quick to seat and food out fast, very nice, polite server

Cons: smaller place, very busy (con for me but pro for them!)


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31 Aug 2022

Tasty Vegan Food

This was my first experience at a fully vegan restaurant. The place is fairly easy to get to and the rustic decoration gives a homey feeling. The food flavor was great. We had the cauliflower bites, “Chicken” Alfredo, and Mac and “cheese”. The servers were also very polite and friendly. Overall a good environment for having a pleasant dinner. They also have sanitizer bottles at each tables which I thought was a nice detail.

Only drawbacks are we noticed the temperature inside the restaurant was hot. Probably around the low 80s. Also even though the Alfredo sauce tasted good, it looked more like a scampi sauce instead of Alfredo.

But overall I liked this place and plan to go back.


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20 Jul 2022

Extensive menu

Had the quinoa bowl - tasty and filling


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14 Jun 2022

It's not automatically good just because there's no other options.

The interior is drab and depressing with sticky cheap plastic cushions on the bench seating, cheap chairs and tables and the always-miserable 'middle of the restaurant island table of doom'.

The server was fantastic. Softspoken, funny, friendly, personable, honest.

They were out of mozz and fried green tomatoes which are about the most interesting parts of meals. I'll try their mislabeled 'chickpea of the sea'.

There's no capers, no dulse. It's not 'tuna salad', ie of the sea, it's 'chicken salad'. I like both but just sayin'. I upped to the mac side and ordered a deviled potato app as well as sweet tea.

The sweet tea was not sweet and generally did not taste good.

The deviled potatoes were really, really bad. My teeth are extremely sensitive and that's not in any way their problem but the potatoes were like little ice balls. The deviled mix was very bad. It had this sour, metallic, powdery mouth feel and aftertaste. Like licking the inside of a tin can. I put myself through I think two of them and left the rest of the plate.

The chickpea salad was a good mix of textures, mouthfeel, fresh ingredients, but also generally lacked flavor. It wasn't bad, it just didn't pack any flavor. The toppings were fresh and yummy.

The mac was like the chickpea. Very creamy, pleasant texture, but were very bland. It stayed piping hot in the little jar and the presentation was very cute.

During my meal there was a very long argument in the back kitchen which could be clearly and easily heard in the dining area. Someone apparently felt like they were being disrespected/unappreciated by someone else's expression/attitude and lack of thanks. And they repeated their drawn out stance probably 3 times before I turned my headset on. By the end of it it kinda came off like 'smile more and be nicer, I need constant approval'. Very awkward situation to sit through.

I truly wish they were amazing and would absolutely want to support them being one of only two vegan restaurants in the county (and one truck) but they just aren't. I've tried them several times before the move and it was never very good. Whenever I visit Brevard I check for new places and there are none. And everyone always suggests Paisley and I cringe every time and felt bad for anyone going. I decided to eat there to make sure those feelings were valid what with two years passing and the change of venue. They are. And I feel so bad for nonvegs who go here and think this is 5* vegan cuisine.

Pros: great server

Cons: tin can deviled potatoes, arguments in kitchen heard in dining area, overall lack of flavor


01 Jul 2022


01 Jul 2022

That literally makes no sense. I waited like 4 years to review them after trying their food multiple times across two locations.


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21 May 2022

Delicious comfort food

We were in town from CO visiting family from and ate here with 2 no -vegan family members. Their plates were cleaned! (Rollatini and ziti) We started off with 2 fries- I loved the cheesy bacon ranch ones. I also loved my BBQ tofu sandwich. Great texture! Always love trying vegan restaurants when traveling. We enjoyed our meals!

Pros: Good array of options- esp for non-vegans, No beyond/impossible burger


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19 May 2022

Eat at Paisley - great place!

Yummy food! Great menu! Po boi Mac & cheese 😋

Pros: All vegan, Different than you see other places, Good prices


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09 May 2022

Best vegan place in brevard

There’s not many vegetarian or vegan places in brevard but this one is my favourite! They have quite a few options and they’ve changed their menu a few times since they opened. This and their occasional special dishes keep their food choices interesting. Most things from here I’ve tried, I’ve liked except their donuts. Everything else is good though, and my fav thing is their chicken park sandwich. Prices are quite reasonable as well

Pros: Good options, Good prices

Cons: Donuts aren’t good


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09 Apr 2022

Great food and very nice service

Great vegan place. We went for Saturday lunch and this place was packed. Just one waiter but super nice and working very hard. Food was excellent, we took French dip, falafel and bacon fries. All great. Donuts were fantastic. Prices reasonable for rising cost. The only areas of improvement would be interior design - tables and chairs were a bit outdated and wall decor didn't agree with beautiful wooden wall in the front but that's a minor thing and subject of personal taste.

Highly recommend and we will be back.

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