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Oowee's all-vegan version launched in 2018. Serves American diner style vegan junk food like burgers, wraps, loaded fries, fried chickn strips, and buffalo cauliflower wings, and milkshakes. Makes seitan in-house. Open Mon-Thu 11:30-22:30, Fri-Sat 11:30-23:00, Sun 11:30-22:30.

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First Review by flatworldsedge


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05 Feb 2024

I Go Here Weekly

I order from Oowee at least once a week. Devouring every last bite. I order the Vegan Chicken Strips every time. (Not available in this pic as I had already eaten them.)

I like Oowee Vegan because it's a totally vegan restaurant and i can be certain that I'm not paying for animal products. And I'm certain that every time I go back I'll be served excellent tastes and textures.

I've wrote a poem:

Bacon cheeseburgers and loaded fries
Chilli cheese bites and other sides
Mac and cheese like you won't believe
Viewing the menu; I'm weak at the knees!
Ice cream and more desserts
Churros so good it almost hurts 🥲
"I'll go for the chicken strips
And garlic mayo dip"
Oowee, baby, you're my addiction
I'll always go back for another hit

(I order from Oowee Vegan very often on Deliveroo. I imagine the in-house cook team thinking "oh hey, Kira's ordered again!" I imagine myself as their mysterious customer who only shows up in-branch occasionally. One of them says to another "oh I met Kira the other day in-store" and all the others brush it off as a rumour.)

Pros: Excellent Food, Quick Service



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31 Jan 2024

Fabulous Vegan Fast Food

Incredible menu with so many choices
People that work there are all so friendly & lovely too
Yummy yummy popcorn flavour shake was a dessert in itself
If you are a vegan in Bristol YOU MUST GIVE THIS PLACE A VISIT #Veganuary

Pros: Everything


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28 Jan 2024

Fast and fun

For our trip to Bristol we were going to head to Tiffin, but it was closed. So we walked down to Oowee instead. Clean, bit basic inside. Staff were friendly, good range of options of burgers/chick*n/wraps plus a Korean menu we didn’t notice til we’d ordered.
I went for the Flamin’ Hot Clucker, which was a good size, tasty and crispy. Partner opted for the Shroom burger which was alright, a bit anonymous. Shared a box of Garlic butter fries (insanely more-ish) and onion rings.
Sat watching the night-life of Bristol outside the window.

Pros: Friendly , Good Chick*n & Garlic Fries

Cons: Bit basic inside


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13 Dec 2023

A favourite fast food place

Love this place. A wide range of options, all of which are delicious. Favourites include the garlic butter fries, poutine, smash burger.


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18 Nov 2023

Love that a place like this exists

It’s the perfect place to go when you feel like having junk food. Highly recommend the flamin hot beef 🌱 burger


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15 Nov 2023

Best vegan junk food!

Me and my partner go here every time we have a gig in Bristol, and it's always the highlight! Their garlic butter fries are to die for, and absolutely love their "chicken". Wish we had one in Plymouth!!


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12 Nov 2023

Tip top

Amazing place - decor is fantastic and fresh, and staff are friendly and efficient. Food was flawless and had a unique flair - the chick'n burgers were the best I've had and it's not a stretch to say the Marmite butter fries were life changing. Would love to see more of these open up around the country.

Pros: Great decor and vibe, Fantastic food, Reasonable prices

Cons: Need more across the UK!


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26 Oct 2023


The chilli cheese nuggets are the best I've ever had, they need to open more Oowees just for those.
The flaming mac is very tasty, though I would have prefered a creamier and cheesier sauce.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-26


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17 Oct 2023

Happy Purchase.

Easy To Order Through The Web For Pickup.
Macaroni Cheese Was Awesome And The Burger + Chips Were Decent.
Seemed Fresh + Was Well Packaged.
Easy To Find.
Look Forwards To Trying More On The Menu!

Pros: Recyclable Packaging , Value For Money, Delicious


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05 Oct 2023

God I love this place

God I love this placeeeeeeeeee


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27 Sep 2023

Great fast food with imagination!

I got a "lamb" burger and tasted lamb for the first time in almost 40 years and it was great! This was almost the only vegan place to find on Sunday evening in Bristol but it was very good - good value for money although the burgers and sides were not very big. The menu is long and it was hard to choose from the options you don't came across everywhere.

Pros: Imaginery, great value for money, fast

Cons: Interior is boring as in all fast food places


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27 Aug 2023

Hit the spot!

Great vegan fast food, and had everything you would expect from such a place. Hit the spot when we needed something quick (and a bit naughty).

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-27


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27 Aug 2023

Real good vegan fastfood

As a vegatarian/vegan the normal fastfood chains don't have great options. But Oowee has it all. Real tasty vegan fastfood.
With my family we took some different burgers and they all tasted really great (for fastfood).
Definitely a place I'll go back to when in the city.

Pros: Great variety of fastfood options, Cosy little place, Friendly staff


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17 Aug 2023

The best chicken!

The chicken here is delicious - the cluckin fries have chicken, cheese and gravy and it's super tasty. The Mac and cheese is amazing! Really creamy. Highly recommend.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-17


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15 Aug 2023

I wish this chain was nationwide

Amazingly tasty burger. Great staff and clean venue. Nice house plants.
2023 edit. Still great. Had the fish burger with mushy peas. Excellent.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-13

Pros: Brilliant burgers, Delicious dessert , Popular

Cons: Pricey for a takeaway, Lots of delivery drivers arriving


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06 Aug 2023

The Chili Cheese Bites hit the spot!

Went to Owee Vegan several times before but tried the chilli cheese bites yesterday for the first time and they were so GOOD! Can also always recommend trying the juicy vegan classic cheese burger, which just always goes down well.

My friend had the vegan chickn wrap and gave it a solid 4.5/5.

Pros: New items on menu


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28 Jul 2023

Best fast food I’ve ever had

Wow wow wow. I can’t stop thinking about how amazing Oowee was!
We got the flamin’ hot clucker and the big bacon Swiss. The patties in both of them were amazing, they were crispy on the outside and had an amazing texture on the inside.
My favourite was the big bacon Swiss, it had a hash brown in it and an amazing sauce. It really reminded me of a KFC burger I used to have many years ago before turning plantbased.
We also got the double bacon Mac and cheese which was the best Mac and cheese I’ve ever eaten. It was super cheesy, thick and coated the macaroni so perfectly. The bacon on top was also so crispy and delicious.
Finally, we got the gravy along with some chips. The gravy was thick and was reminiscent of the KFC gravy but without the cruelty.
I would highly recommend Oowee to everyone, so incredible!

Pros: Lots of options, Delicious seitan patties, Amazing Mac and cheese


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19 Jul 2023

Best Fast Food

Truly the best fast food both I and my spouse (non-veg) have ever eaten. Great food, great atmosphere, great service. We got the spicy chick’n burgers and marmite butter waffle fries, and as we were only travelling through the area - we will always be chasing this high and dreaming of this place back home. Desperately hoping they become an international franchise soon! ❤️🇨🇦

Pros: Food, Atmosphere/Vibes, Service


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16 Jul 2023

Filthy Little Vegan Snacks

Quite nice vegan junky food! Dirty fries were very nice because of their dirty sauce that seemed like mayo, gherkins, and maybe something else.

At the same time, the mayo wrap was quite plain; we would recommend ordering something else.

For a wrap fries and burger meal ( £3 for a shake), we paid ~ £30.

I would come again to try something else! Overall, I enjoyed this vegan franchise. It makes me happy to imagine a vegan world where all the fast food is made with compassion for animals.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-16

Pros: Filling meals, Tasty 'milk'shakes

Cons: Atmosphere , No WC


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13 Jul 2023

Amazing burgers

I tried the big oovee and the the bbq clucker and both were delicious. The big oovee was my favourite. We also shared some loaded jalapeño cheese fries but to be honest I wasn’t a fan of the cheese sauce. However they have a massive range of sauces which are amazing. Service is super quick and the staff were accommodating.

Pros: Yummy food , Great variety of sauces , Quick service

Cons: Tables not cleaned


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01 Jul 2023

Not as good as I remember :(

New review- this week I had two of their chicken-style burgers their flaming hot and bacon burger. Both had nice sauces however the chicken patty wasn't as thick and crispy as it use to be. It has got smaller and a diffident patty. This is kinda sad as it just wasn't as good. Still decent. The standard chips are meh but the waffle chip see very nice. Not sure if I would get it again.

Old review - I’ve tried a range of products from here. The vegan cheeseburger is my favourite it’s just simple but so effective. The chips are good but could be better but still lovely to have.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-21

Pros: Great option for a cheeky vegan fast food choice , Burgers are lovely and filling

Cons: A bit pricy for fast food


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18 Jun 2023


Make it more inviting. Make the burger I order look like the one on the actual advertisement.


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08 Jun 2023

The vegan fish burger with mushy peas in it is bloody fantastic

That is all :-)


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29 May 2023

Top notch vegan junk food

Lots of options to choose from, tasty food and large portions


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Mostly Veg
23 May 2023

Excellent burgers!

Highly recommend- great burger and fries options all of great quality

Pros: Range of choice, Quality , Service


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26 Apr 2023

So good!

We have had oowee in London and loved it so definitely too k the opportunity to order it again! I can’t recommend the marmite chips even if your not the biggest marmite lover!! We got it delivered and was still warm and delicious!


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08 Apr 2023

Everything’s perfect

The Mac and cheese was the only weird thing - except for that everything was just perfect!

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