Serves meat, vegan options available. Offers mostly Italian food, including vegan pizza option with vegan cheese. A couple of the pasta dishes, like penne arrabiata and spaghetti olio e aglio, can be ordered vegan. Specify no parmesan on top of your food. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-12:00am.

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First Review by alison-mc


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07 Feb 2024

Vegan options

This is a nice place for vegans. They have a vegan menu. The vegan food here is really good. Liked their vegan pizza, sandwiches and the pasta. They also have non dairy milk for their coffees. Service was really good too.

Pros: Vegan food, Non dairy vegan milk

Cons: Could have included more vegan options



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23 Jan 2024

‼️🚨 make sure you triple check if the pizza is vegan once they deliver it to you

Although I enjoyed the talks with the staff and they’re nice and welcoming, I can’t give many stars.

First, this place is in city centre of kotor so of course a very tiny (and slim) pizza is 12 euros at least.

I received my pizza and wasn’t sure about the cheese. I asked if for sure is vegan and they assured me yes.

After some bites, I looked at my friend non vegan pizza and saw the exact same Parmesan. I asked again if it’s vegan. He asked the chef and assured me it is. After few seconds they said it’s not vegan and they will do again a new one for me.

Of course I was asked if it’s allergy or a choice. I think these questions are irrelevant especially when he kind of implied that it’s not a real allergy (although I’ve been vegan 10 years so I’ll get food poisoning from cheese at least).

So yeah, I’m not sure what to say about this restaurant. Again, really lovely people working there, they do have one page with vegan food for “marketing” of course, but I don’t think they treat veganism serious.

I could write much more but yeah, I guess if you’re really hungry you have to go here as they do have almond milk and other stuff, but it’s not 100% safe for vegans.

I cannot imagine ordering VEGAN pizza and I still have to be paranoia about cheese. It’s sad.

They’re from Türkiye. I’m wondering how would they feel to be served piggy 🐷 . And not to mention my reason for not eating cheese is ethical, not biblical


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19 Nov 2023

Decent size and pretty tasty

I had the vegan pizza with some grilled veg and was pretty pleased with what I got. Decent size and it was all fresh and tasty. The staff are friendly and helpful and told me they are expanding the vegan menu in time for summer 2024.

Pros: Clearly marked tasty vegan options, Fair price and portions, Nice owners and chef

Cons: No vegan deserts (yet)


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06 Nov 2023

quite okay Vegan pizza

There is a small selection of vegan dishes. I opted for the vegan pizza with courgette/mushrooms/vegan cheese. The topping was very tasty, but the pizza dough was unfortunately a little dry and burnt on the bottom. To summarise, the pizza was okay. The staff were friendly and the price of the pizza was okay at €10.


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30 Oct 2023

A decent selection of vegan options and a quiet little corner of Kotor

We all ordered the vegan vegetable pizza and it was very nice. It had vegan cheese and vegetables on it. Would recommend if you’re spending a day in Kotor

Pros: Vegan cheese on the pizza , Quiet area of Kotor , Friendly staff


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03 Oct 2023

Sehr leckere Pizza

Die Pizza mit veganem Käseersatz ist wirklich super lecker. Haben 26€ für zwei Pizzen inklusive 2 Getränke bezahlt. Absolut fair!


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18 Sep 2023


❗Attenzione non accettano carte di credito, ma solo contanti!
Dovrebbero avvisare da subito, invece di dirlo alla fine. Anche perché non ci sono bancomat molto vicini dove ritirare. ❗

Locale situato in un angolino di Kotor, molto tranquillo e privato, senza via vai di turisti.
Il ragazzo che ci ha servito al tavolo era veramente gentile e disponibile, un amore.

Ho ordinato la pizza vegan, con formaggio vegetale, funghi, melanzane e zucchine..
Beh, non mangiavo una pizza così da non so quanto tempo.
Fantastica, saporita, finalmente un degno sostituto dei latticini per la pizza, non la solita roba che neanche si fonde.
Non riuscivo a credere alle mie papille gustative (no, non era mozzarella, ne sono sicurissima.)!
Sono rimasta contentissima!!

Nel loro menù vegan hanno la pizza, un burger, una pasta, e un sandwich - se non ricordo male.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-18

Pros: Cameriere gentilissimo , Servizio impeccabile e attento, Pizza vegan fantastica

Cons: Un po' buglio, ma d'altronde si chiama "ombra", SOLO CONTANTI..


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21 Aug 2023

Beautiful place

Just four vegan options. The burgers are simply but tasty. Have a vegan breakfast too.


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08 Aug 2023

Breakast ok, Pizza great

Amended to 3 stars after I had their vegan pizza! 😍

They offer a "Vegan breakfast" which is a bircher muesli with honey (!) - I specified no honey which was apparently no problem, but I don't think they know it is not vegan then. The muesli was ok but I don't think it was worth 5 €... no fruit on top and the soy milk was warm (from the shelf, not heated on the stove warm). A bit sad really.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-07


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04 Aug 2023

Had the vegan pizza

It was about what I’d expect for a vegan pizza. It had decent toppings and vegan cheese, and was a decent size. One of the more affordable and filling meals I’ve had in the Balkans.

Pros: Vegan options clearly marked , More than one vegan option , Good portions for price

Cons: Typical vegan offerings / pizza, burger, pasta, The server didn’t know what’s on the burger.


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15 Jul 2023

Auf dem richtigen Weg

Burger etwas verbessern, mehr Pommes dazu.
Pizza grundsätzlich überarbeiten, anderer Teig, länger backen.

Pros: Einige vegane Optionen , günstig

Cons: Pizza sehr schlecht, Burger zu einfach und zu kleine Portion


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24 Jun 2023

Nice tasty simple pasta

Nice terrace outside away from the crowds in Old town. Pasta was delicious but nothing that special. 4 vegan options on menu, also pizza. Would go here again. Prices okay.


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22 Jun 2023

A bit disappointed

I had the vegan burger, the fries and the salsa were good, but the burger was too simple. The bun was cold and didn’t taste good. Inside there was no sauce, only salad, tomatoe and red onion. The soy patty was good. On the check they add 2€/person for « kouvert » which I didn’t see on the menu and is too much.


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18 Jun 2023

Delicious food!

Discovered this little place by accident after getting lost in the old town. What caught my eye was the board Thad had a vegan menu. The food was so delicious and a huge portion for the decent price! I highly recommend finding this place if you’re in Kotor!

Pros: Food, Service, Price


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14 Jun 2023

Lovely friendly staff, basic food

They have a clearly labelled vegan menu and were happy to alter a salad to remove the cheese.

I had the vegan pizza which was basic, but it was nice to have labelled options and the staff were lovely and helpful.


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13 Jun 2023

Average food, nice place

The vegan pizza was nothing special, I would not order it again. The place was cozy and it had a separate part of the menu for vegan options.


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01 Jun 2023

Great Pizza and Salad

I had dinner here and shared a pizza and salad with my husband. The salad was so fresh and delicious. The pizza was also very good. I was pleased to find a place that had vegan options. There was seating inside and outside and the service was also great.


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20 May 2023

A few options

Pizza was fine although veg was undercooked. Nice little escape from the busy town however

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-20


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17 Apr 2023

Decent pizza

Staff was friendly and spoke English.
The menu was in both Montenegrin and English.
The vegan options are listed on the menu separately.
I got the pizza, which was neither great nor bad.
Service was fast.
While I was there they kept playing a soft jazz cover of Billie Jean on loop, which was odd.
Payment by credit card was possible too.


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22 Mar 2023

Multiples opciones y muy sabrosa a un precio contenido.

Pasamos con prisa, y encontramos este restaurante en el centro con muchas opciones.

Pros: Un menú vegano completo.

Cons: También sirven carne.


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21 Feb 2023

Good Food, Friendly Staff

very good vegan options, including vegan cheese !! very accommodating and lovely waiter. definitely recommend!

Pros: good vegan options!


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25 Nov 2022

Great food

Nice outside area, friendly people, good pizza. Little space inside with bright lights & TV.


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18 Nov 2022

Staff are nice, food is average

We really liked the staff and the atmosphere, they were really nice people and the locals clearly like the place.
The pizza was pretty average pizza. The cheese on it was pretty tasty actually. The base was nice and floury, like Italian style. Very thin crush. But the toppings were raw aubergine raw courgette and raw mushrooms, they all looked like they were thrown on at the end after the pizza was cooked. It was fine but I prefer soft, cooked vegetables on pizza.

Pros: 4 vegan options, Pizza base is good, Friendly staff

Cons: Vegetables on the pizza were all raw


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18 Oct 2022


We had the vegan sandwich and the pizza,cheese was not the best but rest was good.Good service


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15 Oct 2022


I've been here three times this week and had the vegan pizza once and sandwich twice. Great value for money and pretty tasty. Nice staff.


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11 Oct 2022

Good value but limited

A few vegan options. Chose the sandwich that came with some chips. It wasn't a taste sensation but was satisfying and good value.

Not as quaint or cool as other venues

As vegan restaurant on a board outside. Rather an exaggeration! - but at least you can easily identify that options are available. They are trying unlike the majority of cafes and restaurants in Kotor. So 👏

Pros: Few vegan options (but one has honey in it), Served by friendly staff, good value

Cons: Not so quaint or cool as other venues


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06 Oct 2022

Not great

Bit of an odd experience - when we asked to order food the waiter told us the chef wasn't there so the manager was cooking food and he wasn't very good! Probably should have left at that point but there are so few vegan options in Kotor and we were short on time. I ordered spaghetti aglio olio without parmesan but it came with parmesan, and we didn't have time to send it back as we had to get a boat. I would have hoped a restaurant that proudly advertises their vegan options might have been able to get a simple request like that right. :/

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