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Cafe and grocery est. 2015. Name means "Jamu Grandmother." Serves health vegan food and juices. Accepts credit cards when bill is over 100k. Reported fully vegan November 2021. Open Mon-Sat 8:00am-9:00pm, Sun 9:00am-5:00pm. Opening hours change during Ramadan - call ahead.

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First Review by rodgo


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21 Aug 2023

I wanted to give 2 stars…

The place is not very clean. The buffet looks visually interesting, but the food was bland and cold.
First I was asking if they use oil in the dishes I chose, he said no. After the food was on the plate I asked again and then he said they use oil on all foods. Makes a bad impression

Cons: Bland and cold food, Dirty restroom



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16 May 2023

Favorite in Canggu

Portion, local dishes, cute interior, lots of regulars.


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Non Veg
04 Mar 2023

Work ethic

They told me you must at least order six dishes or foods, the price is Rp. 50.000. That was my very first experience in this restaurant. They talked nicely and friendly to you which is a good thing.
Yesterday, I saw someone ordered less than six dishes, I asked them if I can order less than six dishes too the same person said yes you can. I asked why didn't you tell me the the minimum order was six dishes (Rp. 50.000) they replied because it is easier to say Rp. 50.000 particularly for the first visit.

I don't know why is it easier for you to say Rp. 50.000 than your work ethic. I must say I am not happy with your restaurant, how do you serve people with lie, that is not even a vegan dish, let alone a sausage. Does the first visit automatically make someone your friend therefore you tell them something else?! Make it straight and if you can't ask your owner to help you to make your own price list!


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04 Oct 2022

Very good choice

You can have set meals or the buffet. Very nice choice of local food and good juices. The food from the buffet was cold though which is okay for most of it but a cold curry is not so great.


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12 Sep 2022

Lekker en goedkoop

Er was veel keuze, niet alleen vanuit het vegan buffet maar ook veel andere opties. Prijs kwaliteit was het fantastisch goed. Wel een beetje ongezellig, de weg is erg druk en er zat niemand anders in het restaurant.

Pros: Veel keuze, Goedkoop

Cons: Langs drukke weg, Koud/lauw buffet, niets is warm


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14 Aug 2022

Vegan Buffet

Great vegan buffet, very reasonable price and top selection of local vegan dishes.


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05 Aug 2022

Delicious vegan food

Very good food choice, loved the buffet! Will definitely come back😄


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25 Jul 2022

Congratulations for arie,dewi and arya. your have the big shop and more space now.

Best ever authentic vegan food in canggu,
The simply vegan cooking,
Variant of jamu,
Variant of kombucha,
and much more is awesome,GOOD JOBS ARIE !!

Pros: much optional of vegan mix plate food, best ever of jamu turmeric ginger, try to meet ARIE !!


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Non Veg
22 Jul 2022

My favorite place in Canggu!!!

This little warung offers an incredible array of choices! Buffet lunches with heaps of healthy dishes.
Very affordable and so fresh!

Pros: Fresh, Buffet style, Economical


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08 Jul 2022

My favourite

Incredible little place, amazing food, tonics, kombucha, kefirs and THE best vegan sugar free chocolate truffles… and such good prices. Local family owned biz so even more of a reason to go there #supportthelocals

Pros: Lots of vegan options , No added sugar or other additives, all home made , Super knowledgeable owner, always nice to chat

Cons: Nothing


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20 Jun 2022

yummy nasi goreng

friendly staff and delicious


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11 Apr 2022

Our usual spot for yummy cheap vegan food

I've eaten here many times pre-covid and now that I'm back to Bali again will surely frequent it. Nice buffet with tasty varied food and good price. I just wish they didn't use coconut oil. Contrary to popular belief, eating coconut oil which is 80% saturated fat is not healthy at all. Besides that, a favorite place!

Pros: Yummy and cheap, Convenient location

Cons: They use coconut oil which is 80% saturated fat


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25 Nov 2021

It’s great!

I think this place might be 100% vegan now but I’m not 100% sure! Seemed to be when I went - no eggs or beeswax in sight anyway.
The food was really nice, cheap and the service was very good. I was able to pay on card for 30k.
Lots of items for sale including kombucha and metal bottles too

Pros: Great food , Good service , Nice atmosphere


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28 Mar 2021

Amazing vegan buffet + vegan menu!

I think is the place i visit most in Bali. Food is amazing. If you in a hurry you have a buffet(all vegan). The menu aswell is amazing! Good price and really friendly staff! Special mention to Arie! top bloke!


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24 Apr 2020

El mejor!!! 💚

Tu puedes crear tu plato con las muchas opciones que hay y todo es muy rico! Una mezcla perfecta de comida tipica de Bali con platos diferentes y lindos.
Para mi es uno de los mejores lugares de Canggu :)


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03 Apr 2020

Great vegan buffet

We have been to this place several times and each time the food was good and fresh. Also the desserts are tasty. The view is a plus. Very friendly staff.

Pros: Location, Good value


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24 Mar 2020

Cheap healthy food!

My boyfriend and I each did the “buffet” option. 7 items for 58k. So much food but almost all of it is vegetables so it’s a great option for a healthy and filling meal. We also bought some juice to go.


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09 Feb 2020

Great nasi campur

This place has a great variety of nasi campur options and it’s completely vegan.... I go here on the regular. Love it 🤙🏽

Pros: Nasi campur, Jamu


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04 Feb 2020


Good service, nice location, GREAT food

Pros: Menu or buffet , Healthy, fresh, tasty food


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01 Feb 2020

Great vegan food

Great daily buffet options and different kombucha flavors

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Don’t choose gado gado it was half cooked


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14 Dec 2019


Cool and cheap place with yummy veggie food


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03 Dec 2019

Best Vegan warung in Canggu

It has lots of vegan options and price is super cheap!


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29 Nov 2019

One of our favorite places in Canggu!

Great place with home made food. You could order from menu or choose your food from the buffet. I am totally in love with their tofu and corn, they also have a great selection of kombucha and home made teas. The food is organic and locally grown, the owners of the place and the team are very friendly and spread a very good vibe. Totally worth coming!

Pros: Good price, Great vibe


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24 Nov 2019


This is for sure my favorite restaurant in Bali. Amazing caring owner. Food is absolutely amazing and always fresh.

Pros: Everything’s vegan , Cheap but good quality , Amazing food


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26 Aug 2019

Super clean, tasty

This isn't the cheapest place, by Indonesian standards, but for the price, I think it's quite good for the variety and the attention to the dishes. But also Canggu is slightly more expensive than Ubud.

For example, (I'm talking about the buffet), for about 5K IDR less, you could head to a very local warung (in Canggu), although it wouldn't be vegan (or even vegetarian), nor would it have added different dressings/sauces to the dishes; ie. okra with cashew (?) sauce, chickpeas with onion, peppers and dill, different types of hummus, fried tempeh in a sauce that's not just a Sriracha variant... (nothing against Sriracha, but I need some variety at this point).

The staff were extra friendly today, I was given a miso soup with goji berry - it was nice and very different from miso that I am used to =)

Also a nice view looking out at some rice fields.
There is free water.
The toilet is clean and tidy.

Although this is still an Indo buffet, meaning, your food is likely not hot when you get there. I've understood that's just the way it is here.


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25 Aug 2019


I have been in this place many times, cheap price and good quality, now the buffet is more expensive and all the good is salty!
I had a turmeric porridge and was horrible, like a yellow soup without taste, if you want a bit of fruit on top they charge 10 k.
At last, I didn't eat anything, I explained the problem, and the guys ask me 70 k!
I mean for that price you can eat good food in a beautiful location!
Very very bad!


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22 Jul 2019

authentic indo breakfast & fresh pressed juices

enjoy your cost-friendly breakfast overlooking the rice paddy in the backyard of this hidden gem. gluten-free options, small market/grocer section with non-perishables, and fridged bottles of their juices. you can return the bottles.

Pros: gluten-free options, quiet, authentic indo

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