Ice cream shop with half dairy flavors and half vegan cashew or coconut based flavors. Also carries vegan caramel, hot fudge, and brownies to make sundaes. Open Mon-Wed 10:00am-10:00pm, Thu-Sat 10:00am-11:00pm, Sun 10:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by carrienign


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22 Jul 2023

nice flavors

there’s a unique selection of flavors that’s hard to find in other places. Really nice milkshakes as well albeit everything is a bit expensive after tax and tip.



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09 Aug 2022

Best Vegan Ice Cream I’ve Had

Literally so good, I’ve tried the vegan brown sugar oat milk flavor and the vegan strawberry cheesecake flavor and both were amazing. I didn’t get any toppings besides vegan whipped cream when I visited but having the option to get dairy free chocolate chips and hot fudge was great! Besides the vegan options all the staff were super nice and the environment in the shop is great.


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17 Jun 2022

Delicious icecream!

I tried the Lemon Icebox Pie vegan icecream and it was so delicious and creamy! Definitely will go back!

Pros: Lots of delicious vegan options


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22 May 2022

Lots of vegan options

Tried this place when visiting Charleston and was happy to see a menu with nearly half vegan options.

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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23 Mar 2022


Who can pass up chocolate PB fudge ice cream!! Wonderful!! Hubby had rocky road and mint chip, mine was the best!!

Pros: Good choices, Friendly staff

Plant Powered Eater

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11 Mar 2022

Lots of Vegan Options

Almost half of the ice cream flavors were vegan! Thus, we really enjoyed the choices. Cookies & Blondies also had vegan options.

My husband & I ate here twice, trying a total of four flavors. All ice cream was coconut cream based—for some reason, we found some flavors to be excellent & others inedible. Our first visit, I found the Brown Sugar Oat Milk & Cookie flavor too nasty to eat, but my husband loved the Peppermint so much that he convinced me to return the next night for another try. On the second visit, we relayed our experience from the night before and asked for a sample but we’re told “no samples.” This time, I loved the Cold Brew & Honeycomb but my husband disliked the Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge (which had seemed a sure-fire hit), finding the chocolate off-putting.

Although we each enjoyed one visit, in light of the no-sample and spotty success, I’m not sure whether we’ll visit again. A 50% trash rate is a bit steep for our budget!

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: No samples & no compensation for inedible product, Uneven flavor quality makes purchase risky


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27 Jul 2021


A little vegan oasis of yum!

Pros: Lots of vegan options (8), Easy walk from king St, Cold brew honeycomb is the best

Cons: Limited seating, Lines can be long, Off track specials can sell out


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14 Jul 2021


They have so many vegans options to choose from! Multiple ice cream flavors, milkshakes, baked goods, whipped cream and sauces. Their ice cream is delicious and creamy. Highly recommend.

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-13

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-14


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08 Jul 2021


Amazing!!! Don’t miss it! The store is super cool, and the ice creams fantastic!


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30 Mar 2021

Glad to have vegan options, but meh

We tried three vegan flavors: vanilla, cookies n cream, and peppermint chip. Cookies and cream was actually creamy and my daughter loved it. Second daughter also really liked the vanilla. But it was gritty to me. The peppermint in the peppermint chip was barely detectable, and the chips were sparse. The texture was off - it’s just not creamy. The vegan/GF comes are those thin store bought ones that don’t actually hold the ice cream, so when you lick it, your giant ball of icecream topples off. They still charge you the same as if you bought a homemade waffle cone. It’s only $1 but compared to a homemade cone, it’s substandard, and usually a standard complimentary cone vs. cup option. Very cute shop, clean bathrooms. Hoping for creamier icecream in the future.

Pros: Nice atmosphere

Cons: Gritty vegan icecream


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20 Mar 2021

Hot fudge sundae!

First hot fudge sundae I’ve had in YEARS! Delicious w/ Nutterbutter ice cream. Peppermint chip was amazing too. Less than a mile, easy walk to other veg-friendly restaurants. That day we walked from Brown Dog Deli on Calhoun St. and it was only about 3/4 mile.

Pros: Dipped ice cream, Nothing tasted overly “vegan” eg coconut/almond, Lots of sauce & topping choices


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02 Jul 2020

Vegan Icecream

Amazing vegan options! They had 6 vegan icecream options as well as vegan hot fudge and caramel, vegan cookies and brownies to make sundaes. Very delicious.


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16 Jan 2020

Don't miss and try everything

We had 3 different ice creams. We really need to try the flavors because they may or may not be what you expected. I had the caramel and wasn't impressed. However, everything else was good.
Lots of toppings, although I am a basic gal.
It is reasonably priced and right off of King Street. There should be public transportation from your hotel or perfect if you like to walk. There are tables for eating, but there is great window shopping around the corner.
We would recommend and will go back.

Pros: Many choices, Good portions, Tables to eat and nice atmosphere.

Cons: Try everything before purchase. , Flavors were not all great


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11 Dec 2019

Great ambiance

I love the ambiance and the friendly staff of this lovely ice cream shop. Unfortunately, I did not like the vegan ice cream too much, as the predominant flavor was coconut. I tried the s’mores, and the main flavor was coconut. I ended up with the vegan pistachio ice cream. I did not taste the pistachio, instead, I tasted coconut. But my friend loved some of their non-vegan flavors, the Key lime and honeycomb.


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27 Nov 2019

Yummy ice cream

Delicious vegan ice cream, with all of the several vegan items clearly marked on the menu.


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23 Nov 2019


I got a sea salt Carmel ice cream Sunday with pretzels, vegan Carmel, and pecans and I don’t think I have ever been so happy!


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22 Oct 2019


Amazing food. Very clearly defined vegan menu.


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25 Aug 2019


We were so excited to find this shop that opened right before we moved here! The day we went there were 7 vegan flavors (of the 15 they had). I got a Sunday with Samoa ice cream, vegan hot caramel, toasted coconut chips, and pretzels. The ice cream is creamy and flavorful. We sampled multiple and they we're all really good. According to the sign, they are cashew and/or coconut based. I can't wait to go back and try a brownie sundae!

Pros: Options and vegan toppings that aren't usually ava

Cons: Somewhat pricey, so I'll ration how often I go :)

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