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Fast-casual plant-based restaurant offering daily house-cooked meals. Open Mon-Fri 11:00-21:00, Sat 12:00-21:00. Closed Sun and on public holidays.

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First Review by aerowaffle


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25 Sep 2023

Best I've had in Croatia (so far)

Surprisingly, this place was better than anywhere I found in Dubrovnik or Split, and less than half the price. Food was served incredibly quickly. The selection looks really good. I absolutely loved the plantful seitan, which is surprising because it seemed pretty uncomplicated.

Pros: Food was amazing, Cheap , Fast service and nice staff

Cons: I've had better vegan lassi elsewhere



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25 Sep 2023


We tried we kebab and royal falafel. Both where very good!

Pros: Service was good, Portion is good


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23 Sep 2023

Slow Food Kebab

Sehr leckere Kebab-Combo für 10.95€ (Kebab, Pommes, Saft). Die Zubereitung dauerte am Freitagabend allerdings über 30min, also genügend Zeit einplanen.


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03 Sep 2023

Good value vegan restaurant

Tasty food at reasonable prices


22 Sep 2023

Thank you so much dear Dylan! :)) Hope to see you again soon!😄


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02 Sep 2023

Would definitely re-visit

This place was incredible, bit slow service, but you could see the staff putting their heart into what they were making. We had the vegan kebabs which were great but I didn’t expect the kebab meat to be so spicy (ground pepper, not chilli), so watch out for that.


22 Sep 2023

This means so much! Thank you for the review and for the visit! We appreciate the feedback as well and are working on training our team every day. :)) Have a lovely weekend!😄


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25 Aug 2023

Fast vegan food with a smile.

Easy to find vegan fastfood place, the staff is very friendly and the food is good.

Pros: Accessible.

Cons: Paper plates and wrappings.


22 Sep 2023

Thank you so much for your review! :)) We are moving slowly towards using ceramic plates, but as our kitchen is still very small we are not there yet. Since caring about environment is one of our core values, all the plates and cups we use are biodegradable and we have compost bins for them. We do have now ceramic bowls for stews, but there is more to come.😄


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15 Aug 2023

Super tasty!

Got the vegan doner meal deal, great value for such a large portion and a fresh drink! Very tasty and fresh, also had one if the meals of the day which was a bean stew that was very hearty and good too!

Staff were super friendly and there is lots of seating inside. Would go back again!

Pros: Lots of options , Affordable , Nice staff


22 Sep 2023

These kind of comments make our whole week! :)) Thank you so much, there's nothing more important than you enjoying the food we cook wholeheartedly. Thank you!


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08 Aug 2023


All vegan food with many vegan options. Nice Seating place and relatively cheap.


22 Sep 2023

Thank you for kind words! Please let us know what was it that wasn't to your taste. We always try to grow and implement every feedback, it would mean the world to us. You can also contact us at restoran@oazainfo.hr. Thank you so much! :))


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03 Aug 2023

Very kind staff, food not great

The staff was as nice as possible, so I feel kind of bad to rate this 4 stars. I ate here two times. First time I ate the Spicy Lava burger, which burger was alright but the buns were baked and very firm. Second time I had the kebab wraps, which were quite good but I've had better.
The waiting time was short (10 to 15min both times). I was there at a Tuesday at 7pm and on a Wednesday at about 2pm

Pros: Staff, Decent kebab

Cons: Not very tasty burger


22 Sep 2023

Thank you so much for such an honest and kind feedback. We are working at the moment at improving the burger and wrap recipes so we hope you'll join us again to taste it. Let us know if you do. :)) Have a lovely weekend! :))


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28 Jul 2023

Super tasty food

Amazing food with nice prices! Would highky recomend. My husband said that it was the best vegan burger he has had.

Pros: Taste, Price, Location


22 Sep 2023

Thank you for such a beautiful compliment, it means a lot to us! :)) You are awesome! :))


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24 Jul 2023

Daily menu was disappointing (today)

I had the big version of the daily menu. It felt very low effort and simple.
The plate consisted of some protein patties, (quite cold) broccoli, quinoa, a salad, and a sauce. The patties tasted pretty good, but the rest was very bland. I also expected a bigger portion for this price.
Based on this experience I would suggest not going for the daily menu.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-24

Pros: Quickly served

Cons: Bland, Small portion


22 Sep 2023

Hi dear Willem! We apologize for the experience, our menus have a normative so we always give the same amount of food in weight. We do agree this amount wasn't enough (by the photo) and we apologize for that. We will check with our staff what happened and we will train them to follow the normative better. Hope you'll give us another chance. Thank you for visiting!


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21 Jul 2023

Lecker und preiswert

Recht großes Lokal (10 Tische), freundliches Personal, leckeres und sattmachendes Essen. Die wraps und der kebab waren beide super. Jeweils ca. 7€.

Pros: Alles vegan, Viel Platz , Gutes Auswahl und sehr gute Zubereitung

Cons: Der Seitan war etwas zu ölig.


22 Sep 2023

Really appreciate it! :)) Thank you for the review, have a looovely weekend! :)


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17 Jul 2023

love it!

food delicious, service very good, im impressed!

Pros: food, service, interior design


22 Sep 2023


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24 Jun 2023

Sehr leckerer Veganer Kebap

Wir hatten das Vegane Kebap Menü mit mango lassi. Der Kebab ist recht groß und sehr sättigend, die Pommes waren leider keine Offenbarung und würde ich nicht noch mal bestellen. Der Mango Lassi hat uns ganz gut geschmeckt, den Zucker hätte ich persönlich nicht gebraucht. Alles in allem eine sehr solide Mahlzeit zu echt fairen Preisen!

Pros: Große Portion, Günstig

Cons: Pommes waren lasch


22 Sep 2023

Thank you for sharing your experience and the feedback! We really appreciate every comment so we are able to grow. Thank you and hope to see you again! :))


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09 Jun 2023

Super leckeres veganes Essen

Wir hatten den plantful kebab Wrap (mit Seitan), den Vegan Kebap und Mango Lassi. Wartezeit ca. 10Min. Das Essen war frisch zubereitet und einfach super super lecker. Die Preise sind total okay (Wrap für 6,90Euro, Döner für 6,50Euro), der Wrap war für meinen Geschmack vielleicht etwas klein :P

Klare Empfehlung! Es gibt sogar traditionelle kroatische Tagesgerichte. WE try it next time!

Pros: Sehr zentral gelegen, Freundlicher Service, Vegane traditionelle Gerichte (Tagesangebote)


18 Jun 2023

Thank you so much for visiting! Hope to see you again soon, you are very welcomed! We also have a new terrace now, make sure to check it out.😉Have a great week ahead!


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07 Jun 2023

I won’t be coming back :(

I ordered the kebab one and I honestly didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. The food was cold, and took a long time before I got served the meal. On top of that, the toilets were filthy (really gross) and the locks didn’t work.

Pros: Okay prices , Walking distance from the train station

Cons: Long waiting time, Cold food , Gross and filthy toilets


18 Jun 2023

Hi dear Oliver. We're very sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience. As we are this month in the process of hiring new staff, unfortunately the food is taking a little longer to prepare as we have to train them. In any case, it shouldn't have come cold - and we are sorry for that.

Regarding the toilets, our staff cleans it regularly - maybe at the time you were there was little crowded - but we want to apologize they were not clean. Thank you for your feedback and we will try harder to make the experience much better for everybody.

Have a lovely week ahead!


18 Jun 2023

Wow, just this shows your dedication! Your new staff will surely be masters! ✨


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20 May 2023

Good food - get ready to wait, though

Very nice selection of wraps and burgers, and great desserts too. Slow service is a bummer


18 Jun 2023

Sorry for the wait!😒But thank you for kind words! We are training our new staff to work faster and smoother. Let us know if you visit again. :)


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13 May 2023

Unglaublich lecker!

Ich hatte die Kombo Kebab mit Pommes für 7,50€.
Der Kebab war wirklich groß, mit frischem Salat, Tomate, ganzen Gurkenscheiben und mega Seitan Dönerfleisch. Die Saucen (Tzaziki und Cocktail) haben das Ganze abgerundet. Auch die Pommes waren klasse, dabei waren das beste aber die frisch gemachten Pommessoßen Knoblauch Mayo und Ketchup.
Nur zu empfehlen, das Personal war ebenfalls sehr freundlich und die Bestellung ging sehr schnell!

Pros: Kebab, Pommes, Saucen


18 Jun 2023

So happy to hear you loved the food and the service! :)) Thank you for such kind comments. Hope to see you back again!


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13 May 2023

Bester Seitan

Wir haben das Lokal komplett zufällig entdeckt und ich war sehr froh darüber. Es ist ein rein veganes Restaurant mit Selbstbedienung. Es gibt eine ziemlich große Auswahl an Bürgern,Wraps usw. Wir haben sehr gut gegessen. Danach noch einen Lupinen Kaffee und einen guten Kuchen.

Pros: Rein vegan, Gute Qualität , Toller Geschmack

Cons: Etwas lange Wartezeit,aber das war es wert


18 Jun 2023

Nothing is by accident.😉So happy you found us! Comments like this make our day. Thank you!!


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03 May 2023

Good fast food

Very delicious food but its still a fast food restaurant.


18 Jun 2023

Hey, thank you for the 4-stars, but if we can ask - is being a fast food restaurant a negative thing?😄Would love to know how we could turn your 4-star experience into a 5-star one. :)


18 Jun 2023

No, certainly not. What I meant was that its nothing special and I mean that with all respect. Its good food, yes, but nothing extraordinary where I would think "i HAVE to go there again"


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29 Apr 2023


good food but the portions were a bit small


18 Jun 2023

Thank you for the feedback and your review! Our small menu is usually half of each component of the big menu, but we agree - you should have gotten here more ingredients. We will look into what happened, so sorry for that! Hope we'll see you again! :)


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28 Apr 2023


Locale molto carino nel centro di Zagabria, cibo buono e prezzi nella media.


18 Jun 2023

Thank you so much! If you don't mind please let us know how we could make your experience a 5-star one.😄Have a lovely day! :)


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27 Mar 2023

Inexpensive and filling dinner

The daily menu was protein dense and was an interesting combo of seitan, potato salad, and vegetables, and the plantful kebab pita was MASSIVE and very, very cheap.

Pros: All vegan!, Affordable , Large portion sizes

Cons: Not the most flavorful


18 Jun 2023

Really appreciate your feedback and review! We will make sure to level-up the flavor profile.😉Have a beautiful week ahead! :))


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29 Dec 2022

Nothing special

The burger was not really tasty.
The buns was not warm and the patty also.
Need improvement regarding the sauce.

Pros: Side sauce, French fries

Cons: Expensive


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25 Oct 2022

אוכל מעניין ומיוחד.

מקום ממרכזי ונגיש שרות מהיר ואדיב

Pros: תפריט מגוון, טעים , אדיב מחיר סביר, נחמד לשבת במקום

Cons: אין קינוחים טבעוניים


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09 Oct 2022

Love it 💚

Love the space, definitely a relaxed and good vibe place with great tasting food!
Solid choice, will come back for sure…
Vegan and pet friendly space.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-09


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05 Oct 2022

Fresh quality food

They didn’t have the daily menu anymore when I arrived, as it was rather late, but the hummus wrap looked interesting, so I ordered that one instead. It was really delicious! I also got the immuno boost - very refreshing. I wish I could have tried something different, as all the meals on the daily menu looked fab, but I’m still happy with my order. You can tell they use fresh and quality ingredients, and everything’s 100% plant based. The staff is very friendly and helpful. If you’re ever in Zagreb, don’t miss it!

Pros: 100% plant based, Fair prices, Good quality food

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