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Serves meat, vegan options available. Has many specific vegan choices as some of the owners are vegan. For breakfast, you will find a tofu scramble, a tofu burrito with freshly made-in-house beans, lots of fresh fruit and variations of smoothie bowls strictly prepared with coconut milk topped with superfoods like chia or coconut. During the day they offer vegan dishes - apart from the regular salads - you will find freshly prepped hummus, a veggie wrap and a black bean burger made-in-house with quinoa. Vegan poke dishes and roti are also available. As of Oct 2019, reported to be the only place where you can dine directly on the beach (in Bali style beanbags) in all of San Juan. Open Mon-Thu 8:00am-8:00pm, Fri-Sat 8:00am-10:00pm, Sun 8:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by BaileyCoatl


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20 Jan 2024

Good vegan options

1st visit:
I walked down here from Coronado Beach a couple of time. The first visit was a bit hectic. After saying it’d be a 2 hour wait, I was later offered to sit inside with no wait.

I ordered the Mango Smoothie Bowl but I’m 99.9% certain I got the Acai Smoothie Bowl. I didn’t say anything though.
The bowl was good, or I was hungry, or both. Either way, I do feel at $15 it is egregiously overpricied.

I like a kitchen with culinary vision. I’d never had or even heard of these, so I wanted to try them. They are little tostone cups (think Tostito scoops, but much sturdier) filled with seasoned Beyond a la Criolla. Very tasty and the Beyond meat was deliciously seasoned, with a hint of spice. I was impressed.

Not sure why I had to wait over an hour for a smoothie bowl and appetizer. At the very least, the smoothie bowl should've come out in 15min or less. But the smoothie bowl and stuffed tostones came out together. That was a fail. But I still decided to give them another chance.

2nd visit:
No wait for beachfront seating. Service was faster and much more attentive.

A ginger & strawberry organic mix with fresh lime juice and soda water. It was ok. I think I’m just not used to soda water and may have enjoyed it more had it just been fresh juices and ginger. I think I just wanted to pretend I was having a grownup drink on the beach.

This was a delicious and very satisfying dish. Quinoa, edamame, avocado, mango, tofu, and carrots with an orange ponzu sauce. (I omitted the cucumbers) It also came with a vegan house aioli, which tasted ranch-y to me. This is vegan and gluten free as is. (The resident beach birds were very fond of this dish as well. I let one have his way with my leftovers.)

There was a $20 order minimum to sit/eat on the beach, and it came with a 3 hour time limit. Service was friendly both times I visited.

There are quite a few more vegan options here and I’d like to try them all. The menu very clearly shows what is vegan, vegetarian, and/or gluten free. #Veganuary

Pros: Eat on the beach, Mocktails , Yummy vegan and gf Vegan options



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28 Dec 2023

Vegan on the beach

The Buffalo cauliflower was the best I’ve ever had (although I am not an expert). It comes with vegan ranch and fresh veggies.
You can eat right on the sand, at a table or in a beanbag. Servers were nice. $20 minimum per person.


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27 Jul 2023

A few decent vegan dishes, but a view that can’t be beat

We popped over here for dinner, and were excited to be able to snag one of the two hightop tables for 2 outside overlooking the ocean. Yes, it’s pricey and the portion sizes are a little on the smaller size for the cost (hence the 4 stars), but if you’re here on vacation and want some very good vegan food and an experience to text home about, stop by about an hour before sunset and soak up the island vibes.

We each had a cocktail (the special of the night and the Ginger Pirate) both which were very tasty. We shared the vegan cauliflower wings, which were decent but not battered, which was a bit of a bummer. That said, the vegan ranch was delish and made the app worth it for us. We ordered it with hot Buffalo sauce (rather than mild) and it really wasn’t that hot (for those of you that might be tentative to order them “hot”). We also shared the Stuffed Tostones (tostones cups with Beyond meat a la criollo) and the Beyond burger (and specifically asked for a side of that vegan ranch, which made the burger POP!).

Nothing like watching the waves roll onto the shore and the sun go down with your love by your side, delish vegan food and cocktails in your belly. We even walked back along the beach to our hotel, which all together made for a very memorable evening together. It’s one of those special experiences you deserve to treat yourselves to if you have the opportunity.


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Mostly Veg
21 Oct 2022

$30/person minimum

A $30 minimum per person order is required to dine here.


28 Dec 2023

When I visited in December 2023 the minimum was $20/person


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31 May 2022

A Must-visit dining spot when in San Juan

I’ve visited this place twice this last week and have come for the good food, friendly service and incredible location. This seems to be the only place where you can sit in bean bags and dine right on the sand. They have a number of good vegan options and these are clearly marked VG on the menu. I’ve tried their vegan poke bowl with tofu and vegan tacos with Impossible meat. Both were really good. They also gave an amazing vegan chocolate cake. Definitely coming back here next time I’m in San Juan!

Pros: A number of good vegan options, Amazing location on the sand, Good service

Cons: A little pricey


31 May 2022

'VG' most likely stand for Vegetarian, not Vegan. I always make sure to ask about ingredients since i dont wanna contribute to the abuse towards the animals if it does contain any egg ingredient and/or dairy. The breads may have dairy and/or eggs as ingredient list, also may contain bees' vomit mostly known as 'honey'.


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07 Apr 2022

Great for solo travelers @ the beach

If you've never been to Puerto Rico and don't mind spending the $ its a nice place to watch the sunset and swim with your belongings safely watched by staff, especially when on a solo trip.

Pros: Vegan options, Mocktails available, Beachfront

Cons: Expensive , $30 minimum for 2-3hrs seating


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04 Mar 2022

Mis-marked Vegan Items

Their menu looks like it has a lot of vegan options but almost all are incorrectly marked and contain cheese and some have meat. The food and drinks were good, but after realizing so much of their food isn’t vegan there was only two or three options.

Pros: Cocktails

Cons: Mismarked menu


31 May 2022

Someone wrote a review and mentioned there are lots of options that they think means "Vegan" because the options are labeled 'VG' which most likely stands for 'VeGetarian' with eggs and/or milk as ingredients. 🙁😔


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15 Feb 2022

Decent but expensive

Echoing the sentiments of other reviewers that it’s pricy for what you get. I had the vegan cauliflower wings and vegan samosas. There’s a $30 minimum, seems like you’re just paying for the beach views.

Pros: Some vegan options , Beachfront views, Friendly staff

Cons: Expensive, $30 minimum


12 Feb 2023


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22 Nov 2021

Expensive, definitely not a great value, but great scenery.

Husband and I were looking for breakfast and found this place. It's walking distance from our Airbnb so that was great. We missed breakfast (only served until 11) so we ordered the beyond tacos. They were supposed to come with cilantro, they did not. They didn't mention that there were tomatoes, but there were. Just little problems like that. 3 small tacos with no sides for $20??? Not a good value. But you're paying for the view and seating.

Pros: Several vegan options., Beautiful venue.

Cons: Expensive, $30 per person minimum. , Meal did not come with all things mentioned


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14 Aug 2021

Great Views

It’s your typical beach front tourist stop. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a view, great service, and drop some $. We went in knowing that based on their required minimum per person. Buffalo cauliflower was good (not your classical “buffalo cauliflower wing” as it’s baked). Great drink options too. Breakfast means looked good.

Pros: Service , Options


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12 Aug 2021

Vegans Welcome

it's so hard to find a normal beach place like this with even one vegan option, and this place has many! they have tacos with impossible meat, cauliflower wings with vegan ranch, samosas and other options. the food isn't amazing and it's kind of pricey for what it is but the vibe of the place is really fun and the tacos are very filling. i hope they never remove the vegan options, the mimosa buckets are epic and the view is outstanding


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27 May 2021

Unexpected surprise. Delightful vegan menu on the beach!

Try the beyond burger, beyond meat tacos, poke bowl, and cauliflower wings. Great drinks, pretty setting, fast service. Staff knowledgeable about veganism!

Pros: Several vegan options, Great drinks , Friendly and knowledgeable staff


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26 Feb 2021

Personally not worth it

It has a great view and the staff is very friendly.

In terms of vegan food some people couldn't tell me what was or wasn't vegan (ranches, cheese, sauces)
Food took long to come out and were pretty small portion for what was paid.

Pros: View, Staff

Cons: Expensive, Expensive , Limited options


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28 Jan 2020

Nice spot for a sunset

A few vegan options, food was pretty good but not as lovely as other places nearby.

Pros: On the beach

Cons: Pretty expensive , Not that many vegan choices


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19 Jan 2020

Small portions but great environment

Meals with mean are much larger portions than vegan option - food taste was okay


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Mostly Veg
15 Jan 2020

As advertised.

Had black bean croquettes, chick pea potato curry pita, and fish tacos. OK, not all vegan, but good food, good friendly service, and nice ambience with the door open to the beach. Dining tables are in the bar area with music playing, so could have been quieter.


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Mostly Veg
11 Jan 2020

Great options and view

They had so many vegan and vegetarian options and an option to sit on comfy couches on the beach which is very cool. It was rainy the day I went, so I sat at the bar. I would say inside was loud and gave me spring break vibes. It’s a great place to have drinks, meet new people and have fun, but it’s a little loud if you’re looking for something intimate, unless you sit outside on the couches.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Lots of vegetarian options, Beach seating

Cons: Loud


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05 Jan 2020

Vegan food on the beach!!!

One of the few times I've ever been able to find awesome vegan food and enjoy it on the beach! Several options to choose from for both breakfast and lunch/dinner. Also the atmosphere and staff are awesome. Everyone makes you feel at home. Daily happy hour options as well for their delicious cocktails. Definetely have to order the curry pita pocket! Yummy!!

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