Organic buffet pay-per-gram-style restaurant/cafe. Uses local ingredients. Buffet items are made-in-house and include soup, hot & cold dishes, and desserts. Drinks include fresh juices, coffee, organic wines and beers. Does not accept cash; only credit cards. Currently open for take away. Order online, choose a time via the website or just drop by. Mostly vegan but offers cow's milk for coffee. Open Mon 09:00-18:00, Tue-Wed 09:00-22:00, Thu-Fri 09:00-23:00, Sat 10:00-23:00. Buffet served from 12:00 pm (noon).

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First Review by Twilightje


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31 Aug 2023

Very tasty

The food is very good although not presented to look great. Great location and friendly staff. All vegan even though it’s listed as veggie.

Cons: Expensive due to pay by weight.



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07 Jun 2023

Nice place for vegans/veggies

Nice location in Louvain, everything looks so good! Don't load your plate too full though, because it will be more expensive than expected 🤭

Pros: Plenty of choice veggie/vegan, Nice location, outside of the city center , Quick, because it's a buffet

Cons: Price per gram so quite pricy


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17 May 2023

Vegan buffet with homemade food

The food is very fresh and the options are various. All the buffet is vegan, excluding some desserts. The restaurant is very nice and located in a very calm area. A very nice option for a meal in Leuven.


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11 May 2023

Mostly vegan buffet pay by weight

It's very fun as a vegan to try so many different dishes and combinations. The only dish in the whole buffet which was lacto-ovo was one brownie. Why not just make the buffet vegan???
Banana bread- nice if a bit basic for the price (5.80)
Apple cake and ice cream - top notch combo
Seitan chimichurri: succulent and delicious

Pros: Buffet pay by weight concept, Good quality, especially the seitan

Cons: They had one non-vegan item in the whole buffet, A bit pricey


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02 Apr 2023

Vegan buffet

Lekker buffet, veel keuze en lekkere desserten

Pros: Helemaal vegan , Gaat snel (buffet)

Cons: Best prijzig


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19 Jan 2023

Cool place

I had been quite impressed by this place, too bad it turned back to ovo-lacto-vegetarian😢

Pros: cool neighbourhood, cosy

Cons: no longer vegan


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16 Jan 2023

Heel lekker, zalig buffet

Zelfs kritische tienerdochter vond het heel lekker...

Pros: 100% vegan (zo werd door personeel uitgelegd), Veel keus, Heel vriendelijk personeel

Cons: Wat duurder


15 Jul 2023

Helaas niet meer veganistisch, maar terug in de tijd en terug vegetarisch geworden🥺.


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03 Jan 2023

So much choice!

Many dishes are available each day. You can choose how much you get from each dish and you pay for the weight on the plate. Every dish is clearly labeled with ALL the ingredients. Most food is vegan. They have very nice coffee as well.

Pros: Ingredients labeled per dish, Almost everything is vegan, Good coffee


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13 Nov 2022

Vegetarian buffet cafe-restaurant (pay-per-gram)

Delicious vegetarian buffet restaurant & café where you pay the buffet per gram. Serves salade-style buffet (but don't worry, there's enough to eat, even for big eaters like myself!), soup, bread and delicious pastries for dessert.

Hot and cold drinks, including alcohol and lemonades (not sugar free). Plant based milk is available - I don't know whether they serve cow's milk, but the pastries and buffet are NOT vegan.

The buffet changes regularly, so I often come back to see what they have to offer!

Large open, but cosy interior with seating for both big and small groups (long or separate tables). Has books and sells snacks.

Out of the city centre in the desolate & expensive new neighborhood at the 'Vaart'. Not cheap, but decently priced. E.g. for 2 times the dish on the picture, the grapefruit juice, 2 chocolate pastries AND the latte, I paid about €30, which I don't find overly priced for such an extensive and healthy meal, so I'll be back regularly! 🤗

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-13

Pros: Pay-per-gram, so leave out what you don't like, Buffet changes regularly, Delicious pastries

Cons: Out of the city centre, Not cheap, Not 100% vegan


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13 Sep 2022

Lekker uitgebreid buffet!

Verrassend lekkere combinaties van groenten en kruiden!

Pros: Veel keuze , Je kan kiezen hoe groot je portie is


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05 Aug 2022

Tasty buffet

Vegetarian buffet but almost everything is vegan.
You take a plate and load up on dishes you like. It’s worldwide kitchen so you can eat things like lasagna, moussaka, Asian dishes, African dishes,… Most things are really tasty but also had a few things which were okay.
The thing is with loading up your plate, the heavier your plate is, the more you pay so it can end up pricy.
For the sweets they also have a small buffet with sweets from Tartelies and Madam Bakster.
While I really like the food here, I think I’m missing a personal touch bc the only moment you talk with the staff is when paying at the desk.

Pros: Lovely food

Cons: A bit impersonal


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29 Jun 2022

The best food in town! ❤️

I loved this so much. You can choose what you want to eat and the selection was great!
This is a place that I'll go back to!

Pros: Great quality , Lots of vegan stuff, Lovely staff


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29 Mar 2022

Heerlijk buffet! Bijna alles vegan

Erg leuk om verschillende gerechten te kunnen proeven. Was allemaal goed op smaak en verrassend lekker! Ook vegan toetjes en vegan melk voor de koffie! Je zit ook nog eens super leuk aan het water bij de bootjes!

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-29

Pros: Super veel vegan opties , Mooie plek binnen en terras aan het water, Vriendelijk en behulpzaam

Cons: Geen


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15 Feb 2022


Many incredible dishes and you don't have to choose. You can just have a bit of everything. Almost everything is vegan.

Pros: Superb food

Cons: Bit expensive


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Mostly Veg
28 Oct 2021

Good but expensive. Drinks are a rip-off!

This restaurant is one of the few options available in the new property developments in the area of the former industrial zone of Stella-Artois breweries near the canal.
The place pleasant albeit noisy.
Food at the buffet is excellent, definitely pricey given the simple ingredientsvbut acceptably so given the quality. However drinks are at outrageous prices. 9€ a bottle of water? Come on!


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11 Mar 2021

NOT VEGAN! Tasty but very expensive

EDIT Feb 2021: Restaurant is NOT VEGAN!! I asked why not, and he said some things you simply cannot make vegan without compromising taste like a brownie. Not nice! Previous review: They really do a top job of injecting flavor into all their dishes. Almost everything is vegan, every dish clearly labeled to include allergens as well. A normal sized plate is 22€ average for me. Then there's dessert for I think another 5€ and ice cream for 4€.

Pros: very tasty, lots of vegan options, vegan desserts

Cons: very expensive, not completely vegan yet


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17 Aug 2020

Very nice place

The buffet is perfect, lots of delicious options!

Pros: Lots of choice, Delicious

Cons: Some dishes are not warm enough


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06 Jul 2020

Mijn ding is het niet echt ...

Buffet vorm restaurant

Pros: Veel Vegan opties , Friendly staff en leuk zicht op het water , Betaalbaar

Cons: Warm eten was koud... , Brownie was droog , Wijn was niet lekker


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26 Dec 2019

Origineel concept

Lekker vegan food buffet. Per gram te betalen. Niet duur, lekker en gezellige setting. Toppie !!


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26 Oct 2019

Excellent food

I just loved the place! Spent less than 25 euro pp with desert and drinks. Excellent and varied dishes!


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23 Jun 2019

Awesome concept. Great food

Located in the beautifully restored, cosy and quiet Vaartkom area, this restaurant offers a great experience. There is a buffer with plenty of dishes, and you pay per gram. Lots of different dishes, mostly vegan. Only problem I had here was that I wanted to try all of them but my stomach was too small!


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12 Nov 2018

Very tasty & creative cuisine

I just had dinner here with my family and they all loved it even though none of them are vegan or even vegetarian. Personally, I especially loved their creativity and the wild mushroom stew, as well as the raspberry cashew "cheesecake". Also, congrats on the interior! Will definitely return.


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29 Aug 2018

95% vegan restaurant

It's a nice and spacious inside, located outside the centre of Leuven, good parking nearby (Parking Vaartkom, Engels Plein 32, 3000 Leuven) nice staff and good food.

It is a almost vegan food buffet and you pay per weight.

During our last visit to Noordoever we were very positively surprised with the 95% vegan food!

The balance vegan vs vegetarian used to be like 30-40% vegan and 60-70% vegetarian, towards 85-90% vegan and 10-15% vegetarian a few months ago.

It is today 95% vegan.

During our last visit they just proposed normal milk with the coffee besides 3 plant based milks, 1 vegetarian dish with feta (attention the indication was missing) and vegetarian brownie, all the rest was vegan.

The vegan food buffet is also something that changes very regularly and really providing a great discovery of new taste at each visit.

Great progress of this restaurant, nice place and great experience.

Updated from previous review on 2018-03-19

Pros: Great vegan food, Organic and local, Nice place

Cons: None


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22 Jul 2018

So Yummy!

I was incredibly pleased with this place. The atmosphere is lovely, the food was high quality with great variety, the staff was sweet, helpful and spoke great english. The only catch is that it can be quite expensive (Easily 20 euros for your meal) so maybe this spot is for special occasions only.

Pros: Delicious , High Quality, Friendly Staff

Cons: Expensive


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02 Mar 2018

I would go here again

I was expecting the buffet to be mostly vegetarian with some vegan options, but is was mostly vegan with maybe one or two vegetarian dishes. The ingredients and allergens were clearly listed so that made it very easy. I really liked the food and can't wait to eat there again!


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29 Jan 2018

Really tasty but really pricey!

The food was amazing, the energy of the place really good, but it was really expensive for us (75 euros for 2). If it was closer to the center we would have been there again.

Pros: Many vegan options, Really good quality, Great energy

Cons: Not fully vegan, Expensive, Not so close to the center


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24 Jan 2018


Quiet place, cosy en the fact that you have so many dishes to choose from is heaven!

Pros: lots of vegan options , every dish has its ingredients and allergens writt, about 20 options: hot and cold

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