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Chain of large markets in the Portland area and Oregon. Stocks organic produce, grocery, deli, beer & wine, supplements, care products, and more. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by Peter McGovern


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10 Sep 2015

Best regular grocery store I've ever been to

I was told I'd like this grocery store, but I'm often told things like that and I'm, well, super picky. So, imagine my surprise when I not only liked this store, but I *LOVED* it. I plan to shop here as much as possible. It's amazing! (I've now been to two of their locations, and this one is my favorite so far.)

First, they have a written (on a sign at the front of the store) policy--that was told to us twice by two different store employees--that customers are allowed to open up food and try it while shopping. If you like it, then you buy it. If you don't like it, then you give it to an employee for them to dispose of. If they are told things are gross enough times, they won't carry it anymore. If you buy something and don't like it, they'll take it back--no matter WHY you don't like it. We haven't taken them up on this, but WOW!

Next, Tofurky is "local" in northern Oregon. You know what this means? It means that they have many, many more Tofurky products than I've ever seen before.

Plus, we were looking to try 2-3 new-to-us vegan cheeses. Well, we had to limit it (three times now) to only 5 each time. They literally have that many vegan cheeses. It's amazing. They have a WIDE variety of all kinds of vegan items that I don't normally see.

To be fair, some of the produce is overpriced. Canned, boxed, and otherwise packaged product prices are on-par to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. This means they are a little bit high, but within the realm of reasonable, and considering that I don't have to drive to 3-5 stores to get everything I want: it's a good deal for me.

Bonus: they accept bottle/can returns as donations in a big box at the front of the store.

They also carry a few ready-to-eat vegan meals (quick lunches!), have great non-food "gift" and kitchen sections, have a LARGE makeup/supplement section, and really clean bathrooms. Parking is HUGE and simple, although you might not guess that it's in the back of the store at first glance (especially if you've taken public transportation to get here).

This is a truly great grocery store with superb employees. I highly recommend it.

Pros: LOTS of vegan options, Helpful employees, Wonderful store policies

Cons: Produce is a little overpriced



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16 Apr 2013

Resource for vegans

New Seasons Market in Hillsboro offers many foodstuffs appropriate for vegans, and their deli will also prepare you a freshly made vegan sandwich. They have a fairly wide variety of vegan burger patties, as well as such vegan staples as seitan,tofu, and soy milk. It is a really valuable resource for vegans in Hillsboro.

Pros: Many vegan items, Friendly staff, Vegan deli dishes


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19 Jun 2012

Great place for vegetarians

My husband and I have eatten here three times now and always pleased with our choices. It is a busy time around lunch, but the wait is very minimal what with all the pleasant employees there to help. As the other reviewer mentioned there is a make your own wok area along with an average salad bar. There are three choices of hot homemade soups available (with one or two always being vegetarian). Today's choices for veggies was tomatoe bisque and Morrocan bean soup. Then there is the sandwich making area and also the "choose your own pasta/veggie plate". The area I usually end up in is the deli salads and hot entrees where everyday there is always a vegetarian choice of a hot entree along with several nice healthy salads. My husband seems to always get his favorites which is the Kale-carrot salad and the Indian carrot salad with garbonza beans. I am the one who loves to experiment and have something different. Today was a samosa with the best tasting tamarind sauce to dip with. I also had some greek pasta salad and some spanakopita which was very good. there is plenty of seating area inside and out and very clean. If you enjoy Chinese, Indian or Greek food I would recommend this place for a nice lunch.

Pros: healthy choices, very friendly, get to choose your own portions

Peter McGovern

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Mostly Veg
13 Oct 2008

GREAT place

The food and service here is outstanding. Yesterday My wife and I were doing the make-your-own-wok thing. Somehow, someone took my wok and I had to make the whole thing over again. I was not happy. They COMPED me the wok at NO CHARGE. I was happy.
Another example, this time in the supermarket area. We got home (10 miles away) and discovered we had left our canning jars on the bottom of the cart at the store. I called and Ashley, our checkout person, went outside and found the jars. When she got off work that night she DROVE THEM TO OUR HOUSE! How totally off the charts cool is that?
The deli has lots of organic (and some not organic) veggies laid out saladbar style to make into your own hot dish. You pile all-you-can-fit into a metal bowl, choose your sauce, and then they quick-saute your food in a giant wok. You can add brown rice for 50 cents. It's always tasty.
The grocery store side also offers free tastings. Yesterday they had every variety of apple you can imagine cut into little pieces with toothpicks.
Bottom line...great place to shop and eat, better prices and choice (especially in organic produce) than "Whole Foods", and WAY better customer service (not that Whole Foods has been bad).

Pros: Customer Service, Organic produce choice, Great deli

Cons: won't deliver to our area, some items pricey

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