Vegetarian cafe with vegan options. Serves hot meals, salads and desserts. Please note that this venue adds a 10% surcharge on weekends. Open Thu-Sat 10:00am-3:00pm, Fri 6:00pm-8:30pm, Sun 10:00am-4:00pm. Kitchen closes 2:30pm on weekdays and 3pm on weekends.

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First Review by PotatoesTho


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16 Aug 2022

We went in summer

There was a cockroach crawling in the plate but they gave us one free coffee to make up for it

There were five of us and the meal cost around $100
It was average
There was no disabled access (is that even legal?)
The music was too loud
No one seemed to be in charge

Pros: 5 vegans attended, There was a small cockroach crawling on the side , They gave us one free coffee

Cons: Staff didn’t know what they were doing, Music was too loud, No disabled access


16 Apr 2023

Odd to be complaining about cockroaches as a vegan. There is nothing inherently dirty about them, save for biases and prejudices


16 Sep 2023

Odd to suggest that someone shouldn't mention a Cockroach in a restaurant, how would you feel if you ate a Cockroach at Nevedya, or elsewhere? They do list the Cockroach as a pro btw...



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26 Jun 2022

Amazing menu, lovely space

The menu is great and seems like almost everything can be veganized. We had the 6-course set menu, and every single dish was delicious and very unique. The drinks were also great, and the decor and live music really added to the experience.


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12 May 2021

Gorgeous Cafe

Lovely cafe with a nice heated outdoor area as well. Delicious food, Zen vibes, range of drinks and treats in addition to the main meals which includes delicious thalis


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29 Jan 2021

Good for a slow mid-week lunch in the hills.

Great little place with a lovely outdoor area. Good choice of vegan and vegan option dishes. Food was fabulous. Service was slow - left standing unattended waiting for a table; slow to be given menus, orders taken and especially food delivered. I was given a non vegan meal despite waiter verifying on ordering a vegan dish and it was only on close inspection (for taking a photo) that I saw the hidden egg. Then wait staff tried to blame eachother & then us?!
Despite the negatives I would definitely try again and hope the issues we experienced were once offs.

Pros: Nice leafy outdoor area with nooks, Delicious food

Cons: Expensive, Busy - make a booking on weekends, Very slow service


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09 Jan 2021

Cute outdoor area and amazing food

Such a delicious meal, and a cute little nook to sit down in surrounded by a beautiful garden. highly recommend the vegan option of corn fritters and halloumi

Pros: Delicious food in vegan options , great outdoor area

Cons: Little bit on the pricey side but worth it


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07 Jan 2021

Ayurvedic food, peaceful experience

Wow! The Khichadi would have me driving across Melbourne to have again, it was so tasty. Beautifully spiced and fresh, with the right amount of cabbage and corrander. I had mine with dosa (optional for an extra $4) and it was amazing. The dosa was crisp and with the right dosa flavour (authentic).
I was impressed by the service, attentive but not intrusive. I was welcomed when I entered, and noticed a lot of the tables were booked. I had not made a booking, but was pleased to see they had outdoor seating availability in the garden. It was a perfect, sunny day for sitting in the sun - which made the experience more enjoyable.
I didn't have to wait too long for my chai to come out, and it was good. I remembered after I ordered, I forgot to ask for it strong ( not a fan of the overly milky weak chai which is all to common). But I needn't have worried. It was great.
I note from other reviews the menu does seem to change from time to time, but if you get a chance to try this dish (and restaurant)- give it a go!

Pros: Nice deck and garden area, Some unusual dishes

Cons: Serves dairy


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24 Sep 2019

My happy place

I’m so lucky to live near Nevedya. It’s my favourite place to have breakfast or lunch in the hills. It’s such a relaxing atmosphere and the food is always incredible. I’ve visited with a number of friends and all have been impressed. The pace here is slow, which I love, but something to consider if you’re up for a quick bite.

Pros: Beautifully presented and delicious food, Calm and happy staff, Relaxing and inviting atmosphere


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15 Sep 2019

Great cafe

Great atmosphere, lovely staff and yummy food


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24 Feb 2019

Don’t be in a hurry

It had been a long time between lunches and I noticed the menu had changed, so I decided it was time to try this place again. The interior is nice and and peaceful. I decided on the most substantial - and correspondingly expensive at $24 - dish: the medicinal mushrooms. The meal took 20-25 minutes to arrive at a not particularly busy time and was not huge for the price. It was tasty though, and satisfyingly savoury with a slightly spicy tomato, tahini and chilli sauce. I came back another day (also not busy) and waited 10-15 minutes to have my order taken before going up to the counter (where I did receive an apology for not being attended to). I ordered the Japanese-influenced avo on toast ($17 regular) with tamari tempeh ($4) for protein, and was advised my order had been bumped up because of the wait. The avo was delicious: I have always loved the combination of avocado and miso, and the fresh carrot and cucumber complemented it beautifully. Just make sure you have the time to relax.


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30 Sep 2018

Nice fusion foods

The food here was good but perhaps a bit salty. Close to the Kakoda Memorial Walk, so good for some recovery food. We went for lunch and they had an all day breakfast menu and a selection of seasonal lunch items. All of the items had nice ingredients and unique flavours - the Mexican dosa was a nice fusion between Indian and Mexican, for example. The price, portions and service speed were all that let them down.

Pros: Nice and unique selection of flavours

Cons: Expensive, Portion sizes could be bigger, Slow service for lunch


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12 Sep 2018

Great cafe

Great food, relaxing vibe and amazing service all round. I honestly can't recommend Nevedya highly enough. Unlike most vegetarian / health conscious cafes, all of the meals are unique, balanced and incredibly tasty. Some are fresh and light, some are rich and deep, and some sit right in the middle. Bring your dog if you want, sit round the back and enjoy.

It's great that they use a more ethical dairy source too. I know some people find it hard to swallow consuming any dairy at all, however the reality is the majority of people eat dairy, and from my estimation it's a hell of a lot better for and from cows that have a rich, healthy life. Bring on cafes and restaurants like Nevedya that take a stand whilst also operating in the real world.

Pros: Great food, Relaxing atmosphere, Outstanding service

Cons: It's a 15 minute drive from home ;(


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08 Sep 2018

Stonkingly good veg/vegan fare

It's hard to imagine improving on what Nevedya has to offer: this stonkingly good vegetarian and vegan cafe has it all. As soon as one walks in the door it's clear you're in for something special: the interior is beautifully decorated in deep, warm earthy tones with utterly delightful organic wooden furniture throughout; everywhere the eye rests is a treat.

Coffee is simply splendid (even the soy, which I've never seen curdled here), and served in lovely satisfying mugs that demand to be hugged on chilly days. The menu, however, is the true star of the show: varied, exciting and utterly delicious. We've been back several times now, and from the crispy cheesy mushroom dosa to the complex and filling za'atar and feta scrambled eggs and the hearty and satisfying curry special, everything is just indecently tasty. You'll never want to eat anything else.

Everything is organic and ethically sourced (just ask about the happy cows from whom their milk comes!). The ambiance is warm and welcoming, with lovely ambient music at just the right volume, and the staff are friendly and joyous.

Nevedya is a wonderful spot. Couldn't recommend it more.


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Non Veg
08 Sep 2018


The food at Nevedya has ruined me for all other cafes. If you only try one thing at Nevedya I would recommend the dosas above all else. Having said that we’re yet to have a bad or even middling meal here since they opened several months ago and we’ve been going weekly.

Having the great misfortune of having to order decaf coffee more often than not, I won’t comment on the coffee other than to say I recommend ordering a “strong” decaf if you, like me, like your coffee strong. Excitingly they have a “hot drink special”, currently hot chocolate with maca, cayenne, ginger, raw cacao, and coconut, which I’m dying to try.

On top of the scrumptious food the aesthetic has been lovingly crafted down to very particular details (hand-made curtains in the bathrooms!) - very Rivendell meets Ishka. The staff’s obvious enjoyment of their workplace and each other makes for a really lovely, warm atmosphere too.

Pros: Excellent food, Beautiful aesthetic, Friendly staff


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05 Aug 2018

3.5 stars

It's great that there is another veg place in the hills; I could score it higher if there were more vegan choices and not just options. The "happy cow" *ethical* milk option creeps me out. Anyone who has spent 5 minutes googling the dairy industry realises ethical dairy is a myth.

That aside, the sausage and beans from the breakfast menu was actually very good; the housemade sausages were a little too soft, but the beans and accompanying sauces had a great smoky flavour. The Poutine from the lunch specials menu wasn't as well executed unfortunately; the gravy lacked depth and richness.

It's early days for this cafe and I'm sure they will be a popular choice for local vegetarians.

Updated from previous review on 2018-08-04

Pros: Some vegan choices

Cons: Dairy, On the pricey side


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04 Aug 2018

very vego

Another very vegetarian venue with a reasonable amount of vegan options, but very few vegan dishes. While this seems an odd thing to complain about, mistakes are made all too often and dairy etc is fed to vegans. It is also very obvious that vegan food is inclusive, there is not the slightest reason why a vegetarian would avoid it, yet vegetarian food is exclusive. A smart business owner would be very keen to make their vegetarian eatery, vegan.
Nevedya had to double check our hot drink order and then upon delivering our food, mentioned that the toast was still to come, as it had to be re-made after dairy butter was spread upon it the first time... case in point.
The food was not great, the portion sizes were reasonable, but small for the price. I would like to return, but will have to keep an eye on the ever-changing lunch menu to see if it appeals. The abundance of communal seating is also unappealing to me, due to the very eggy & cheesy menu.

Pros: Location

Cons: Not very vegan friendly, Repeated promotion of 'ethical' cruelty

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