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Serves meat, vegan options available. Mediterranean restaurant and shop with a few locations. Vegan menu options are labeled and include traditional items such as falafel, hummus, and tabouli, plus deli sides such as butternut squash salad and kale salad. Has a vegan baklava option. Originally known as Neomonde Baking Company. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-9:00pm.

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29 Reviews

First Review by wackypig


Points +77

19 Aug 2023

So many choices

I ordered the plate with three sides and had a hard time choosing among all the vegan and vegetarian options. I got carrot salad, chickpea salad, and mujadara. All were delicious.

Pros: Options, Reasonably priced, Delicious and fresh



Points +52

28 Mar 2023

Loads of vegan options

I had a delicious flatbread for lunch here with some kale salad. It was so good - I got four vegan sides to take home to my husband as well as a vegan peanut butter brownie. Amazing food.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Easy ordering , Casual atmosphere


Points +196

28 Nov 2022

A must!!

I love Neomonde so much! Never been dissatisfied here!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Labeled , Affordable


Points +63

05 Oct 2022

Good food!

Great place that serves food for all different types of diet. I had the falafel platter. There was a miscommunication and I got the tzatziki which wasn’t vegan, so the person who took my order gave me a vegan cake to make up for it 🥹

They have the labels v and veg both for vegetarian in different colors which gets confusing so just confirm once if you’re not sure!

Pros: Tasty


Points +1381

27 Sep 2022

Great sides

Falafel is very good and there are several vegan side options including baklava.


Points +19

Mostly Veg
05 Jul 2022

Great salads! Love hot lentil entree and cold cabbage salad. Lots of GF.

We often pick up takeout and munch away for days afterwards. We also have had catering for work lunches. Great choices.


Points +23

01 Jan 2021

very good

Very clean and inviting atmosphere. I felt Covid safe as people were spaced apart and there is an option for outside dining. Easy to order, fresh food display case to see what you would like to order. Excellent menu selection. Meal was delicious! Fresh baked desserts hard to resist! Reasonable prices, fast service. I bought a pumpernickel bread from their grocery to take home because it looked so good. I was disappointed as it lacked the texture and flavor I expected. It was like a lightweight white bread, but darker. I ended up buying an excellent pumpernickel from Trader Joes and freezing that one for croutons.

Pros: fresh, clean, Covid safe

Cons: Pumpernickel bread, no flavor or texture


Points +182

29 Dec 2020

My favorite vegan food in Raleigh

We had Neomonde vegan food for our wedding reception in 2010. Their hummus, tabbouleh, falafel and baba gannoush are my favorites of all time. Just the best!

Pros: Variety, Full of flavor, Outdoor seating

Cons: Parking at busy times


Points +26

24 Oct 2020


Haven’t been to Neomande in a while, but the experience was just the same. Ordered a platter and the person taking my order was very helpful to point out the vegan options. My husband order the kabobs (he is obviously NOT vegan). This was the first time in while that both my husband and I were satisfied with a meal.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Great customer service


Points +30

08 Sep 2019

great mediterranean

on par with the family meals i grew up with


Points +48

17 Jun 2019

So many great vegan options!

Lively atmosphere with cafeteria-style service. The majadarah is deeply satisfying and delicious comfort food and shouldn't be missed. Hummus has a slight kick. Great pita.


Points +88

14 Aug 2018

Lots of choices, even dessert

Pretty much all of the sides are vegan and they all taste great! They even had vegan baklava!

Pros: Lots of vegan options (sides), Dessert!

Cons: Not a ton of main courses for vegans


Points +165

19 May 2018

Awesome selection

A great place to get vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and yes also meat. It's always hard to find places were everyone has a different dietary restrictions. Well Neomonde solves that issue and above that excellent food as well. I had the Neomonde platter (Baba ghanoush, Hummus, Tabbouleh, olives and Dolmas) a side falafel and pita to top it of vegan baklava. So good.

Pros: Many vegan options

Cons: Very busy during lunch


Points +22

18 May 2018

So many options!

There were so many filling vegan options and options for sides it was amazing! Just had the most filling falafel pita sandwich and really creamy hummus. Would definitely recommend for vegans and vegetarians.

Pros: Options, Vegan/Veg labels , Filling meal!


Points +415

28 Jan 2018

Awesome and Eclectic!

There's so much to take in here: the falafels, the sides, the LASAGNA. If you eat here, definitely give their lasagna a try! It was phenomenal!! If you are into falafels, the restaurant has an excellent vegetarian falafel. If you love chickpeas you can not miss their chickpea fries! They're nothing short of breathtaking!

Pros: Unique, Ethnic, Lasanga

Cons: A little overboard on the tahini


Points +67

02 Jan 2018

lots of great vegan options

We had an awesome lunch. There were so many different foods, it was hard to decide. We ended up getting the falafel with a couple sides each. The jalapeño humus was awesome and spicy!

Pros: lots of choices , friendly staff

Cons: serves non-vegan foods


Points +81

30 Dec 2017

very good

Love the hummus, falafel, pita bread, grape leaves. Whole Foods also sells their pita bread.


Points +94

22 Jul 2017

Many options, great food

Everything clearly marked with ingredients and whether or not it's vegan, vegitarian or whatever. The food is incredible. Very fresh. Employees are friendly

The Vegan Chemist

Points +192

03 Jul 2017

Awesome vegan options

I have been eating at Neomonde even before I became a plant-based eater! They have amazing options and they are reasonably priced. It's worth the wait if you have to wait. At the counter, they have all or most of the ingredients listed vegan - if you ask to make sure, they'll tell you. Just thinking about the food makes me want it! The outside seating is really cute.

Also, their little grocery store has vegan options for people and the items are well priced. Every time I go there, I stock up.

Edit: It's 2017 and now that I moved to Raleigh, I visit Neomonde regularly (and their sister restaurant, equally friendly, Sassool). They do have VEGAN BAKLAVA now and sometimes speciality vegan desserts. =)

The falafel sandwich is my favorite along with their various flavored hummus. The participated in the Oak City Vegan Chef Challenge in 2016 and came up with a unique and delicious entree. I will continue to support them.

Updated from previous review on 2012-08-06

Pros: well priced, delicious food and vegan label foods, vegan baklava!!

Cons: minimal vegan desserts


Points +11

Mostly Veg
27 Apr 2017

Company Name Change

We are no longer Neomonde Baking Company. We are now Neomonde Mediterranean.

Pros: Neomonde Mediterranean

Cons: Neomonde Baking Company


Points +163

01 Nov 2016

So good!

I seriously love this place! My husband and I always get the same thing: falafel sandwich on whole wheat pita with a side of kale salad and a side of lentil salad. This meal never gets old. I could literally eat this meal every other day and not get sick of it. They have the best falafel sandwiches packed full of fresh falafels, generous amounts of tahini with unique pickles, lettuce, parsley, and turnips (oh, and tomatoes which I omit). Don't be fooled by those turnips - they pickle them or something which makes them a very nice addition to the sandwich. The staff is friendly and they do their best to get everyone's food out to them as quickly as possible.

Pros: Best falafel sandwich - ever, Friendly staff

Cons: During their busy time parking can be difficult , They serve animal flesh


Points +797

06 Jun 2016

Great Baba Ganouj

I love their baba ganouj, stuffed grape leaves, and jalapeno-cilantro hummus. I really appreciate that they have whole-wheat pita bread, but be forewarned that if you buy a package of it to take home, it tends to mold over at room temperature within 2-3 days because it is preservative-free. So eat it up within that time.


Points +66

19 Nov 2014

Good True Mid-East Eats!

Closest I have come to the Falafel I loved while living in Europe. Good fresh food!

Pros: Taste , Quality

Cons: Not entirely vegan.


Points +211

27 Aug 2014

Great Mediterranian Fare

Neomonde is a great go-to place in Raleigh for Mediterranean food (though I would recommend Mediterranean Deli in Chapel Hill over Neomonde in the overall Triangle area). The falafel sandwich is fantastic, as is their grape leaves (my favorite) and tabbouleh, as well as other veg*n dishes they have in rotation.

Everything in their deli case is labeled as being vegetarian or vegan, which is INCREDIBLY helpful. The staff is very nice, and it is a lovely local, family-owned place.

Pros: Great food, Excellent food labeling, Friendly and family-owned

Cons: Parking can be tricky sometimes, Long-ish wait if during lunch


Points +17

30 Jul 2014

Always delicious!

I can't get enough of Neomonde. Their food is always fresh and tasty. I love that it's counter service, so it's affordable and the closest thing to veg-friendly fast-food we have in Raleigh. We eat here about every weekend. I even got my omnivore co-workers hooked, and they go weekly, too. Neomonde Catering is exceptional for parties and office lunches.

I find the ordering process and payment line chaotic, especially at peak times, so a little patience is needed (or maybe I'm just hungry and grumpy when I arrive).

Pros: Outstanding, fresh veg-friendly food, Affordable, Great variety

Cons: Frequently crowded

Amelia Mango

Points +24

12 Nov 2013

Really good!!!

The food was excellent! Everything was really fresh. They offer a lot of vegan options, with a lot of variety. The staff was very helpful and friendly. There was plenty of room between tables so you can really enjoy the conversation.

Pros: Budget friendly, Helpful staff, Really good food


Points +85

14 Aug 2011

One of My Favorites

There are numerous vegan options at the deli counter, so I don't know what the first review here is talking about. Every time I go, I can eat a ton of awesome Middle Eastern food (the owners are Lebanese) for a comparatively small amount of money. If you're at all unsure about the ingredients, just ask! The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

I always buy a big pack of dried dates here, as well as a few pounds of bulk olives. This is the cheapest place to get these things in Raleigh that I've found so far.

Whenever I have people visiting, I always take them to Neomonde, whether they're vegan or omni. I've yet to have someone go away dissatisfied.

Pros: friendly staff, good value, delicious food

Cons: crowded

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