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Morning Glory

  • Vegetarian
    ( 37 reviews )
Contact 08-77175275

34 Phrapokklao Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand,

Food is vegan except for yogurt for fruit salad and honey in/for pancakes. Vegetarian restaurant making mostly Thai food dishes and hosts cooking classes. Open daily but varies depending on whether there is a class taking place. If a class is scheduled, it opens around 5pm. Move to this location 30m from ChiangMai Gate in 2014; previously at 46/32 Ratchawithin Rd.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Thai

Reviews (37)

First Review by Gudrun

Best vegan food in Chiang Mai - Edit

Luckily I traveller with a friend who was just as greedy and hungry as me and we tried a big selection of the dishes at Morning Glory. Though the waiting time was long it was well worth the wait! My only regret is we didn't have time to do the vegan Thai cooking course!

Pros: Fresh flavours, Offer cooking classes

Cons: Hard to find

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Chipped a tooth - Edit

Chipped a tooth on a small pebble found in the massaman curry but the flavour totally made up for it :)

Pros: Flavour of the food is epic , Made to order vegan food

Cons: Chipped a tooth on a pebble , Poor service compared to Western standards

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Disappointing - Edit

Certain dishes were great, some where so so. Wouldn't come back again.

Pros: pumpkin soup , vegan food

Cons: slow services / slow in getting the food , smallish place, not very inviting set up

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Food Good, Service Slow - Edit

The prices seem reasonable at first glance but the proportions are small, more like tapas. You need to order like 4-5 per person for meal. The service is extremely show. Family run business.

Pros: great food taste, not afraid to use spices, reasonable prices for snacks

Cons: small proportions, very slow to get meal, can't seat too many people, small shop

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Tasty food but very bad service - Edit

We ordered the Pad Thai and the Pumpkin Soup, both tasty but the portion size was rather small although the prize is a little bit higher than elsewhere in Chiang Mai (60 Baht). I also found a hair in my Pad Thai..... But rather than wasting a plate of otherwise good food I just threw it away and enjoyed my meal.

The service was absolutely bad. We weren't greeted when we entered the restaurant despite us being the only guests. Even when the waiter who seemed really bored wrote down our order he didn't say anything to us.

What a huge contrast to the service and happy nice people at Happy Green! Their menue is also very outworn. There isn't much love in this place. Can not recommend.

Pros: Food is okay, Almost vegan place

Cons: Hair in food , Bad service, Restaurant is a little outworn

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Nice food, poor service - Edit

The food was fresh and tasty - though the main ingredient in my dish - the tofu - was absent, and when I asked about it, I was swiftly presented with 4 pieces of cold tofu on a plate to add myself. No apology or effort. I left pretty quickly as it seemed to be a bother that I was there.

Pros: Fresh tasting

Cons: Staff, Effort

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Best Vegan Restaurant in Chiang Mai - Edit

We found this place because it was the only vegan/vegetarian place opened after 6 nearby, food is delicious to say the least, they make it according to every person's taste and need. We ordered the vegetarian "fish" (seitan) with seaweed and coconut milk, deep fried seaweed served with chili-mango sauce, friend bean sprouts with tofu, brown rice, and for dessert the black sticky rice with coconut milk, mango and banana. I got hungry just by writing this, everything was perfect and a great value. The place is run by a very nice and pretty lady who speaks very good English, she even offers Thai cuisine courses if you're interested

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favourite restaurant in Chiang Mai, great cooking class - Edit

I absolutely love this place and could've visited it everyday! the prices are reasonable, pretty cheap actually and the portion sizes are definitely ok. the owners choose the ingredients with great care and cook pretty healthily, using only small amounts of oil etc. and I'm pretty sure you can aks to omit the oil or anything else completely. They do speak English very well for Thai people (:
We also joined the daily cooking class once for 1200B where we went to the South Gate Market first and then learned how to cook 14 famous, 100% vegan Thai dishes in a small group of 4 people. The teacher was super friendly and spoke English pretty well. We were even allowed to cook without oil if we wanted to and add spices as we liked.
a must for any vegan in Chiang Mai! (:

Pros: cheap, healthy, possibility to omit ingredients, f

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A vegan heaven - Edit

If we had known of this place earlier we wouldn't have booked my flight from Chiang Mai so soon!
Such a large variety of delicious dishes at such ridiculously low prices.
Too bad we didn't have the chance to attend the morning cooking class.

Pros: Large variety, Very affordable, Delicious

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Amazing food!!! - Edit

The food at Morning glory is simply to die for ! It's pretty much all vegan and it just taste really amazing ! The only bad thing I would say is the service, they don't seem very happy or friendly and if you want to go there, go a little earlier in the evening before it gets packed in there because other wise you can be waiting for your food for quite a while. They know how to cook so definitely TRY IT ! :)

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Great Thai Food - Mostly Vegan - Edit

This is the former May Kaidee's. It's a different location but it is the same owner and the same menu and the food is just as good as it always was.

Actually the food is mostly vegan, they don't use eggs, the only thing not vegan is yoghurt offered on the fruit salad and honey on the pancake.

The building is small and unspectacular but the food is wonderful. All Thai food, but they probably serve up some of the best Thai vegan food in Chiang Mai.

Pros: Mostly vegan, Cheap, Very tasty

Cons: Boring space, Only Thai food

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Amazing food, decor and location could be better. - Edit

Me and my partner are vegan, we both really loved the food! The curry was very yummy and cooked to our specifications :) It is right on the street though, and the decor is lackluster. I think it's because they might not get much business, which is a shame because it's wonderful food :)

Pros: Amazing food, Lovely staff

Cons: Shabby place, Right on the road, no aircon

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My favourite place to eat in Chiang Mai! - Edit

I love going to this place, everything I have ordered there has been very tasty. It has a nice big sign out the front saying Vegan also which is very cool. I would 100% getting mango sticky rice with banana for desert, I love it and get it every time I go.

Pros: Yummy food!

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Amazing food so-so service - Edit

Had the most incredibly delicious masaman curry and mint shake here. The wild rice is also excellent. The service was off hand and I had to go to the kitchen several times just to get their attention. Overall a great choice for vegan Thai.

Pros: masaman curry, delicious rice

Cons: off hand service

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9/10 for taste and health, accommodating staff - Edit

This is the place to go if you want healthy food (easy to ask for no added oils, tofu, etc.) that is super flavorful. I had the pumpkin curry and my friend had an eggplant dish, we split the fried spring rolls (they also offer fresh). The brown/wild rice mix is fantastic, probably the best steamed rice I've had in Chiang Mai - and it's actually filling unlike the standard jasmine you find at most Thai restaurants. The pineapple coconut smoothie was creamy and sweet with no added sugar. For the quality of the food I'd say it's reasonably priced... About 5 US dollars for a smoothie, curry with rice, and spring rolls.

My only complaint would be that it was ridiculously hot - the A/C was broken when I was there and the fan wasn't very effective. Another thing (that I personally don't care very much about, but others may) is that the venue is rather dumpy - quite small and not much color or decor. But I have heard that they only recently opened at this location, so perhaps they'll be jazzing it up soon!

Pros: Delicious!, Fair prices, Very healthy

Cons: HOT (a/c broken?), building not very aesthetically pleasing

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No-nonsense, but tasty - Edit

I guess I had different experiences from some other reviewers -- this was my favorite veggie restaurant (of the ones I got to!) in CM.

It's true that it's a no-nonsense place. But that also means they won't give you a hard sell or move you along! And when I asked for anything or paid the bill, they were nice and accommodated me. They basically just leave you alone unless you ask for anything.

I had a couple different curries -- one was great (red, I think, but can't recall specific type) and the best I had in CM, and one was ok (musselman, which I think I'm just not as much a fan of in general -- nothing wrong with theirs). It takes them a little while, but it seems very freshly made, and it's not a high-turnover place.

It's 80 baht for a curry and brown rice, which I also found to be very much on the cheap end for veggie places in CM.

Pros: Good taste and fresh, Inexpensive

Cons: Admittedly not an inspiring interior

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Very tasty and fresh food - Edit

This place looks really simple, but the food is great. The portions are not very big but still worth the price, as the food is so fresh and flavorful (and cheaper than in asny similar place in Bangkok).

We ate there twice while in Chiang Mai. When we went there on the third evening, the place was closed. I wish they had informed about this in advance/posted about this online, as that was outside their regular closing hours. At least they could have written a note on the door to explain why they were closed.

Pros: Very tasty and flavorful , Very fresh, OK prices

Cons: Not everything is vegan, Irregular closing hours

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Average food, Moderate price - Edit

Cheap meals but small servings. Recommend the pumpkin smash which was really good and the massaman curry. Terrible service altogether and the food takes a while to come out even if your the only person in the restaurant.

Pros: Standout meal - pumpkin smash

Cons: Terrible service, Small serving, Moderate pricing for meal size

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fall asleep waiting for small portions - Edit

Bad menu description, no photos, very busy and only 2 staff in total. Disaster plan?

Not quite. The food is alright. It's not expensive but the waiter was in a huge hurry and I felt i had a disappointing experience.

Wifi password is gloryday.

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would go there again - Edit

It tasted good and the atmosphere was nice as well.
Mainly tourist customers.
But still decent prices.
Service a bit slow, don't go there if you are in a hurry.
Updated from previous review on Sunday January 18, 2015

Pros: Fresh food

Cons: Service a bit slow

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Good value - Edit

This place is very cheap for a made-to-order restaurant, and the food doesn't disappoint. It's fresh and tasty, even if portions are a little small.

I came here twice, and on the second time this nice, quiet restaurant got taken over by this large group of hippies. There were so many of them and this restaurant is so small that they became quite imposing.
I cannot bemoan the restaurant for trying to fit them all in, because they brought a lot of business. But it did certainly impact, negatively, the experience of everyone else who was dining here. Especially when the hippies pulled out a guitar and started singing, and the owner of this once peaceful restaurant did nothing to quieten them.

Still, I can't blame the restaurant for hippies, and on my other visit here, when there were no hippies, I really enjoyed it.

Pros: Good value, fresh food, Quiet, relaxed atmosphere when there are no hippie

Cons: Hippies

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Morning Glory, Chiang Mai - Edit

What's the story?

I spun in here to use the wifi and grab a mixed fruit smoothie type drink. My girlfriend ordered a salad, not something I usually get excited about but this was delicious. The drink was also a delight. 90 baht for the two. If I'm around here again I'd be delighted to try their menu more extensively.

Pros: Vegan friendly, Tasty and decent value

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Amazing! Food And Cooking Course. - Edit

Very sweet homey place, food is delicious. Vegan and vegetarian Thai food.. Cooked with lots of attention to ingredients by the owners themselves. We had a great dinner and booked the cooking class for the next morning which is also super recommended.

Pros: Great Food

Cons: When Busy You'll Need Patience

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Very delicious - Edit

I was really impressed by how tasty their food is. Everything we tried seemed very fresh, fragrant, nicely balanced, a bit spicy but not too much. Their Tom Yam soup was probably the best I tried in the region. Their prices - 50 baht for most dishes - is quite a good value.

Despite all this I can only give four stars because it's not a 100% vegan place. In addition, they have leaflets on their tables that promote seafood cooking classes and another restaurant serving meat dishes.

Working hours could also be advertised more clearly. On their facebook page they say they're open Mon-Sun, but when we visited them on Saturday, we found the place closed.

Location: their current location is 18.782023, 98.988994 (copy paste to google maps).

Pros: very tasty, good value

Cons: not everything is vegan, not clear opening days/hours

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Very Disappointing - Edit

This is what we ordered: pumpkin soup, penang curry and baked glass noodle salad with sesame oil, vegetables and tofu.

After about 20 minutes the waitress brought us the "curry", which can be described as: "a pile of tofu and soy protein with some red curry and pieces of eggplant on the top". After about 10 minutes the pumpkin soup came. It was cold and I am not sure if there was pumpkin in it at all...When I ordered it I asked twice if it was vegan and they said yes but I am almost sure that there was dairy in it....But let's move on. Considering that we waited for very long and in the kitchen there were about 5 people working on the glass noodle salad I thought that they were making something very special and perhaps good...Well surely it was special! We got a plate with deep fried glass noodles (not even in sesame oil) and some soggy mushrooms (just defrosted in warm water I guess)and pieces of tofu and soy protein (very watery...)on the side. For "dressing" we got a bowl full of soya sauce with plenty of white sugar on the bottom. After tasting the watery mushrooms and a bit of the deep fried crispy glass noodles, we left it there. I always eat everything that is vegan, but this was not the case. I'm not going back there for sure!

Pros: Location

Cons: Recipes, Amount of tofu, No vegetables!

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worst restaurant experience ever - Edit

The stacks of used bowls, plates, and utensils that had not been cleared from the table from two rounds of diners before us should have been a sign but since it was packed, and the sign said formerly known as May Kaidee's (which is amazing!), we thought why not give it a try. But every thing we ordered was a complete fail. From the appetizer to the main entrees. Complete disaster. For starters, the glass noodle salad was hot. Hot! And it wasn't supposed to be hot at all. It had fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and so on, under a pile of steaming hot glass noodles that had been covered in some salad dressing. Hot salad dressing. It was like trying to eat a hot pasta salad. It just doesn't make sense. Our main courses were even worse. We ordered the drunken noodles as well as a red curry. Both were awful. The noodles were obliterated, it was missing key ingredients like tofu, and the vegetables consisted of very over cooked and bland vegetables (carrots, baby corn, etc.). If I would have been back home I would have sent it back. It was plain awful. Moving on to the red curry. The flavor was there but this too was missing tofu. And it was full of huge hunks of pineapple. Even the rice was a failure. I mean come on, we're in Thailand! Even I can make rice properly! May Kaidee would be ashamed. Hell I would be ashamed if I cooked this poorly. Even the street vendors who sell their food for half the price do a way better job than Morning Glory. Like I said, worst restaurant experience ever.

Pros: vegetarian food

Cons: terrible service, filthy restaurant, awful food

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The pumpkin smash is to die for and a must try for everyone! It doesn't look that great on the plate but it's seriously so good! Comes with brown rice too.

The papaya salad was delicious as well.
Very accommodating when ordering no fat or salt in dishes.

Location is small and super simple. Just tables and chairs.

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Would not go back! - Edit

I had a Pad Thai and a fruit shake, a very basic choice that I thought you couldn't go wrong with. The noodledish was quite shockingly bad, I was served some slimy noodles that were drenched in soy sauce and I had to dig to find the few pieces of vegetables and tofu. The shake was watery. The service was indifferent, almost a bit rude, and the atmosphere is dull. Yeah, I was definitely not impressed.

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Poor:( - Edit

After eating a very good meal and taking fruit carving classes at Mai Kaidee's in Bangkok I was excited to try her sister's specialities. Unfortunately everything we had was extremely salty, too much soy sauce has been used. Long waiting time is a standard in Asia, but for our food we waited too long:( Overall, not recommend to anyone. Aum is not far from this place.

Cons: Too much soy sauce

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Morning Glory - Edit

This little place is situated close to a really authentic market in Chiang mai. While in Thailand we heard about Thai cooking class and we decided to go for it! It was quite hard to find thai cooking class completely vegetarian!
Then we found Morning Glory Cooking class (also Mai kai Dee), whom are the same person that own the restaurant.
I took part of the cooking class and prepare all dishes that are usually prepared at the restaurant and everything was absolutely delicious! The family are really nice and friendly.
Before cooking the dishes we went to the market, where they explain all various veggies and product that will be using in our recopies!
It was a great experience, which I suggest to every vegetarian that goes to Chiang Mai.

Pros: Excellent food, Great teaching, Really friendly

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Good, but not May Kaidee's - Edit

"Morning Glory" on Ratchawithi Rd. is situated right in the old city center of Chiang Mai and easy to find. It is a typical Thai eatery with no front door (= just an open space). The interior is quite simple and some of its parts - like the bar- could use some fresh paint. The restaurant is advertising itself as "formerly May Kaidee's" which I think created too high expectations in me. I had seen May Kaidee's on Samsen Rd. in Bangkok (see my review on that one) and well, this is not May Kaidee's. But the place has it's own charm. It has quite an extensive menu with many vegan items, the food is good and inexpensive, all Thai style. But I missed the "wow" effect I had back in Bangkok. If I ever get back to Chiang Mai I will certainly pass by again, and also try one of their cooking classes. But I wouldn't take a long detour just for this restaurant - there are many other good veggie places in town.

Pros: good food, inexpensive, easy to find

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