Serves meat, vegan options available. Contemporary eatery with a dedicated vegan menu. Dishes include moussaka with soya mince/béchamel sauce, sweet potato salad with jackfruit and more. Also offers a chocolate tart for dessert. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-1:30am.

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First Review by del_monte


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21 Oct 2023

Greek dishes in vegan versions

Very happy to find a vegan moussaka here!

Pros: Mutiple vegan main course options, Nice atmosphere, Tasty cocktails



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07 Oct 2023

Pretty uninspiring

I got the vegan burgers. It’s literally just two pretty flavourless vegan patties and a cold potato salad.

There’s a small number of vegan items on the menu and they’re clearly labelled.

As you arrive they put a bottle of water on the table and pour it immediately without saying anything, so you assume it’s complimentary. You’ll find it on the bill for €2.20, which is pretty shady. I paid for it in lieu of a tip.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-07

Pros: Clearly marked vegan options

Cons: Pretty uninspiring food , Water bottle is obligatory and charged for


19 Oct 2023

not tipping is a big yikes. bragging about it online is an even bigger yikes..


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24 Sep 2023

Amazing vegan options

The soy balls are AMAZING! We also had a delicious vegan moussaka!!


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18 Jul 2023

Vegan moussaka

Cute restaurant. I had vegan moussaka which was fine, the side salad was very nice. They put a bottle of water on your table as soon as you sit and pour in the water (which you did not order nor was it complimentary) Not a big fan of that tbh

Pros: Moussake was fine, salad was very nice, Cool (water) fans, Awesome floor in the toilets


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19 May 2023

Moussaka was fine. Mixed salad was amazing

I found the vegan moussaka ok. The mixed salad however was AMAZING. Had citrus fruits & pistachios in & the dressing was great. Vegan & veggie dishes are labelled on the menu

Pros: Open late, Incredible salad


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29 Jan 2023

Vegan Moussaka

It's rather pricy as to be expected in this area but still fine. The vegan Moussaka was tasty and the food came quite fast.

Pros: Good options, Friendly staff

Cons: A but more pricey


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29 Oct 2022

Delicious vegan moussaka

The moussaka was very delicious , the cocktails were also great

Pros: Delicious moussaka, Big portion

Cons: Very few options


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14 Jun 2022


Food was excellent, they had three vegan options: a salad, pizza and the moussaka. The salad was deliciously fresh with orange slices & the moussaka was such a generous size and tasty - i couldn’t finish it. Staff were lovely.


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06 Jun 2022

Vegan moussaka

The vegan moussaka was delicious and the portion sizes were large, lovely atmosphere


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29 Dec 2021

Very central option with nice atmosphere

I had the vegan mousakka (€10) which was good, but I don’t recommend for those who want a lighter meal…

Pros: Nice staff, Quick


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16 Sep 2021

Great location and vegan options

I had the vegan moussaka, which was quite good.

Pros: Vegan options


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15 Aug 2021

Good food

Nice location, nice staff, tasty food.
They have a few vegan options.

Pros: Large portions , Tasty

Cons: Maybe a bit too pricey?


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01 Mar 2020

Ask for the vegan menu

There is a separate vegan menu. I ordered the moussaka and it was very good. It’s very rich and heavy, so make sure you’re hungry! They offer soya milk for coffee, and I also saw a vegan granola bowl on the regular breakfast menu if you’d prefer something lighter.


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26 Feb 2020

Delicous salad

They have a small vegan menu with: salad, moussaka, gluten-free pasta and chocolate cake.
I had the salad with greens, sweet potato, kidney beans and vegan cheese. It was very tasty and satisfying.


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27 Jan 2020


Heard great things about the vegan moussaka but they only had the pasta left and no dessert options available despite having a seperate vegan menu. The staff were nice enough and the service was quick but the pasta was bland. It was meant to be in pesto sauce but tasted like snot, was told this is how it is meant to be and not offered an alternative.

Pros: Modern restaurant , Good location , Not too expensive

Cons: Food was bad


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12 Jan 2020

Vegan menu, but...

The place is nice and cozy, and they offered me a full vegan menu to pick from. Once in and seated, I was told there was only one vegan option left (pasta), which was good enough and reasonable price.

Pros: Separate vegan menu with starter, main and dessert

Cons: There was only one option left


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22 Dec 2019

Delicious Mousaka

The vegan mousaka was so good! We also ordered a vegan salad (mixed greens, jackfruit, pumpkin, tomato) to have the the mousaka and this was enough food for two people.
The mousaka was piping hot and a massive serve for one person, I’d recommend sharing this.
The staff were friendly and were happy to accomodate and changes to the main menu (there is a separate vegan menu) to make a dish vegan.
The only drawback was the slow service, it took 40mins from when we ordered to get our meals.

Pros: Separate vegan menu, Friendly staff

Cons: Slow service


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17 Dec 2019

The best vegan mousaka !!!

I order mousaka one of the best vegan mousaka ever

Pros: Mousaka

Cons: Good


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17 Oct 2019

Etwas enttäuschend

Restaurant in netter Lage mit veganem Menü, das vier Angebote enthält. Einen Salat, Moussaka, ein Schokoladendessert und eine Pasta.
Der Salat war ok, aber trocken, das Dressing war sehr fest, wenig gewürzt. Für den Preis habe ich mehr erwartet. Lieber einen griechischen Salat ohne käse bestellen😄

Pros: Der Boden der Toilette (Ruinen unter Glas)

Cons: Relativ teuer (vegan)


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02 Oct 2019

Rude and Pushy

My husband and I are not fans of the super touristy and pick pockety feel of the Plaka area but, we were nearby and Happy Cow said they had vegan Moussaka here which I wanted to try. So, we decided to stop here. It wasn't late, it was actually around maybe 8:30 - 9pm. We ordered drinks, an appetizer and or entrees and not long after ordering the waitress took our order they brought the check which was odd because they hadn't even brought our drinks yet and I still wanted to order desert at the end. Then they brought our food and still had not brought the appetizer. We asked them just to take the appetizer off of the check since they never brought it and they just looked at us funny. We explained that since our food was already here and the appetizer still was not that we didn't want it anymore. So, please just take it off. Then they brought the appetizer anyway with another check just for the appetizer as if we had ordered another one. So then we had to explain that we didn't want this appetizer and can they please take it and it's check back and remove the original appetizer from our bill. They were very rude about it and after that did not come to check on us at all.

Beyond that their vegan moussaka was made with soy meat and soy béchamel sauce. If you go to Madre Tierra in Excarchia they have Moussaka made with Coconut instead. So, I would recommend going there.

Pros: they have vegan desert

Cons: they are rude, they are pushy with the check, they use soy


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20 Sep 2019

Stylish, friendly and really tasty food!

We ordered the fava with caramelized onions and capers, fresh bread, olives, greek salad without the feta cheese and the vegan moussaka with minced soya.
Everything was soooo fresh and tasty.
I would definately give our food 5 stars!

Pros: Nice location, stylish., Friendly , The sprinkler system. Loved it!


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06 Sep 2019

They fed me meat!!

I don't believe they meant to, but I order the vegan moussaka, even pointed to it on the menu. I ate one bite and knew it had to be meat. They seem nice but to make me break a personal vow is unforgivable.


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11 Aug 2019


Friendly and stylish place in a very touristy area of Athens, near the ancient agora. Came at the hottest time of the day, so we took a table inside with AC. Although, I don’t think any existed. We asked for the ‘Dedicated Vegan Menu’ to be told they don’t have one. They did have a vegan option with the Moussaka, they simply offered to remove the cheese from all of the salads, for the other options. The vegan Moussaka was actually really nice and delicious, it’s a shame the info is little misleading. That’s easily fixed though.... staff were super lovely and friendly though. Can’t fault them!

Pros: Great food, Friendly staff

Cons: Misleading info.. lack of vegan menu, Lack of AC

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