Plant-based ramen kitchen open for lunch and dinner upon reservation only. Serves a fixed price lunch consisting of a noodle bowl, and a fixed price multi-course dinner and drink. Uses truffles. Has vegan wine (not included in price). Open since Sep 2017. No cash. Book online via Open Wed-Sun 17:00-20:30. Closed Wed. Check social media for changes to hours.

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First Review by gazgreg


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04 Mar 2024


We've been here several times, it's so good. I don't have much to add to the others reviews except to recommend the red and white sauce: the best of both worlds, worth the extra euro.

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Pros: Great food , Good service



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12 Feb 2024

Amazing experience!

The first courses was a variety of delicious little like appetizers. Each one tasted so differently and yummy! And then the main course - left us completely satisfied and amazed by the good taste! We loved it here! Also, the staff was very kind. If I could I would come and visit more often. If I come back, I’ll definitely will be back here! Men, Incredible!!!

Pros: Main course


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12 Feb 2024

One of the best

The ramen is one of the best I’ve had! The noodles are made in house and are the perfect texture. The broth is so flavourful!


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08 Feb 2024

One of the Top 5 restaurants I’ve eaten in

I have been to many vegan restaurants and this place is definitely in my Top 5 ever. With a few refinements, this would deserve a Michelin.

The food is innovative and showcases the subtly, depth and boldness of Japanese cuisine. I had the evening set meal which started with a plate of cold starters (three small separate items - the cashew nut mousse is exquisite) followed by hot starters (comprising 8 different items). You then select a noodle dish (definitely try the chefs recommendation). The dessert was a let down, relative to the rest of the amazing meal.

The venue is on a traditional Amsterdam street. The restaurant is relatively small and feels like the dining room of a stately home. The staff are friendly and attentive.

The restaurant offers a number of drinks (no wine) including a range of sakes which went very well with the meal.

Every city should have one of these restaurants.

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28 Jan 2024


Heerlijk gegeten, ik had de seitan katsu. Matcha creme brulee als toetje was ook echt geweldig. Aanrader!
Enige kleine minpunt is de rumoerigheid , maar dat weegt niet op tegen t eten.

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27 Jan 2024

Just delicious

I haven't had ramen very often, so I'm by no means a ramen expert. But the food served at men impossible is utterly delicious. We were seated at the two seats overlooking the kitchen which was fun as we could see what was going on in the kitchen. One of us tried the tempura course while I tried the katsu course. Both were fantastic, can't really say that one is better than the other. I especially loved the katsu schnitzel made from seitan, the lentil ball (both warm starters) and the cashew nut mousse (one of the cold starters). Staff was very friendly and helpful. The main course which was obviously the ramen bowl was mouth watering good and portion size was spot on. For dessert we were served a matcha creme brulee which was a delightful ending to our dinner, not overly sweet and a good matcha taste.

Be sure to visit this place when in Amsterdam, it's vegan comfort food at its finest.

Pros: So delicious , Very friendly staff


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26 Jan 2024

Definitely 5 stars!

Men Impossible serves delicious Japanese food. From the cold starters, the cashew creme was my favorite, really smooth and full of flavor. I ordered the tempura menu which came with a big piece of eggplant tempura. The eggplant was soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. The main course, the ramen, was full of flavor and tasted very good. I want to come back and try the other sauce options because I think they are all very delicious. For dessert they served a matcha crème brulee, which was not too sweet and had a good matcha taste. Definitely recommend this place!

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Pros: Water and tea for free , Friendly staff, Delicious food


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24 Jan 2024

Highly recommended

Make a reservation and enjoy their four course menu. We liked the cold and hot starters. Good textures and flavours. The ramen was fresh, creamy and as delicious as in the other ‘… Impossible’ restaurants.

Cons: The seating at the big table, too much distance


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23 Jan 2024

Best ramen in Amsterdam

Amazing food, ramen is mindblowing and their katsu sando with best seitan from is must try! Owner and staff are very nice and friendly 👌🏼 #Veganuary

Pros: Best ramen in Amsterdam, Friendly

Cons: Only reservation to eat-in


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13 Jan 2024

Delicious food!

It was the first time we ate Japanese food. It was really delicious! We had a variety of different cold and warm starters en the main dish was ramen with the sauce of your choice. All new flavors. The dessert was a matcha crème brûlée. Really good!! We will definitely come here again! The staff was also very friendly and served quickly.

Pros: Good and nice staff, Very tastefull food, Variety of flavors

Cons: None!


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24 Dec 2023

Impressive and exciting ramen restaurant

This is a review as a Japanese.
This is definitely the evolution of Japanese ramen taste and presentation. The staff's detailed explanations and hospitality were excellent and made the food even more appealing. Anyway everything was perfect.
Highly recommended for anyone coming to Amsterdam.


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17 Dec 2023

Best vegan meal I've ever had

I've been vegan for nearly 7 years now and this was one of the best meals I've had in that time. The starters were gorgeous and omg the ramen. I have never had anything like it and was left blown away. Had with my non vegan partner and he was as equally impressed as me

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Pros: Incredible ramen, Lush vegan prawn


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29 Oct 2023

Loved the warm starters

Never thought I would eat Takoyaki. Everything had the right taste. So flavourful. ❤️


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17 Oct 2023

Very authentic and unique!

The Restaurant is in a small side street near the city center. It is rather small and familiar with an open kitchen so you can watch the chef preparing the meals. They have a 3 course menu with warm and cold starters, a ramen bowl and a dessert. The starters are different delicacies, their vegan interpretation of typical japanese food, including Katsu Seitan, a lentil ball, a potatoe mochi, sesame tofu, cashew mousse and a mushroom ball. For the main you get a ramen bowl where you can choose the sauce, with garlic, spicy oder with truffels. For the dessert we got a matcha creme brûlée. Everything tasted very good and very special, it seemed very authentic to us.
It was flavourful and nicely arranged. The waitress was very friendly, she explained everything to us and was very helpful. The Ramen were different from what I tried before. It doesn’t come as a soup but with different spices. You need to mix it up well that all the flavours will come out.
It was a very good experience and I can highly recommend it!
You have to book in advance that they can plan ahead and don’t waste so much food at the end of the day.
Plus everything is vegan!!!

Pros: Authentic, Delicious and flavourful, Nice atmosphere, very familiar


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15 Oct 2023

Best spicy vegan ramen I’ve ever had!

Had the tempura menu and the red hot chilli pepper ramen, which was perfectly spicy - just hot enough - and very good. Can’t stop thinking about it and can’t wait to go back for more!

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-11

Pros: Delicious, Set menu , Friendly good service


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10 Oct 2023

Fantastic as always

We’ve been here around 5 times and it’s always great. The restaurant has a long table to seat most guests, which gives it a homy feeling. The staff are all nice.

The ramen with white garlic is my favourite, although the black garlic and white truffle are good as well. The one with chili&garlic is spicy, but still tasty, while the red chili is really spicy. Their starters and desserts are also very good. We especially loved the matcha creme brulee.

They also serve nice Japanese beers and sake. They used to have a hojicha with a nice smoky and salty taste, but it has been removed from their offering. 😕 They now only have plain green tea and water that you can drink without extra charge.


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08 Oct 2023

One of the best vegan dinners I’ve had

Amazing variety of little bites! Each appetiser was unique, flavourful and made with a lot of care.
Ramen was rich and delicious yet not overly heavy. Each ingredient and flavour complimented each other instead of being overpowering and competing with each other.
The dessert was light and creamy!

I appreciated the self-service for great tea and water. It gave us the privacy we wanted while still feeling cared for by the staff.


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27 Sep 2023

AMAZE Men sums it up!

We lucked out on our trip to Amsterdam booking a reservation on such short notice. Unbeknownst to me, since we had never been, the "two-top" between the window and the kitchen is actually a bay window seat with a counter attached to the kitchen. It's a very private space on the one hand, separate from the communal table in the back and with a great view of the kitchen, but completely public as passerbys on the street could watch us eat from behind. Odd, but it worked well for us experiencing this great food for the first time.

Japanese food is easy for us to get in Southern California and I know of many vegan takes on it, but the number of outstanding reviews for this place in Amsterdam piqued my interest. Always on the lookout for much better vegan fare than we have in the US, we stopped in for a looksee. So glad we were able to get in to try the pre-fixe menu and there wasn't much hesitation in paying in advance. It was definitely worth it.

The two options for dinner are essentially identical except for the warm starter. We both chose the katsu option as we had to see what this seitan and "shrimp" katsu were all about. The cold starter was outstanding and so was the warm. My only gripe is there is so little of everything to try! I guess that means we'll have to go back.

The ramen itself was different than the standard ramen, which was explained to us in the beginning, but it was still delicious! It was an overall great experience with staff answering all of our questions, including how each of the items was prepared. Unfortunately, not everything is prepared in-house (seitan), but that's understandable with the small space and few employees. Nonetheless, the preparation and flavors that staff executes provided a very pleasurable and memorable dining experience. We understand a new location is opening/opened to handle the demand and a standard menu is being offered there versus the strictly pre-fixe at this location. Go and try it!

Pros: Friendly, accommodating and knowledgable staff, Excellent food!


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26 Sep 2023


This was an incredible meal, I would highly recommend coming for a special occasion. The staff was so lovely at explaining all about the dishes, it was my birthday and they hand-wrote a card for me which made the experience even more special. The food was incredibly delicious, worth every penny.


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Mostly Veg
25 Sep 2023

Incredible food

One of the best places I've been to. It's a bit tricky to get a reservation since it's very popular and their time slots vary across days, but if you plan ahead it's worth it. Does make you wonder how it works for their non-reservation restaurants, so book something here instead. Get the seats with the kitchen view!

Bonus points for the incredible and very friendly service.

Pros: Taste, Very friendly service , Overall experience


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24 Sep 2023


This was absolutely lit. Incredible experience.
Cold starters.
Cashew nut mousse was electric, savoury and cheesy with a lot of depth of flavour. Sesame tofu was one of the nicest things ever, like miso soup condensed into a cube that melts in the mouth, salty yet fresh.

Warm starters.
The takoyaki was incredible, similar to the lentil ball it doesn't feel like it really resembles the constituent parts but takes on a new characteristic, savoury and textured. But the king of transformations was the potato mochi, that gelatinous and delicious treat lasted long but not nearly long enough. The vegan shrimp tempura was just incredible, fool me once, fool me twice.... just fool me, that was so good and so tasty.

Main -Sauce Ramen "AMAZE"L Men" red hot chilli option.
OMG, this was lit... best ramen of my life! I wanted for nothing, it was happiness in a bowl.

Macha brulee. Refreshing, light and creamy. Very sweet and crunchy sugar top breaks open to a cooling and creamy soft cool pudding. "Just right" was the perfect description on the table. But I could have eaten 5 more.

Pros: Everything

Cons: None


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18 Sep 2023

Believe the hype!

This place is so much fun! The fixed menu offers a unique experience, with delicious dishes! Highly recommend.

The number of seats per night is very limited, so make a reservation 2-3 days ahead.


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12 Sep 2023

Really good and unique Japanese ramen

Nice to have vegan ramen! Authentic and unique Japanese rame courses/dishes. There is a really nice atmosphere in the restaurant. There is one big table to sit and eat at and there is a spot for two persons at the front of the restaurant. Kitchen is open en staff is very friendly.

Pros: Really good, unique, special style saucy ramen, Friendly staff, 100% Plant-based


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10 Sep 2023

Great mix of contemporary and tradition

We went here and had a closed menu (34 EUR). It consisted of two starters, one main dish (ramen) and a dessert.

We booked "dinner by the kitchen" and sat next to the counter. While I enjoyed this location, we were sitting on a bench that was IMO too far from the counter. So I recommend booking a regular table.

The staff was very kind and explained all the dishes they served.

Our favourite was probably the tempura and the accompanying food items. Delicious. Want to repeat, and try the rest of the ramens!

Pros: Tasty, Variety, Kind


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24 Jun 2023

Great ramen

Book your reservation in advance if you want to sit in. They are always fully booked unless you order take-away which is an experience I haven’t encountered yet. Delicious ramen!


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24 Jun 2023

incredible restaurant!

this is easily one of my favourite restaurants in the world. delicious ramen. wonderful staff. simple, accessible menu. reasonably priced. unmissable.


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12 Jun 2023

Great flavors and dining experience

We liked everything we ate here: the cold and warm appetizers that incorporated several little tasters and the ramen itself is super tasty, especially the noodles themselves. The tea was included and perfectly brewed. We celebrated a birthday here and the staff were very kind.

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