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Serves meat, vegan options available. Hippie-themed, sit-down dining pizza restaurant. Has vegan cheese, tempeh for pizza and hoagies/sandwiches. Order from the pre-designed menu or build your own. Other menu options include a calzone and hummus and pita. Open Mon 11:00am-9:00pm, Tue-Thu 11:00am-11:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-12:00am, Sun 11:00am-11:00pm.

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First Review by Pudininmebudhole


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18 Jan 2024


I was genuinely disappointed with the whole experience. - I noticed the pricing was off so I went and asked if they're sure that they wrote down the correct order. They looked at me crazy and assured me they did. I asked a few times " a vegan cheese pizza with regular crust? " and they kept saying yes. Eventually they brought my order out and when I was about to get in my car I noticed the smell was off too.. turned out they gave me the wrong pizza. Now I understand that this can happen, but the way they looked at me when I tired to make sure the order is correct was a little weird and uncomfortable. At least I understood why my order ended up being more expensive.

They ended up giving us the vegetarian pizza for free. My partner ate it. I got the pizza I originally ordered.. barely done. 😂 Like I legit had it in my oven for 25 minutes until it turned somewhat golden brown. Definitely a downgrade from my experience in Charlottesville.

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23 Sep 2023

Tempeh, on pizza????

Tempeh on pizza??? That's what I thought, and then WOW!!!! The crust was crispy on the outside and a great chew to it. We did a make your own with tempeh, basil, garlic roasted red pepper, onions and vegan cheese.

Our waitress recommended coming back and trying the hoagie with tempeh, that's next on the list.


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24 Aug 2023

Best pizza I’ve ever had

We were in Williamsburg for 4 days. I had pizza 3 times! My husband had the Elevation salad and swapped the feta for vegan cheese.
Truly delicious vegan pizzas. I built my own - vegan cheese, roasted red peppers, olives, tempeh and caramelized onion, with garlic olive oil base.

Pros: Delicious pizza base, Amazing vegan cheese, Incredible salad


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16 Jul 2023


Ordering as a vegan is super easy. Just let your server know you’re vegan and they’ll make sure no butter or parmesan gets on your pizza.


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07 Jul 2023

Maybe the best vegan pie on the peninsula

We live in the uptown Newport News area and this is our go to for vegan pizza. Onions,bell peppers ,and extra sauce is always yummy.

Pros: Taste, Crust, Location

Cons: Not enough vegan meat options , Vegan cheesy bread


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24 Jan 2023

Surprised with smaller vegan menu!

Wasn’t able to give 5 stars because of the app. Pleasantly surprised with a smaller menu with vegan options. Vegan pizza, fluffy delicious crust. Friendly service. Clean restaurant. All food was excellent. #Veganuary

Pros: Menu with vegan options , Excellent food, Great service


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12 Dec 2021

Nice Option

Enjoyed the pizza - vegan chesa


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14 Oct 2021

Gut bomb

Really good consistent food at all locations. Lot's of choice. Usually crowded.

Plant Powered Eater

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10 Oct 2021

Friendly w/ Great Food

Despite being very busy on. Homecoming weekend, the hostess & wait staff were polite, friendly, and accommodating. We arrived as a group of 8. Several of us made special requests. The waitress was knowledgeable and out to please. We ordered a veggie pizza w/ vegan cheese & changed up the toppings to add the barbecue tempeh. It was excellent! Someone else in our group ordered an avocado hoagie and was pleased. Meat-eaters in our group we’re pleased w their pizza, sandwich, & soup also.

Pros: Plenty of vegan options, Friendly, accommodating waitstaff, Knowledgeable about vegan offerings


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15 Sep 2021


The food was excellent and there were many nonalcoholic options on the menu. I had the tempeh hoagie, she had a veganized white pizza and our toddler happily dig into the hummus platter.

Pros: Most things can be made vegan , Subs for cheese and meat, Outdoor seating and covid conscious


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07 Aug 2021

Delicious white pizza!

We had to wait a bit for a table, but that’s expected at the lunchtime in colonial Williamsburg when many of the nearby restaurants were closed due to COVID. We ordered the pretzels with no butter, they were really good but the marinara sauce came with Parmesan on top, so be sure to specify no cheese. We also ordered a large pizza, which was more than enough for three people. The great white pizza (which could be made vegan by swapping dairy cheese for follow-your-heart dairy-free) was delicious, and we all loved it!


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10 Jun 2021

Quite Good! Update - Poor Customer Service

Ordered a vegan pizza with caramelized onions, jerk tofu, and tempeh. It was excellent!

Updated: Ordered to go and they delivered a cheese pizza. Manager refunded pizza only and not delivery charge or anything else. Laughed when I explained I was vegan and delivering a real cheese pizza defeated the purpose. Will not give them my business again.

Updated from previous review on 2020-06-23

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-10


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31 May 2021

Bomb pizza

They have vegan cheese options. I got a custom pie and they went really light on the vegan cheese. It was good not great. Went back another day and got their white shroom pie (vegan) and it was honestly amazing. Came back again because I was addicted to that shroom pie. They also have a small vegan menu.


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28 Dec 2020

vegan tempeh hoagie

i wish i could put 5 stars. this was the absolute best sandwich i have ever consumed. there was a perfect amount of everything and i did a happy jig the entire time i was eating it (as well as after). HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Pros: clear vegan options on online menu

Cons: vegan options aren’t clear on physical menu


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05 Aug 2020

Great food, fun theme

They’re food is delicious, almost anything can be made vegan. I’ve gone to several across the country and the staff have always been nice. Williamsburg isn’t my favorite location, but I still enjoyed the hippie atmosphere and great tasting food!


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09 Jan 2020

Tasty food served with a side of attitude

As soon as we walked in someone shouted directly at us to “go down the end!”. Only to be greeted with an unfriendly attitude at the reception. Maybe it would be good to have a sign to guide customers, or politely greet them by saying “right this way, follow me.”

Shame because the food itself was very tasty. Location is good and menu and beer options are great. Cool concept but not sure if we’d return 👎🏽

Pros: Tap beer options, Location, Menu

Cons: Rude staff , Expensive alternative options , Loud


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28 May 2019

Good food

Lots of Vegan options here. The food is pretty decent. However, be prepared to wait. Went 2 days in a row for lunch since Williamsburg doesn’t have a lot of options. The first day ordered bruschetta with no cheese and it came out with cheese so they had to remake it and it was great when it came back out. The second time I ordered a buffalo tempeh pizza with vegan cheese. They made it with bacon (which is so bizarre considering common sense should tell you a pizza with Vegan cheese probably wouldn’t have meat.) Again they remade it and This time it was vegan but smothered in mushy tofu. After I scraped the tofu off, the pizza was pretty good, especially the crust.
I’d go back, but mainly because there aren’t many options in Williamsburg.

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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Mostly Veg
19 May 2019

Very friendly

Mostly a pizza place but lots of salad options

Pros: Variety, Vega options


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06 Dec 2018

$ubstate vegan cheese is $$extra 🤔🤑

Very nice atmosphere not too loud. Shops in walking distance. There signature mellow mushroom sauce🍅 is amazing! My extremely picky husband couldn't stop raving about it. 🤗.
Would love to see an = traid $4$⚖ on the menu. For every $ meet or diary item on the menu taken off your order changing to vegan shouldn't be 💲's extra. My bill ✍ was outrageous 🤑

Pros: Some vegan options, nice staff & table agreements , were you don't have to be a part , of ur neighbor's conversation.

Cons: Can't substitute though💱. But for extra $s you , can rack up a nice bi💸


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22 Oct 2018

Great restaurant, not so great staff

I love mellow mushroom it has amazing food and caters to my vegan diet. This restaurant however needs some work on, well, the intelligence of the staff. I get it, it’s a new restaurant and they’re hiring new people but they need to get it together and find better employees. The manager of the restaurant was very nice and even made a sly joke about his workers to us which made me hopeful. The kitchen manager is absolutely wonderful and concerned about allergies so if you have any severe allergies (I’m talking puking violently not just being a little bloated for a few days) ask for him. He talked us through ingredients and the ways they cook their food whilst holding a painfully sweet fake smile 3 but he was genuinely kind and made sure my mom didn’t have a reaction. We were served by two young blonde girls and the younger one never said one single word to us. She stood there completely silent staring at us while the older woman got frustrated with us even though she tried to hide it. We were being as nice as socially acceptable to the waitress and she kept making rude faces at us because of all of my others allergies. I know being allergic to garlic and onion is a pain in the a**(idk if you can swear on here) but that shouldn’t mean my 52 year old mother can’t go out for lunch from time to time. The waitresses kept leaving when we weren’t done and kept walking near our table then walking away and then they left a bunch of menus at our table when we already had them and just disappeared. I asked the young one for straws for all 3 of us and our 4 drinks and she brought me two straws, still without speaking a word. Then I asked for two more from the older lady and the young one slid one of the straws ont the table from the corner of my eye standing behind me. Meanwhile me and my boyfriend are geeking out about how funny this is. Then we left for 10 minutes 30 feet away to shop while our food was coming and come to find out they canceled it after we told 2 girls at the front desk by our table that we were right there and coming back. The lady manager was nice and cleared things up for us but the two girls obviously messed up and didn’t confess as one stood right there. Every older more experienced person working there was so nice and welcoming but others were just well....Anyways great food, amazing pizza, a bit overpriced but worth it. Hopefully I can edit my review after they’re open for a while!

Pros: Delicious pizza, Cute atmosphere, Great location

Cons: Unintelligence in some staff, Overpriced

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