Vegan (since March 2022) restaurant offering Mexican food and a selection of American-style fusion sushi rolls. Est. 2018. Find dishes like loaded nachos, red enchiladas, fried potato tacos, green chilaquiles, steak fajitas, quesadilla, and taco trios. Uses mock meats and vegan cheese for plant based dishes. Full bar. Located in a shopping plaza with parking in front. Reported closed May 2023.

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First Review by belgd


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14 May 2023

No longer vegan

I want to cry. Madre tierra was the best Mex food! Now the new owners offer a small selection of vegan options which fool you into thinking it’s the same standards as madre tierra. The meats are microwaves… generic tortillas and the mole was sweet as milk chocolate. It was awful! The cherry on top is the fact that the salsa isn’t even vegan now! Wtf? I’m mourning the lost of the torta, Chile relleno and street tacos… it was so good. Why?!?!?



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09 May 2023

No Longer Madre Tierra

This is no longer Madre Tierra. It’s called El Patron Shinola. It’s no longer fully vegan, although they do have a small vegan menu. It was just ok. I was excited for some great vegan Mexican food after reading the reviews for Madre Tierra, but the menu was limited and the food wasn’t great.


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21 Apr 2023

Ample Sized - Vegan Establishment

Nicely decorated Mexican Style Vegan Restaurant w/large interior. The parking lot is huge and signage makes it easy to spot.

Came in the afternoon with a friend and wasn’t disappointed. Music was playing as we* enjoyed our Torta Thursday meal and a Virgin (Mocktail) Margarita (a little too sweet imo).

Torta was a generous size and really satisfying - I could only eat one half at a time. Would come back to try other options!

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-21

Pros: All Vegan/Plant-Based Establishment, Huge Interior (Looks Like It Could Host Parties), Large and Tasty Options (Torta)

Cons: Right Side* (Upon Entry) Looks Unfinished


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04 Apr 2023


i loved the vegan sushi , the crispy onion rings, and my favorite the enchiladas suizzas 😋 definitely worth a visit plus they serve a variety of drinks at the bar, so far my experiences there have been good with friendly service

Pros: good music, clean


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16 Mar 2023

Vegan restaurant in Upland

Lots of options for Mexican food! Unbelievable delicious! Highly recommended!


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24 Feb 2023

Vegan in the Inland Empire? Yes!

This sit-down, vegan, Mexican food restaurant is delicious! I tried a number of items like the jackfruit chicken nachos (which look like a centerpiece), tacos, cauliflower wings (buffalo and BBQ), cheese enchiladas, breakfast sandwich, jackfruit sopes, posole, and horchata. It's hard to tell it's all vegan! Don’t expect fast-food prices, but it’s solid. Ask all the ingredient questions you want, the staff knows the answer or will find out! Check this place out; it's a must!

Updated from previous review on 2019-06-14


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19 Dec 2022

Best Mexican Food Ever!

Plant-based Mexican cuisine at its best!!! I can't say enough good things about this place! As a long-time vegan, I can tell you without a doubt, these guys have the best Mexican food I have ever had. The omnivore I was with said the exact same thing. Please support these guys if you're in the area. I highly recommend the enchiladas! I really hope they don't change a thing! I heard they may change to a non-vegan menu. That would be a travesty!

Pros: The best enchiladas ever!, Easy accessible parking, Clean place and friendly staff

Cons: None


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17 Dec 2022

Best fusion sushi

First of all…. Free chips and salsa!!! I ordered the first sushi roll I saw on the menu (The Upland roll). I’m glad I did because my mouth was watering from the moment I saw it. The plating and the roll looked so beautiful and captured my eyes and teased my taste buds. It was deep fried crunchy on the outside and creamy goodness on the inside. I am definitely going back to try more. It was more than enough for one person and was $17 for this roll.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-17

Pros: Tons of vegan options, Variety of items, Wonderful service


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26 Nov 2022

Great service and food

We found great service and excellent food at this 100% vegan restaurant. The Red Enchiladas and Fried Potato Taquitos were very good and they were large portions. The atmosphere was nice and they had live music on Friday when we visited. We would definitely come back.


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20 Nov 2022

Delicious vegan food

Everything was delicious and fresh.

Pros: All vegan food, Friendly staff, Good size portions


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11 Nov 2022

Best Mexican food I had for a long time

I ordered the mole enchiladas, nachos and a burrito (not all just for me) and everything was delicious.

Pros: Huge portions, Very tasty, Great price


20 Nov 2022


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24 Sep 2022

Soooo goooood

The food was hands down amazing!!!

Pros: Everything is vegan!


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21 Aug 2022

My favorite vegan restaurant, bar none!

For those who are concerned about the restaurant not being 100% vegan, rest assured that they are. They have new ownership over the past month and are dedicated to a pure vegan menu. Also, their food is even tastier under new management. There is the authentic Mexican flavor and atmosphere in a massive vintage building and an outdoor patio. Love, love, love this place!!!

Pros: Authentic Mexican cuisine, Flan dessert! Need I say more?, Wonderful service and great atmosphere


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23 Jun 2022

Such a great menu!

I love everything about this places. The staff is wonderful, the menu has so many options, and the food is AMAZING. Sometimes they don’t have the sushi available but when they do ooooh it’s good


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08 May 2022

Date Night Spot

This place is so lovely! The crystal chandeliers, giant dance floor, elegant bar, and large booths for comfort and privacy. So happy to have a nice place for a date that's also completely vegan!
The food was great too! Creatively named and crafted drinks
I got mushroom calamari, loaded asada fries, and a Como La Flor Jamaica martini
(Yes I ate it all, and would happily do it again)

Pros: All vegan, Large and beautiful restaurant


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21 Apr 2022

Veg not vegan...

Not fully vegan anymore. Will not return...

Our server was so nice.The restaurant is pretty. The food was amazing! We got the nachos with jackfruit, omg❤ the tacos with Seitan delicious! The California burrito fantastic! and the beyond burger with fries. Always a winner🍄

Updated from previous review on 2019-08-02

Cons: You can't get the sushi before 3pm. Sad face., Not fully vegan anymore.....


22 Apr 2022

They folded and went back to be fully vegan 😀 I stopped eating there too but I do miss the onion rings 🥹


22 Apr 2022

It's true I loved going there as well! Maybe one day I'll go back but so far I'm just sad they betrayed the animals.


21 Aug 2022

I happen to know that there is new management and that their menu is completely vegan and that they are committed to keeping it that way. 😄Been there several times this past month and was assured by everyone there.


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17 Mar 2022

It says vegetarian but this place is fully vegan and fully amazing.

Incredible experience, not sure why it says vegetarian on happy cow. All options here are Vegan and it was some of the best food I’ve had as a Vegan.

Pros: Fully Vegan, Incredible food, Great service


18 Mar 2022

Because the owners decided to offer dairy and eggs now.


22 Apr 2022

They went back to be fully vegan in March 😀


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16 Feb 2022

Good Food.

All their vegan food is so delicious! I'm pretty sure I've tried like 90% of their vegan menu!

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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31 Jan 2022

Great experience!

I’m disappointed that I forgot our servers name but she was great and the food was amazing! The building is beautiful and I’m so glad I drive out to try it. #Veganuary

Pros: Completely vegan menu


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14 Jan 2022

Hugely disappointed

This used to be my favorite. I stopped going when they went from being fully vegan to being vegan and vegetarian. From time to time I check their instagram to see if they switched back. Today I see they had removed vegetarian from their description and logo and a everything says vegan and plant based. I thought they maybe we're coming back, but when I check their website and food delivery apps, all still offer real egg and cheese. It seems like they tried to be sly to win back those who left after their change last fall. I would no longer feel comfortable eating here, even if they did change back.

I applaud restaurants who maybe aren't vegan but start to offer vegan options. I stay away from those who go backwards.

Pros: The food is good

Cons: Profit over compassion


22 Apr 2022

They did go back. Maybe they haven’t updated their website but they’re back to be fully Vegan.


21 Aug 2022

I happen to know that there is new management and that their menu is completely vegan and that they are committed to keeping it that way. 😄Been there several times this past month and was assured by everyone there.


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30 Sep 2021

No longer cruelty free menu

UPDATE: 09/30/21
Apparently Madre Tierra has decided to change their ways and include eggs, milk and dairy/cheese on their menu. They still offer vegan options but it is disappointing to see this establishment change to pro cruelty menu. As an ethical vegan I can no longer support nor recommend this establishment moving forward that has chosen to deliberately regress.

My past review below was based off their old menu.


If you are in the area or passing through then definitely make a stop at Madre Tierra. The food is tasty, well prepared and plenty of options to choose from. The menu is a split from two chefs that specialize in Mexican food and vegan sushi.
The ambiance indoors is really nice and they have good accommodations for outdoor patio dining.
I recommended the coconut shrimp tacos, the street tacos and the sushi.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-30

Pros: Plant based options , Friendly service

Cons: No longer Vegan , Has adopted milk, eggs and cheese


21 Aug 2022

I happen to know that there is new management and that their menu is completely vegan and that they are committed to keeping it that way. 😄Been there several times this past month and was assured by everyone there.


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30 Sep 2021


disappointed to see they’re no longer a vegan only restaurant. quality of the food has been declining for a while. also, i noticed on social media they’re constantly hiring and can’t hang on to employees. that’s got to say something about the way things run.

Cons: no longer vegan


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29 Sep 2021

unethical, money before the animals

They went from being a fully vegan restaurant to deciding to sell the stolen milk of cows and eggs of laying hens. Dairy is a product of rape and every time you consume it you are paying for a female cow to be forcibly inseminated (RAPED) and when she in inevitably gives birth, her baby is ripped away from her. She cries for days… and the newborns are sexed, the males will be killed for veal and the females are brought into the same industry and the cycle repeats until their body gives out. Then they are killed. As for eggs, laying hens will spend their lives in cages. Free range is a myth and a label made for the consumer to feel better for what they are purchasing, but it is a lie. In nature, hens only produce one or two eggs a month, but in the egg industry they are forced to produce over 200 annually. As with the dairy industry, when they produce fertile eggs and their babies are born they are again sexed. Male chicks are KILLED just hours after being born and females will go into the process and be killed when they are of no use. Watch dominion. Live vegan for the animals. Do not support this business.

Cons: Puts profit above the animals, Sold out


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28 Sep 2021

Try the Mushroom Calamari

Ordered: Mushroom Calamari, Enchiladas Suizas and Horchata.

The staff was very friendly, you could feel the warmth of their smiles through the masks, helped bring my mood up when I was having a down day. The menu was large and I was having a tough time picking and the waitress helped give some great suggestions that helped me decide. I really enjoyed the Mushroom Calamari, excellent texture and squeezing lime on them really gave a nice zing to the dish. The ranch dressing that came with the mushroom calamari was delicious as well, I did a seconding dipping with some of the bites in the salsa on the table to give it some spice, the salsa came with chips at the beginning of the meal. I’m not that big of a fan of jackfruit as meat replacement, but the Jack fruit enchiladas suizas were nicely spicy and had a good texture with the corn tortillas, though after eating an order of the calamari I could only eat two of the three enchiladas. I brought the last enchilada home and it tasted great as leftovers. My only wish was that I could have tried more of the menu, I’ll bring a friend next time so that we can split a few different dishes.

Pros: Very friendly staff, Large selection


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25 Sep 2021

Such delicious vegan Mexican food.

I have been several times and each time is delicious. I had the enchiladas Suizas with jackfruit “chicken.” So good. Worth the visit! So glad it is still around during this pandemic!

Updated from previous review on 2019-11-07

Pros: All vegan , Lots of choices, Friendly staff


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30 Aug 2021

Great food! Great price!

I’ve been craving cheese enchiladas for 3 years so I set out to find a vegan Mexican restaurant. Madre Tierra’s cheese enchiladas hit the spot. This was my husband’s first experience with vegan food and he wasn’t disappointed. That says A LOT because he’s a true meat eater. He ordered the asada enchiladas. The food and service was outstanding!

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-30

Pros: Great food , Great drinks , Great price

Cons: Frozen drink options would’ve been perfect!


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26 Aug 2021

Gracias Tierra Madre

Delicious and huge portions. I could of shared 😅

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