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Serves meat, vegan options available. Mexican restaurant with several locations. Separate vegan menu includes soy curls, soyrizo, tempeh, tofu, a green burrito with spinach. Beans are lard-free. Makes its own soyrizo. Open Mon-Sat 9:00am-9:00pm, Sun 9:00am-6:00pm.

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First Review by lilmammal


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17 Oct 2022

5 stars

Los Gorditos is awesome. They have a full vegan menu with multiple protein options, vegan cheese, and vegan sour cream. I’ve been here many times and my order is always fully vegan, correct, and it’s prepared quickly to order. The salsa bar is great. You get a HUGE portion of food here for $7-$12 which is virtually impossible to find in this godforsaken city.



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29 Jun 2022


The soy curls were not seasoned and my dish was underwhelming, just go across the street to get vegan pizza.

Pros: Vegan options, Cheap

Cons: No flavor , Orders were mixed up, No parking


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22 May 2022

Burritos Gorditos

I ordered a vegan breakfast burrito (not listed on menu), which has beans, rice, tofu, potatoes, and soy curls or soyrizo in a flour tortilla. The burritos are HUGE and flavorful.

Note: I've heard multiple people report they've received non-vegan food, but I've ordered from their various locations for years, and never had that happen. (To clarify, I believe them; it just hasn't happened to me, as far as I know.) I suggest ordering online, or politely ask the cashier to repeat your order back to you to avoid any mistakes.

Pros: vegan menu, affordable, big portions


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23 Apr 2022

Used to love it

This used to be me and my non-vegan partner’s go-to place. However, we’ve had too many times when they forgot about our food, and the food went downhill. And they changed the orange sauce. My fave was the soyrizo burrito. But it doesn’t taste as good anymore. Haven’t been in a long time. Maybe I’ll give them another try soon.


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27 Sep 2020

Go-to vegan burritos

Love the orange sauce

Pros: Soy curl fajita burrito , Amazing sauces — esp the orange one, Breakfast burritos


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21 Jan 2020

Meat, cheese, and eggs getting added to vegan options

I've been eating at Los Gorditos for over eight years and I'm finally done going back. The vegan menu is great but time and time again real cheese or real sour cream, meat, and eggs are getting put into my orders. I almost get the impression that it is being done purposefully because today I sent something back and it was remade with real chorizo (not soyrizo). I've been vegan for 23 years and the one thing I can guarantee I know is the smell, texture, and taste of vegan products. Most vegan products aren't even close in the appearance, texture, taste, and smell to their animal counterparts. If the cooks doing this think that one's choice of what they eat is not worthy of respect and courtesy, then owners don't deserve my money. Sorry Los Gorditos but I'm not returning and strongly recommend that those looking for veg options go elsewhere.


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25 Jul 2019


Obsessed with this place had to come back twice, so cheap and big portions plus insanely good taste. Some of the best Mexican I’ve ever had and an extensive vegan menu. Their homemade soycurls are insanely good as is the vegan chorizo & tofu, make sure you add that guac vegan cheese on anything you get for a FLAVOUR EXPLOSION


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13 Jun 2019

Vegan love

Soyrizo burrito all day everyday


Points +417

21 Jan 2019

Very delicious

We like the onion taco a lot! The soy curl fajita burrito was good and the vegan mulita with soy curls was my favorite! So yummy!

Pros: Separate vegan menu, Very inexpensive

Cons: Serves meat


Points +1677

07 Jan 2019

Favorite Mexican in PDX

The onion tacos are my absolute favorite. The soy curl tacos are a close second. I love everything on the vegan menu! The poblanos, burritos. Everything. You are going to love it. Trust me.


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22 Dec 2018

Cheap, quick, delicious

Options for all diets and so cheap! Got the vegan torta with soy curls and it reminded me of my favorite hole in the wall Mexican place I visited before going vegan. Will be back!


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01 Jul 2018

greasy and delicious

We ate at Los Gorditos for the first time in Portland two years ago, and I never forgot it. Now 2 years later, we visited again. So yummy. All the ingredients of Mexican food make for a tasty meal. And the fully vegan menu! There are tons of options. They have Daiya cheese and multiple kinds of vegan meat. 10/10 would go again.

Pros: lots of food, lots of options, separate vegan menu

Cons: almost too many choices, kind of greasy


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30 Apr 2018

Vegan Menu

Has Vegan and Vegetarian as well as "regular" menus. Food was good but a bit bland to my taste. Lots of options. There was a salsa bar. Generous portions and reasonably priced.

Pros: Seperate Vegan menu, Lots of choice, Low price, generous portions

Cons: Bland, salsa bar only source of picante


Points +195

07 Apr 2018

great food for a great price!

This is probably the most reasonably priced vegan food I've come across! And it's delicious and not skimpy! We ordered to fajita tacos and gorditas. Both were wonderful! However I think I like the tacos the best! Super friendly and fast service! We will definitely be back!

Pros: lots of vegan options and they have parking! very

Cons: none


Points +290

02 Nov 2016

Must go!

My boyfriend and I frequent this place for good quality (cheap!) vegan Mexican food. I absolutely love it. I would give it 5 stars if I could


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22 Sep 2016

Love this place!

Tons of inventive vegan mexican options, always tasty and fresh. Their tofu and soycurls are amazing, I have no idea how they manage to make them taste so deliciously savory! Good value too, especially if you get a "plate" with all the trimmings. Highly recommended!

Pros: Separate vegan menu, Everything is delicious, Tofu and soycurls particularly good

Cons: Not all vegan


Points +82

24 Apr 2015

vegan menu

my husband and I ate here in January and absolutely loved it. Probably the best vegan burrito I've ever had...I dream of these burritos still.


Points +78

04 Feb 2015

You had me at Vegan Menu!

Love this spot! I have to constantly fight the urge to go again because I also like going to new places, especially with so many to eat at in Portland. But we end up coming back time and time again. Awesome mexican food, killer salsas, cheap, and large portions, separate vegan menu, multiple "meat" choices(tofu, soy curls, soyrizo). What else do you want? My favorite are the enchiladas, but you can't really go wrong with anything.

Pros: Cheap, Authentic, Soycurls!

Cons: Also serves meat.


Points +58

18 Jan 2015

Nice surprise

I accidentally discovered this place when my omnivore friends wanted to go for burgers (which I did not..), I turned the corner and stepped in to see if they had any vegan options. I asked the usual question and the girl said: sure, check the vegan menu". I then realized that they not only could veganize any dish but already had a full blown vegan menu. Sweet!

I had a Garbage Burrito (thus, with all fillings at once) and an extra guacamole. All sauces are vegan (and pretty darn spicy). The burrito was huuuuge and I was full after eating half but, I ate it all, mainly due to it being very tasty.

And all this for only $8.50.

Pros: Price, Friendly, Large portions

Cons: Serving animal products, Interior


Points +1168

04 Sep 2013

OK Mexican

They have a few locations and I went to the one right next to Prasad instead of the one next to Portobello. I enjoyed my meal - first time trying soy curls - and my plate was heaping with food. The refried beans were good and their hot sauces were HOT. They have a fun salsa station to add pickled veggies and sauces. I thought the meal was ok but I wouldn't scope it out again.


Points +41

27 Aug 2013

great food and spicy too!

If you like lots of options and items ranging from low cal to "bring on the high carbs!" This is the place for you. Great options and good prices. Best homemade hot sauce options in town with one sauce that will knock your socks off!

Pros: hot sauce, meat substitutes, vegan menu

Cons: order at counter, environment is cafeteria like with hard surfaces


Points +20

02 Nov 2012

Great place!

Great vegan options, people were nice, place was clean. Yum!


Points +180

27 Feb 2011

A Little Heavy...But Good Nonetheless

My bf and I each got the soyrizo burrito when we went to Los Gorditos. The first few bites were amazing, because we were absolutely starving. About 2/3 of the way through, we started to feel pretty heavy...but it tasted good...so we kept going. Our stomachs didn't feel too great afterward, which is probably our fault mostly. My main issue with this place is they totally messed up our order...time and time again. We were in a hurry to get to the airport and we must have waited over half an hours for BURRITOS. Goodness gracious.

Pros: decent food, large portions, lots of vegan options

Cons: long wait, poor service


Points +236

03 Jan 2011

Many vegan options

They have an entire (2-page) vegan menu. Finally a Mexican option that is truly veg! The Soyrizo Enchiladas are terrific, as was the vegan Empanda Relleno plate. All of the classics have been veganized. The portions are large and the items are inexpensive. The dining room wasn't a particularly nice space, but in the summer I imagine the outdoor seating is quite nice.

Pros: vegan, cheap

Cons: cash only, so-so environment

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