Vegan bakery & coffee cafe franchise originating from Hsinchu Taiwan and operates outlets across Southeast Asia. The "LN" stands for "Loving Nature" which is its principal philosophy that all earthly creatures are one family. Each location is individually operated and menu selections may vary. Serves coffee, tea, and other drinks (with plant milk); vegan ice cream, cakes, and freshly baked breads; meals and savories. Cuisine types range from Asian dishes like rice and noodles to western ones like burgers, pasta, and sandwiches. This one est. 2016 is HK's first branch. Example of food includes club sandwich, tomato udon soup, waffles with ice cream, toast with tofu and beans, mocha. Directions: go to MTR Sai Ying Pun exit B2, then turn right, and it's on the left just before Pok Fu Lam Rd. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by Veg4Jay


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06 Feb 2024

French toast was awesome

French toast and the assorted platter of lunar new year cakes tasted great. Staff were friendly and atmosphere was nice. We also tried flat white with oat milk, caramel latte with oat milk and matcha bubble waffle which were nice. They also sell vegan snacks, instant noodles, seasonings and clocks.



Points +101

30 Jan 2024

Great Breakfast place

I’ve come here 4 times over 2 trips to Hong Kong, great each time. Lovely staff and quality variety of food. Highly recommend it.

Pros: Variety of options, Lovely staff


Points +38

24 Jan 2024

I had no clue this was here!

I live three blocks from this place. We came here for dinner and I was so excited! Delicious desserts, CNY cakes, burger, egg waffles - all vegan! Highly recommend #Veganuary


Points +974

22 Jan 2024

Amazing multi crepe layer cake

🍝Macaroni with mixed mushrooms & tofu vegan cream sauce - this is the best vegan creamy sauce pasta ever 😍so light and creamy same time 😋

🥪Vegan steak black pepper sauce toast with chips


🍰Black sesame seed multi layer crepe cake

🧇Bubble waffle - it’s so squishy 😍

🍫Iced chocolate soya milk

🍵Iced Matcha soda

Came to £46.90 including service charge


Points +296

31 Oct 2023

A good vegan English breakfast

I had a vegan breakfast. Which was delicious. But even better, the fried beancurd sheets. I was missing then from the old crystal jade menu. Nice place with very friendly staff.


Points +1225

12 Oct 2023

The best matcha

We stopped to try their desserts, which were ok but not the best (both the crepe cake and the bubble waffle were a bit too dry and “bready” for my preference). The service was very friendly though and their soy matcha was the best I’ve ever tried in HK so will be back for that for sure. We’ll also probably come back to try their lunch food too.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-08


Points +213

24 Jul 2023

Yum yum breakfast for lunch

The people there were so nice. I ended up with the breakfast plate, pan fried dumplings and a strawberry/blueberry smoothing. All were well done and delicious 🤤. I overate and would like to go again and again.

Pros: Big portions, All vegan, Fast service


Points +36

17 May 2023

Yummy desserts

Loved the coconut mango mille crepe cake! The egglet selection is very satisfying. Great range of food and relaxing atmosphere.


Points +90

11 May 2023

Good choice

It’s good location and very good service. I like it the most that it’s a vegan restaurant.

Pros: Vegan , Good service , Good location


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21 Apr 2023

Tasty breakfast

There aren't many options open early enough for vegan breakfast in the area, so this was a great find. I had the all-day breakfast which was large and delicious. I wasn't a fan of the tofu skin scramble - would have preferred a regular tofu scramble - but everything else on the plate was delicious.

The place is pleasant and quiet, so really nice to sit for a while.

Pros: Huge menu , Good value for money , They also have a little shop with vegan products

Cons: It's a bit of a hike to get there


Points +1010

04 Dec 2022

Something for everyone

LN Fortunate Coffee is a cozy cafe in Sai Ying Pun. They have a huge food and coffee menu with plenty of options. It was hard to choose! Everything was flavorful and creative; fun to try!

Pros: All vegan , Caffeine options


Points +58

28 Oct 2022

Lovely vegan cafe

I loved this place. The food was delicious , the environment was really cozy, the staff was super friendly and the prices was reasonable.

I tasted three sides - homemade dumplings, bubble waffle and “chicken” skewers. Everything was really good but especially the dumplings.

I will definitely come back here!

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-10


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03 Apr 2022

Wonderful vegan cafe

Nice and spacious vegan cafe. Very friendly service. Their coffees are delicious using Bonsoy milk. We really enjoyed the bubble waffles - preferred the chocolate one.

My husband also ordered the vegan chicken skewers with satay sauce - believe they are the ones sold by Batata Greens which taste good although would rate this 5 star if they were homemade #Veganuary

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-03

Pros: Delicious vegan coffees, Friendly service


Points +93

29 Sep 2021

LN Fortunate never fails us.

We've been to LN Fortunate Coffee locations in Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia and know their brand well. This HK location is just as wonderful as we've come to expect. Absolutely love the staff here as they are the cutest team of aunties I've ever met. Can you believe they have a vegan version of the notorious egg waffle? I've tried all 3 flavours but favour the chocolate. Love popping by for a quick snack whenever I'm in the neighbourhood.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-29


Points +303

17 Sep 2021

Found hair in my food

I really want to “like” this place, but I found a hair in my food.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-17

Pros: Location is nice

Cons: I found hair in my food


18 Sep 2021

Today I went there to take the pre-order mooncakes. I have expressed this opinion to them. They will pay attention to that.


Points +134

29 Aug 2021

Happiness Is Here and Now

Come feel the vegan vibes and grab the vegan food here. You won’t be disappointed.

Pros: Good food good mood, Love the window seats ❤️


Points +923

17 Jun 2021

Great wholesome vegan food

Lovely selection of vegan food to try at this cafe, will have to visit many times to just sample half the menu!

Pros: Numerous menu choices, Friendly and attentive staff, Calm and comfortable seating


Points +104

11 Jun 2021


Lovely interior, cosy cafe sort of vibes.

I ordered the “Char shiu rice with Vegan Eggs” and enjoyed it a lot!
The “meat” was sweeter than expected but I guess that’s the usual “char shiu” sort of thing. Went well with the rice and the eggs tasted quite realistic to what I remember eggs to taste like.

The menu is very extensive and was blown away with the amount of choices I had. Usually we have 2-3 options on the menu so this made me quite intimated ( but obviously happy HAHHA)
Spent a while browsing through the menu which has pasta, burgers, rice dishes, sandwiches, dessert… something for everyone!

Pros: Yummy! , A lot of choices , Nice area to chill

Cons: Slightly expensive


Points +191

20 Dec 2020

Amazing vegan foods and local street foods

A vegan restaurant offers wide variety of food, you can't imagine some food can be made without egg and dairy but the taste and texture are still good! Especially the eggwaffles 雞蛋仔, they even offer original, chocolate and green tea flavours. I like it very much! However, you cannot expect the price is "normal" as making food in vegan version in good quality is quite difficult. I also like staying in the restaurant for a leisure meal as the dining environment is comfortable and the staffs are nice too.


Points +99

06 Nov 2020

A great place for coffee and food

A nice variety of dishes, very helpful staff and a nice range of products available for purchase in the restaurant’s entrance.

Pros: Great tasting food, Helpful staff, Good range of products available to purchase


Points +289

31 Aug 2020

Fortunately good

Interestingly LN is listed here yet not tripadvisor.
Went here not knowing it was a vegetarian cafe until I looked at the menu.The ambiance and staff were really nice and friendly.

As I was pretty hungry, I had the steamed vegetable dumplings, Fortunate Sandwich and banana and chocolate cake.[I think one of the staff was in shock as she saw how much I could eat, but then it was delish so it was all good].

The Fortunate Sandwich was very satisfying as it tasted like a vegan club sandwich and it had my favourite Alfalfa in it.

The steamed dumplings were a good choice, all of them were uniformly shaped and inside it was delish chopped vegetables.

The chocolate banana cake was soft and moist without being too sweet.

Finished with the caramel latte.

To summarize I enjoyed the food and the staff were friendly so I will definitely be back.


Points +188

22 Jul 2020

Great food

Nice little shop too: very helpful staff

Pros: Drinks are great, Different food , Shop is good


Points +483

17 Jul 2020

Cute & refreshing vegan cafe

Environment: Refreshing, bright, quiet

Food: Everything is vegan, without five spices. Dishes are simple like what you'll make at home.

Service: Self-service from ordering to getting your own water

Price: Medium-high range

Pros: Ground floor location with big windows

Cons: At an uphill location


Points +13

Mostly Veg
19 Apr 2020

Lovely café!

Staff is nice and the soya coffee and vegan smoothies are excellent.

Pros: Vegan cakes, Nice decor

Cons: Use of plastic cup, lids & straws for takeaway


Points +25

18 Mar 2020

Nice Tofu burger

A good vegan cafe in the neighbourhood . Their vegan burgers are nice.


Points +265

16 Mar 2020

Vegan bubble waffle

We went there to work and have coffee. This place was very convenient. Coffee and waffles taste great. Staff is very friendly. They make vegan moon cakes with various fillings when it's that time of the year!


Points +166

22 Feb 2020

Saved me from the Rain!

Their coffee warmed my heart as well as my body

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