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Vegan restaurant with all alkaline menu which includes Poe’ boy, oyster mushroom starters, faux chicken and more. Also serves breakfast on weekdays, brunch on weekends and fresh juice. Black-owned. Open Tue-Fri 12:00pm-9:00pm, Sat 12:00pm-10:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-9:00pm.

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09 Sep 2023


If you have been craving a vegan pasta dish like I have for the past month…. Then THIS IS YOUR SIGN TO VISIT LIFE BISTRO! I ordered everything my server recommended: starters: sweet and spicy fried oyster mushrooms and entree: seafood Rasta pasta. I wanted to order a desert but the peach and cherry cobbler wasn’t necessarily speaking to me. If you so happen to come across this review and order that dessert… please update me! Other than that, everything was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!

Pros: FLAVORFUL , Cute and clean environment



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02 Jun 2023


Idk where to even begin. I was so excited to try this place and it was awful on many levels. The service was horrendous, server was super rude throughout the whole experience. Food was oily and salty. My salad never came out then after legit an hour I received a side kale salad in a to go box. Server rolled her eyes at me and said it had falafel on it. Was overcharged by a lot- multiple bottles of water and charged for a salad I didn’t get. Server said she couldn’t take anything off cause she “already hit pay.” I’m a server and use toast… u can ALWAYS take something off of a bill duh. Overall, so so so bad

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-02

Pros: Options

Cons: Overcharged , Terrible service , Food not good


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27 Apr 2023

TOTALLY BLOWN Away🪶So exciting I ordered (2) meals to try out a variety.

Dining Options:
Flavorful Vegan-Alkaline-Vegetarian !
Prompt Wait Time!
(1) serving was enough for (2)

Pros: Ambiance-Clean-Customer Service & Patient Staff, Portion Size , Menu Options


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10 Mar 2023

No love

Food is not as good as when they first started there is no love in the food it just feel like fast vegan soul food . Also the taste is different do even taste as well . Quality has declined a lot . Almost like having junk food ! Won’t be coming back


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05 Mar 2023

Full of flavor

A nice hidden gym not just for plant based but anyone who just loves good food!!! I recommend the Rasta Pasta. The service was wonderful….thank you Life Bistro ATL

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05 Mar 2023


I’m not sure why I’ve waited this long to write this review. I’ve been to Life Bistro on several occasions when I lived up here and also making certain to visit when I’m back in the city. The food at Life Bistro is very underrated, emphasizing on “under”. I highly recommend for ANYONE looking for flavorful food and a vast menu (but not too overwhelming) with great healthy options that you can feel good about eating. It’s a chill spot for a date night, weekend Brunch, or whatever. They are 100% Vegan so their food is for EVERYONE. Some of my faves are the Shrimp & Grits, Rasta Pasta w/Shrimp, Oyster Mushroom, Chick'n N Waffles w/Oyster Mushrooms, Chickpea Scramble, and the Cold Pressed Juices. They also have an Alkaline Only Menu. I eventually want to try everything on the menu. Oh and not only is the food good, but they also have good service! So yes, this 5 stars review is warranted for Life Bistro. I almost took away a star because I don’t like their bathroom. They should really consider doing a remodel on their bathroom. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Other than that..I have no complaints. Just GO! You won’t be disappointed…and if you are, holla at me. But I doubt that will be the case.

Pros: Flavorful Food, Great Service, Great prices

Cons: Disliked the Bathroom


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25 Feb 2023

Food and atmosphere are awesome!

We were passing thru ATL and found this place. Ordered to go and we were early. Enjoyed a glass of wine while listening to live music. Everything we ordered was delicious!


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29 Jan 2023

Beware: carefully review your bill before paying.

Had dinner here recently. I scanned the QR code on the table for their menu with prices clearly listed. The menu also flashes a note saying they automatically add 20% gratuity when dining in and I was ok with that. The food was tasty and the service was good. When I asked for the bill, the waitress just told me the total and asked for my credit card. I wasn’t given an itemized bill until after I paid. Later I found out why: they overcharged every food item we ordered by 40% on top of the 20% gratuity. I only noticed the bill after we left. #Veganuary

Cons: Overcharging you after you get your bill


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12 Jan 2023

Great flavor, unique dishes

Tons of flavor. I had one of their daily specials, which was a creole “seafood” boil. It had mock shrimp and vegan sausage, but it was the sauce that was really outstanding. It is a little spicy if you are not used to that, but I thought the heat level was just right.

We also got a “lobster” fondue that was amazing. The bread itself was worth it - it was somewhat flat like a pita but it had the flavor of an outstanding focaccia. The fondue was bursting with umami flavor. It reminded me of a nutritional yeast based cheese but was 10x better than what I’ve made at home.


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26 Nov 2022

Fantastic food, great vibe

The food was spicy but delicious. We had the Grilled Oyster Mushroom Carbonara and the Seafood Rasta Pasta.

Pros: Big portions, Quality meal, Awesome people

Cons: If you don’t like things spicy ask for less spice


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17 Nov 2022

Great place close to the airport. Definitely worth it

Flavorful food. Great service and large portions


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24 Jul 2022

Sooo good!

This restaurant is a hidden gem.

Pros: Lots of options, Food is delicious, Great wait staff and fast service

Cons: None


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09 Apr 2022

Ok food but expensive

I ordered the Vegan Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo with a side of green beans. The cashier was really nice, but got my order wrong. Instead, I received the Fettuccine Pesto that came with mushroom steak. She was really nice and gave me a side of shrimp for the inconvenience. The mushrooms and shrimp were seasoned well, but the pasta was a little dry. The green beans were ok, but some were bright green, the others were a greenish-brown color (like they mixed old and new together). Overall, the food was ok, but I wouldn't drive outside my way for it; especially for the price.

Pros: Shrimp and mushrooms are good, Friendly Staff

Cons: Expensive


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14 Feb 2022

Overpriced but good

Wanted to try a nicer place for valentines, but unsure how they call it Atlanta’s only fine dining vegan restaurant. I liked the food, but it was over $40 for just two meals with no drinks, apps, etc and I just wasn’t wowed.


13 Apr 2022

Try Herban Fix for a true fine dining experience


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08 Jan 2022

Life Bistro

I love the Rasta Pasta.


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28 Nov 2021

Great tasting

We had the Rasta Pasta, the Shrimp Fettuccine (really thought they messed up and put real Shrimp in my dish - so good!), Mac & Cheese. Really delicious and great portions. Not cheap, but definitely worth the cost.

Pros: Fully vegan, Great service, Nice atmosphere

Cons: A bit pricey


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14 Nov 2021

Find something better

It was just ok. I had the oyster mushroom sliders. Very pricey for the portion. No seasoning. The wait (even after putting in an online order) was over 20 minutes. Too many options visiting Atlanta to settle.

Cons: Pricey , The wait


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07 Oct 2021

So good, but po boy disappointing

I got two meals in one outing - one for dinner in-person and a second for takeout for the next day. After eating both meals I can say their food is delicious and a welcome variety compared to all the beyond burgers. But for $20 for the oyster mushroom po boy, I was extremely disappointed. I didn’t realize the mushrooms were fried until it was put in front of me. It was basically just a sandwich of fried breading. Were there actually oyster mushrooms in those fried chunks? Who knows. For the price, I was not impressed. But the Cajun Mac and cheese, cilantro lime quinoa, collards, roasted beets with chickpeas and the huge slice of strawberry cake that I got were absolutely amazing!! I would 100% go back to try other entrees, but I’d hope they are significantly better than the sandwich.


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09 Sep 2021


The food is good but can be a hit or miss. Sometimes it’s seasoned to perfection other times it needs some salt. What I hate the most is the wait times. I’ve ordered food on the website, (received a 30 min estimate) driven an hour to the location to end up waiting almost 40 minutes for my food to be ready. What’s worse is that I only ordered 2 appetizers. The food is way too expensive for this type of experience. The portion sizes are filling though.


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07 Aug 2021

Great food

The mushroom sliders and kale salad was amazing. The zucchini fries did not disappoint either. The staff was great. We are picky and left happy.

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02 Aug 2021

Pic look better then how the food actually taste

Food tasted very bland now flavor. Much better options in ATL. And don't 7se the bathroom you will regret it.


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01 Aug 2021

Vegan Alfredo

Wow. This meal did not disappoint. My sister has talked about it a lot, and I am so happy to have tried finally. I highly recommend the Alfredo. The mushrooms on top are so good!


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16 Jun 2021

Will be back soon

Good consistent vegan food; The Mac N Cheese was different and I enjoyed it. The pasta and vegan shrimps was very good once I mixed everything. I didn’t realize how much flavor was in the sautéed yellow bell peppers

Pros: Very cozy atmosphere , I enjoyed the Mac N Cheese , I underestimated the pasta; very good


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25 Mar 2021


The food had barely any seasoning or herbs. I waited until I got home to add more seasoning. Also when I walked in the person sitting closest to the door wasn’t too friendly. But I would definitely return.

Pros: Quality ingredients , Very Large servings

Cons: Needed more seasoning , Need more Alkaline based foods


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07 Mar 2021


Was in town for a funeral Friday and decided to stop in. Tried the food and it was delicious! The vibes were on point and this is a black owned business.


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12 Jan 2021

Relaxing and delicious.

The vibe is welcoming and the food is amazingly creative.


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23 Oct 2020

Great Variety!

The food was so good! The Nashville Hot sliders are amazing! Zucchini fries are really good too and filling. I do wish it came with some kind of ranch dressing. My family enjoyed all our food. Their juice is really good but ran out towards the end of the night. Staff is very kind and we really enjoyed our experience. We will be back!

Pros: Great variety. Food is very good.Wonderful service

Cons: Quite Expensive but pretty big servings.

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