Serves meat, vegan options available. Restaurant with labeled vegan options. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-5:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:00am-4:00pm.

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First Review by AmberPollard


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11 Jul 2023

Some good vegan choices

The sandwich was yummy, and the beet salad was good. The House salad was mostly lettuce.

Pros: I really liked their Mushroom Artichoke sandwich, Fast "To go" orders when called in, Non-Vegans liked their choices

Cons: High Prices are similar to other lunch places., Need more than 2 chairs at the outside tables. , Impossible Burgers are processed. Make your own!



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14 May 2023

Lots of options

About half of their menu is vegetarian/vegan and things are very editable. Even most of their sides are safe. Staff are friendly and service is quite quick. A bit over priced but still decent.


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20 Mar 2023

Superb Artisan Sandwiches

You can tell their sandwiches are thoughtfully made. This isn't your fast food sub. Flavors are very present, very delicious.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , High quality


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20 Jan 2023

Delicious sandwich & salad!

Lots of sandwich and side choices along with a vegan soup. Very accommodating.
The Lemon Tree salad was delicious! I got the mushroom and artichoke Philly. I didn't love the sliced cheese but I it was still a great sandwich.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Clearly labeled vegan

Cons: Pricey for sandwich and salad - $20


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31 Oct 2022

The vegan options are creative and delicious

The mushroom&artichoke cheesesteak sandwich and the Reuben were amazing. The dairy free tomato soup was the superstar, though. It has a slight Thai flavor and we could eat it by the bucket. Also definitely try the house made lemonades. They are SO good.


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05 Oct 2022

So delicious!

The vegan sandwich options are amazing, but the tomato basil soup is what draws me back, over and over! The beet salad with vegan feta is delicious, too. Given the sheer number of options, it’s hard to choose a favorite sandwich, but today I think it’s the Toasted Fluffer Nutter. Probably not the most healthful choice, but darn tasty.

Pros: Wonderful vegan options, Veg choices clearly marked , Awesome flavors

Cons: Can be hard to find parking downtown


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11 Mar 2022

Great vegan options

Staff was knowledgeable on vegan menu and made great suggestions. My sandwich was delicious.

Pros: Had several vegan sandwich options, Vegan soup option, Friendly servers

Cons: Limited seating at Harris Ranch location


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01 Feb 2022

Tasty & Unique

I love this cute little sandwich shop with an entirely vegan portion of the menu. Their vegan sandwich options are so unique and they have lots of different vegan cheeses and fillings you can switch out.

Pros: Entirely vegan portion of the menu , Lots of options

Cons: Not entirely vegan, A bit pricey


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16 Jan 2022

Cozy sandwich shop

Tasty downtown location. Street parking is metered. Plenty of vegetarian and vegan choices. Offer GF as well. For those that remember Blue Bird sandwiches they occupy that space in downtown. Downstairs and upstairs seating. Order at counter, pay and they bring you the food to your table. Great service and soup with 1.2 sanwich was very filling. #Veganuary

Pros: Lots of options , Soup is vegan , Large portions


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29 Sep 2021

Tasty vegan sammies

Really fun sandwich, quick service, friendly staff! A good spot, my non vegan family was happy with the range of options too.

Pros: Fun and varied food options, Outdoor seating


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01 Jul 2021

Why is this so expensive???

For an artichoke mushroom sandwich that was literally bread with something smeared in the center served with a "salad" of 5 pieces of lettuce and some violife feta; I can't figure out for the life of me why this sandwich was $14. Went here for a work lunch so thankfully the company paid for it. Maybe it was an "off" day for the people cooking but seriously felt like a baguette with three bites of lettuce on the side. Left feeling hungry still and dehydrated like the bread soaked all the moisture out of my mouth.


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19 Nov 2020

If I could give five stars, I would

The sandwiches are just sooooooooo gooooooooood. My personal favorite is the Mushroom Artichoke Cheesesteak with the Lemon Tree salad on the side. The whole family loves this place, great place to take vegans and omnis, everyone will be happy. Jason and his staff clearly know what they're doing when it comes to vegan deliciousness! Follow them on Instagram for updates about specials.

Pros: Great owner and staff, Terrific online ordering and easy pickup, TASTY

Cons: It's not closer to my house.


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07 Oct 2020

We only tried vegan options

Massaman Curry Vegan Banh Mi with vegan cheese, side of creamy tomato basil soup=super spicy, lots of nice textures and flavors. Soup had nice flecks of basil and hearty texture.
Veggie Vinny with side of Beet Salad=beautiful greens in salad and sandwich, pops of pickled and creamy flavors, amazing combo!
Mushroom & Artichoke 'Cheesesteak" with side of Beet Salad=our favorite for this first try of vegan offerings. The earthy mushrooms, grilled onions and peppers and artichoke spread was heavenly, and paired with the salad greens and blood orange vinaigrette, perfection.
This restaurant had been recommended to us by the vegan group we are part of here as well as the whole food plant based triple board certified doctor we know, but due to the lockdown, we hadn't tried it. We ordered online and curbside service was flawless. It ticked all the boxes and we would happily recommend it to my clients, friends and family.

Pros: Vegan cheese options, Gluten-free bread options at a big price

Cons: Would love a few more vegan options


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01 Sep 2020

Excellent food

This place has good food. I go to this place at least once or twice a week. The vegan pills steak and the rueben is awesome. The yam and cheese is great too and can be made all vegan. This place has good soup too. I could go on and on. Lots of good stuff to choose from. Great place for lunch.

Pros: Vegan friendly , Variety , Wonderful staff

Cons: Closes early


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05 Dec 2019

Great Atmosphere, Tasty Food

Really enjoyed the service I got. From having the entire menu explained to me to taking my allergy and diet into consideration. Great shop!

Pros: Just as many vegan/vegetarian options as omni, Great drink selection


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10 Oct 2019

5 Stars

This place is awesome. The food. The people. The space. The owner Jason was super accommodating and friendly - even gave us some to-go food on the house as they were closing and we were heading to catch our flight. What an experience and what a treat!

They’re very vegan knowledgeable - and as most have mentioned here - their vegan options are vast, they have their own separate vegan menu and even offer vegan modifications for almost everything else. Highly recommend this place!

PS. The vegan PB&JJ was quite the concept. Highly recommend, but keep in mind it IS very spicy (if that’s your thing haha) as the second J stands for jalapeño.

Pros: Vegan menu , Super friendly and high customer service , Awesome space

Cons: I don’t live in Boise , I can’t dine here every week like I wish could, Jason isn’t for hire as a personal chef


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09 Sep 2019

Delicious vegan sandwich

Great service and fresh ingredients.

Pros: Lots of vegan cheeses


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16 Aug 2019

Great food!!

Vegan options are great. Took a friend who is not vegan and she said she wished she chose my vegan sandwich it was so much better than her choice. She’s hooked now. Ask the staff they gave great recommendations.

Pros: Seating was cozy/very clean, Friendly staff


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19 Jul 2019

best sandwiches in Boise

I always take friends here just because of the wide variety of options. theres something for everyone and a rotating weekly special always with a vegan option. it’s so easy to veganize your order, and the staff is always super kind and willing to make any modifications you want. it’s not the greatest value in the world, but I’ve never had a meal anything short of delicious. I highly recommend anything with yams and checking their Instagram for their specials!
Also! They occasionally have vegan takeover nights with local vegan influencers. They are so fun!

Updated from previous review on 2019-07-08

Pros: Free vegan cheese , Vegan weekly special


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07 Jun 2019

Great food & service

The staff was great, explaining the menu & showing us the vegan options. We say the “chicken” on our way out and it looked AMAZING! - The entrance was on the direct corner and we got a little lost while walking there.

Pros: Numerous vegan options, Friendly staff, Non-Nut cheese


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28 Mar 2019

Great food, High quality ingredients. Don't forget the Lemonade!

Fantastic place for vegan options. We had the Massaman Curry Bahn Mi, Yam & Cheese, Mushroom & Artichoke "Cheesesteak", and Veggie Vinny. For sides we had beet salad, Lemon Tree salad, Savory Mushroom & Oat salad.

All, and I repeat ALL items were high quality ingredients even though I didn't like two of the sandwiches. The Veggie Vinny was more about my fault than the sandwich. I am not an olive person and I didn't notice on the menu that it has an olive tapenade in it. The sandwich ingredients were top notch but I won't mark them down for my not reading the menu. I assume that olive lovers will like but just not my taste but 10 out of 10 on quality.

Massaman Curry Bahn Mi - Great bread, fantastic pickled veggies inside of it but the sauce needs help. This is not a preference issue but how they make it issue. I still ate half of it because the pickled veggies brought so much to the pallet that they made up for the sauce. The sauce itself seemed to lack any seasoning, meaning by itself it tasted like there was no salt in it at all and the curry powder tasted raw. Typically you want to cook your spices before adding them to things that you will serve raw or cold. If not you get a taste and gritty mouth feel like when you try to thicken a sauce with flour and you don't cook the sauce long enough to cook out the taste of raw flower. I would get that sandwich again for the veggies for sure. In other words, I would order the Massaman Curry Bahn Mi without the Massaman Curry Banh Mi sauce. Still, aside from the sauce the ingredients' quality is top notch again.

The Yam & Cheese - like wow. This thing has everything going for it. Sweet, savory, tangy bite from the dressing, warm bread with a nice crunch to it. My favorite for sure. This is a must get sandwich for sure! Nice and light too even though it is large you won't feel weighed down after eating it.

Mushroom & Artichoke Cheesesteak - Pretty impressive and has quite a bit of the flavor profile that a real cheesesteak sometimes has. A very savory bite to be sure. You might want a small nap after this one, but it is worth it for when you are in the mood for a rich, slightly heavy sandwich option. Loved it too.

The salads - just get either one. You cannot go wrong.

Savory oats - I got this one almost on a personal challenge and wow, they are awesome!

Lemonade -do NOT be insane and waste calories on a soda. Get one of their teas! Strawberry Basil was the best thing I have tasted in a beverage ever!

Updated from previous review on 2019-03-14

Pros: Quality, Quality, Quality

Cons: the one sandwich that needs work


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14 Jan 2019


I love having so many choices to choose from! I also love the upstairs kids corner. Its nothing special but it made my daughter very happy.


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06 Oct 2018

The Best Combo

I have had the Brussels, Cheesesteak, Bahn Mi, and a Chorizo special sandwich, the Bahn Mi being my favorite by far. I love that they offer an assortment of vegan cheeses for the cheese lovers, especially VioLife (the best of the best). The savory oats are exceptional, but my favorite combo by far is the Bahn Mi with the creamy tomato soup. 😍 Definitely a favorite stop in Boise.

Pros: Friendly service , Diverse vegan options, Many options (i.e drinks, sandwiches, sides)

Cons: Wish they were open Sundays


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25 Sep 2018

So amazing and lots of options

The owner was friendly, passionate and really focused on putting out a nice quality product: The environment, energy and staff make this place a must to try.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , The food tastes great , The staff a friendly

Cons: None


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23 Jun 2018


I loved Lemon Tree. It’s a new restaurant in Boise with many vegan sandwich options, salad, and soup. Plus they have tons of great lemonade choices. I had the massaman banh mi, tomato soup, and blueberry jalapeño lemonade. Delish! Very cute ambiance, great location, and the owner (Jason) is super helpful and personable. Highly recommend!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Vegan options labeled on the menu, Knowledgeable staff


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14 May 2018

Best Lunch in Town

Literally every vegan option is amazing. The Fluffernutter (chocolate peanut butter, dandies marshmallows, banana, and potato chips) tastes like a grownup version of my childhood. The Yam and Cheese and Brussels Sprouts Sammies hold a special place in my heart because they’re my fave two veggies. The Mushroom Artichoke Cheesesteak is too die for. And now I’m just waiting for the two specials I’ve had to come full time to their menu: peanut butter Bahn Mi and soyrizo potato - both were excellent.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Lots of flavor, No faux meats.

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