Serves meat, vegan options available. Cafeteria located in a part of the city that lacks vegan alternatives. Situated within a cultural space dedicated to promote sustainable development and ecology. There is always at least one vegan plate on the menu, and on Thursdays the menu is all vegetarian and vegan. Sometimes vegan events (brunch, market) are held here, so check their Event page on Facebook. Open Mon-Sat 12:00-15:00, Mon-Fri 19:00-22:30, Sun 11:00-16:00.

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First Review by Ricardo


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14 May 2023

i love this place

la recyclerie is located inside an ancient train station. it still looks a bit vintage and there are just so many plants everywhere, it really is like an urban jungle. the atmosphere is so nice & they organise multiple sustainable events every month. you can also visit their urban farm, bring something zo their repair station, work there, or read books from the library which is very cool in my view.
unfortunately, i never had the time to eat, but i would really like to participate at one of the vegan brunches.

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07 Apr 2023

Nice location

Today they had a few vegan options and it was also possible to make a vegetarian option vegan. I had a burger with fries and salat. The burger was a bit boring and dry but the fries where really good.
The location is really nice!


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18 Jan 2023

Joli mais pas vegan friendly

Le cadre est joli et on peut s y installer pour travailler mais la carte est très très carnée malgré leur volonté de se faire une image écolo/ engagée. il n y avait rien de vegan lors de ma venue et je n’ai pas pu manger quoi que ce soit. Ils ont aussi un poulailler ce qui peut poser problème d un point déçue antispéciste.
Les prix sont aussi trop chers pour un lieu qui se vante d’être une cantine.
Le soir il n y avais qu’un seul repas au menu et il n était même pas végétarien

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23 Oct 2022

Great Sunday vegan brunch.

They have a wonderful vegan brunch option on Saturday and Sunday. Not sure how much vegan options they offer during the week or in the evenings, and it seems to be a source of disappointment here in reviews. So please check their website in advance to avoid it. I absolutely loved the staff, the place and the philosophy behind it. They focus on sustainability. The location is an old railway station. 🚃

Pros: Location, Value for money, Friendly staff


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02 Oct 2022

Abends kein veganes Essen

Wir kamen abends auf einen drink und etwas zum snacken vorbei. Die hausgemachten Limonaden waren wirklich sehr lecker, aber es gab keine veganen Gerichte. Leider waren auch die zu dem Zeitpunkt angebotenen Kuchen nicht vegan.
Allerdings ist die Einrichtung sehr ausgefallen und auf jedenfall einen Besuch wert.
Vormittags kann mensch dort wohl vegan brunchen.

Pros: Leckere Getränke , Akzeptiert Kreditkarte, Tolle Atmosphäre

Cons: Teuer, Abends keine veganen Speisen.


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13 Jul 2022

Beautiful but not a lot of vegan food

Beautiful location and very friendly staff. At the day of our visit it was crowded and the majority of the vegan tapas were sold out. We enjoyed our stay but ate a lot of fried things like pommes frites and vegetables tempura…

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30 Nov 2021

Nice place

It is a really nice place, but getting vegan food was more difficult than expected. The Tapas were mostly not vegan and the Risotto they had in the day had cheese on it, which I didn't expect, because they say that they have a vegan meal each day.


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09 Oct 2021

Special and Unique Spot!

I was not there on a 'vegan day'. Supposedly it is on Tuesdays. I still got food to eat: some vegan tapas, and a vegan platter with seasonal homemade dips, salad, melon and bread. We also had the fries. The vegan food is still improvable, but they also change the menu with the seasons if I got it right.

I don't really see why a place which calls itself 'sustainable' has meat though. But I guess that's a rather French thing - almost everything is super local..

Why I give this good review is because I loved the place itself, it's so special and something you would not expect in that area. We also had drinks there in the evening and for that it's awesome! So beautifully made. Maybe we should all give feedback to the staff that we want more vegan options? Apparently that also worked before 😉

Pros: Amazing atmosphere , Alternative vibe , Good vegan option

Cons: Pricey, Has meat but says it's 'sustainable' , Vegan option is improvable


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17 Jul 2021

Turned over a new leaf

Unlike the other reviews, I think Le Recyclerie has now become more dedicated to being vegan friendly. On one of the posters it promised to have a vegan plate available each day. I went in and was able to get a vegan brunch.


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30 Nov 2019

No vegan

Came here and No vegan options. Even tried to negotiate about making vegetarian brunch vegan but it was not possible

Pros: Nice spot

Cons: No vegan food


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06 Oct 2019

no food for vegans

Came here on Saturday to bring a non-veg friend to a cool place that would supposedly cater to vegans, vegetarians and omnis. The place is cool and buzzing: amazing for a Saturday night. However, I was very displeased with the menu. There were NO vegan options, and even upon various requests, the only thing they could offer me was a plate of soggy fries with ketchup. Personnel was nice but cooks had zero creativity or willingness to prepare as much as just a simple plate of vegetables.

Pros: Vibrant place

Cons: Cooks without imagination, Soggy fries, Chaotic system


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02 Dec 2018

Make sure you go on a vegan day...

Two brunches available - one with fish, meat, cheese and eggs, one with just cheese and eggs. I was assured when I paid they could provide a vegan version but when I collected from the kitchen the staff (who didn’t seem to speak much French) gave me a plate with fish, meat, cheese and egg. I asked for vegan and got given a plate with eggs and cheese. I repeated vegan and the guy picked off the scrambled eggs with his fingers. I took the cheese off myself. Neither dessert was vegan. The food was tasty but €20 seemed a lot for what I got. Maybe it’s better when there is actually a vegan option available.


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21 May 2018

Amazing vegan brunch

I had the chance to eat twice at La REcyclerie. They offer a full vegan brunch once the month (on sunday) which is in collaboration with one store/product/brand (the first time it was a chocolate "pâte à tartiner" and the second the store Naturalia Vegan). At these occasions, they propose a giant dish plate (various hot and cold products), a dessert, and an unlimited breakfast buffet (different breads, butter, jams, milks, drinks, cacao powder, sugar etc).
I'll surely go back again, such a good moment in a gorgeous place (with ethic)!

Pros: Full vegan brunch once a month, warm and friendly atmosphere, the "ecological/alternative" efforts

Cons: not full vegan the rest of the time


21 May 2018

Actually, now the brunch is on Saturdays too! Next one is on June 16th and 17th. :)


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18 Feb 2018

really great Sunday vegan brunch!

Lovely great find, beautiful old place lots of music people great vibe great staff.


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17 Dec 2017

Great vegan brunch!

Once a month they offer a 100% vegan brunch on Sundays (they have some vegan options during the other days but I haven't tried them).

The brunch costs 22€, and it comes with a savory plate with several small dishes, a sweet plate with a couple of small desserts, fresh juice, and self-service hot drinks and bread.

The food was yummy, and the desserts were decent
(You can check the picture).

Because there are no other vegan options around the area, and the brunch seems to be quite popular; I'd recommend to arrive earlier than 12.
FYI, the next vegan brunch is scheduled for January 20th and 21st.

Pros: vegan options, nice atmosphere, good value

Cons: 100% vegan only once a month

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