Serves meat, vegan options available. Vegan not labeled, but some dishes can be ordered as such, but you should show the Japanese vegan passport to the waitstaff for the "vegan." The pasta is without egg, and the pizza dough is vegan as well. Meals which can be prepared vegan include: garlic bread, salad, eggplant pasta, pizza funghi (or ask for vegetable pizza). Vegan cheese is available. Open Tue-Sun 11:30am-2:00pm, 6:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by EnricoVegan


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19 Jan 2024

Great pizza!

This place had surprisingly good pizza and also some accidentally vegan side dishes. Only the pizza is labeled vegan, but the staff was very helpful and was able to confirm which other options on the menu are vegan. English menu available

Pros: Great food, Good service



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15 Nov 2023


Vegan options? Definitively!! This place was amazing. Has an English menu with a clearly listed vegan option (the pizza), as well as a modifiable eggplant pasta and mushroom pizza. We had the mushroom pizza with soy cheese and it was flippin’ awesome, as well as the eggplant pasta minus the cheese. Probably the most vegan friendly place in kawaguchiko where we were actually able to get (pretty damn good) food!
For the 2 mains and a beer, we ended up paying about 4400 yen. Staff were also incredibly lovely - while we communicated in Japanese it did appear to have plenty of foreigners in the restaurant who didn’t seem to have trouble ordering their food so you should be A-OK to go here with 0 language knowledge and an empty belly. ❤️

Ps. Use the restroom, you won’t regret it! 😎

Pros: Mushroom pizza, Beautiful restaurant/decor, Super snazzy poopin’ facilities

Cons: Awkward couple sitting next to us


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18 Oct 2023


Vegan and vegetarian options, just tell staff and they'll point out the choices. We had the vegan pizza with soy cheese, the veg spaghetti, mushrooms with vegan garlic bread and very tasty sorbet. Very friendly and helpful staff, absolutely delicious food. It's a must visit when in town. Worthy of a 5 star rating.

Pros: All the meals were excellent , Staff is great, Quite reasonably priced


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13 Oct 2023

Delicious meal

The spaghetti with tomato sauce and the vegan pizza were amazing! The vegan cheese was surprisingly good.

Pros: Very tasty


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28 Sep 2023

Great pizza vegan

Vegan pizza with soy cheese, clearly labelled on the menu
The pizza was pretty good


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11 Jul 2023

Really yummy soy cheese!

First night I had pasta and second night I had the vegan pasta. The soy cheese is really yummy! Garlic bread is vegan too.


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29 Apr 2023

Very good

Great food, don't remember seeing vegan cheese in Japan before, it was a good cheese! Good service and nice atmosphere. Asked for vegan and they understood immediately. A little pricy for japan though.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-29

Pros: Tasty and fresh, Quality options and substitutes, Quick

Cons: Pricy, Pasta dish- a bit of small portion


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21 Apr 2023

Italian food

Loved that vegan cheese is available upon request. Lots of options for vegetarians.

Pros: Vegan cheese available if you as for it , Both pizza and pasta options , You can actually feel satiated after a meal

Cons: Cash only


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05 Apr 2023

They still have soy cheese!

I went to this restaurant last night (April 2023) since everything else was closed and they did not disappoint! They don’t label the vegan cheese on the menu, so *you have to ask for it!* Get the fungi pizza because that’s already vegetarian and it isn’t common to be able to ask for substitutions at Japanese establishments in my experience.


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10 Nov 2022

Hidden vegan options

Italian restaurant with a nice atmosphere. I had a pizza fungi with vegan cheese (made with soymilk). On the menu there is no information about the vegan options of this restaurant, so please ask the staff and they will tell you a lot of vegan dishes they can create (Pasta too).


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18 Aug 2022

Great spot near Kawaguchiko station

There is only one clearly labelled as vegan on the Japanese menu (the English menu is outdated), but other dishes can be made vegan upon request.
Tell the staff you are vegan and they will happily suggest to replace cow's milk cheese for soy cheese and meat for vegetables.
The only downturn is the long waiting. We got there 5min after the restaurant had been opened and there were no more tables available (on a Thursday night, so that's how popular the place is!).

Pros: Delicious vegan pizza, Many dishes can be made vegan upon request, Courteous staff

Cons: The queue was huge, we waited for 2 hours


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15 Mar 2022

We will be back!

As others have stated only a few vegan options including an off menu vegan (vegetable) pizza sans cheese, but what they do have is delicious.

I let our waitress know; “Watashitachi wa bīgan desu” (we are vegan) and she understood immediately and began listing all the items we couldn’t eat to reinforce her understanding. She did however list garlic and onion and we promptly corrected her, fortunate that we did because garlic was the hero of the dishes.

We passed on the garlic bread as it looked dry without the butter (judging from one of the photos another user posted) and instead ordered the garlic mushrooms which I didn’t see anyone else’s write about in their reviews. I double checked with the waitress it was vegan and she assured us it was. It was phenomenal. We ended up ordering a second serving! We also had the eggplant pasta which was also amazing and quite filling.

Updated from previous review on 2019-11-20

Pros: Fantastic flavours, English menu, Accomodating to vegans

Cons: Vegan items not listed in the menu, Only a vegan few options, Serves meat


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10 Oct 2021


food was very delicious.
love they vegan cheese


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29 Sep 2020

Delicious Italian restaurant

About a 10 minute walk from Kawaguchiko station and the menu had a few various options. Staff knew what vegan was and could also speak a little English.

Pros: Delicious , Multiple options , Friendly staff


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02 Aug 2020

excellent vegan options

We're regulars here and love the food. It's important to tell the staff you're vegan or vegetarian so they can tell you what your options are rather than going by the menu, which doesn't clearly state what you can eat. The staff speak some English and understand what vegan means.

We like the green salad, which usually includes kale from the owner's garden and a delicious dressing. For mains we usually go with vegan pizza or pasta. The pasta options we've been offered are mixed veggies or red sauce. I love the pasta with red sauce and request it with grilled eggplant on top, which is divine. They also offer excellent bread with olive oil as a side dish. Some of their non-alcohol cocktails are superb too.

This place is very conveniently located, just about a ten-minute walk from Kawaguchiko Station.

Pros: delicious food and mocktails, good prices, fresh kale in the salad

Cons: no menu specific to vegan options, not a vegan restaurant


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23 Jul 2020

Best vegan Italian I’ve had in 3yrs in Japan

Tell the server you’re vegan and they will bring out someone with good English who can talk you through the options. We got garlic bread, fresh tomato risotto, vegan pizza (vegan cheese!!), and vegan penne with tomato sauce. We also got sorbet (strawberry and mango, but there were other choices). 3 course meal for 3 people and it was ¥6100.

They have high chairs and parking.

Cash only (¥)

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Parking, Super delicious

Cons: Cash only


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30 Mar 2020

Vegan pizza

As suggested by the reviews, I'd let the staff know I'm vegan - I believe a chef came out to confirm my ordered, he suggested a mixed vegetable pizza with vegan cheese on top.

Overall, the pizza was very good - the crust thin but with perfectly baked, generous and chewy edges. Their menu had an information about flour they use to cook with being imported from Italy, perhaps that the secret?😄Most of the veg toppings traditionally belong on a pizza, those were tasty. On top of that - there were sauteed broccoli florets placed on top, these were tasty too although that's kind of out of the usual toppings. On top of all of this - a fresh mixed green salad, which of course can be taken off. Personally, I'm not a fan. Mixed in with all of this were chunks of vegan cheese, tasty, with fluffy consistency, which melted within short time. I did not ask what the cheese was made out of though.

The staff was helpful, friendly and polite. I also enjoyed the atmosphere, ambient music and nice decor.

Pros: Very good pizza, especially the crust :), Vegan cheese


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03 Feb 2020

Yummy vegan pasta.

Serves meat dishes but can do a few vegan options and substitute cow pus with vegan cheese. Entire pasta dish was freshly made in house and the taste reflected this. Garlic bread is also vegan and delicious. Owners/staff was friendly and spoke enough english to be aware of our dietary requests.

[NB: App won't let me do 5⭐ only 4, bust rest assured this is a 5⭐ from me].


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16 Jan 2020

Amazing Vegan Cheese!!

Wow! What a rare find in Japan. A gem of a place.

Firstly, as the other reviewers state, the food is fantastic. We had vegetable pizza (with vegan cheese!), tomato-based eggplant pasta, garlic bread (not dry since it comes with a side of seasoned olive oil) and an enormous fresh salad. Everything was delicious. There were 3 vegan pizzas to choose from: margherita, mushroom, and vegetables (the lot).

Secondly, we had a chance to speak with the chef (in Japanese). He said he's attended many workshops on vegan, vegetarian, and halal food. You can tell he's passionate about food and he's clearly trying to add more plant-based options to his menu. He recently found a vegan cheese supplier and boy oh boy, the mozzarella made the pizza over the top! Great texture and flavour,

The restaurant has a lovely ambience - great date spot or a meal with friends. I recommend this place and I'll definitely be coming back😄5 out of 5.

Pros: Amazing food, ambience & customer service, The chef's devoted to catering to vegans

Cons: Vegan options not marked on menu


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02 Aug 2019

Quality food but not so many options

I went to La Luce after reading all the reviews about how many vegan options they have. Vegan pizza especially interested me. However, apparently they don't have it in menu, but they made a vegetable pizza for me anyway. Super tasty crust, but the toppings were just a scarce selection of vegetables.

Pros: Amazing pizza crust, Cozy atmosphere, Friendly staff

Cons: Little vegan options


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15 Apr 2019

Delicious vegan pizza!

I’ve been to La Luce twice and both times the food has been delicious. Had a vegan pizza, it’s not in the menu but the restaurant staff/ chefs are friendly and they are happy to make one. You can get vegan garlic bread and pasta, too. I would give it 5 stars but as it’s not a 100% vegan restaurant, it has to be 4.

Pros: Vegan friendly , Delicious pizza , Location


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12 Apr 2019

Perfect pizza

This restaurant was lovely - a perfect spot to stop for lunch after viewing Fuji. The staff were attentive and offered to create a special vegan pizza without cheese that was piled high with vegetables. Great dough and a hearty salad too. No vegan puddings but I didn’t have space!


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26 Oct 2018

Salvation in the countryside

There were few places in Kawaguchiko where we could find veggie options but this really saved us. We got food poisioning from the Alladin place near the lake and when we could finally eat, we found La Luce. The pasta was really tasty and it was not hard to get our options made vegan!

Pros: Tasty food, Affordable, Cute interior


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11 Sep 2018

Bonne pizza vegan

C'est vraiment bien d'avoir cette option vegan sur place, nous avons pris une pizza vegan, service un petit peu long mais c'était bon.


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30 Aug 2018

Great service and food

It was live saving place after day’s ride around lake Kawaguchi. We took salad, garlic toasts and pasta. A portion of pasta is huge!


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29 Mar 2018

Amazing service

We were staying in the Lake Kawaguchi area for one night and due to its rural location there are minimal vegan options. After reading positive reviews online for this restaurant we decided to give it a go and we were not disappointed. We made the waitress aware that I was vegan and the chef promptly came over to us before ordering to check what I can/can’t eat. He said he could make a vegan pizza and it was fantastic! A vegan base with tomato sauce and plenty of sautéed vegetables on top. The service they provided was great and it was really refreshing to have them come out and check what I’d be happy with eating. Cannot recommend them enough!

Pros: Great sized portions , Great sized portions , Great sized portions


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12 Nov 2017

Great italian food, very friendly staff

It is not easy to find vegan food in Kawaguchiko. We showed our vegan passport to the waitress and she took the chef to us. He understood very well and prepared a really delicious meal for us. Prices are between 880 and 1280¥ before tax for main dishes. Unfortunately I have not made pictures of the menu card.

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