Serves meat, vegan options available. Yamanashi prefecture is known for hoto noodles, which is wheat-based and comes in a miso based soup with various vegetables such as mushrooms and pumpkin. This one is a large restaurant that can seat up to 110. Last order 30 minutes before closing. Location is directly across the busy Kawaguchiko train station in the Fuji Five Lakes area. NOTE: Noodles are reported to be cooked in a meat broth so you must specify to staff that you want a vegan version made. Open Mon 9:00am-4:00pm, Tue-Sun 11:00am-7:00pm.

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First Review by carol.abb


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19 Nov 2023

Filling and warming

they can make the soup based on konbu rather than fish dashi to make it suitable for vegans. a must try hotou noodle as it's a specialism in this area



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09 Nov 2023

Only eat their 1 veg dish (udon) if you have no other option

They have only one miso udon vegetarian in Mains. And one starter.
Not worth the long wait. Taste really average with absolutely no flavours.
We have had veg miso udon and ramens before and This is below par. They also don’t give any soy sauce or vinegar to make it little according to your taste.

If you still chose to go, avoid peak lunch and dinner hours otherwise be ready to wait for atleast 1 hr in queue


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07 Sep 2023

Definitely recommend!

The vegan hot pot was to die for, and I recon some other things you could maybe have vegan like the soba if you just wanted it plain with no fish sauce. Super lovely place and lovely staff

Pros: Hot pot, Location, Inside was lovely


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03 Sep 2023

Best noodle soup!

We can highly recommend the noodle soup served in this vivid restaurant! It comes in a big hot pot and tastes delicious. You have to tell the waiter that you want the meal vegetarian, otherwise the soup will be with beef sauce.

Pros: Very tasty food , Friendly staff


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02 Sep 2023

Very filling

I stopped here for lunch after 2.30 pm, there was a little line to get in (I imagine it gets VERY busy), but the line moved fast.
Very nice traditional atmosfere, I sat on the tatami table.
I made sure to order the kombu dashi, as others have advised.
The broth itself was very tasty, the only reason I gave 3 stars is that I would have enjoyed more vegetables and tofu (I only had 1 piece of tofu, 2 pieces of sweet potato and 3 mushrooms). The noodles were nicely firm and thick, but had too much of a wheat flavour.
Staff was very nice and welcoming.
All in all it is worth visiting while in the area.
* I did not order in advance, food didn't take longer to arrive than other tables that ordered at the same time. 15-20 min wait

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-02

Pros: Accomodate for vegan broth, Continuous opening hours, Big portions


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10 Aug 2023

Great food, order in advance

It takes around 20 minutes to prepare the vegan version. Great food

Pros: Tasty , Vegan option


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01 Aug 2023

Great food - but make a request!

Standard broth is made with fish and pork, but if you request a Vegan version (and the place is not too busy) they will happily make separate for you!


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08 Jul 2023

Delicious and multiple locations

The houtou here is delicious. Everything about the dish is vegan except the broth which is made with dashi but as others have said if you ask for a vegan version they will make it with a kombu dashi.

It takes a little longer to prepare than the regular dish and they don’t bring the food out together so if you eat with anybody ordering the regular houtou know that their food will come out first. However I didn’t wait too long for the vegan version to come out.

They also have inari sushi which I believe is vegan as well but their other side dishes aren’t vegan.

There are multiple locations in the area.

Pros: Delicious, They understand what “vegan” is

Cons: A slightly long wait


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26 Jun 2023

Amazing, filling, friendly lunch

Highly recommend you try this place.
We came on a Monday at approx 230pm and it was busy but we were inside within 5mins.
Make sure you mention vegan and they will offer you the Veggie soup with Tofu.
It was very filling and good value.
Staff are super friendly! I never felt so well greeted

Pros: Amazing food, Amazing staff, Good value


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17 Jun 2023

Nice Hoto

When you order, remember to ask the staff to make your Hoto vegan (when I visited it wasn’t explicitly written on the menu). The Hoto is huge and fulfilling!


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14 May 2023

Generous serving of hoto!

We arrived around 11:30am on a Saturday and had to wait about 10 minutes to be seated. The queue was around the corner when we left, so I'd recommend arriving close to opening to avoid the big queues on weekends.
I asked for Kombu Dashi and they also knew what vegan was. The hoto noodles were very filling and delicious - the only thing that would have made them better is some more tofu/protein on top. The Kombu broth is made seperately so we had to wait about 30 minutes, which wasn't too bad.


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06 Apr 2023

Delicious experience

There was a 45minute wait to enter the restaurent but it was well worth it. When we came in there were authentic Japanese dining tables. We were served quite fast, not that many options on the menu but most people take their speciality anyway: a great Houtou noodle soup, which can be made vegetarian. Also a great Sakura yuzu drink.


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01 Apr 2023

Vegan takes longer

I ordered the vegan Fudou Houtou. When I ordered, they told me it would take a long time since they had to specially make the vegan broth. These are the thickest noodles I have ever had. It was super nice for a chilly day. I didn’t think the noodles themselves had much flavor, but the miso broth was good, and the veggies included were nice. It would have been extra good with tofu. On the side, there is a smokey and spicy powder. I highly recommend adding that. We got to sit on a higher platform at a chabudai. If they sit you there, remove your shoes before standing on the platform. They played traditional Japanese music at low volume. The line to get in was about 30 mins. Everything was great, but I gave it top-1 stars because the noodles themselves were kind of flavorless.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-01

Pros: Extra thick noodles, Spicy powder is good

Cons: Vegan takes extra time, Long line to get in


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28 Mar 2023

Too busy to do vegetarian

I waited.sat down and it was all okay I ordered and he understood what i wanted said it will take some time but he checked and they couldn’t cause they were too busy. 7/11 it is!


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05 Mar 2023

Authentic famous udon

Had to Q for at least 30min to get in when I visited there for Saturday lunch. Worth the wait!
The udon with kombu soup stock and full of veggies was simply delicious.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-05

Pros: One vegan udon available , Located right in front of Kawaguchiko station

Cons: No free parking lots available


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27 Feb 2023

It's good but not great

Kombu based broth instead of dashi, rest of the dish is the same. It was good, huge portion size. I just didn't think the overall dish's taste/satisfaction was at a fantastic level


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09 Jan 2023

Very good udon in huge pot

As said above. Showed them the vegan card for Japan and they immediately understood that they'll need to change the soup stock to make it vegan.
They even placed a little card at my table that said buckwheat so they won't accidentally switch it up.
The udon are served in a very large pot and are very (very) filling and so far the best ones we had in Japan.

Pros: Huge sizes, Friendly and english understanding


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03 Jan 2023

Must try near Kawaguchiko St.

Hoto Fudo is right opposite the Kawaguchiko Station, they had a waiting line and I think the food was worth the wait! As soon as you mention that you need your menu customized to Vegan, they bring you a small card that indicates to the servers that they are aware of your dietary preferences.
The soup was delicious and the vegetables go well with the noodles and soup! They also had a spicy powder at every table you can add that definitely spiced up the soup but I’m not sure if that is entirely vegan.


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16 Dec 2022

Delicious on a cold winter day

I loved the atmosphere in here, super friendly and helpful. They were clear that my soup would be made with a vegan broth and wow did it hit the spot. Highly recommend!


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15 Oct 2022


Delicious, massive serving of hoto. Ask for kombu stock and they can do it vegan. 1000% recommend.


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12 Mar 2022

Amazing houtou noodles

5/5 Such a treat to be able to eat a vegan houtou dish (noodles thicker than udon). The server knew what vegan was and quickly assured me a vegan option was all fine. She also specified my dish was vegan again when she brought it out. I loved the broth and I'm still dreaming about this dish!

Huge portion, brilliant food after a hike on a chilly November day.

Updated from previous review on 2020-11-24

Pros: Vegan option which is the speciality dish here.

Cons: One option (not a con it's an amazing dish)


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10 Oct 2021


The food was pretty bland but still kinda ok

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-10


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26 Sep 2021

Love it

Have been three times now. Just make sure to specify vegan/vegetarian or konbu dashi. Spacious and lots of air flow plus not many customers (for the amount of space) the times I’ve been so feels safe corona-wise.

Pros: So filling and hearty, Huge value for money , Awesome traditional local specialty


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23 Jul 2020

Noodle soup with kombu dashi FTW

Ate here for lunch twice (2 adults, 1yo, 3yo). Easy to order it vegan, just ask for the vegetable noodle soup with KOMBU DASHI. It was delicious. Had to come back the next day. No high chairs but you can choose between Western tables/chairs or tatami mat seating. We even got a shirt (Mt Fuji on the front, name on the back).

Huge portions. Only ordered 2 bowls and then we shared with the kids.

Cash only (yen).

Pros: Delicious , Huge portions, So cheap

Cons: No high chairs, Only one vegan option


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21 Mar 2020

MUST ask for vegetarian kombu dashi

I ate here with omni friends during our trip to Mt. Fuji. I told the waitress that I'm vegan and can't eat meat and fish broth. She said the udon could be made with kombu dashi(kelp broth) instead.
You have to specify kombu dashi when ordering, and it's not mentioned
on the menu.
The portion was HUGE, probably could be shared between two to be honest.

Pros: Huge portion, Vegan broth available

Cons: MUST tell waiter you are veggie and want kombu das


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20 Feb 2020

Just okay

I wanted to try the Hoto Fudo since it’s a regional dish to the area. The waiter confirmed that the broth is made of beef and chicken. They could make it with just water as the broth but he recommended a dish of cold dipping noodles instead. The price was good and service was quick but cold noodles didn’t feel satisfying on a cold night.


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09 Jan 2020

*IMPORTANT* State “VEGAN” and show vegan passport when ordering!

Nice restaurant and lovely staff ... but don’t make the same mistake as we did!!! - the description on happy cow and the first couple of reviews lead us to believe the noodles on first page were vegan.. as the waitress didn’t speak much English we took a leap of faith. After two sips of the broth I had suspicions it was meat based. So after speaking to a few members of staff and showing vegan passport one of them clarified the broth was in fact meat based. They changed it for us straight away but as any vegan knows it’s pretty upsetting knowing you’d eaten meat.. I wouldn’t put people off coming here as not too many vegan options in Fuji and the food was (when we eventually had the right thing) nice - the staff are lovely and it totally wasn’t their fault. Will make sure to show vegan passport at any restaurant from now on that serves meat. I’ve messaged happy cow to update the description.

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