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Vegetarian restaurant offering three different dishes every day located in the heart of a busy souk street. The plates are usually vegetarian, but you can ask the staff to make it vegan. Book only by phone. Open Mon-Sat 12:00pm-4:30pm. Closed Sun.

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16 Reviews

First Review by purplevelvethorse


Points +40

28 Feb 2024

Go and get some food here!

Very nice and cozy restaurant. Bit difficult to find but you’ll manage it in the end. It’s worth searching for this place. Lonely planet got me the advice and I’m glad that I went to this place. Loved the food, the service and the atmosphere



Points +46

04 Nov 2023

No. Vegan Food whatsoever

Just milk, cheese, and other non plantbase stuff. No Vegan option.

Pros: the place, and thats it, Go Vegan for the Animals


Points +32

11 Oct 2023

Pricey unfriendly

vegetarian NoT VEGAN food, prices similar to European restaurants…
Staff was not very welcoming
Atmosphere of the space is very nice though…
We went in because we just needed a bit of break. It was moderate at best

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-11


Points +18

23 Feb 2023

Unfriendly and no vegan option!

Service was super unfriendly and they had no vegan options, all made with cheese and cream, even the hummus


Points +45

13 Jan 2023


Nothing vegan on the menu. Only thing you can order is a salad without cheese and without dressing, super bland.

Pros: None

Cons: Nothing Vegan, Bland food


Points +19

05 Nov 2022

Insalata del giorno eccellente

Qualità del cibo


Points +362

19 Oct 2022

Pretty oasis of calm

I’m so glad we managed to find this pretty lunch cafe, it’s so calm and green inside, a great contrast to the busy medina on the other side of the door! The food was absolutely delicious, really fresh and exciting. At least one of the three daily mains was vegan and I think the other two vegetarian dishes could have been easily adapted. It gets busy so we had to put our name down on a list & come back an hour later, but it was worth it. Staff don’t speak much English (although there’s an English menu) so brush up on your French beforehand!

Pros: Delicious fresh food, Calm and beautiful

Cons: Not cheap, May have to wait for a table


Points +82

12 Sep 2022

Great food, nice people! Cozy interior. The cakes aren‘t vegan.It’s not cheap.

Great food, nice people! Cozy interior. The cakes are amazing. It’s not cheap.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-12

Pros: Kleine feine vegane Karte

Cons: Teuer


Points +40

27 Jul 2022

Beautiful space but no vegan options.

The space was beautiful but the costumer service was one of the worst that we had so far in Marrakech.

A Vegetarian space without any Vegan options.
We were offered a salad without the cheese.
Very disappointing for all the hype around.

Pros: Beautiful space

Cons: No vegan Options , Very bad customer service.


Points +1114

29 Apr 2022

I would skip

Summary after vacation: I realised some very popular places for tourists are very European and I guess thats what many tourists like.
I still think the wat we were seated here was weird, I know we can leave if whenever we want but this is not something they should keep doing imo.

Written while sitting there:
If you go: go early so you have a table for yourself maybe of explicitly request one with reservation.
Not necesarily great waitors
It was ridiculous in my opinion, im writing this while sitting here because my partner didnt want to move.
2 families already left because they have these big tables that they put multiple groups at. Im now sitting at a table with a couple in frond of me and next to me and to the left my travel buddy with a big umbrella in between us
I have decided, the waitor is a edit:-not so nice-, somehow she doesnt like me I think.
And something that is a matter of personal preference. The food here is very european. I prefer to eat local meals that are often relatively good.
It hurts me to write a bad review about a place I thought it would be very pleasant.

To end with something positive: I can imagine this place is heavan for some young french girls that need a break from the chaos in marrakech.

Pros: Chill environment

Cons: Poor vegan options, There was 1 kind waitor


Points +22

12 Apr 2022

Beautiful place, no vegan options

Unfortunately, La famille has no vegan options. We were offered a salad, with the cheese dressing off and we found the salad expensive, compared to other restaurants in the area. Also, I felt like the staff didn't really care, which I understand... they are a very popular restaurant, but I believe every (potential) customer counts. We left very disappointed.

Pros: Beautiful place

Cons: A bit expensive compared to other restaurants, No vegan options


Points +119

11 Apr 2022

No vegan options

No vegan dishes available and the only salad was 10€...too pricy sorry.


Points +22

11 Apr 2022

Poor vegan options and expensive

Too pricy for the very few vegan options they have.

Pros: Location

Cons: Very few vegan option which included salad... 🤷🏻, Very expensive. 100 for a salad


Points +90

09 Sep 2021

No vegan options

Really lovely space to eat if you are vegetarian however there were 2 soups and 3 mains on the menu and none of them were suitable for vegans. Even the hummus contained yogurt. When we asked they were unable to alter the menu to accommodate so we left without eating.

Pros: Lovely shady garden, Fully vegetarian

Cons: No vegan options, Difficult to find - very small sign


Points +112

09 Jul 2021

Cutest garden you’ll find with lovely food

Loved the atmosphere and the food 💚

Pros: Vegetarian and vegan options

Cons: Little pricey


Points +151

08 Mar 2021

Delicious food al fresco

I had a delicious pasta dish that was served with chopped dates. I'd never thought-to use dates in a dish. It was a delicious blend of sweet and savory as the Morrocans do best. And the outdoor patio is a charming quiet spot away from the hubbub outside.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

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