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Serves meat, vegan options available. Restaurant offering a separate vegan and vegetarian menu where new vegan dishes are regularly added. Dishes are made of various ingredients such as quinoa, soya milk, chickpeas, kidney and black beans, aquafaba, seitan and more. Has vegan couscous, tagines, pastilla, starters, salads and vegan desserts. Reported to have limited vegan options February 2023 - please confirm and send an update to HappyCow. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-11:00pm.

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First Review by ebbing.loic


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27 Nov 2023

Good food but unfortunate hair in food

We ordered a veggie ball tagine which tasted good, but unfortunately there was a nasty hair in my food which completely ruined our lunch. Of course, it may happen, but it is definitely unpleasant.
The place has a good and calm atmosphere and the staff is nice.



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06 Nov 2023

Lovely venue

We couldn't go to the rooftop as they said it was for reservations only. The lower roof was very pretty still and the music was nice. The soy pastille was tasty but I think it has honey in and the meatball tajine was good but they were beany rather than meaty. I ordered chips with it too which were nice. The chocolate mousse was amazing


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13 Oct 2023

A Moroccan Culinary Adventure

Koulchi Zine in Marrakech offers an unforgettable Moroccan dining experience. From the refreshing Moroccan salad to the flavorful Vegan Tajine and the delightful Cinnamon Orange dessert, every dish is a celebration of Moroccan cuisine. It’s a place where tradition meets innovation, and where the beauty of Moroccan flavors shines. If you find yourself in Marrakech, make sure to visit Koulchi Zine for a culinary adventure you won’t soon forget.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-04

Pros: Excellent service , Delicious food


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05 Sep 2023

Was craving a dessert so 5/5

This place has the vegan options clearly marked, we asked two of the waiters if the V was vegetarian or vegan and they said it was vegan, and then we clarified if that meant no milk and no egg and they confirmed that. I forgot to ask about honey but I think they mostly knew what they were talking about.

The food was average, we had the veggie ball tagine, the veggie balls spaghetti and the pastilla with soy. The desserts were very good though. We asked if they were still doing the chocolate cigars as we have seen a recent review on here about them but they were not in the menu, and been told that they can make them for us. They were so good! The atmosphere was nice and the building was traditional and clean.

Pros: Excellent dessert, Nice building, Clearly marked vegan options

Cons: Pricey, Average food (a bit bland), Slow


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04 Sep 2023

Jolie emplacement

Le lieu est magnifique car se situe dans un riad. Plusieurs options vegans sont disponibles au menu.
Nous avons commandé les boulettes végétales et avons trouvé qu’elles étaient très sèches.
Les desserts étaient bons.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-04


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23 Jun 2023

Nice place, OK food

The staff was very nice and the place is big and has a nice ambiance with rooftop, terrace and indoor AC seating. We had the homemade lemonade which was great, vegetable couscous and Moroccan salads. The food was good, although it was not the best we had in Morocco but all in all it was a really nice place and good experience.

Pros: Nice staff, Great ambience


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28 May 2023

Schwiya Zine

The waiter was unsure whether the V label meant vegan or vegetarian on their menu. We ordered the burger he knew for sure was vegan. We found the entire dish cold and burnt at the same time. We asked for the waiter to fix it, and he had the dish microwaved. We politely declined the food and stood up to leave, when a colleague waiter came and promised the pastilla was vegan and not vegetarian. We ordered one and found it to be tasty, so we ordered another. We ended up only having to pay for the 2 (hopefully vegan) pastillas and our water. To this day, I am not sure whether the pastilla was vegan.

Pros: Colleagues help each other , Nice outdoor seating area

Cons: Staff lacks knowlegde of their menu , Staff reheats french fries in microwave , Staff returns burnt food


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12 May 2023

Tajine on the Rooftop

We had the Veggie Balls, which were made out of beans, they did not taste like meat, but were very delicious. We also had the vegetarian Couscous, which came in a tajine with baked vegetables, raisins and caramelized onions. This one was so good. There also was bread and olives as a side/starter for free. Food was very good and vegan dishes were labled.

Pros: labled dishes, service, rooftop


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26 Mar 2023


Nice rooftop spot. Food was clearly labeled but just so-so. We had the vegetable couscous and the vegetable tangine. The kids had the vegan veggie burger and fries- and only ate the fries.

Pros: Nice rooftop setting, Fairly priced

Cons: Somewhat limited options, Food only so-so


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16 Feb 2023

Only vegan marked item not available

General experience was bad. After told the only vegan option, besides the burger on the kids menu, wasn't available i asked what else is vegan and the server said the tajine doesn't have meat, so didn't answer my questions
He then walked off and nobody came to us for 20 minutes. Skip it.


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06 Jan 2023

Good find for desserts!

Nice to find a menu clearly marked with what was vegan!
The food was okay, we had some mezze starters and soup and then shared the vegan burger. The chocolate cigar dessert however was amazing!

Pros: Dessert !! , Friendly staff

Cons: As expected, expensive


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16 Dec 2022

Amazing food

They had lots of yummy vegan options.. I had the vegan spaghetti and it was lovely. Carrot juice was also really good.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Extremely cheap, Flavoursome

Cons: Not fully vegan restaurant


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02 Dec 2022


One of the best vegan options in town. Great Burger, also with vegan mayo. Fast and super kind service. Lovely rooftop. I don’t give the fifth star only because it’s not 100% vegan.

Pros: Many vegan options, Rooftop is stunning , Amazing Burger

Cons: Not 100% vegan


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24 Nov 2022

"where people come together"

I really enjoyed the vibe of the place, very cute, kept in a Beatles style with their menu, the wall writings and jazzy Beatles covers! Loved it.
The food was good, we a vegan burger and spaghetti with (non-meat)meatballs - great change from the frequently encountered Moroccan options (couscous and veggies).


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22 Nov 2022

Lovely terrace, great tagine

“Vegan tajine” with the veggie balls was so interesting! Also shared the platter of Moroccan salads between 2 and ate our weight in bread. Delicious and slightly too big of a lunch!

Pros: Loads of options , Lovely atmosphere on the roof terrace


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21 Nov 2022


Lots of options! Tagine was good, but not what I expected. I liked some of the cold salads but they weren't super flavorful, like other reviewers said. Service kinda iffy but that's ok for morroco. We liked the multi level roof and virgin mojitos.

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-21


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20 Nov 2022

Many options clearly labelled

Pleasant rooftop with a good varied menu. We had the Moroccan soup which was great, a veggie pastilla that was fantastic, perfect texture and a veggie couscous that was good but not excellent. Friendly staff, affordable.


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12 Nov 2022

Worst meal I’ve had in Marrakech

I had the vegan meatball Tajine. When the food came out I was hit by pure disappointment. The portion was so tiny, and after a first taste I was also underwhelmed by that. The soup I’ve had before that didn’t compensate for that either. It was rather bland and could’ve used some salt or paprika. My meal ended up being around 15€, after which I went to the central square to get some more food to feel satisfied.


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22 Oct 2022

I had the best vegan food here! Loved the people and the food

I had the best vegan food here! Loved the people and the food

Pros: Vegan options , Nice staff


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09 Oct 2022

Really good food and different options

This place is really lovely! They had a few vegan options and vegan desert options. We had the vegan burger which was very good. I was surprised to see they have vegan parmesan on the vegan meatball dish. They have the usual Maroccan cuisine too but it was nice to go somewhere and have a change from couscous and tajine

Pros: Multiple vegan options , Beautiful rooftop , Good service


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28 Aug 2022

Lovely place

We fat on the highest terrace which is a lovely and cozy place.
I had the vegan tajine which was good. I also liked the entrée Mezze orientale.
The staff was very nice.
Prices are more European


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24 Jun 2022

Great service, cute restaurant

Just a couple of vegan options but they’re clearly marked on the menu and include a vegan mousse! The food was fine, probably 3.5 stars, but the service was really good and the upper terrace is a lovely place to sit and enjoy the views across the medina.

Pros: Clearly marked vegan options, Good price

Cons: Limited options


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13 Jun 2022


Service was very good but the food wasn't the best.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-13

Cons: Mezze starter


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09 Jun 2022

Solid variety of vegan options

This was another decent place to eat in Marrakesh. The vegan meatball tagine was nice, but my 4 Moroccan salads weren't super flavorful or interesting. I've had much better ones since I've been in Morocco. The terrace was nice and it had a breeze which was very welcome after another hot day. I didn't try the mousse but it's nice they have a couple of vegan desserts (tho 40 mad for an orange with cinnamon is pretty expensive for morocco)
I'd probably give this 3 stars but there's really a lack of great options here... you can consider this review 3.5.

Pros: Variety of vegan options , Vegan chocolate mousse , Nice terrace

Cons: A tad pricey , Cold starter was flavorless


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01 Jun 2022

Very good vegan selection and food

The vegan mousse au chocolate was amazing and the vegan burger as well. The stuff was really friendly and the Location/ roof top super cozy.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Really good taste


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20 Apr 2022

Tasty Burger

We liked the Burger, Spaghetti was okay but could be better. Nice roof terrace and very (!) friendly service!

Pros: Burger+fries with vegan mayo (55DH) was tasty! , Vegan options, Very friendly Service

Cons: Didnt have the vegan balls 2 times we went there


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13 Apr 2022

Amazing owner

Dropped us off back home as there were no cabs!

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