"Plant based kissa" restaurant that's part of the Komeda chain of coffee shops and is certified vegan by the Japan Vegan Society. Serves coffee drinks and a 34-item food menu with 8 desserts. Last order 9:30pm. Location is 2 minutes from Higashi-Ginza station. Est. 2020. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-10:00pm. Last order 9.30pm.

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First Review by ForAnimalsJapan


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22 Feb 2024

Sooo good

hope to get more time to enjoy this café :)



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20 Feb 2024

Amazing salad and unique burgers

Went there today (Tuesday) evening. There were not many people so we didn't have to wait.

You order with a tablet, English translation is available.

The garlic edamame were some of the best edamame I've ever had.
The tartar wasabi burger was great, it had a lot of sauce (not too much) which made it nice and juicy.
The big salad with 12 ingredients was my highlight. Very tasty!

Pros: Very friendly and attentive staff, No wait times, Lots of food options

Cons: Limited options for cold drinks


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10 Feb 2024

Spacious cafe near Ginza

Within a 10 minute walk of the glitzy Ginza district studded with Michelin-starred restaurants, you can find Komeda IS, a fully-vegan cafe restaurant. Komeda group runs a little shy of a thousand coffee shops nationwide, but this is, so far, the one and only fully plant-based joint.

KOMEDA IS has a spacious, refreshing dining space, with a wide selection of burgers, soft drinks, sweets, and a few pastas. My choice was the Curry-mayonnaise burger and an oat milk latte, which I must say made me feel full and unreservedly happy. Please don't miss it if you happen to be in Ginza.

If I dare to mention the negatives, (1) being by yourself, you may be prompted to seat yourself in one of the single seats in front of the narrow-partitioned long table, which of course is less cozy (2) French fries served as a side may be too much as a burger is bulky enough at least by Japanese standards (3) a burger and a drink will cost you JPY2,400 or USD16, no match for McDonalds in terms of the simple price comparison.

Tips : I guess KOMEDA IS is a portmanteau, made of KOMEDA, the name of the franchise, and DAIS which represents soybean when pronounced in Japanese , but who knows?

Pros: all-vegan options, convivial ambience

Cons: a bit pricey


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09 Feb 2024

Burgers for breakfast

The hot cocoa was the highlight for us. We went there before 11am and had the free toast and jam with our beverage. Then a burger which was really savory and tasted like a fusion of eastern and western flavors.


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07 Feb 2024


Their selection of vegan options is truly impressive, and every dish I tried was absolutely perfect!

Pros: Tons of choices , All vegan, Comfort and healthy options

Metal Vegan

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05 Feb 2024

A mixed bag

The wasabi burger was magnificent. Seriously one of the best burgers I have ever had. On the other hand the miso burger was beyond gross. And again, seriously one of the worst burgers I have ever tasted.

Pros: Wasabi burger was exceptional , Fries were good, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Miso burger was awful beyond words


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05 Feb 2024

Fabulous find on a cold day

Wonderful selection of vegan foods, so nice to find after a week of compromising on meals. A little pricey if you are on a budget.

Pros: Good selection of lunch items, Easy to order with an iPad at each table

Cons: A little pricey 850 for a coffee


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30 Jan 2024

A bit pricey but worth it

I went here for breakfast since I arrived in Tokyo early. I ordered their morning service wherein you will choose your drink and it will come with a toast & spread. I thought this wasn't enough for me, thus, I ordered the potato sandwich. I ended up having too much and taking home the rest of the potato sandwich and ate it later on 😆 The toast was so good and very soft, the hot chocolate was so rich. The potato sandwich was so filling and tasty. They are a bit pricey (at least for me) but totally worth it. #Veganuary #Veganuary

Pros: Location, Food

Cons: A bit pricey


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26 Jan 2024

Varied Japanese Vegan Menu

Ordered the curry mayo and avocado teriyaki burgers, both were delicious. Also ordered the croquettes, cocoa with soy cream, and a beer. The curry mayo burger was out of this world. I'm very impressed with the restaurant. However, it does appear to get crowded, so go early.

Pros: Curry burger, Large menu , Amazing food


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11 Jan 2024

Loved it!

I ordered the avocado teriyaki burger! It was amazing!! I loved it. It came with fries and mayo!!

I believe they use impossible meat in the burger! So good! Totally recommend this place! Had it twice !


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10 Jan 2024

Convenient for Breakfast

This is a cafe with a good selection of food on the menu as well, and unlike most other vegan places in Tokyo it opens early. I visited several times for breakfast and it was always good.

Pros: all vegan, opens early


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04 Jan 2024

Simple but delicious

We tried the mala burger, croquettes (very small portion but delicious) and mixed sandwich (kind of egg-like, with luncheon and lettuce, and served with fries and salad - so good). Ordering is done by QR code at the table, then pay at the cashier. Good drink list and prices for wine by the glass (depending on the brand you order). I’d definitely go back - I’m keen to try the heavenly pancakes, which were unfortunately sold out when we visited. #Veganuary

Pros: All vegan, Simple food done well , Great drink list


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01 Jan 2024

Delicious sandwich

Great STAFF! Amazing options! Beautiful scene to eat at. Very great experience and offered take-out. Didn’t have to wait long for food at all.

Pros: Pricing, Presentation, Customer service


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31 Dec 2023

Guter Kaffee

Wir waren nachmittags hier und genossen Kaffee aus einer Siphon-Kanne mit Sojasahne. Leckere süße Teilchen gibt es auch. Wir waren sehr zufrieden!


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17 Dec 2023

What’s not to like

A typical, trendy Japanese cafe - but 100% vegan. Bright space with greenery everywhere. I had the tuna sandwich and Sumptious Grains (salad with nuts and plant based meat). Both were delicious. Not cheap and portions are quite small (the sandwich alone will not fill you up). But all round a very nice experience.

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Tasty food, Easy ordering (via screen)

Cons: A bit pricey , Small portions


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07 Dec 2023

Cute and delicious vegan cafe in Ginza area!

One of my favourite cafes in Tokyo! Would highly recommend for anyone in the area.

I had the lemon soy sandwich the first time I went. It was amazing! While prices are slightly higher, portion sizes are huge and I believe it is well worth the price. If you go in the morning before 11am, you will also receive a free toast with each drink order. We each chose the red bean and jam and really enjoyed the soft lightly toasted bread with the sweet spreads.

I also really enjoyed the booth style seating which created such a cosy feeling.

I enjoyed my first experience so much I went back the next day again. This time I tried the miso cheese burger - while I did enjoy it, I still preferred the lemon soy sandwich.


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30 Nov 2023

Bit pricey but worth it

I came here twice on my 1 week trip to Japan. The curry burger was good but the mala burger was 10 times better. I also tried the almond milk jellyco, which was a coffee drink. Interesting and good. The hot cocoa was very chocolatey and not too sweet. For some reason I was craving toast, so I got a half Order. Definitely very good toast lol.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-30


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29 Nov 2023

Fun and Tasty

Nice little sandwiches, burgers, and breakfast sweets.

Service was quick and friendly.

I got a tartar wasabi burger. It was a little fake fish thing, some shredded cabbage, and sauce. It was fun. I liked it.

My friend got a miso cheese burger. It was like a beyond-style burger. I thought it was good, but not as interesting. And heavy. She also got pancakes, which were pretty good. They weren’t sweet, but came with a sweet thick cream sauce.


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29 Nov 2023

Vegan food in good location

Convenient located just outside the train station. Has a lot of seating.
You order via tablet. Nice and quick service.

With morning coffee (before 11 am) you get a free buttered toast (with your choice of jam, cream cheese, red beans). Without the toast the coffee is quite pricey (around 700 yen for a smaller sized cup). The toast is very soft. Cream cheese is a little plain.

Pancakes (3) with fruits (grapes, blueberries, raspberries) come with a lot of whip cream and a very fluffy and tasty.
Avocado teriyaki burger comes with fries and is tasty but nothing super special.

They have highchairs and cutlery for babies.

Edit: we went back a second time: got coffee and pancakes. And as the pancakes come with a ton of whipped cream we added some ourselves to our coffee.😉
Also on a weekday around 9 a.m. it was not too busy and we got a seat without waiting.
Across the street is a Natural Lawson for some snack shopping.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-26

Pros: Good location, Fluffy tasty pancakes

Cons: Steep price for coffee


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24 Nov 2023

I love it!

I was here two times now and both times it was super delicious. Everything looks quite nice and the cafe is also totally solo-friendly.


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22 Nov 2023

Delicious and fun cafe

I really enjoyed my Komeda is □ experience! I loved ordering from the touch screen, the coffee and food was delicious, and the atmosphere was relaxed. My husband, who is 100% not vegan, raved about the teriyaki burger and fries. Definitely recommend!


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12 Nov 2023

Best vegan breakfast spot!

Amazing breakfast/brunch options, was super impressed with the variety of choices and quality taste. The iced coffee was the best I've ever had! The icecream they use here is unmatched.

Iced coffee 10/10
Tuna sandwich 9/10
Mixed sandwich 8/10
Pancakes 8/10
Toast 8/10
Donut 6/10

Also got to mention that the location is really convenient, the service is great, and the restaurant is so nicely decorated with greenery and comfortable booths (plus you order from an ipad which is fun).

One of the best vegan spots in Tokyo for sure!

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-12


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11 Nov 2023

Our breakfast staple

This place saved us every morning. Get a coffee and they’ll give you a “free toast” with jam. The pancakes were delicious as well. Went back one day for lunch and got the miso burger. Also delicious.

Pros: Good price , Delicious


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05 Nov 2023

OMG the pancakes!!! 🥞

I've eaten here a couple of times & had the pancakes on both visits... They are that good!
Came for breakfast and ordered toast, not realising that we also get free toast when we order beverages. We ended up with a lot of toast! Not that we were complaining. The toast is so good. We had it with butter, jam, red bean paste and vegan cream cheese. But then the star of the show arrived... The amazing pancakes!! So light, so fluffy. I had them with butter, syrup and whipped cream. Delicious!
On our second visit we went a bit later. I ordered sandwiches and my partner had a burger. Both very good. We weren't going to order the pancakes, but couldn't resist. Heavenly! 🥞


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05 Nov 2023

Delicious breakfast!

really nice sandwiches, coffee with cream and ice cream, pancakes and a cronut.

Pros: Beautiful decoration , Delicious breakfast


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04 Nov 2023


Easy to find, great food, easy to order in English and massive portions. Really tasty food and drinks

Pros: Portions , Taste, Atmosphere


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02 Nov 2023

Good breakfast

Breakfast service was excellent. Love the soft toast. Pancakes were also fantastic. Easy to order in English.

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