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Part of Turkish fast food chain specializing in vegan chee koefte which is made of bulgur, walnuts, spices, and herbs and served in a sandwich, wrap, or box. Has falafel and nuggets as well. Food is vegan, but drinks and desserts may contain dairy. NOTE: Some locations are not vegetarian. If this location is not vegetarian please send in an update. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-1:00am.

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10 Reviews

First Review by planb

09 Jan 2024

Just wrap

Not very delicious. It is suitable for a snack. They don't speak English.



Points +37

12 Sep 2023

Friendly, good price and tasty wrap

I ordered a wrap wiout burger sauce that is not vegan. Instead ask for sour(datk color) and spicy sauce. There also was a kind girl who helped me and explained them in Turkish. I recommend

Pros: Inexpensive , Tasty, Good portions


Points +112

24 Jul 2023

Cheap and good food

Dürüm with cigkoftem and lots of vegetables toppings as options. Everything is vegan except for the burger sauce and Ayran. Ask for pomegranate sauce and spicy sauce instead.

Pros: Good food, Filling, Cheap

Cons: Too much sauce, asked for less 2nd time


Points +2490

31 Mar 2023

Love this branch location

It looks to be family-run and the daughter speaks english. This branch is correct in every way, great for tourists. I got the mega-durum for 27 lira -was indeed mega and very yummy. She made mine extra spicy. AND when i paid, I got the correct change in return (as opposed to another branch I visited close to the nightclub district where the old woman gave me 52 lira change after i bought a 23 lira durum and gave her 100 lira.

Pros: super tasty and inexpensive, Everything correct -great for tourists, big portions, very friendly


Points +197

02 Oct 2021

Awesome vegan wrap

Choose this place in Anlanya if you want vegan food because ita really difficult to find options elsewhere. Any wrap is vegan just dont put burger sauce. Understands English better than other places.


Points +26

19 Aug 2021


Positive people and tasty food.

Pros: ~5 sizes (prices from ~9tl to 12.5tl biggest one), can configure sauces and other options, locals eat there, so it’s cheap and tasty

Cons: no english


Points +2697

23 Sep 2020

At least an option

When in despair Komagene is always an option for vegans because the standard wraps are all vegan, so no need to explain yourself in an foreign language. There aren’t many vegan friendly options in Alanya and most people don’t understand English, thus, if you don’t want to take chances just opt for cigcofte.


Points +64

17 Sep 2019

Poor communication

Had to leave, could not order anything. Need to know Turkish to make an order.


Points +2737

20 Aug 2019

Not bad

This is only the second time I’ve ever had cig kofte, the other was at a Komagene outlet in Germany - but weirdly the one here was not as good. This version had too much sauce and not enough herbs for my liking.
From what I’ve read traditional vegetarian cig kofte in Turkey should be vegan by default, just watch the sauce - I believe the standard, chilli and pomegranate sauces here are all good, just avoid the burger sauce that has egg.
For a cheap bite on the way to the beach this was fine, but wouldn’t go out of my way for it.


Points +50

10 Jun 2018

Decent veggie wrap

Paid 7 TRY for a wrap. Was good, not too special though and had cig Köfte with more paste before. Still decent especially for Alanya where it's hard to find vegetarian food. Will go there again. Can't say if vegetarian or vegan in lack of my turkish skills :) maybe someone else can find out.

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