Serves meat, vegan options available. Thai food restaurant on 5th floor of Breezé Breezé building near Osaka station. Menu has a vegetarian section where the dishes either vegan or can be made vegan on request. Last orders 2pm and 10pm. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-11:00pm. Last orders at 9:30pm.

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07 May 2023

I'm certain it wasn't vegan

The staff understood what vegetarian/vegan was. I told them several times no fish no meat no fish dashi, and they said okay. When I got the pad thai I was just hit with a massive fishy smell, I asked them again if there fish sauce or fish paste or anything of the sort in here? They once again told me that it was vegan. I couldn't enjoy the meal at all, the fish smell was extremely strong and it completely took me out of it, I couldn't continue eating it. I just ate the spring rolls I also ordered, which was okay, and paid and left. I don't know what they did to that pad thai but it was awful and it I'm very certain it had some kind of fish-based something in it. Also, this place is very expensive. Terribly experience overall.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-07

Pros: none

Cons: extremely pricey



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15 Mar 2023

Nice but pricey option, south of the station

I went for lunch and had the Phad Thai. Tho it's truly rather on the pricey side, the portion was filling, taste was good and the ambience inside better then I'd expected from the mall.
Considering they speak English( menu - see pics) and the few options you have around there, I was satisfied :)

Pros: Nice ambience, English

Cons: Pricey


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22 Nov 2022


Was almost put off going here cos of the negative reviews, but went anyway, and we are SO happy we did! The curry was great and the pad thai was DELICIOUS! The host knew what vegan meant and took away the fish sauce from the table as soon as we said we were vegan. Also has an English menu if you need it. 100% recommend!

Pros: friendly staff, quiet atmosphere , central location

Cons: pricey for japan


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06 Jul 2021

Be careful

My experience was disappointing. We made a reservation online stating I was vegetarian. The menu had clear labels for vegetarian options. They seemed to understand what vegan/vegetarian is, as they pointed out which dishes were not vegetarian because they had fish sauce. We ordered tofu pad thai (labeled as vegetarian). After a while, I realized it had tiny prawns on it. We complained and they gave us a green curry for free. Although the food was good, I don't think I can trust this place again.


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02 Jan 2021

Super tasty Thai food

Really enjoyed this restaurant! Has a lovely atmosphere and the staff were very friendly and helpful. I think menu may have changed since other members have visited, the menu clearly lists dishes that are ‘perfect vegetarian ‘ , no fish , meat , onion or garlic. Had Thai curry which was spicy and fragrant and sumner rolls which was super fresh and light !

Pros: Lovely staff , Lots of vegan option (almost half the menu)


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12 Mar 2020

Lovely thai food

We were really hungry on our way back from Kobe , and stopped here as it was nearby the Osaka station.

Few vegan options. Pad Thai was really delicious and decent size portion


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09 Jan 2018

a bit fishy

As a vegan in Japan who is allergic to fish I have to be extra careful. The green curry IS NOT VEGAN as it contains fish sauce. This leaves ONE thing on the menu that is vegan, tofu with chilli basil, however, it was very tasty. The staff were very helpful with my allergy and it was so nice to eat non Japanese rice for a change.


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10 Dec 2017


portions much smaller than the menu pics, most food was really bad (pad Thai had zero taste). saw a worker in the bathroom who then returned to the restaurant without washing his hands. staff very rude in Japanese

Pros: Green curry was good

Cons: portions much smaller than the menu pics, most foo


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17 Oct 2017


Great veggie options. Ask for vegetarian menu. Super easy to find. Great if near Osaka station. Delicious food.


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16 Jul 2017

Pretty good vegan Thai food

Easy to find. Friendly staff. Waiter understood English and vegan and the food came out quickly even during the lunch rush. Recommend 👌


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06 Jul 2017

Good food

The food was very good but there wasn’t much choice, we had about 2 or 3 options. Luckily all of the options were decent enough and I payed around 1200¥ for my meal.


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16 Apr 2017


Had a green curry with sticky rice, very nice. The people are also very friendly. The waiter told us that it was possible to make the vegetarian dishes vegan on request.


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14 Oct 2016

Yum!!!! 5 stars

Thai restaurant with vegetarian menu and asks if you're vegan and explains it to the cook.

Pros: Vegan options, friendly staff, Tasty

Cons: More expensive than average but not too much at al


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13 Aug 2016

Tasty Thai but not much variety.

My partner (vegetarian) and I (vegan) decided to go here for dinner as it was close to where we'd spent the day and I was craving Thai. Its pretty easy to find and the directions provided by Google are accurate. Its also in a very nice area of town, so walking there at night felt safe.

When we arrived we were basically told to go away, so there was a moment of panic where we thought we'd have to eat elsewhere or reservations were required or something. We waited a bit, some people left, and we tried again - this time we got a table. Besides the initial incident, the waitresses were lovely and at least one of them understood what vegan meant and was able to advise appropriately and confidently.

Unfortunately, the menu for non-meat eaters is tiny. It has been changed since the image of the menu was taken and I didn't remember to take a photo of the new one. There are five options and at least two of them are vegan, excluding plain rice. Both my partner and I had stir fried tofu with holy basil and we split some summer rolls, both of which were delicious. The portions were more generous that I expected and very reasonably priced for what we ordered. There is also a decent selection of alcohol and cocktails, though I found myself disappointed in the wine choices.

I'd recommend going here if you have a party with lots of people who eat meat and don't mind restrictions. The food is lovely and well-priced, but there was less choice than I expected.

Pros: Nice decor, Staff understood veganism

Cons: Little variety in veg/vegan options


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24 Apr 2016

good thaï cuisine

As usual in Japan and it's always a pleasure, very warm and friendly welcome.
Food was good for both veg and non veg.
It would be nice to have a wider selection of veg dishes.
Bottom line: was good enough for me and my son!


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01 Apr 2016

Worth a try Thai

I'm a fan of Thai food. It's one of those types that both veg and meat eaters can enjoy. After a couple hiccups, my meal was really good, and one of the best values in veg food I've found in Osaka.
So, make sure to ask for the vegetarian menu straight away because it's not on the menu waiting at the table. The veg menu is by no means extensive, though you should find something to your liking. I saw a vegetarian dinner set on the back of the menu, but it's for 2 people only? Not sure if that's two for double the price, or two total for the listed price. Anyway, I tried to order it, was later shot down, and then was able to order some lunch set instead (consolation? regular thing at 8pm? YMMV).
The meal was massive: noodle salad, a spring roll, soup, green curry, side of rice, sweet & spicy tofu dish, tapioca dessert. A little heavy on the flavors (salt, sweetness), but I cleaned every plate. With a pineapple juice, it came to a hair over 2100 yen! Wow!

Pros: Great value, Protein without being heavily processed, You can bring your meat-eating friends

Cons: Had to dig a little to get what I wanted, Not the easiest place to find, Small selection of veg options


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05 Jan 2016


The food was okay and you get a vegetarian menu if you ask for it, but portions are small and expensive compared to all other places we've been to. :/


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20 Nov 2015

Delicious food lots of options

Ask for the vegetarian menu and they will bring it. They were also willing to adjust things to be vegan for me when I asked. The lunch special is delicious and sooo much food! Everything was so good and I left happy and full.

Pros: Vegan/vegetarian options, Friendly staff, Good food


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27 Aug 2015

Good Thai Food

The food was very good.
you need to ask for the vegetarian menu, because the normal menu does not contain the veggie dishes.
the staff only spoke little english, but it was no problem to order.
the Thai curry is served without rice, so you need to order rice as well.
price for two persons with drinks was about 4700

Pros: very good thai curry

Cons: expensive

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