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An authentic vegetarian buffet-style Thai restaurant. From the street you can see the yellow flags with jay written on it but doesn't appear to have an actual name. The front of the restaurant is all open. Check which dishes contain egg. They do speak little English. Open Mon-Fri 7:00am-5:00pm.

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First Review by misstracee


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08 Nov 2019

Tasty and cheap

Very good. Had 5 different dishes and it cost us around $7 usd. Lots of flavor. The morning glory vine was my favorite



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14 Nov 2018

Excellent, cheap and sone healthy

I recommend as it's cheap and has some excellent options

Pros: Cheap, All vegan


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21 Jul 2018

Jay rules!

This is a review for the location next to india emporium
in Bangkok..although most Jay restaurants are
about the same. they don't speak english at this
location so it's hard to order those HOT dishes that
are made to order that the locals have their faces buried in.(never noticed english menu). but you can choose from the buffet trays. 3 items with rice for €1.
a lot of inferno spicy curries with tofu and veggies!
also all kinds of fried goodness and wieners.** (you can
find vegan meats from Jay in grocery and health food stores all around Thailand)..for me, Jay food always needs salt! bring your own frickn' shaker with you to S.E.Asia!

Updated from previous review on 2018-07-21

Pros: cheap and spicy

Cons: food is NEVER made with garlic or onion , buffet food in usually served at room tempreture, lacking salt..flavour


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01 Dec 2017

Traditional Thai Veg food

Located directly across the street from Soi 11, apparently referred to by locals as "no name jay restaurant." Open about 6:30-3:00. I believe the food to be all vegan. 40 baht all you can eat, very good deal. Come early for fresher and more options. Food itself seems very healthy, not much coconut milk, I don't think they use msg either. Some dishes can be spicy and lacking in flavor.

Pros: Very cheap, Friendly Staff

Cons: Some dishes lack flavor


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21 Nov 2016

Lovely Little Restaurant

We ate there today November 21, 2016 The food was simple but nice and filling. Some curry was spicy but the bowl with the tofu, mixed veggies, bean spouts, mushrooms, wide spaghetti type and other veggies etc were not spicy. The lady was very friendly and actually spoke a little English. The two of us had two large bowls and a third plate for a total of 120 Baht or US $3.25 We gave her 200 baht or $5.50

Pros: Good Vegan/Vegetarian food, Dirt cheap, Good portions

Cons: A little difficult to find. It is in an alley.


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23 Mar 2015

My favourite place to eat in Bangkok

Every day, this lovely lady cooks up a storm with all delicious, authentic Thai food. It's buffet style, so you just take a plate, put on some brown rice and whatever dishes, curries, soups, and salads there are. Every day she has a different selection, some with the meaty mushrooms, some with tofu, and others just vegetables. Some dishes are with egg (maybe 1-3 each day), so just ask what is jay / which dishes contain egg. Everything is just 35 baht - and you can even go back fro seconds! Just the spring rolls and deep fried tofu or taro and extra, I think 5 baht each. The lady is super lovely and the place is such a gem. It's in a small lane that looks more like a driveway right between soi 6 and soi 8. You'll see the yellow flags. I think she closes once everything is sold out, so better to go there before 3 or 4 o'clock maybe, Then it's fresher anyway.

Pros: inexpensive, buffet (all you can eat), great selection


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03 Mar 2015


35 baht a plate. this is by far the best thai buffet food we've had. the woman there was so nice and excited that we were there. some dishes did have egg in them but it's pretty easy to see which ones did. of course, you can ask. some dishes were spicy and it was so awesome. we even watched her make a big giant bowl of somtam as we left. it looked amazing!

Pros: delicious, 35 baht a plate, friendly

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