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Serves meat, vegan options available. Pizzeria with a few vegan pizzas as well a vegan burger and salad. Vegan choices include a make-your-own with toppings such chao vegan cheese and Field Roast brand grain meat, ranch and cheese sauce, mac & cheese, buffalo chickn.

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First Review by Kp712


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25 Jan 2024

Unquestionably vegan friendly but...

I just find these vegan pizzas dreadful, with tedious bready crusts, soggy sauces, heatlamp-wilted veggies... There was a sign for a nutritional yeast shaker but none to be seen. Would take Mario's lately for cheap vegan pizza on the hill.

For context: I also loathe the vegan pizzeria in town, I love Virtuous Pie in Portland, like Vic's in Olympia, found Sizzle Pi to be a grab bag of acceptable and gross, and I'm happy with a well-made neapolitan marinara (Blotto).

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05 Sep 2023

Lots of Vegan Options but Underwhelming Taste

I ordered the vegan Mac pizza as well as the vegan potato pizza. Both pizzas were too salty and lacked complexity. I feel that the potato pizza could use some sort of sauce to balance out the saltiness. The crust was pretty good overall. For the price and taste I would not likely order here again.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-05

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Salty


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25 Jun 2023


I got two slices of the vegan buffalo chicken pizza and I thought I died and went to heaven. My omnivore friend even tried it and said it was probably the best Buffalo chicken pizza she’d ever had.


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20 May 2023

Worth it

It's very convenient they have vegan pizza by the slice! Tried the buffalo chickn and it was pretty good


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17 Jan 2023

Vegan cheeseburger not bad

We were walking by and my partner saw they had vegan slices and he was hungry so we got a couple to try: Mac & cheese and cheeseburger. I only took a bite out of each one but we both agreed the cheeseburger was better, had more complex flavors than the mac&cheese. Neither one came with tomato sauce though, which is my favorite part of pizza.

Pros: Convenient, Has vegan options by the slice

Cons: They all have vegan cheese, I prefer no cheese, More tomato please


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11 Dec 2022

Great vegan options for my fav pizzas

Vegan Mac and cheese pizza, and vegan burger pizza (the one with tator tots)!


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19 Oct 2022

Wonderful staff, amazing vegan options

Ian's had vegan and vegetarian slices ready to go from the case. They had 3 vegan meals, including vegan chicken nuggets! I ordered a BBQ vegan chicken pizza. I will admit I was underwhelmed, the amount of chicken was really skimpy. I also usually love to eat the crust but I had to leave it, it was bland. However, I would definitely try it again.

Pros: 3 vegan meats to choose from, Vegan pizza by the slice

Cons: Skimped on vegan meat


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22 Jul 2022

Great vegan slices

One of the few pizza places that offers pizza by the slice. And the only one I've found in Seattle that always has vegan slices available.

Pros: Always have slices of vegan pizza available, Also has a location in Fremont, Serves beer (Capitol Hill location)


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11 Jul 2022

Excellent vegan slices available

You don’t have to buy a whole pie! Great NY style pizza.


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14 Apr 2022

A solid vegan pizza

Had a uBer eats delivery from here to my hotel (it was super cold and we didn’t want to venture out!)

Went for a BBQ vegan pizza (Smokey the bandit) and the “Large Vegan Breadsticks”

Was a little on edge before it arrived as it’s not particularly cheap, but it was really good!

Would certainly order from there again!


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14 Mar 2022

Wow, greasy greatness!

If you want a great slice of fold-in-half thin-crust deliciousness, this is perfect! I love that they have vegan slices ready to go. Really hits the spot for this style of pizza, and the people who work here are wonderful as well.


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16 Feb 2022

Pretty good vegan pizza

The vegan pepperoni was pretty darn good. The crust could have been a bit softer, but I did get it later in the day. They have a decent sized vegan section on their menu.


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19 Sep 2021

Awesome vegan pizza!

Great spot, super friendly staff and great atmosphere. I always love when an omnivorous pizzeria has a wide selection of vegan pizza, and they do not disappoint! I can highly recommend the mushroom pesto pizza and the vegan breadsticks with marinara! So yummy!


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15 Sep 2021

Pizza okay, wings great

The wings are from another company, but they are so good! Idk how they do it. Pizza is nothing special, but it’s nice to have just a slice.


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12 Sep 2021

Good margarita pizza

I ordered from here twice via Uber Eats and both times got the plain vegan cheese pizza. I really enjoyed it. I’m not 100% sure what type of vegan cheese they use but it’s got a really nice flavour and melts well.


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20 Aug 2021

Vegan Pepperoni

This is a very good pizza, but the vegetables are missing

Pros: There are many options available for vegetarians, The attendant's attitude is very friendly


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02 Jan 2021

has major potential BUT

the pizza was amazing but there was WAYYYYY too much black pepper. it made it really hard to eat because it was too spicy. it took away from the amazing flavor of the vegan mac and cheese pizza i had, great prices for the amount of food you get.

Pros: flavor, mac and cheese , prices

Cons: pepper, pepper, pepper


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17 Aug 2019

Not the best vegan pizza around

They have vegan options which includes cheese and pepperoni. If you go later in the day they always seem to be out of vegan pepperoni, though. They sell pizza by the slice, as well as whole pies.

Pros: Vegan pizza


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20 Jun 2019

Great Pizza

Casual place, order at the counter. They always have two vegan pies ready to eat by the slice. We had a barbecue burger crumble with tater tots and barbecue sauce which offended my traditional sense of pizza. Tater tots? Yup. But the other one was a vege pie with spinach and artichoke hearts. That was perfect. Great crust, too.

Pros: Vegan options of pie by the slice, Inventive combinations


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04 May 2019

Great casual place!

Great place to grab a quick bite. The vegan pepperoni was really tasty. It’s really casual.

Pros: Great service, Easy

Cons: Only two vegan slices to choose from when I went


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23 Jan 2019

Great vegan pizza

We picked this place as we had an omni with us and it was close to our ab&b. Loads of choice. Really yummy pizza. Friendly staff. All we needed after a long drive.

Pros: 5+ vegan pizza's as well as all you need to build , Seating, Cool interior


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22 Dec 2018

Love Ian’s!

It’s the best (only?) place for late night vegan pizza, and great pizza by the slice. They always have multiple vegan options out which is awesome. Use Chao cheese and it’s SO GOOD!


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10 Sep 2017

Five stars for quality and service

The best vegan pizza I've had! Inventive vegan pizza toppings (mine had fries and mustard on it), that made me forget there was no cheese. The staff are lovely too. Although this place serves meat, the vegan options are clearly identified, and the staff are proactive about suggesting alterations. Great pizza joint with a friendly vibe.


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31 Aug 2017

Great vegan pizza!

The vegan veggie and the vegan buffalo chicken are two of my favorite vegan pizzas!

Pros: Great food, Delivery, Vegan pizza by the slice

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