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1509 W 12th Ave (at Granville), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6J 2E2

Modern vegetarian restaurant, since 2013 with labelled vegan options. Share plates and entrees, brunch menu, late night menu. Open Mon-Fri 9:00am-10:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-10:30pm.

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30 Reviews

First Review by kimward8

Beautiful restaurant with food that is just as good looking - Edit

Beautiful restaurant with great atmosphere. Approximately half the menu is vegan. Brunch and dessert are amazing but I found the vegan dinners to just be okay.

Pros: Great atmosphere, Friendly staff

Cons: Serves dairy

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One of my favourite veg places in Vancouver - Edit

Creative and delicious flavour combos make these meals really stand out! I've never tried something there that I didn't love. Been for dinner and brunch, and highly recommend both. There is a separate vegan menu, which I love. I love kale salads, and I highly recommend theirs! Buckwheat pancakes were also really noteworthy.

Pros: Great vegan options, Creative and delicious flavour combos

Cons: Wish they were completely vegan

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Quality Vegan Brunch - Edit

Came here for weekday brunch by myself and had the hash with grilled tofu. It was extremely good with great flavour and lots of veggies (including greens), my only complaint was that it was slightly on the oily side. It wasn't cheap (about $18 just for that) but still worth it for a pleasant experience. The ambience of the space is very lovely as well.

Pros: Fresh and satsifying food, Pleasant space

Cons: Slightly expensive, Slightly too much oil

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Excellent Food - Edit

I have been to Heirloom few times and it is my favorite vegan fine dining place.
The menu is one side vegan and the other side vegetarian.
I am happy that they are using less "coconut" as previously and still in many vegan restaurants so many dishes taste coconutty and it is overwhelming.
In Heirloom every dish tastes as it should WITHOUT the lingering coconut flavor.

Pros: Menu very clear what is vegan or not.

Cons: Hope one day ALL vegan

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LOVE!!!❤️ - Edit

Vegan hash browns could have a few more hash browns but other than that, it was delicious as were the buckwheat pancakes! Mmmmm!!! Well done and thank you for being here!

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Delicious Vegan Dinner! - Edit

I ate dinner at Heirloom during my trip to Vancouver and loved this restaurant. The interior was decorated nicely and had a hip and fancy-ish feel.

They had separate vegetarian and vegan menus with lots of options (including gluten-free) and I ordered the vegan kale Caesar salad, which was so tasty! The portion size was also quite generous and the prices were reasonable. My server was very friendly and professional as well.

I would recommend eating at Heirloom for anyone craving a healthy and delicious vegan or vegetarian meal!

Pros: Tasty Food, Vegan and Vegetarian Menus

Cons: Nothing

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super delish! - Edit

Had the Heirloom entree with the purple potato and cheese appetizer, wow, what a way to take vegetarian to the next level!!

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Nice place but... - Edit

... very expensive, and not "brunchy" at all.

Brunch is supposed to mean breakfast + lunch... But for 20$, well, you'll only get the lunch part. A bit disappointing.

For a real brunch, add at least 20$ more for sides (pancake, french toast...).

That being said, the food is really tasty, good fresh juices, and the place is really nice.

Pros: Good food, Nice place, Lot of vegan choices

Cons: No "brunch", just lunch, Really expensive

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Great for brunch - Edit

With a new chef, there have been changes to the menu. Now, there is a vegan side and a vegetarian side. Very convenient to choose without asking servers. Vegan wine is now clearly marker as well so thanks Heirloom for paying attention to your customers.
Summer menu is successful, the salads are great. Portions are big and prices have remained high but the quality has also gone up.

I am changing my review again. Having been there more recently I can say that brunch is great and we will go back, but dinner is too expensive for the food served.
The starters are expensive and tiny portions. The mains are $18 on average and are nothing special. The curry rice noodle Alfredo was good but not $18 good. I can make it at home for $3.
Additionally, they have a number of non vegan wines on their menu and that is very frustrating. They need to do their homework properly about this.

Have returned several times since the previous review. The menu and its format (not tapas style anymore) has been changed, the food is excellent and the portion generous. Brunch is amazing! GO

Great decor, the poshest veggie restaurant in Vancouver right now. The food was great, made to share. And it is not cheap so be prepared for that...
We were a table of 4 and shared avocado frites, the dips, and mushroom dish. All had amazing flavours but the clear winner was the mushroom dish. Several types of mushrooms in a creamy coconut sauce. It came with onion bread. A perfect combination.
The service was very attentive but not over the top. It was so busy by the time we left it was pretty hard to hear each other. I am not sure I would like it there after 8pm.
I wouldn't rate it a five because the place is not fully vegan and also, we had dessert (vegan chocolate cake and spicy pumpkin mousse) but didn't like either. They were quite expensive. We will not be ordering dessert again but will be back soon to try other vegan options on the menu...
Updated from previous review on Saturday November 10, 2012

Updated from previous review on Sunday June 23, 2013

Updated from previous review on Sunday June 23, 2013

Updated from previous review on Monday August 12, 2013

Updated from previous review on 2015-08-22

Pros: Nice decor and very clean, Many vegan options, Atmosphere

Cons: Noisy, Expensive

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Too Bad - Edit

What can I say. I used to LOVE this place. The food used to be super delicious.. it's still good but definitely going down hill.

The owner is super rude. I've read quite a few comments with similar experiences.

We waited for our food on mothers day for an hour and a half... no exaggeration. The restaurant wasn't even full. The owner asked how we liked lunch and we said good but mentioned the wait to which he replied "that's out of our control." No..................................... its not out of your control. Get a bigger kitchen. You're not the only vegan restaurant who uses fresh ingredients.

That experience turned us off of the restaurant so much. We went back a couple of months later, ordered the pancakes and they tasted gross. Haven't been back since.

I used to go here all of the time. I rather take my business else where, where I feel like the customer is valued.

Too bad!

Cons: Rude owner, Inconsistent food, Pricey

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Poor Customer Service from Owner - Edit

We had a horrible experience with the owner! We're been there a few times with our vegan friends and the last time we asked to try a brand new (by the glass) wine. They removed the brand of wine that we usually would have from their menu…The waiter asked his boss who said no, we were somewhat surprised about that. However, the owner was standing by our table and also said "No samples"….basically if you don't like the fact that we don't give wine samples then that's too bad. We're an older couple who dine in restaurants often, with friends and business associates…couldn't believe the response from the owner-it was somewhat embarrasing for us as we were with another couple. The owner is rude!

Pros: Waiter was pleasant, Enjoyed many of their dishes

Cons: Rude owner , Poor acoustics in the restaurant-difficult to

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Perfect spot for Valentine's dinner - Edit

I came here with my spouse for the first time on Valentine's Day. We were both impressed with the interior space, it was comfortable and stylish.
We had a very good meal as well, that was quite tasty and made the evening memorable.
The menu items were in good portion sizes too, and well presented.
Definitely would recommend this restaurant for special occasions. However, the higher price made it not likely to be a regular choice for us.

Pros: Ambiance, Service, Quality of food preparation

Cons: High price, Tight space for tables

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Very Delicious. one of my favourite Vegan go-to places in Vancouver. - Edit

Try the Aunty's Curry for dinner, and try the Baja Burrito for lunch. Absolutely delicious! If you love the spice and tang of Indian food, you will love the curry! The curry has a kick to it, and it's perfect! I need to try to recreate it at home!

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Awesome Brunch - Edit

Recently went to Heirloom while on holiday in Vancouver and loved their brunch/lunch menu so went back again. The California Hash, Vegan French Toast, and Avocado Toast were all amazing. I didn't have so much luck in the drinks department; I ordered the latte once with almond milk and once with soy milk, and I don't know what the issue was (it could be a few things) but they were both pretty horrible, I wouldn't try a third time. The plain orange juice was ok, but the second time I had an orange juice drink with aloe that the waiter recommended and it was pretty bad. This could just be my personal tastes but I think they need to work on the drinks a bit. However the food is awesome and I would go back just for that.
I love the fact there is a separate vegan side vs vegetarian on the menu, they serve brunch every day until 4pm, the portions are big, the food is awesome, and I love the general feel and look of the place. A great place to take omnivore friends. The only down sides are that the service is really really slow, and if it's busy you might have to wait a while to get a table, and the prices are a little bit high. Not anything that would stop me coming back again and again though.
Updated from previous review on Thursday December 31, 2015

Pros: Brunch until 4pm everyday!!, Vegan and vegetarian menus, You can order alcohol with brunch

Cons: Really slow service, Their lattes, A little bit pricey

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Great brunch - Edit

They have brunch everyday which is the best! I also love that they had a veggie menu and a vegan menu. It made things so easy. Everything was on the pricey side but you get a ton of food. We got the avocado Benedict as well as the California hash. The food was great. Couldn't have asked for a better start to the day. Our waitress was also a peach.

Pros: delicious food, big portions, nice staff

Cons: price

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creative cuisine - Edit

- We were there on a Thursday night when the restaurant was full and it was so noisy it felt as if we were in a bar!
- I ordered the vegan lettuce wrap and it was very spicy. There should have been a little note about that in the menu.

- the place is modern and beautiful with its very high ceillings.
- the food is different, creative and very tasty

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Vegan Options! - Edit

I went here hoping to try some Vegan Canadian cuisine while on vacation in Van, and I was so pleased! Although the name of this restaurant is Heirloom VEGETARIAN, it had a whole vegan menu! Many more options than the vegetarian side. I had a burger (forgot the name) and it was delicious. Would love to go back if I ever come to Vancouver again. Only thing was the waiter whom was seemingly nice but had a bit of an attitude as if he didn't want to deal with us. My boyfriend had to actually call him over for more water and to ask a question after some time of waiting for him to check on us. Other than that, the actual venue is very nice.

Pros: Food, Venue, Vegan-friendly

Cons: Waiter, Service

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Great for Vegan options! - Edit

I wish dairy would be removed as option dishes.. However, I heard they separated the menu for vegan options. Very nice restaurant, open throughout the day. Their kale salad is really tasty and nutritionally dense!

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Great vegan variety - Edit

Lots of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.

Pros: cost

Cons: pricey

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Great High End Food - Edit

If you're looking for a classy place to take a date where you don't need to worry about her ordering a dead animal, this is the place.

Love it!!! Good food. Price is a little high, so it's not an every day place, but a place for special occasions.

Food is good. Service is good.

There was an apt with a mushroom sauce to dip bread in. It was amazing!

And the Sasquatch bowl was wicked!!!

This place is great! They even serve ginger beer!!! Both with and without alcohol. :)

If you're going at dinner time make reservations ahead of time to be safe. They often fill up for dinner.

Enjoy! This place is great!

Pros: Taste, Service, Ambiance (when not too busy)

Cons: Price is on the high end, Some of the dishes are a bit small, Busy dinners. (Make reservations or you could miss

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Not bad! - Edit

I hate giving non-vegan places excellent reviews but am compelled to do so here.

In my naivete I did not know that their bennies were available in a vegan option so I've not tried their trademark dishes. (It would help if they mention on the menu that vegan versions are available!) But the other things I tried - the soup, scramble, taco salad - were all great. I found the buckwheat pancakes good but the kids wouldn't have a bar of them - not junk-foody enough.

It's a nicely decorated place in the middle of uptown. A little pricey but not unreasonable. The place seemed to be filled with highly ornamented, seemingly extremely well-heeled ladies out for lunch. If that's not your scene maybe give it a miss - or go and shake it up a bit!

Yea, just go - you'll like it.

Pros: Good tasting food

Cons: Chicken's eggs in the same room, Cow's milk in the same room, Death and suffering in the same room

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Rude Operations Manager / Not So Good Food - Edit

We arrived at this restaurant on a Tuesday evening. The waiting staff seemed very cordial, and the inside of the restaurant is modern with vintage paintings adorning the walls.

I saw that this restaurant had a happy hour in the early evenings during the week, and asked the operations manager named Dave if they had a separate menu for the appetizers during the happy hour. He acted frustrated as though I was an idiot for not looking at the appetizers on the menu. Ok. So maybe the guy had a rough evening. My friend then asked him a question, (we are both very kind-hearted vegans), and the the Operations Manager was so rude to him that he said "Let's go". We walked out of the restaurant.

I have consulted numerous restaurant owners before on marketing, logistics, etc, and this was the first time in my many years of dining that I have ever left a restaurant due to a rude operations manager.

Because we really wanted to try the food at this restaurant, we decided to return the following day for happy hour. Fortunately, Dave was not at the restaurant.

We ordered the nachos, and the polenta. The polenta was tasty, but the nachos were another story. The "chips" were very soggy and instead of the normal corn chips, the dish was made with stale potato chips. I showed the waitress how soggy the potato chips were, and she took the dish back and apologized. She brought a new nachos out, and about 20% of the chips were sxtremely soggy. The nachos were not what I expected. The predominant flavor was coconut oil, and I felt they were very greasy, and not fresh tasting.

I am not sure what the dinner entrees are like, but I after the two experiences I have had at this restaurant, I don't think I will be returning.

Pros: Kind waitresses, Nice ambiance

Cons: Stale food, Rude operations director

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Delicious! - Edit

I have eaten dinner here 3 or 4 times and have also had breakfast here once. Always delicious food and super friendly service. Even had the owner stop by our table last time we were there and bring us a couple of complimentary desserts to share (I think he liked how enthused we were with all the food.) Love the local, organic food and delicious wines. Vegan items are very clearly marked and I always eat like a queen when I am here. Only con is that it is quite loud at dinner, but people are having fun and there is lots of good, happy energy.

Pros: Delicious , Local and organic, Happy, great service

Cons: Not completely vegan, Can be noisy at times

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Needs better manners - Edit

Read about this place on Happycow and decided to give it a try. Came here with 2 friends recently, and the impression I got was how rude the owner/manager was... Why? The prices are very expensive, so be prepared to pay.

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I love it so much I want to bronze it - Edit

When I am in this place I never know if I am in Montreal, London, or Reykjavik... The décor is absolutely exquisite and modern. The atmosphere effervescent, and the service friendly and professional. I have NEVER had bad service in this establishment, on the contrary, staff goes over and beyond their chat of duty.

Then comes the food. This is modern vegan/vegetarian feasting the way it should be done. hmmm hmmm.

Start it off with a funky cocktail and everything just slides from there like coconut oil into an ambrosia of comfort and decadence.

Images of their fried avocado and the pleasure it produces live permanently in my brain.

I bring here everyone I want to impress including vegan and vegetarian virgins. Everyone completely adores it and I cannot get enough of it. A vege-must in Vancouver.

PS for Heirloom managers: for the love of god bring back that chili/coconut popcorn you use to serve at the bar, how dare you give us something so good and then take it away!

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Great food - Edit

This is an amazing restaurant. I had a "eggs Benny " having never eaten a traditional one I was very excited to be able to finally have one. As I am also gluten free it was no problem.
I had the mushroom and leek . Very yummy !
I would go back again and try their new dinner menu.

Pros: Excellent food , Original , Yummy

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I liked it the second time - Edit

I went there twice. First time I thought it was very blend and way too pricey. Second time I thought it was very tasty and delicious but still over priced. I will definitely come back. They also have some vegan deserts.

Pros: food, vegan deserts

Cons: expensive, not many vegan options

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