Cafe and shop at the airport since Jan 2019. Offers hot and cold deli foods and salads, organic coffee and matcha, organic baked goods, craft beer from Japan and the US. All plant-based Ingredients. Sells a selection of products inluciding CBD oils. Open Mon-Sun 6:30am-8:00pm.

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First Review by NachoGomezArn


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23 Aug 2023

Great airport option, accessible from T1 too

All vegan airport options are wildly expensive, and this isn’t as bad as other places I’ve tried. I found the price very reasonable for the quality of food! Great variety of options. Located upstairs at Departure Gate C in T2, but can be walked to within ten minutes from T1 via the underpass.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-23

Pros: Good selection of homemade food, Take-hope vegan pet food



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22 Jul 2023

Everything is vegan

This place has great lasagne, salads, sandwiches, panini and desserts.
It’s before the security on the second floor.


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17 Jun 2023

Life saver

Having a vegan restaurant at an airport in Japan can be a life saver! Their food is good, I especially liked their cake and the matcha latte.


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04 Mar 2023

Decent vegan cafe in the airport

It’s not easy to find vegan options in airports in Japan (or anywhere for that matter) so it was a pleasure to find this 100% vegan place. We had the quiche set and panini set (which include 2 salads and coffee or tea). Taste was pretty good. A bit expensive - but then so are all food options in the airport. The cafe is big on CBD products too, if that is your thing.

Pros: 100% vegan, Quiche was nice, Serves craft beer

Cons: Only 3 salads to choose from for the set, Expensive , Not a lot of choices on the menu


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04 Dec 2022

Vegan and tasty 😋

vegan restaurant at Haneda airport, lots of options, fair value, I had the Bolognese lasagna with salad, it was delicious

Pros: many options, light and healthy food, Very tasty


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15 Jan 2022

Too expensive

The taste wasn't that good.
And the portions weren't filling enough for me.

Pros: Vegan, Healthy

Cons: Expensive , The taste is not special


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01 Jan 2021

Happy cow doesn't let you give one star

I honestly don't see the fuss. Yes, it's vegan, but it's bland and overpriced, considering you aren't really getting vegetables (the lasagne is literally pasta sheets, soy meat and oil). If you actually like food, I don't recommend unless you are in a pinch. Sorry, I'm just being honest because I saw the other reviews and was lured into going.

If you're going to pride yourself in being the first vegan restaurant in Haneda then at least up your game and make it worthy of said title.

Pros: Lots of carbs (so filling)

Cons: Bland, Expensive, Little vegetables used


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27 Sep 2020


Their muffins are so big 😂 It's pricy but worth it.


01 Oct 2020

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to write a review. Happy you like our muffins!! They are full of natural and vegan goodness!


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21 Jan 2020

Must get muffin!

Their chocolate muffin was HUGE and absolutely yum! It's reasonable for the size of the muffin and the rich taste. It made my trip satisfiable. My only complain is their sandwich. I had an eggless tofu hummus sandwich, but it was tasteless and there was not enough hummus and sauce. But overall I'm grateful for their all vegan food and delicious muffin.

Pros: Good value for the size of the muffin, Yummy muffin, All vegan


22 Jan 2020

Thank you for visiting!
We are happy you liked your meal at HealthyTOKYO. We work hard to please vegans and non-vegans alike with our hearty muffins, sandwiches and hot dishes. Thank you for your comment - we are constantly improving based on our customer's feedback.


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28 Sep 2019

Nice vegan-friendly food

I ate vegan lathania and icecream. They were very delicious, amazing!!! Most of all meal are for vegan. All foods were shown good for vegan and grutain free. I like them, but they cost too much. I payed over 2000 yen for a meal.

Pros: All foods are shown for vegan and grutain free., delicious, comfort


29 Sep 2019

Thank you for your review!
We are very happy that you appreciated the food. It is entirely vegan, and we have labelled gluten free options including our famous lasagna. The food and many drinks are homemade with natural and local ingredients, and a lot of love.


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09 Aug 2019

So happy to find this place

Happy to have vegan food in the airport. We had salads and lasagna. Little pricy, but I thought the food was delicious


25 Aug 2019

Thanks for coming to our cafe. We really try to improve our products quality for our customers. We are committed to serving healthy homemade food with local and organic ingredients, which we are very proud to serve at reasonable prices given its quality.
We are happy to welcome you again at the cafe!


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06 Aug 2019

Vegan treats

I got a strawberry muffin and cookie
It was nice to have homey styled baking
The muffin was heavy (is in weight) and the cookie big too.
As airport food goes, I don’t the price was completely unreasonable.

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Needs more strawberry in the muffin


14 Sep 2019

Thank you for you review!
We are happy you liked our homemade baking! We put a lot of love and effort in it. You are welcome anytime!


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28 Jul 2019

Good healthy vegan food

This place was a godsend after a 12 hour flight with no vegan food (confirmed vegan meal from Swiss airlines 😡). I got the lasagna and two salads. The lasagna was honestly amazing for vegan lasagna, better than my homemade version. The salads were okay. We also got to organic sodas and a carrot muffin for later when I’m def going to be starving on my next flight. The total was $50 AUD which we only realised later after looking at our bank statement. This price is absolutely ridiculous. Not sure if this is the norm for Japan but I will never be able to come back if this is how expensive a cafeteria meal was.

Pros: 100% plant based , Quick service , Friendly staff


14 Sep 2019

Thank you for your review.
We do our best to provide homemade food with high quality fresh ingredients, of which many are organic, at a reasonable price given their quality.


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25 Jul 2019

It’s very rare vegan restaurant in Haneda airport.

I was excited because it’s hard to find vegan restaurant in Japan. I bought curry set, two muffins and chocolate cake. Total cost was 4000 yen. It’s expensive.


14 Sep 2019


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07 Jul 2019

Great vegan meal before flying

I am about to go on a 7 hour flight and the vegan meal I normally get on the plane is not filling. This was a great option. The four salads available are all good, especially the quinoa-beet one, as well as the kale. The salad set allows you to choose 3 salads and other sets one or two. The lasagna was ok, but still special as I haven’t eaten one for ages. The place has vegan desserts and matcha latte, which I didn’t try.

Pros: All vegan, great taste, Not expensive, Many options

Cons: In terminal 2, 3rd floor. But can take a free bus, From the international terminal


14 Sep 2019

We are happy that you appreciated our food! We put all our heart in it to please our customers. Thank you for reviewing!


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20 May 2019


I was very excited to see a vegan restaurant in Haneda but it’s definitely pricey. 1400yen for a tea and muffin. Still, it looks like the other options are good. Would visit again to try more.


14 Sep 2019

Hi Keito, thanks for your review!
Please come again try our lasagna, curry, sandwiches, and other desserts - they are all homemade from scratch with wholesome ingredients of high quality. Our matcha, coffee, rice, flour, and many other ingredients are organic.


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17 May 2019

Crazy overpriced

It’s good that there’s a vegan place, but the prices are exorbitant. I ordered vegan lasagne, taco and a lemonade. Lasagne was 5x5cm in size served with two spoonfuls of salad. Taco was a tiny sandwich, lemonade consisted in 3/4 of ice cubes and I paid about 3500¥ for that. Taste was okay, but nothing exceptional, plus seating in the food court is very basic and inadequate.


14 Sep 2019

Thanks for reviewing. Rest assured our products are high-quality foods and drinks, homemade with wholesome natural, fresh and organic ingredients. We want to constantly improve and we are taking your opinion into account.


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28 Apr 2019

Happy to have an all-vegan restaurant in Haneda

Have been a few times. I really like the pasta salad, iced soy latte, draft kirin craft beer, "cheese" sandwich and melon pan (sweet bread like Mexican pan dulce). It's called melon but comes in other flavors and I really liked raspberry. There was another flavor I tried, charcoal I think, that was good too.

Strawberry cake was good but really large- I would have been fine with half of it. The Froozer frozen fruit snack in orchard cherry berry tasted healthy and good.

The soy matcha smile latte with CBD oil was good as long as I didn't look at it-the yellowish oil separated after awhile and didn't look appetizing. Also tried a square bread with fake meat inside of it that was okay.

I do not recommend the lasagna at all as it was mushy and not any more tasty than the vegan meals I got on the airplane. I couldn't make myself eat it.

Would visit again to try more things.

It's a bit pricey.

The staff member thoughtfully offered to help us carry trays to the table.

Shop is stylish. No seating inside but tables that are located just outside of the shop.

Updated from previous review on 2019-04-28


14 Sep 2019

Hello, thank you for your review!
We are very happy that you liked your food and drinks at the cafe.
Our lasagna has been improved thanks to the hard work of our staff during the past months and has now become very popular. Please come again and taste it!


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17 Apr 2019

Healthy Tokyo Haneda

We stopped by the Haneda shop and ordered salad, muffin, and a desert. Absolutely loved all the food (the pie was decadent). Staff were professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable. From time to time we will make a special trip to the airport - even when we are not flying anywhere - just to eat at Healthy Tokyo. Oh yeah - we're not even vegetarians or vegans!!!!

Pros: great food, great atmosphere, friendly staff

Cons: Bit of a trek to Haneda if not flying somewhere


14 Sep 2019

Hello, thank you for your nice words!
It really warms our hearts when we hear all the efforts and love we put in making our food are appreciated.
Indeed many of our customers are not even vegan or vegetarian, they just like the taste of what we make. We are very proud that everyone enjoys our food and drinks! That's why our motto is "100% vegan, for 100% of the people".
You are welcome again any time!


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10 Apr 2019


Grabbed some muffins to go to tide us over for breakfast the next day. Review: nut muffin the best! The chocolate muffin is very dense and a bit dry. The coffee muffin is made, it seems, with coffee GROUNDS, and despite the fact that we are hungry vegans, go uneaten.

Updated from previous review on 2019-04-10

Pros: Mixed Nut muffin - excellent!, Easy & free to get to from other terminals

Cons: Coffee (grounds) muffin


14 Sep 2019

Hi, thanks for your review.
We have taken your comment into account and the muffins have been improved since then.
Please come again and taste them!


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21 Mar 2019


We took 2 sandwiches and it was delicious 😁


14 Sep 2019

You are welcome again anytime at the cafe!


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Mostly Veg
07 Feb 2019

Airport vegan

Eventually we’ve got a cafe in Haneda 2 with all vegan food. I tried a set of two salads and quiche, which turned out really good and amount was quite big. All the baked goods and choise of craft beer also looked great.
The food and serving style felt very foreign somehow, which is just the right match for the airport. The price - slightly higher than average, but was definetely worth it.
I also liked the idea that you can eat at any outside standing table, so if your friend is ordering something elsewhere, you still can sit down together.

Pros: friedly staff , Good food

Cons: Slightly costly, but acceptable for the airport


14 Sep 2019

Thank you morka.
We are very proud to be the first and only vegan cafe in an airport in Japan.
The cafe is constantly improving - please come again taste our now very popular lasagna, muffins, sandwiches and drinks!


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22 Jan 2019

Healthy vegan cafe

Food was 😋 😋😋😋
Staff were very friendly.
I would come back definitely!

Pros: Friendly staff, Healthy , Good selections

Cons: Little pricy


14 Sep 2019


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Non Veg
14 Jan 2019


Had a really good time at the shop. Awesome coffee and food. Tried the "jetlag coffee" which is an innovative drink based on coffee and CBD oil, and I can say I loved it. Also bought same melon bread as a souvenir.

Pros: Lots of vegan options and high quality of products


14 Sep 2019

Thanks for your review!
If you appreciated CBD, make sure to visit our online store healthytokyo.com. We now offer a made in Japan CBD oil with yuzu extract and everybody loves it!

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