Twin Cities vegetarian cafe with an extensive menu. Includes vegan pancake, stir fry with choice tempeh, tofu, or seitan, and greasy spoon style dishes like breakfast eggs, toast, and hash brown. Worker-owned with punk-rock atmosphere. Open for dine-in and takeout (no patio as of 2022). Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-12:00am.

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31 Dec 2023

Great place, low cost

Punk rock coffee shop and bomb not-so-greasy spoon. Self-ordering and don’t expect any “Minnesota nice”, but baked goods and griddle food and soups are amazing. #Veganuary

Pros: Baked goods , Biscuits and gravy, To go items



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29 Dec 2023

Punk vibes, tasty food

Always excellent. The food is great and the vibe is laid back to the extreme with a directness not easy to find in the Midwest. I come here every time I need some vegan protein and a break from my family.


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Mostly Veg
10 Dec 2023

Bad Atmosphere

The girl at the counter had a terrible attitude. Rude and condescending. I’m sure the cooks tips are down on days that she works

Pros: Great coffee, Good vegan options , Very tasty bake goods

Cons: Some of the music was terrible!, Atmosphere is grungy, Definitely for a younger crowd


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07 Nov 2023

Good food & atmosphere

I loved the atmosphere. Food was fairly standard breakfast fare. There are a lot of vegan options, which is a nice change. They take cash only.

Pros: Vegetarian , Good amount of vegan options , Atmosphere

Cons: Cash only


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26 Oct 2023

The MPLS version of the Chicago Diner

Hard times has been around for ages. While not fully vegan it does have an extensive vegan menu. Grungy vibe.

I haven’t been since COVID but they used to be cash only.

Pros: Extensive menu

Cons: Brunch, Cash only?


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16 Aug 2023

Amazing food and great vibes

Loved the food as well as the atmosphere! Also very friendly staff. The menu has also vegetarian items but it’s very easy to swap many of them for vegan versions.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-16


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14 Aug 2023

Tasty, fresh and cheap

I've dined here twice and need to more often! Prices are super low and there's a lot to choose from. The biscuits and gravy were great, hash browns were a little soft for my liking but OK. Our friends who got the breakfast burrito liked those too. The tofu scramble I had was under seasoned.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-14

Pros: Cheap, Many options , Fresh food

Cons: Cash only, Dark and hot inside , Just OK food sometimes


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06 Aug 2023


The vegan menu 'looks' nice and the prices aren't bad. However, my breakfast burrito meal was more than half chips, which felt like filler. House made salsa was excellent.

Pros: House made salsa

Cons: Too many chips, Burrito seemed small


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07 Jun 2023

Affordable vegan fare

I come here for the pricing, very affordable as they off half size options which are still very filling. Check out my YouTube short showcasing the food

Pros: Affordable, Lots of vegan options, Can also bring non vegan friends

Cons: Cash only, Also cooks eggs and cheese in kitchen, No alcohol served


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02 Apr 2023

Hearty food, unique atmosphere

We had a good breakfast here (good value for money, big portions, loads of clearly-marked vegan options), but it's a shame that they only take cash, and the ATM inside the cafe has about a 10% charge. I liked the atmosphere (unique decor and metal music playing), but if that's not your thing (or you expect to be served at the table like some other cafes), it may not be for you!


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25 Mar 2023

Best ever

Such a great little laid back place. Back before covid it was open til 3am, it was a fun spot to hang out late night and meet people, jam out play music or whatever. I have a lot of fond memories here. There’s board games and activities. The food is amazing and it was cheap! I haven’t been in a while. I would make a trip to Mpls just to go here though 🤣 if I could! The baked goods are great too. I love everything about this place. Every time I visit the twin cities this is my first stop!!

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-25


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19 Feb 2023

A Staple

Hard Times got me through a lot of hard times — late nights, and rough mornings. It’s the kinda place you feel cool eating at — and the food’s always been fantastic. The vegan rancheros has been my favorite for years, but you can’t go wrong on the large menu. Baked goods are especially great.


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03 Dec 2022


But there is an atm inside.
Anyway this place is cool. It’s really weird to write your order down yourself but you get used to it I guess. Food is good as hell and you get a lot of bang for your buck in terms of portion size.

Pros: Damn good.

Cons: Cash only, Parking sucks


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24 Nov 2022

Good, cheap vegan comfort food

Was having a really bad day, feeling very alone and upset because most people in my area eat meat. Decided to come here for the first time. It looks a little intimidating from the outside, but inside, the workers are very nice. I didn't feel judged or looked down on. I just showed them on the menu what I wanted to buy, asked for it in a to-go container, and then it was ready in a few minutes. They have seating indoors now, but I wanted it to-go anyway. I got full-size vegan biscuits and gravy for $8, portion size was huge, super good and super worth it. Today I was going through a hard time and hard times cafe helped me feel a little better about the world. I can't think of any cons about this place. Thanks :)

Pros: Inexpensive, Clean, Good comfort food


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17 Nov 2022

Great vibe. Great food.

Had a working lunch here and food was amazing. Had the bahn mi and it’s a great portion and amazingg prices.


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02 Nov 2022

Cool vibe!

Delicious breakfast with an impressive cake/baked treat.


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17 Aug 2022

Fun Place

We stopped here quickly on a road trip and were very much impressed. Ordered the breakfast burrito, turkey on rye, two pastries, and a coffee. This was all under $30 including tip! What?! Everything tasted amazing and the turkey on rye was my favorite. Will definitely go back!! (Vegetarian but most things can be made vegan)

Pros: Lots of vegan options, clearly marked , Affordable! , Quality food

Cons: Cash only


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12 Aug 2022

amazing food at an amazing price

one experience w a rude worker when they were doing covid takeout but since then the workers have been so kind especially the brunette w two braids. the food is sooooo good. they have oat milk now too!! so not just soy milk. i loved their breakfast sammy bagel, kinda dry doesnt come with a sauce but i still enjoyed it a lot. i think i just missed breaky sammies, wish they had avocado to put on it😒bicuits and gravy was awesome, gravy was absolutely delicious. loved the fresh green onions and tomatoes on top. amazing hasbrowns hand cut in store. really yummy pancakes too but ridiculous for them to charge $3 for real maple.. for one little cup.. c’mon. anyways hubby got the vegan rancheros and he loveddd it, not something up my alley so imm not gonna comment on it but it had a lot of flavor to it

cook at the time (maybe owner?) told me they used to use store bought vegan chz but thought it smelled super strange and not like real food so they started making their own homemade v chz with sunflower seeds from northern MN!!!!!! so amazing and thoughtful!!!

i love this place

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-12

Pros: homemade v chz is amazing!!!!, reasonably priced

Cons: dining open!!, no avocado :(


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03 Jun 2022

Unbeatable value

I've been stopping here every time I'm in the city for years now and it never lets me down. The food is all fresh and inexpensive. I particularly recommend the vegan pancake

Pros: Worker-owned, Unpretentious , Tons of vegan options

Cons: Cash only


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02 Jun 2022

Delicious, inexpensive, employee owned

We went here for breakfast and I got the vegan biscuit breakfast, a muddy waters coffee, and a carrot cake muffin. I also got a pretty hail seitan sticker 💅🏽 the breakfast was HUGE. the gravy was how I remember a home cooked meal on a cold day. Everything was perfection. No indoor eating and cash only but not a problem as they have an atm and a park nearby. The muddy waters iced coffee was great, but a little on the sweeter side. The person who took our order was a sweetheart and the cook in the back was cool too. Wish I could bring them all back home so I could eat this daily.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Inexpensive, Employee owned, delicious food


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09 May 2022

Good, but hard

The food is delicious, the prices aren’t bad, and I believe in their principles, but like… it is the biggest pain in the [censored] to eat here. You can’t call ahead and it’s cash only. Probably less of an issue if you like eating out vs take out and carry cash, but I don’t.


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24 Feb 2022

Do Better

It must have been an off day for the kitchen because I just didn't love it.

Vegan Biscuits and gravy:
The scrambled tofu was good AFTER I added salt, pepper, and hot sauce to it. Before those additions it was a bland mess. The hash browns and biscuits were good. The gravy however, was a very thin dinner gravy. Those biscuits needed a nice thick country gravy or breakfast sausage gravy to make them complete. The sausage patty was decent.

I ordered a pancake because I love a buttery soft pancake. I received something overcooked, partially burnt, and hard. A far cry from what a pancake should be. I couldn't even cut it. And with the $3 they charge for a side of syrup, it was an uncalled for waste of my money. They need to really do better.

The cherry chocolate chip muffin that I had was excellent though.


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13 Jan 2022

Mpls Standby

Have you yet to eat here? Stop what you’re doing now and head on over. Baked good are simply amazing, great variety, and rotating baked good options.
Make sure to try their burritos.


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07 Sep 2021

Quick stop before heading out of town

The staff was nice to us! Heard mixed review on this place but decided to give it a shot anyways. Right now they are only open for take out/patio seatings. We got the vegan helter skelter and the vegan biscuits and gravy. The helter skelter was pretty bland so I would get some salt and pepper or hot sauce. The biscuits and gravy were great! Would definitely recommend. Right now they are only taking cash or Venmo.

Pros: Vegan biscuits and gravy

Cons: Vegan helter skelter


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16 Jul 2021

So Many Vegan Options

The people were lovely and the food was good! We got a strawberry banana muffin that was really yummy. The biscuits and gravy was out of this world delicious. I found myself scraping the container to get every last bit of the tasty gravy. The vegan breakfast bagel was not that special. The sausage had a nice flavor but the tofu didn't taste like much. Their cheese was impressive though. Bonus points that they had a compost bin outside the restaurant next to trash and recycling.

Pros: Biscuits and Gravy, Baked goods, Compostable utensils

Cons: Tofu on the breakfast bagel


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19 Jun 2021

A classic

Great food, grungy atmosphere. Love that they have baked vegan goods. I usually have to add a bit more seasoning to my food, but there are so many options and it is so reasonably priced for the portions that you get.

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-19

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-19

Cons: Cash only kinda inconvenient


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14 Jun 2021

Great food.

Had the falafel sandwich. Perfectly seasoned. Blackberry tea. Table outside. No credit card but Venmo works😀

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