Serves meat, vegan options available. Serves authentic Mexican cuisine. Vegan choices are beef, chicken, potatoes, napoles fillings to create vegan tacos, burritos, tortas, etc. Vegans please ask for no cheese or sour cream for some dishes to be vegan. Has live music events. Located downtown. Open Tue-Thu 11:30am-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-10:00pm.

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First Review by ansile


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27 Sep 2023

I would give this place 6 stars

This was one of the best meals I've had in NC. The service was lightning fast and super nice. The food was outstanding and everything is clearly marked vegan so there's no guessing. Parking is kind of limited and it's a bit expensive but it's totally worth it.

Pros: Clearly marked vegan, Lots of choices, Fast service

Cons: Limited parking, Expensive



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26 Sep 2023

New favorite burrito place

Just moved to Raleigh recently, and they have a huge list of made-in-house vegan proteins and sauces. Great service, too. Definitely give them a try!


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29 Jun 2023

Delicious Customizable Mexican

Tons of options for vegans, all the way down to vegan sour cream. Great portions for the price and very tasty.


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12 Oct 2022

Delicious food..even after traveling an hour home

The chorizo taco was BY FAR the best vegan taco I've ever had. We ordered it for dinner and over an hour later, it was still phenomenal!!! I'll definitely be back if I'm in the area again!

Pros: Delicious tacos!!!!


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01 Oct 2022

Awesome vegan Mexican food options

Whether you need takeout while working in downtown Raleigh, or want some cocktails and Mexican food with friends and family, I highly recommend this spot! Has SEVEN different vegan fillings to put in quesadillas, enchiladas, tacos, burritos, and even a torta!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Friendly staff, Carnitas are INSANE


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31 Jul 2022

Ehh, now I understand the name

I had the chiken quesadilla with rice and beans. It was definitely not catered to a latinx pallet. It was extremely lacking in depth of flavors. The pieces of chiken were huge, not complaining about that, but it made for an odd ratio of chiken to cheese in the quesadilla. The rice and beans were so basic that I felt that they were only seasoned with salt and pepper. BUT the green salsa that came with it was very delicious and had great flavor. My cousin had some of the vegan tacos which were ok.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-31

Pros: Great green salsa , Interesting salsa menu, Great staff

Cons: Lacks depth of flavor, Not at all authentic , Definitely catered to a “Gringo” pallet


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10 Jul 2022

Kitschy, divey, delicious

This is a super casual, quirky place with tons of vegan choices. Our whole group enjoyed it. Many fresh homemade salsas to come from. My husband ordered a “vegan steak” dish and was afraid it might have mistakenly been the regular animal meat. Turns out it was the vegan meat but it seemed so real (scary real!). Fun adult beverages

Pros: Variety of vegan choices, Super casual - no need to dress up! , Loved the array of salsa choices


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10 Jul 2022


Can’t believe we just now tried this spot for the first time! We came at a relatively busy time and were seated quickly. I was very impressed at the variety of vegan options on the menu! I’m not used to having multiple types of vegan meats to choose from: vegan pastor, carnitas, chorizo, fried or grilled chicken, asada- plus potato (noted as being cooked in vegan butter), and nopales! The menu also had a blurb saying you could make any dish vegan by replacing the toppings with vegan cheese AND vegan sour cream!

We tried the chorizo dip, Sikil dip,chilaquiles, and a chorizo burrito. My partner said his meal was one of the best vegan dishes he has had! Everything was quite delicious! Everything on the menu was noted that it could be made vegan. I appreciated how clear the vegan options were labeled and the ease of ordering vegan meals here. It was also quite affordable for how much food we had!

We didn’t get a chance to try the margaritas this time, so we’ll have to come back soon to do that!

Pros: Tons of options, Clearly labeled , Quick


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03 Dec 2021

Solid Options

They have all kinds of vegan fillings including chicken, chorizo, beef, & more! And the staff is knowledgeable so if you ask for something vegan they make subs to all dairy products. Everything we had was delicious!

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-02


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23 Nov 2021

Excellent Mexican vegan options

Cute little place! We ate outside and I was decently warm being next to the heaters but family on the other side were a little cold so dress warm if you eat outside. The menu photos online all looked so good that it was hard for me to choose. I ended up choosing the vegan alambre (added on vegan cheese for an extra Buck) with a side plate of toppings. Also, I ordered chips and guacamole with two sides of salsa. Loved it all! The food was quick and fresh. I believe my alambre plate came with the vegan carne asada. It was thinly sliced, which I liked. We are here from the west coast on a short trip but if we lived here, I would definitely come back! I also got a margarita, which I enjoyed a lot as well. Very refreshing! The rice and beans were delicious and a treat since where I’m from I can never eat the rice and beans. Staff was nice and knowledgeable as well. It’s definitely worth a stop if you would like some good vegan Mexican options!!

Pros: Lots of vegan meat options and options in general, Heated outside seating for winter


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03 Jul 2021

We love it

They have many different vegan meat options: carnitas, chicken, beef, chorizo, al pastor, nopales, and more; sour cream, etc. It’s one of our favorite restaurants and we’ve traveled all around the world. New owners this year and the staff seem a lot happier.

Pros: Many vegan options, Fast and friendly, Great drinks


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17 May 2021

Great that they have vegan options..

...but it didn’t taste great. Couldn’t finish it. Got the vegan “beef” burrito. Mock meat was an unappealing spongy texture and odd flavor. Expected more veggies in a burrito too. Would go again maybe and try something else. Really wanted to like them.

Updated from previous review on 2020-10-03


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09 May 2021

delicious vegan burritos

gringo a go go was the first restaurant i went to when i moved to raleigh. i had their burrito with vegan chicken, my friend got one with the vegan chorizo – both were absolutely delicious and very filling. vegan meats at mexican restaurants truly make the difference.

Updated from previous review on 2021-05-08

Pros: lots of vegan meats, affordable


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03 Apr 2021

Vegan options

Had the vegan burrito, no sour cream with vegan carnitas. It was large and quite good. They have vegan pollo, beef, carnitas, and chorizo. Clearly marked vegan options.

Pros: Many options. , Tasty. , Good portion size.

Cons: A bit pricey.


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30 Jan 2021

Our Go To!

Service is great, we come here once a week at least. Tons of vegan options and staff is knowledgeable. They just added additional vegan items to the menu. We love this place!

Pros: Several different vegan meat options , Vegan cheese and sour cream, Vegan rice and beans


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23 Dec 2020

Great Vegan Mexican Food

Great food! We got the vegan chorizo with vegan cheese (which comes with 2 tortillas on the side), burrito with jackfruit carnitas, and two tacos (one potato and one chicken). Everything was really good! The mock chicken was tasty. Their fresh hibiscus and (vegan) horchata waters were tasty and authentic! I would definitely return if I am in the area again.

Pros: Many options , Indoor and outdoor seating, Friendly service

Cons: None


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28 Oct 2020

Need more drink options

Fairly new and strong in the vegan community trying to learn the places in the Raleigh area that offer various options and good ones at . however this place had very good vegan choices But they only had Dasani water which is lower then average in alkaline ph balance . They didn't have any juices either only soda water so come with your own drinks


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01 Feb 2020

Rude Owner, Not Kid friendly.

Although the food is great, and we have been regulars at the restaurant, we are very disappointed in the manner the owner treated us today. They do not have diaper changing stations in the bathrooms for the babies. We changed the baby’s diaper in the car and my husband went back in to dispose off the diaper in the bathroom. When he came out of the bathroom, the owner yelled at him for entering the restaurant with a dirty diaper and told him to never return. When my husband tried to apologize, the owner got louder in front of all other guests and told him to stop talking to him and leave. Very disappointing to see a business treat a paying customer with such disrespect. Definitely will not return.


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30 Oct 2019

I’d eat there again

Best black bean burrito I’ve had

Pros: Delicious, well seasoned, Knowledgeable wait staff , Multiple vegan options

Cons: No vegan cheeses


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13 Sep 2019

Loved this place!

I loved this hidden gem! Lots of vegan options for the tacos and burritos, including nopales, vegan chicken, vegan carnitas and vegan beef. Will definitely return to try other options and the margaritas were fantastic too. That never hurts. Cool, funky vibe.

Pros: Vegan chicken, beef and carnitas, Nopales, Great fresh flavor

Cons: Limited seating


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02 Aug 2019

Great meat subs

The food was great. I ordered the topas with veg carnita. The potato chips were absolutely delicious.


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25 Jul 2019

Favorite burrito ever - I’ve had a lot of burritos!

I truly don’t understand any negative reviews from gringo. Do yourself a favor and order the burrito, vegan, with the vegan carnitas or vegan pollo, and report back. For $8 I don’t think you’ll find a more satisfying meal in Raleigh.

I grab one of these to bring home with me every time I’m back in town. Service is always good. Margaritas are excellent. One of my favorite meals ever, no exaggeration. I’m forced to give this place 4 stars but it deserves 5!

Pros: Vegan meats are AMAZING, Prices

Cons: Parking is limited


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04 Jan 2019

Many vegan options

Delicious with many vegan options


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06 Dec 2018

Pretty Good

Has it's own free parking, which is noteworthy considering Downtown parking is costly.

BEWARE the chips and salsa they offer you when being seated is NOT complimentary. It's $5. Also, adding salsa on the side of your dish is $1.50 each.

Otherwise, this place is quite nice. The vegan carnitas burrito was tasty and filling. Comes packed with black beans, rice, cabbage, onions, salsa, and sauce. Be sure to omit the sour cream on top that comes standard. As far as the carnitas, typical pulled pork textured faux meat. But the sauce they cook it in makes them delicious.

Flavorful enough, and while no hot sauces bottles were in sight, the mild red sauce that comes with the burrito has a surprising warmness to it.

Overall I wish the price was a dollar or two cheaper, but I didn't leave feeling gouged. Agree with other reviewers that this place has huge, unrecognized potential. But thankful for the vegan labled menu and offering of mock meat fillings.

Pros: Has Its Own Parking, Outdoor Seating, Cool Decor

Cons: Add-ons Can Add Up, Expensive


Points +60

15 Oct 2018


I absolutely love this place. They have mock chicken, beef, chorizo, and carnitas and it’s all so tasty. The chorizo is by far my favorite. They aren’t too expensive and it’s a great little hangout spot. The staff has always been friendly. Best vegan taco joint I’ve found in Raleigh. Only thing I don’t like is that chips and salsa aren’t complimentary.

Pros: Good value, Many mock meat options, Authentic

Cons: Have to pay for chips and salsa


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03 Aug 2018

Vegan-friendly, delicious Mexican food in Downtown Raleigh

Order the always-freshly-made guacamole and house margarita before you do anything else.

Though vegan chicken and beef were also options, our waitress recommended the mock chorizo and carnitas filling options; they did NOT disappoint! The tacos were extra delicious with the addition of salsa and the condiment tray: fresh grilled and pickled onions, fresh grilled and pickled jalepeños, cabbage, and radishes. Absolutely worth it! After two tacos (on top of splitting the guacamole), I was completely stuffed and satisfied.

The staff is forever friendly and accommodating, the atmosphere is fun and welcoming. I will continue coming here again and again!

Pros: 4 choices of vegan/mock meat filling, fresh ingredients, friendly staff and great service

Cons: none


Points +52

13 Jan 2018

Cool spot but the vegan options aren’t great

I wanted to love this place but the vegan options just didn’t hit the spot. Great guacamole and fresh tortilla chips but the mock meat was lacking.

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