Address 徐汇区中山南二路699号正大乐城3-301室(近船厂路). Very stylish vintage interior. Menu with English. Has Wi-Fi. Directions: take exit 1 of Middle Longhua Rd metro station (lines 7 and 12). The cafe is on the 3rd floor of the TOUCH Mall. Reported all vegan, June 2018. Please inform HappyCow if you know otherwise. Open Mon-Sun 11:30am-9:30pm.

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First Review by Lynnetto


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10 Nov 2023

So Much More Than Nuggets, nuggets, nuggets!

Arriving back in Shanghai, after leaving 9 months ago, we had to come here for our first meal. The food is always consistently on point and I'm happy to say that is still the case. The tofu curry puffs, had to have the nuggets, the warm kale salad all brought back good memories. The staff too are always so kind & welcoming, this place has always been a go to when you just want a place to relax & enjoy great food.
One of the first places we went to since arriving in Shanghai, as a vegan who eats poorly, I love my junk food so was extremely delighted to find chickenless nuggets that come with a delicious vegan mayo dip! The burgers are all good, having been through the list with the exception of the eel (no thanks). The pork burger tastes more like ham or bacon, not too strongly flavoured & the sweet and sour chicken burger is not too sweet or sour but just right. Nice fries & desserts.
Update, after just over a year in Shanghai this is my favourite place, I have brought vegans & carnists here who have all enjoyed it. The staff don't speak much English but the menu is in English & Mandarin so it's easy to order. I visit this place at least once a week & the food has never once disappointed me. The spaghettis are all really good especially the creamy truffle one. They make a great soy latte & have just introduced a tiramisu which I have yet to try. It is all vegan!
It's been over 2 years now I've lived in Shanghai & I've visited this restaurant more than any other, it's a favourite of mine, my girlfriend and our vegan friends, not once have I been disappointed by the standard of food or service from the charming staff. When I first came here I was blown away by the nuggets but now I've tried pretty much everything they do and the quality is always perfect. I love the mushroom spaghetti, the signature kale salad, but new additions like the Thai portobello rice served in a hot skillet and the truffle rice are exceptional.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-28

Pros: Nice interior and atmosphere, Delicious food., Friendly staff



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22 Oct 2023

Fav place

my new favorite restaurant in Shanghai. Wonderful food and service for a great price. If you have the opportunity to go, don't forget to order dessert, they are all incredible 🩵

Pros: Location, Service


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27 Jul 2023

Lovely place but the mall has seen better days!

We chose this as it’s really close to where we live. The staff were lovely and really helpful. Mixed feelings about some dishes as they lacked flavour. Burgers were great but they did over toast our buns! The mock nuggets were also fabulous and lovely drinks. The avocado wraps were bland and the Thai balls really needed a sweet chilli sauce so we’re quite dry but they we’re a lovely taste and texture but did not need the weird crunchy crumbs as this just made the dish even drier. Great generally and we will be back to try more dishes 😊

Pros: Great range of choices, Lovely burgers , Some great flavours

Cons: Some dishes were a bit under seasoned., Them balls were too dry 😬


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17 Jun 2023

love it

reasonably priced, and has a variety of foods offered! everything tasted great too😄


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30 Oct 2022

Great burgers

The burgers were great and reason enough to come back. Most of the other dishes we enjoyed were also wonderful though a couple were just acceptable. The outdoor seating was relaxing and the service was great.

Updated from previous review on 2020-05-23


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25 Mar 2022

Excellent Food

A really great place to eat in Shanghai. Good burgers and ingredients. Lovely chilled atmosphere and great staff. 100% recommended

Pros: Great burgers, Very relaxing , Friendly and will organised

Cons: Location is a little tricky


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19 Feb 2022

Vegan Haven

Conveniently located downtown at Metro Middle Longhua Rd, Lines 7 and 12.

Huge selection of Western and Chinese dishes. Lot's of burger variations. High quality vegan dishes. Reasonably priced. Cosy atmosphere. A must go.

Pros: Lots of high quality vegan options, Soul food as well as healthy options, Nice atmosphere


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08 Jan 2022

Good as always

A perfect place to dine with your vegan/non vegan friends.


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05 Jun 2021

Great atmosphere, great service, great food

I wasn’t very hungry, so I just got the textured soy protein caeser wraps with vegan mayo but they were delicious 🙌🏽 with the chill out tea which was great as well and they would have come back to give me more water for my tea once I was finished however I had to leave.

They also came back to me and took my teabag out when my tea was finished brewing 😂 so they are very attentive.

Pros: It’s all vegan

Cons: For me it’s not in a prime location


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13 Feb 2021

It hit the spot

As a relatively new vegan and a former burger addict this place was great and exactly what I needed after 6 weeks in Shanghai during Covid.

The beetroot quinoa burger was awesome and the atmosphere was great too

Pros: Lots of options


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25 Jul 2020

Memorable dining experience with mouth-watering food

Green Veg Café is by far one of the best vegan / vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai. Its food is unique, its service is way above par, and its ambience is absolutely cosy. I would strongly recommend this restaurant for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Upon entering the restaurant, one is greeted by their friendly staff to get a table. We were pleased with our orders, which was their signature nuggets, delicious fried rice with mushrooms, and miniature mouth-watering chocolate mousse cake. Their affable staff were generally young and interactive, as they casually asked if we liked the food, and how we managed to find their restaurant, since we told them we were tourists. We revealed that it was through Happy Cow website. She immediately searched for Happy Cow in her Apple app, and happily found it! The only downside to this restaurant is its slightly pricey food, and most of the food portion is quite controlled. It might be costly if you ordered a lot.

On our date of visit, there were couples celebrating birthdays, and there were nuns dining too. The patrons were generally young and this place is apt for special occasion. This restaurant is new, clean and modern with a pleasant atmosphere. We travelled via train, stopping at Longhua Middle Road station. It is just within walking distance from public transport, and one has to take the lift up to the third level.

Updated from previous review on 2020-07-25

Pros: Excellent customer service and cosy ambience, Appetizing and sumptuous food, Convenient location next to public transport

Cons: Food portion is quite controlled, Slightly pricey


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08 Apr 2020

Great vegan restaurant

If you want to eat delicious vegan western food in Shanghai, Green vege cafe is perfect for you. Burgers are so delicious ! Please try the "nuggets"... mmhhhhh ! So tasty😄
I am looking forward to go back again.

Pros: Only vegan meals, Many choices


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16 Dec 2019

Great burger!

Had a juicy "chicken" burger with fries. The bun was a little too light but tasted good. The fries were crispy. Burgers are small so you probably want to get a starter or a dessert.


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24 Sep 2019

Great little gem

Lots of yummy choices, easy to find and a very nice atmosphere. Drinks were limited choices but good. You could compare it to eg Native Foods in USA.

Pros: Great options, In a nice shopping mall

Cons: Staff i had only spoke Chinese


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04 Sep 2019

Great food.

It’s delicious! I’ve been here multiple times and have not been disappointed.


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28 Jul 2019

Loved it!

I went with a non-vegan friend and even she was amazed by the food. Definitely try the nuggets and the vegetable quesadillas as well!! Loved everything except the side of fries that came with my burger.

Pros: All vegan!! , Great food, desserts!!! , Nice café

Cons: Furniture is made out of leather (?) , Fries that come with burger😬, On the more pricey side..


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20 Jun 2019

My favorite restaurant in Shanghai

普素 is the restaurant I most frequently visit in the city despite it locating super far away from my home. Basically all my non-vegan friends and family who visited all love it too. I have tried basically every items on the menu and my favorite are the warm kale salad(GET IT PLEASE I CAN EAT THIS EVERY MEAL FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE), pumpkin soup, Biryani Rice, truffle pasta, black pepper pasta, teriyaki chicken burger (the portobello is also so amazing, but more refreshing than filling), the tofu curry appetizer, chicken nugget, tiramisu........ Order anything and you would sure be very very pleased. The portion size is not the largest but that allows you to try many many dishes and the price is very cheap considering its amazing taste.


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12 May 2019

Very memorable and delicious eating experience

I’ve only been here once, but I was very pleased. I had the portobello burger which was delicious, and the nuggets appetizer. Ohhhh the nuggets.. so good.. proper vegan junk food. I don’t know how they make their mayonnaise, but wow. I was very pleased to know that burgers are half off from 2-5 pm, if I understood correctly.

Pros: Burger deal , The manager (owner?) chick rocks, Delicious food

Cons: Burger meal was not as filling as appetizer, but it states appetizers are for sharing in menu


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13 Feb 2019

Awesome place

This place is really nice and we went two times. The food tastes great, though a bit pricey. We had the burgers with the faux meat the first time. They are very small and if it wasn’t for me having a food poisoning a few days earlier, it wouldn’t have filled me up. Not really worth the price.

We went back and the second time the charm. The pasta dishes are a must! We tried all three; pesto, bolognese and black pepper. The pesto was the best, but be prepared for a lot of oil. Really filling even though it doesn’t look like it when they arrive. Only around 50 CNY for the pasta.

The tiramisu is also AMAZING!

Staff can’t English, but menu is in both English and mandarin, so you’ll be fine with just pointing.

Just go here, it’s great!

Pros: All vegan, Nice atmosphere , Great tastes

Cons: A bit pricy


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19 Jan 2019

Delicious sweet and sour chicken burger. Loved the tiramisu cup.

Friendly stuff. Monday burger special. Affordable prices.


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31 Dec 2018

A Gem

Delicious food. I chose the kale salad and burger. Both delicious. Staff very friendly. Warm atmosphere.

Pros: Great food, Great staff, Will come back

Cons: A bit difficult to find the first time


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08 Dec 2018

Best western food

The best Western food I’ve had in Shanghai. I love vegan junk food and this place really hit the spot. I had the sweet and sour chicken burger (comes with shoestring fries), soy nuggets with vegan mayo and a soy hot chocolate. For all this I paid around 100RMB, pretty reasonable. All were delicious. Can’t wait to come back.

Directions: take exit 1 from Longhua Middle Road station. Once you get outside, take the escalator immediately to your right- it leads to the 3F of the TOUCH mall. At the top turn left and keep walking, you’ll eventually come to it.

Pros: Delicious vegan western food, Nice staff

Cons: Location


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19 Nov 2018

The best place for Western food

The burgers, pasta, fried rice dishes are all really good, as are the avocado rolls appetizer (don't be fooled by the name, not that much avocado). The bread on the burgers is particularly good, and the burgers are creative -- my favorite is the beet one. They're not trying to be like meat burgers, but also they don't taste "vegan" in the negative sense I often associate with lentil- and veggie patties. I order from here so many times because it's quality stuff, if rather carb-centric. Props to their desserts too!


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07 Nov 2018

Great Western food

I had a craving for Western style food in China so sought out this place. I had the sweet & sour chicken burger, a pink smoothie and chocolate cheesecake which came to around 140 yuan, and they also gave me a free soup as a starter.

The food was really good & quite filling and I’ll definitely be going back. There were also some pastas and rice dishes as well as a variety of salads on the menu. The staff were nice and attentive too!

Pros: English menu, delicious vegan food , nice atmosphere

Cons: Not the cheapest by Chinese standards


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22 Jul 2018

Vintage American restaurant

We tried the pork burger and the taiwanese fried rice with portobello, both to my taste. Recommendable. Prices are average


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05 Jul 2018

Great variety

Great vegan food available. Visited twice and enjoyed all the dishes ordered. The smoothies are lush! Convenient to attend after running with the RunnerHai running group based across the road!

Pros: Great vegan options

Cons: Expensive


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04 Jun 2018


The food was pretty amazing. Still a little pricey and the portion of the lemon cheesecake was so small. That was a little bit disappointing but in any way delicious taste and all vegan.

Pros: Nice atmosphere , Awesome western food

Cons: Pricey , Lemon cheesecake was so small , Staff cleaned away the table every few minutes

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