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Serves meat, vegan options available. Mexican restaurant with a separate veg menu, which includes two varieties of black bean tacos, enchiladas, avocado salad and chimichangas. Removed Jul 2019 - reported not vegan friendly. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-10:30pm.

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First Review by cantwait2cry


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16 Mar 2022

Has a “vegan menu”

They have a “vegan menu,” but it’s really a vegetarian menu. I got the avocado salad which was good because I could tell what was in it. Didn’t try the other food.

Pros: Has okay food, Has some effort to accommodate to vegans

Cons: Not clear on what is and what isn’t vegan, The vegan menu isn’t vegan



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30 Jul 2021

False advertisement

They don’t know what vegan means. The “vegan” menu has items with cheese and sour cream. So you can’t just go with it. You must specify. Meals come out looking nothing like the picture.

Pros: They’re trying , You can accommodate , Has a few vegan options


08 Jan 2022

Have always been able to order off the vegan menu and have not been disappointed.


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28 Dec 2020

Several Good Vegan Options

Authentic Mexican food with a separate vegan menu. The vegan menu has 6 or 7 options. I had the burrito bowl, which had black beans, corn, rice, salsa and avocado on a bed of greens. It was tasty, filling, and reasonably priced.

Pros: Several vegan options

Cons: Not everything on the "vegan menu" is vegan; some , items have cheese.


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09 Aug 2019

Beach Mexican Vegan

I took them at their word about being vegan the first couple of times I ate here but I think the other reviewers might be right about lard in beans and tortillas and I seriously doubt cheese/queso is vegan. I never ordered the Quesadilla or Enchiladas which have cheese. I also am very familiar with food business, I’m in it, and understand human nature since I’m entering codger-hood at this point. The waitress just told me, en Español, that the black beans and flour tortillas don’t have lard so now I don’t know what to think. I originally rated it 4 but I am knocking it down to 3 unless I find out otherwise. Here is my original review “I was thrilled to find this place after "making do" at a weekend project with a bunch of non-vegans. Good with lots of options, quick and affordable. Yay. This is my new "Go-to" on the island.”

Pros: If the food’s actually vegan it is decent Tex-Mex, Great prices

Cons: Could be false advertising. I’m not sure. , Read other reviews and decide for yourself., I’d guess their vegan queso is dubious.


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28 Jun 2019

Still Not Vegan!

When they first put out a “vegan” menu over a year ago, several of my friends checked out the place only to find out the menu wasn’t vegan at all. One of my friends even made attempts to meet with upper management to explain veganism and show them ways to veganize items they hadn’t even considered - such as beans and tortillas. She was stood up both scheduled meetings...
So, we all shared that information on social media to local vegan Facebook groups and didn’t give them our business. Now, I see they’re here on Happy Cow and they’ve updated their “vegan” menu and it STILL isn’t vegan?!?
Do not trust this establishment. Last I checked, they used lard in their tortillas and beans. They think vegetarian is the same as vegan and have ignored polite attempts to educate. They can’t even get their vegan menu correct, do not expect them to get your actual order free of animal cruelty.

Cons: Not vegan, Uneducated staff


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14 Mar 2019

Vegan menu NOT ALL VEGAN

The vegan menu should really be called vegetarian menu. The cheese is cow cheese and the sour cream is dairy sour cream. Otherwise this was a good option, if not a little bland.

Pros: They’re trying

Cons: Vegan menu not vegan, Staff not super knowledgeable


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25 Aug 2018

No vegan cheese

I ate here and the waitress told me 3 times that the cheese in the quesadilla on the "vegan" menu was not a dairy cheese. But this was definitely a dairy cheese, as confirmed by another waitress later. Nice that they have a vegan menu, but when dairy cheese is on it I have to question everything else because they clearly don't know what vegan means. Worse still, the waitress wad completely clueless. The other items appeared vegan on the vegan menu but I still wonder if the rice was cooked in chicken broth...


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14 Aug 2018


Probably the BEST authentic vegan Mexican food I have had in a very very long time.

Pros: Lots of vegan option on vegan menu, AMAZING staff, Friendly

Cons: Not closer to Dallas. I’m gonna miss this place.


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01 Jun 2018

Delicious food! Vegan Menu!

Like Mexican food? Are vegan? Go eat here.

Pros: Vegan Menu, Great Food, Red and Green Sauce for the chips is awesome!

Cons: None


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22 Mar 2018

They have a Vegan Menu!

I was super surprised to see a vegan menu. I ordered the chimichanga plate. Not going to lie, the picture on the menu verses what I received was a little different but no biggie on the small stuff. ( the portions of the sides was much smaller )

The filling had a bit more mushrooms than I prefer, but all in all it's nice to see something other than a basic black bean heavy main dish lot of places offer.

All and all, I will be traveling back to Galveston to try out the rest of the vegan menu.

Pros: A full vegan menu!!!

Cons: Not much room for customization.


29 Mar 2018

Unfortunately, they are not vegan. They do not understand what it means to be vegan :/ a friend of mine and activist from Webster came down to show them and they said they would be looking into changing things, hopefully they have! Be wary of what you eat from there as they use lard (this was October when they launched this) and the 'dairy' products in the pictures are, in fact, dairy. So, just be wary if you return! Also, I was the ambassador for Galveston before I moved ;)

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