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Vegan restaurant opened late-Sept 2014, in a shopping plaza with plenty of parking. Glutne-free options. Has Wi-Fi. For orders: Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-8:00pm, Sun 11:00am-8:00pm.

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19 Dec 2023

Great vegan dishes...large assortment

Their Mongolian Beef pairs really well with rice and their smoothies. It's a worry-free vegan restaurant. Staff is very hospitable.

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28 Aug 2023

Great food, big portions!

Really good food and huge portions! Very reasonable prices. I got the fresh taro smoothie, which was really good.

Don’t love the fish tank with the oversized fish that are too big for it.


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27 Aug 2023

Seriously good

Such a great family owned restaurant in a sad little strip mall. Don’t be put off. The food is great, portions are large and the prices very reasonable. You couldn’t get through the menu in a year. We had Pad Thai and wonton soup and they were delish.

Pros: Food, Food , Choices

Cons: Oh so sad location, although it’s near hwy 4


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10 Jul 2023

Best Place There Is

They have a huge menu, most things can be made gluten free. They have everything from pho to kim chi to pad Thai. Big portion sizes. Get ready for delicious leftovers! They have everything you need. This strip mall is almost empty. Almost every other business here closed. Please support this amazing business because they rely on getting customers from online and word of mouth!

Pros: Most things can be done gluten free, Large portions

Cons: None


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20 May 2023

Located in abandon shopping center is this little gem of a restaurant.

This one is located in shopping center which is pretty much deserted.

Went to lunch this week and had two dishes.

Vegan Chicken and Green Beans. Green Beans where crisp with smokey flavor and the Chicken!!! Crispy glaze and great flavor.

Second Dish was Broccoli Vegan Beef. Again the veggies were cooked perfectly and the soy beef had great texture and flavor.

Pros: Plenty of Gluten Free options available , Large Portions / Great value for the $$$$, The Vegan Chicken was Incredible

Cons: Not enough veggie chicken


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17 Mar 2023

Great food and service

Loved the food and service here! In the Korean sesame beef dish, the beef was fantastic. And the sauce that comes with the fried vegan fish completes the dish perfectly. The only thing is that the peanut sauce is a bit too runny for spring rolls, but that's not enough to take off a star.


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25 Feb 2023

So glad to have this local gem.

My favorites here are the sweet and sour prawns and the mango salad.

Pros: All vegan, decent prices


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06 Jan 2023

Vegan 🌱 Asian food 😋

Huge variety of Asian vegan food. Wonderful to not have to discern what wouldn’t be vegan. #Veganuary

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Very delicious food


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Mostly Veg
25 Oct 2022

I want to live here

Everything we had was great; plenty of options and well prepared.

Pros: A full menu of options , Delicious , Great staff

Cons: It's 5000 miles from my home


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23 Sep 2022

Great food

I will probably be returning

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-05

Pros: Massive portions / great value , Food tastes great , Nice service

Cons: I worry about the fish in the fish tank


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15 Sep 2022

My go to spot in Pittsburg. Great food all vegan all the time and consistent

My go to for lunch is either the combo plate or just the Stir fried prawns

Pros: Lots of options , Variety of flavors , Delicious shakes

Cons: Location isn’t the best especially at night


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04 Feb 2022

The food was good BUT

I am vegan because I don't like neglected/abused animals. So, to walk into a vegan restaurant and see a huge koi too big to move in his tank and barely visible through the filth makes me sad. I hope they take better care of the animals they have and tend to their needs because that's not good for a buisness who's customers and almost all about animal welfare 😕

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-04

Pros: The food is good, You get big portions

Cons: The neglected animals in the restraunt, Pricey


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26 Oct 2021

Great Vegan joint

This food is so tasty. The chik’n in my dish was crispy, spicy, and the veggies were roasted to perfection. The location is easy to find. Lots of seating. Looks like the lunch time would be the busy time of day. Perfect for my dinner on the road.

Pros: Loads of Vegan options, Yummy food, Great Service


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28 Sep 2021

Great vegan food

Stumbled on this place 3-4 years ago and I’ve been coming back ever since, the combination fried rice , the Stir fried dishes all of them are good. If you haven’t yet give them a try

Pros: Lots of choices

Cons: Average


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07 Sep 2021

Diamond in the rough

I found this place on happy cow and am so glad I tried it! It doesn’t look like a whole lot on the outside because of the vacant shopping center, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts! I’ve been vegan for 5 years and just this past year went gluten free because I realized it makes me so sick and usually have a hard time finding vegan & gluten free options, but not here. They truly have something for everyone.

I asked an employee what they recommended for gf and he was very patient and helpful. I also got the avocado smoothie (per someone on here recommendation) and wow it was delicious and SO creamy. I barely put a dent in my main dish so you can definitely split a main dish with 2 maybe more ppl depending how much you eat- it’ll easily last me 4-5 servings. I really appreciated that they had gluten free options for smoothies, appetizers, main dishes, and even desserts! Oh and on top of it they use environmentally friendly to go packages/cups that are 100% composable- which I love! I waited inside while my food was prepared and was pleasantly surprised how quickly it was made.

Overall a wonderful atmosphere, kind staff, delicious food, great bang for your buck, huge portions, and very accommodating. I will surely be back!

Pros: Large portions, Gluten free options, Friendly staff


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26 Jun 2021

Vegan staple of Antioch

I've been here 4 separate times, trying something different each time, and dang has everything been great! Rice dishes, salads, noodles, and their crispy chickin are my favorites. A little pricey but their portions are great so worth it!

Pros: All vegan/vegetarian.

Cons: Pricey


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19 Mar 2021

The owners are very accommodating to you needs and kind.

This restaurant has many ORGANIC food options to choose from. I've been pleased with everything I've ordered. I love the Broth Base! Sometimes I order just broth for my intermittent fasting days. And if you have a specific allergy, they are understanding and try to please their customer. I also like that they hire local school kids from time to time to give them opportunities.

Pros: Lots of Organic options & good energy!

Cons: Not open on weekends!


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16 Aug 2020

Still In A Mood

I'm surprised I haven't blog this restaurant yet. But I was still in an Asian cuisine mood and went with Go Vegan. Been here a good handful of times. I went with my go-to, combination fried rice and garlic noodles. The flavor for the fried rice hit the mark for my fried rice standards and their garlic noodles is vegan cheesy and garlicky. 5 stars.

Pros: Reasonable Pricing


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10 May 2020

Delicious and copious value

Big menu with lots of variety and mock meats. We got the beef and broccoli and cheeseburger with fries. Large portions and great prices.


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05 Mar 2020

I really wanted to like it..

I gave this place a few tries. I really wanted to like the ONE vegan place in the area... it was just... meh.


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12 Dec 2019

Pittsburg vegan food

Nice people serving good food. Took a non vegan here for vegan shrimp. He Loved it and returns often.

Pros: Order in or to go

Cons: Can get busy


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15 Aug 2019

Hidden Gem!

Wow. Everything is vegan and many items can be made without soy or gluten. This was my second time here and so far everything has been absolutely perfect.

I ate the “chicken” curry with brown rice and everything was cooked just perfectly.

I highly recommend the avocado smoothie! I saw someone get one last time I was here and made sure I had it this time. Very delicious.

You will not be disappointed if you come here!

Service is relaxed and simple and there is a funky atmosphere.

It is very affordable and everything is priced very reasonably.

Pros: Everything is vegan including drinks and sauces , Everything is delicious , Super affordable!

Cons: Strange location, but so worth it!


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23 Jul 2019


Everything we ate was full of flavor! Customer Service was great.

Update: I've been back several times now with non Vegan friends and they enjoyed everything ordered! Really great food and customer service! Thank you Go Vegan!!!


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20 Apr 2019

Wonderful food and service

The food is exceptional. Love the fresh spring rolls!

Pros: Fresh, delicious food, Friendly knowledgeable staff, Plenty of parking

Cons: The shopping center they’re in is not the best


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16 Apr 2019

Favorite restaurant in the Bay Area!!!

Quite possibly my favorite Asian themed restaurant ever. Every dish I've tried has been fantastic -- every dish I've tried has been 100% on point; the spicing is bomb, the serving size is perfect, the prices are fair, and the variety of options is amazing!

I highly recommend the lemongrass "chicken", the combination chow fun, "chicken" with green bean, broccoli "beef", spicy "beef" noodle soup, and eggplant tofu!!!

Also the frozen coffee drink (I forget what it's called) is fantastic!!!

Seriously, I can't say enough good things about this place -- if I lived closer I'd be here at least 3 days a week.

The owner is super nice! Do him a favor by ordering over the phone so they don't have to pay the huge fees online ordering sites charge them -- it will be appreciated!!

Pros: Tons of options, Dishes all taste amazing and are spiced superbly , Good serving sizes!


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09 Feb 2019

Vegan food in Antioch?

I was really happy to find this place on happy cow. I enjoyed my food and the experience I had at the restaurant. It is located in a rundown strip mall but don’t let that scare you. The food is great and reasonably priced. Lots of options for people trying their first plant-based restaurant experience.

Pros: All vegan, Tons of options, Great food

Cons: The location is not inspiring


31 Dec 2018

Aaaahahahahahaha!! #nodesignbudgetkindaplace ??


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31 Dec 2018

Antioch Vegan Food!

Holes in the wall are usually the best, and this place is definitely a tiny hole in a giant wall of nothing. The only good things about this place are the owner and chef, and his delicious food. The bathroom always stinks, the new tables and chairs are so wonky and awkward that it’s uncomfortable to sit at them, and the servers need training. I’ve had several displeasing experiences here, but NEVER because of the food or the positive and kind attitude of the owner. I think he needs help from more qualified people. If you want to head into a shady area and get some subpar service for some flipping fantastic vegan food, it will be worth every penny, every sigh of exasperation at the server never bringing you forks, every rapid pulse as you park and notice the homeless encampment mere feet away, and every tastebud and cell in your body will thank you. Cuz VEGAN!!! Lol enjoy!

Pros: Deliciously delicious, Owner is the chef, Did I say delicious?

Cons: “Mehhh” atmosphere, Shady location, Sub par service

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