An upscale, unique artsy haute ice cream shop with a good selection of vegan flavors. One-of-a-kind shop featuring artistic cones and decorated tops. Worth the cost for the price. All items are made by Head Chef Gianpaolo Grazioli. Voted number 1 in the city on trip advisor. Previously on Queen St. Open Thu-Fri 6:00pm-10:00pm, Sat 2:00pm-10:30pm, Sun 2:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by RayTomes


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02 Mar 2024

Worth repeat visits

While vegan ice cream places have come a long way in the last few years, a lot of places still sell icy ice creams or those that taste like coconut, no matter which flavor you get. Giapo doesn't have those problems. It's smooth with bold, distinctive flavors. Is it touristic and overpriced? Without a doubt. But it's fun and delicious, and there are lots of vegan options, from flavors to cones to cookies to more!

Pros: Great vegan ice cream, Vegan waffle cones, etc., Inventive flavors and presentation

Cons: Price, There can be a wait



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22 Feb 2024

Try the Hazelnut ice cream

I'm a bit biased cause I love hazelnuts so much but this Christchurch Hazelnut Ice cream is one of the best I've ever had. Just a cup with two flavours for 9,50. So it's really expensive but worth it.

Pros: Great ice cream!, Many cool options but I was too full to try them

Cons: Expensive


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15 Jan 2024

Unique ice cream

They had 3 vegan ice creams when we visited. Had the berry and the popo one (I think, which was some sort of coconut caramel flavour with brownie or donut chunks). Good ice cream, but very sweet. The handmade waffle was very unique, too.


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15 Nov 2023

Wow what a talent!

I didn't really check what they sell before going and wow they are so talented and it is so original to sell this kind of cones!
The cones are very expensive but I guess you pay for the art as well! I took a donut with ice cream, it was delicious but too expensive in my opinion


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19 Apr 2023


was recommended in like every auckland guide so obvi had to try it out and was not disappointed. beware it is very expensive but i think it’s a must try. everything vegan is labeled and the whole menu is gluten free!!! everytime i find an actual vegan gf donut (not raw dates and nuts) i must try..tried the vegan hazelnut flavour and the plum one as well…both delicious yummy creamy ice cream and the sourdough donuts and amazing as well. think you must visit and spend $20 on a cone unfortunately, enjoy xx


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03 Oct 2022

Lovely ice cream

They do some lovely ice cream here, often novel and greatly delicious.

Pros: Some vegan options , Squid shaped ice cream

Cons: Expensive , Long queues


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17 Aug 2022

Only opening weekends

Not open as stated on this page. Only open Fr, Sat, Sun currently.

Cons: Not open


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13 Mar 2022

Lots of vegan options

Always offers vegan options and they are well identified. Great, friendly service and creative flavours. A great total experience.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Vegan cones and toppings, Vegan friendly service


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17 Jan 2022

Maori Bread

Vegan maori bread and the chocolate ice cream the best!


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16 Feb 2021

Fun experience, ok ice cream

Trying the different flavors, and the different cones was really fun and it was definitely a popular place. However I found the ice cream too sweet and both me and my partner felt not so nice afterwards. The chocolate wasn’t set and it was mainly about the look of the ice cream, not the taste, that seemed to be the main part. Definitely does not compare to real Italian gelato.

Super fun with vegan options. They had three flavors when we went. Cookie that went on the ice cream was amazing though!

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Pricey , It’s really just ice cream and chocolate


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19 Feb 2020

Worth the Wait

There was a line when we arrived but it was well worthing waiting for. The experience was great from choosing flavors to the style. Staff were friendly but most importantly the ice cream was amazing, about 70% of the flavours were vegan I think, most GF too.

Pros: Lots of options , Great experience

Cons: A bit of a wait, A little pricey


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19 Feb 2020

Awesome ice cream

Quite possibly the best ice cream I have ever eaten (vegan or not) and most definitely the most impressive presentation.
If you have not visited this place before the very helpful staff talk you through the menu and give you tasters of all the ice cream they have on offer. There were 4 vegan ones the day we went.
The vegan cookie cream was to die for.
All the cones, waffles etc are vegan so you really can’t make a bad choice.
Good job we only in Auckland for one night as this place could easily become a habit!

Pros: Fab tastes, Exquisite presentation

Cons: Bit pricey but worth it


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17 Feb 2020

Best ice cream you will ever have

The experience is amazing and totally worth the price. Ice cream, toppings and cone taste phenomenal. One of a kind!


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10 Dec 2019

Glutenfree and Vegan Icecream options

This is about an ice cream experience. There is no ice cream on display. It starts with a taste testing and then walk through of options. You can have a chocolate mustache, a selfie cone, homemade wafflecones, or giant cones are just a few options. They have a number of vegan and glutenfree options. The ice cream and sorbets have some interesting flavors.

Cons: Very pricey , Large portions- no small options.


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Mostly Veg
02 Dec 2019


This is one of the best places in Auckland to get gelato. They have a few vegan options, and a lot of interesting flavour combinations. It is a little bit on the pricier side though.

Pros: Great ice cream, Vegan options

Cons: A little pricy


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22 May 2019

Good ice cream

Good vegan ice cream options, little pricey


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20 Mar 2019

Fun experience

They had four really tasty vegan flavors when we went (two fruity and two more decadent). You definitely pay a premium for the experience, where they let first-time patrons participate in a full tasting (which starts with the non-vegan flavors but eventually gets to the vegan flavors). It’s fun, but a bit time consuming so plan ahead. The ice cream itself was a bit sweet for my taste, as I don’t eat a lot of sweets. The staff is super helpful and has all your needs covered—from blankets to hand towelettes, they got it!

Pros: Fun experience, Creative flavors and toppings, Accommodating to dietary restrictions/allergens

Cons: Expensive, Busy


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04 Mar 2019


You may end up waiting in line for about 30 minutes as this place gets very busy. If you wait you will get to sample the vegan flavours on offer. Alternatively you can sneak round the side and just try to place an order.

I had the coffee hazelnut and coconut choc chip on my two visit here, I tried a deluxe cone on the first visit and the Maori fried bread on the second. The fried bread was amazing it was like a crazy epic ice cream sandwich (you can pick two flavours with the bread). They have lots of other crazy ways to pimp out your ice cream, it’s quite the experience. You can easily spend 20-30 on a pimped out ice cream which is very expensive but the novelty is definitely worth it!

Pros: Maori fried bread!, Extravagant ice cream creations, Amazing staff


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15 Jan 2019


Three vegan options to choose from. The wait in line is worth it for the very detail degustation breifing you get. The staff made sure we were kept happy with water and chocolate. I told her I was vegan and she brought out a whole cup of vegan chocolate which I shared with the que.
Coconut one was very coconutty which isn't my thing but the hazelnut coffee was spot on.

Pros: Vegan options. , Staff are knowledgeable and vegan friendly, Informative


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13 Dec 2018

Worthwhile Visit

Giapo is a key Auckland experience. They will give you samples and feed your sweet tooth. A little costly but worth every penny, especially if you are just visiting the once whilst you are in town.


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09 Jun 2018

Simply Scrumptious

I visited their store on Gore St for the first time on Wed 6 June, and was delighted by their vegan menu on offer. Make sure you ask for their vegan menu!

I've gone to their previous branch on Queen Street a few years ago, and recall that there was no vegan menu then, although there were vegan options.

I had 2 flavours (1- Maori potato, parsley, citrus with kumara and raisins; and 2- coconut choc chip) in a dark chocolate deluxe cone.

Potato and kumara for ice-cream sounds wrong, but I can say without any doubt whatsoever that you shouldn't judge it until you taste it! It's absolutely delicious and if I only got to chose one flavour, it'll be that. Be adventurous, try something new :)

The dark chocolate deluxe cone was a work of art - so sturdy yet rich and chocolatey. Wish that they had more vegan deluxe cone options, though. I was told that only the dark chocolate deluxe cone was vegan.

Oh, and it was nice to know that I wasn't the only weird one eating ice-cream on a cold winter night haha.

Pros: Vegan menu

Cons: Only the dark choc deluxe cone is vegan , On the pricey side


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19 Jan 2018

Always check your order

I think mine was just a rare experience, but I was given the wrong order, a non vegan order and as they just call names I didn't think to check, but as I started to eat it I realised it was wrong and at this point the girl who worked there did come out to tell me it was wrong. Also one of the vegan options on the menu contains martini rosso which, upon checking on barnivore, is not vegan friendly. It is great that they're trying to offer vegan flavours but unfortunately one of the marked ones isn't vegan friendly. The flavour I was accidentally given I was assured was vegetarian and did actually taste quite nice, until I realised the order was wrong.

Pros: great concept.

Cons: Chef needs to pay closer attention to ingredients


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01 Dec 2017

Sugar High

This place is great with variety, flavor, and customer service. The people putting in the orders will take their time to educate customers on their products and also allow for tasting. They don't rush you at all, even though the line might be super long. The ice cream itself was delicious and creamy. All the vegan stuff is well labeled and they even set aside a second menu for just vegan stuff. Amazing.


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23 Oct 2017


totally delicious desserts here, clearly labelled vegan options. i always recommend this place to people visiting the city.

Pros: delicious!, creative

Cons: expensive, definitely a treat


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22 Oct 2017

Tasty ice cream

Good service and tasty ice cream. Whilst vegan options aren’t extensive, shop regularly updates flavours - so that’s a plus. Tip - create free account to get 10% discount.


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09 Oct 2017


A real must in Auckland. Sick ice cream! It's a bit expensive but worth it, I came back twice. Amazing place and great service.


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13 Aug 2017

Not so good...

We went to Giapo hoping to discover the best vegan Ice cream but were really disappointed!
The ice is real to sugary and not so amazing. With chocolate and decoration on the top that was really too much, we were not able to finish (which is not usual for us).
24$ for 2 ice cream that is far too expensive!

Pros: look of the ice cream

Cons: expensive , too sugary

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